Quranic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 16

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir discusses the Du’a of Prophet Musa. 

‘O Allah! Make my heart at ease..’
[Surah Taha -Verses 25-35]

The first act of worship that Musa [AS] does is dua directly addressing Allah SWT. We can derive important things from this Dua:

  • To make his heart tranquil and at ease.
  • To make this affair easy for him.
  • To solve his problem of stuttering.
  • To give him a helper from his own family.
  • To make his helper a Prophet along with him being a Prophet too.


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Milan hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a woman with a hammer but today we're going to do a rod that I think most of us are very familiar with. It is sudo Taha vs 25 to 3510 yet, but that was only the first three or four.

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It is the famous drop of Musa alayhis salam. When Allah made him a prophet, the very first dollar that he made and today we will elaborate a little bit on this job. You've all memorized it all rubbish. Riley sadly, while you're silly Emery wailuku that Emily Sonny Yahoo. Kohli and the Dow goes on which it was zero Ahmed Ali, how do you wish to be as a deep washy goofy Emily, can you be hacker Cathy around one at karaca kathira. In Quinta, Vina basura and then Allah says Allah cada uno de De Luca Moosa, all Moosa, your Dong has been answered. So in today's brief halter, we will discuss not just the translation of this door, but the philosophy it's a very, very profound drop,

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if you think about it, and remember the story musala his setup he had fled from Freetown for his life. And he then entered in as we gave the story A few days ago, in the valley of Midian. He got married there, he lived around a decade or so. And then he wandered outwards, not really knowing where to go. And in the middle of the night, he saw a fire, he said to his wife and children, wait, let me go get some fire. He went up mount to the center, he went up to it. And Allah spoke to him directly, one of the few people in all of human history that Allah has spoken to directly as far as we know, only three human beings, Adam Moosa, and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam were spoken to

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directly and a lot spoke to him without any intermediary. And Allah azza wa jal gifted him some of these miracles and in the process, of course, Musa demonstrated his fear he was scared at what he had seen. And Allah said not to have Don't worry, I am with you, I will take care of you. And then he says to Moosa is hubiera, fair owner in the hotel Hall, your job or Moosa is to go back to the very person you fled away from your job is to go back where you fled for your life with and to confront the very person who tried to kill you, and wants to kill all of your people is up enough that I wanna in the whole talk, go back to sit down, he is a tyrant, he is an evil ruler, you need

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to confront him immediately. He has just become a prophet in the last few minutes. And the first matter of worship that he does is due to Allah. As soon as Allah says to him, your task is to go back to sit down, look at what a man does to a person, the very entity he's been running away from for a decade. And Allah says you got to go back to the very person. So immediately, a drug comes from his heart. And this shows you the power of drop, the need of drop, the necessity of drop, we need to add the profits needed drop, Nothing happens without drought. So the first act of worship that Moosa does, he makes dua and what's beautiful here, Allah azza wa jal is speaking to him

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directly. He is speaking to Allah directly in this drought. And this is one of the blessings given to him. He is directly addressing Allah azza wa jal, and he is making do out and we're gonna break down that door because it's very beautiful. If you break it down, you'll notice that there's six things that we can derive from this drop, or six points that he asks for. First and foremost are the rubbish rally sadly, he says, Oh my Lord,

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make my chest at peace and at ease with this task. The Arabic word Shara has to do is a very common phrase, and I'm not sure I like cassava we learn in solitude. And Allah says in the Quran, FM and sha Allah who saw the Rahul in Islam, and if you translate it literally it means opening of the chest, but that's not the meaning of Arabic it's a phrase like we say in English he was caught red handed doesn't mean the hand is red shadow has to do means the heart is at ease. The heart is comforted. You have inside of you tranquility. So Moosa is anxious he is scared, obviously, who wouldn't be scared you're going back to the worst tyrant in human history. He has the armies he has

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the military. He has the country. He is calling

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himself there God, and you're going to go back without any army. Without any military, you're just going to march in to that palace of your own, and you're going to confront that power who wouldn't be scared? So the first da will law, calm my heart. This is where we begin everything. Make it easy for me. Make my Nia pure, make my inner soul at comfort with the task at hand harder. Rubbish Riley's Audrey into inst internally, I'm feeling worried, I need to feel calm, make me comfortable, number two, or rubbish or etc. Number two while you're still really angry, and make this affair easy for me. This is beautiful because it's a broad, open ended door. It doesn't specify because Moosa

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does not know what obstacles will be put in front of him. Moosa does not know what difficulties will come so he makes the generic da overlock any difficulty in my way make it easy and the mountain after climb make it easy to climb any army I have to face make it easy for me to face them. Oh, a lot. I don't know the logistical details I leave it to you to help me with those logistical details. So the broader that you are the more blessing it is and this is what we learned from the prophets Allah sent him the most blessing of drop or the Joe Amir the comprehensive to us he made a general drop. Oh Allah this affair of mine make it easy. Well, yes, totally agree. I don't know how it will

