Omar Suleiman – Al-Aqsa, Indian Muslims, & Ramadan Silence

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The negative impact of being too focused on the spiritual upliftment and tough Skia during COVID-19 is causing people to become louder and harder to hear. Finding one's blessing to others is crucial and speaking out for them is crucial. forgiveness and a sense of belonging are also important. The need for forgiveness is real and the desire to return to the sense of belonging is real.
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Brothers and sisters, I wanted to give an entirely different hotspot today. But last night as I watched the scenes of a photo journalist in front of Meza OXA literally hold his camera until occupation forces broke his arm. An old men pushed down the stairs, and elderly women and children, brave stun grenades and bullets to pray in the first qibla of Islam and Muslim officer.

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I wanted to speak about this in a different way.

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And I'm always afraid of these hotspots, because the point of this is not just to politically get us engaged once again.

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And I myself, as all of us are, to an extent, are guilty at times of being selective with what causes we choose to amplify of not giving due proportion. So I want to acknowledge that from the very beginning. But I was thinking about Ramadan. And when we're talking about Ramadan, in particular, and there are several dimensions to this number one, that if it is true that our oppressors become more belligerent in Ramadan,

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which we know is true at this point, then it's only right that our voices only become louder in Ramadan, not silenced, because we want to focus on our Ibadah because we want to focus on just the spiritual upliftment and the tough Skia and the beauty of being able to be in the masjid, once again, guess what they want it to be in the masjid once again, too. They also were hoping for Ramadan and peace. They also were hoping for Ramadan to not be harassed.

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Your brothers and sisters who do not have the luxury that you have right now, we're looking for the exact same thing that you're looking for, except they were holding it down in places that are more sacred than this one. And so that's the first element of this, which is

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when they are more belligerent, we have to become louder in our condemnation and our opposition to their oppression. That's number one. The second thing to this is what kind of heedlessness would it be

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to literally come across the part of the Quran of suited Islam at the same time as what's happening in an OXA

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and not make any connection

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to the land in which the followers of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are being put under boots and subjected to bullets and humiliation. While we read about how Allah subhanaw taala honored our Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam and raised him to the heavens from that spot, what would what would that say about our reading of the Quran? And how disconnected we actually are in reality from our daily reading of the Quran, that Subhan Allah was just thinking about the sequence even that we get to certain Israa you have a scene of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and all of the prophets praying together in one place. musante has Salam or ISA and he has Salam. Ibrahim

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Ali has Salam. Eunice Ali, his salah, no honey has that I mean, the list goes on all of the prophets in one place, praying there. And then you go from certain calf to certain Israa where you have Musa alayhis salam who is traveling around the world, after he cannot enter into an quits at the instruction of Allah subhanaw taala with Al Hodder and his salaam, and learning that not everything has to make sense to me right now.

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While he is forbidden from entering into that place, and then the next Surah Surah Maryam, you have a single mother multicam it has set out the true definition of a single mother, a mother who miraculously conceived a baby reciting Saddam Jesus peace be upon him, carrying him with confidence, full confidence in the courtyard of Masjid OXA and Allah subhanho wa taala, giving her inspiration and support from above the heavens. All three of these sources give us a different dimension of the same place that we're seeing right now. But it's not just mustard oxide.

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It is also our brothers and sisters in India.

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And I was watching those scenes and Subhanallah it struck me that as our brothers and sisters in India are entering into their messages for salons etc. We're

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there are parties and riots and the same types of bigoted sentiments that you see in front of OXA people holding sticks and guns and chanting out genocidal wishes and pelting the Muslims as they go into their masjid and we're having a thought outside

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And subhanAllah This is not to do in code of the Name of Allah to deny the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon us, it's to actually make us

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Think about the bigger picture of Ramadan, which is how are you connecting your blessing to those that don't have it?