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be difficult but you will know our love and I need your easiness and of course our profit so listen to me had a beautiful day as well that is similar to this. And he said, Oh Allah, Allahu Allah says Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah who silent Oh Allah, nothing is made easy, unless you make it easy. So a law he has an asylum make my worry into ease and comfort for me convert my difficulties into ease. For me, this is a prophetic draft, which is similar to this door in the Quran. That is rubbish. Friday, Saturday, while you're silly Emily, it's the same meaning but in a different word. So the second phase we get to is a generic drop or alarm make my difficulty easy for me. Then the third

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phrase, there is a difficulty that he knows about. So he makes it out for the known the second draft for the unknown, generic or law, any difficulty make it easy, then you move on to the specifics. There is a problem of a lot that I have and I need you to solve that problem. While you're certainly ambry wailuku data melissani Musa alayhis salam he had what is called a stuttering problem. He would stutter right he would stutter and he said Oh Allah if you're sending me as a prophet you know that shut down and his army is gonna make fun of me you know the people are gonna make this as a even though it should not be done but that's the way people are so Oh Allah removed this stuttering

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remove this impediment from me why Luca de melissani this problem I have with my tongue solve it so now we move on to the next we have a problem we have a task Oh Allah give me the courage to manage that task or a lot make the task easy for me then point number three you know specifically there's a problem of a lot I need money for this task. Give it to me, oh a lot. There's this issue solve it for me. So you may make a specific do as well, which is what Moosa has done that oh, well, I have a speech problem. Make it easy for me. What lopata melissani? Yes, Coco Lee so that they can understand what I'm saying? What do I Lee was he or amin, le point number four, that Oh Allah give

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me a helper from my own family. And from this we learn, it is almost impossible to do a major task by yourself. You need a team. You need a group of people to motivate you. You need helpers. You need a robot carcinomas on earth man's and it isn't hard enough know what it is. Even if you are the Prophet solo. Seldom you need a team behind you. Even if you are Moosa, you need somebody with you. You need that task force to get these big projects done. So Oh Allah give me the right Task Force. Give me the people around me that I need. Give me the helpers that was zero. Give me those loyal allies that will help me and as a prophet sallallahu I said, I've said when Allah wants to bless a

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ruler, he blesses him with an inner circle of piety. Look, the ruler is blessed built on the 10 min height, an inner circle the visitors the groups of people around him, if those are pious than the ruler will go far and if they are corrupt, then even the best ruler cannot rule with the corrupt you know, cabinet with him. So here Musa alayhis salaam missing over law, I need help. I'm not alone. So make my brother was here. Make him my right hand man. Right. He is my brother and I know him and I make him my right man. And so he is asking for that group effort.

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And then the Musashi Salam says wash Riku fee MD. Don't just make him my helper. This is amazing. He's asking for an upgrade for how long? Don't just make him my ally, or should it Koofi, MD, make him a profit along with me. And this shows us the true leader is not selfish. This is amazing that within five minutes of being appointed a prophet Musa doesn't say, Oh, I'm the guy, I'm the Prophet. I'm gonna assume I'm gonna let know, immediately he wants to share if he can. So he says, Oh Allah, my brother, make him a profit along with me. Why should he Koofi, MD k news a bit hectic, a Thielen one at goroka kathira so we can worship you better and praise You better. And remember we said a few

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days ago one of the ways of the West's will is to mention the positive impact of your job and this is what Moosa is doing so these points here they demonstrate how we make do. We begin with the inner soul of Allah cleanse my soul, give me the man the taqwa the courage, give me peace internally, then we make a generic door, Allah, The path is difficult, make it easy for me, then we move on specific problems that we might have or a lot, there's this issue, that issue needs to be solved, I need your help, then we can ask for allies for help for comfort. We cannot ask for others to be profits, we jumped over that. But this is the point that we would we learn Don't be selfish when you're going to

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do things. So from this beautiful day, we learned some of the philosophies of how to make. And the final point I've heard many times when Muslims are in trouble or any issue happens, they read this entire draft. And that is somewhat of a mistake. Unless you have a brother called hold on whom you want to make a profit. You don't make the whole drop unless you have a stuttering problem doesn't make sense to as the folder. Rather it is the first two verses that is generic for all rubbish rally Saturday, while you're Sidley Emery. These are the two phrases that we can use in any task that we undertake, and we should use them. Anytime we have a major issue a major problem, there's an issue

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that's troubling us rubbish. Rarely, suddenly, we're suddenly empty, then we can move on and use the philosophy of the door, not the words because the words don't apply to you unless you have a stuttering problem or issue of prophethood. That's not going to apply. You can use the philosophy and follow the same point specifically mentioned what is the problem, ask for help in this project, and then share the good that has been given to you if you follow this philosophy you're following in the footsteps of Musa alayhis salam and inshallah Allah will continue tomorrow with Solomonic miraculous reliable accounts.