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Your brothers and sisters in India are on genocide alert, and it's very real. And subhanAllah we were looking at the scene two years ago of COVID and Meza haram, the Sacred House and the empty ketubah. No one around it. And now I want us to be reflective because by the way being reflective is very bad in and of itself. Consciousness is very bad. Taqwa is consciousness, right? But it leads to something greater than consciousness. But that's in and of itself. I was thinking,

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did that seem causes more grief,

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of an empty message haram because of a pandemic that the whole world was facing? Did that seem causes more grief, then the scene of massive OXA and the windows literally being broken and bombs and grenades, and harassment, and just complete disregard for any type of human rights or human dignity and that sacred place? And I thought to myself, which scene is actually more problematic to the Muslims heart, which seems should be more problematic? And by the way, I'm guilty. I'm guilty, because when I saw the image of the Haram, I was grieved. Maybe more so than I was grieved by the images of an ox. I hope that's not the case. But sometimes you don't know your own hearts. I'm

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Allah. And I had to ask myself, Is it because I was worried that I wouldn't get to do

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because I wouldn't get to do Hajj. Is that why that gave me more grief, because it was so directly relevant to my own experience. And it made me think about it. What I was seeing last night, what you were seeing last night, what we see in an axon what we see in India. And then there's another element to this the questions that were raised, is this the end of times? Is it Yeoman piano? Is it a sign of the End of Times? Why does it always have to be a sign of the End of Times?

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For it, to at least be recognized as pure evil wynncom Evil that we are supposed to say something about? And yes, at this moment, Subhan Allah speaking in and of itself is a bada. And it's actually a unique act of resistance that you have as American Muslims. It's stunning. Who would have thought that we'd reach a time where even Muslim governments cannot express concern anymore, they can easily condemn their brothers and sisters and normalize with their occupiers, but can't even express concern anymore. Outright disregard what a time we live in. What a time we live in, where it's you, living in the comfort of your home's it's me living in the comfort of my home, and the risks that we

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take by speaking out for our brothers and sisters. What social media accounts, your job, that's a big deal. Your job is a big deal. I know some brothers and sisters have actually lost their jobs over this stuff. You know, what? May Allah subhanaw taala compensate you with something better in this dunya. And in the accurate, it's meaningful, I don't want to belittle it.

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But here's the thing, we bring it back to putting it at the forefront of our minds and our hearts letting it occupy consider an amount of our hearts. You know why? Because amplifying is a part of that it bada again, our our oppressors are belligerence.

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And so raising the cause of your brothers and sisters, is a bother it's an act of worship.

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The point is you don't stop at amplification. You let that amplifying lead you to sincere do

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and just as we're talking about the importance of do ask for forgiveness, and do out for upliftment, and you're out for all the things that we're going to carry to Allah subhanaw taala and the sacred knights especially as the last time come.

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If your tears dry up once you get to the part about your brothers and sisters.

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indict your heart.

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So you know what, I need to connect myself more?

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Because if I'm not connected to that, how am I connected to Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings

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and make it easy for our brothers and sisters and lochsa and in India and wherever it is the places that we have not mentioned. May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate their pain, their trials may Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to be connected to them and connected to him through them. And may Allah subhana wa Tada use us for their costs. May Allah subhanaw taala uplift the cause of the innocent the oppressed our brothers and sisters all over the world. Yeah, Allah the ones that we see in the ones that we don't see the ones that we mentioned and the ones that we don't mention. And may Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to pray and muscle OXA free, truly free, where the name of Allah

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Subhana Allah is raised and mentioned without the harassment of the people of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to strengthen and give steadfastness to our brothers and sisters that walk through hostility to enter into His homes, in Philistine in India, where

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however it is May Allah subhanaw taala continue to grant them steadfastness May Allah reward them for their struggle. May Allah subhanaw taala protect them. May Allah subhanaw taala give them victory May Allah Subhana Allah Allah not let us ignore them lest we be ignored by him Allah him I mean a poodle Cody ha That was tough Allah he will accompany certain listening festival in a hole for rain.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen are Guanella on a vitamin will have to wait till maturity and Allahumma salli wa sallam about a karate Kota silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to Sleeman Kathira a lot more Philmont minion on what me not willing Muslim no one Muslim out here even when I'm watching like a semi or on Caribbean would you would Allah Allah McFadden our Hamner why for Anna well that's where I live now. Robin alumna and furstenau in LA I'm tougher and and I will tell him now Nan Hakuna nemenhah Ha serene Allah from international illegal immobile Amin La Mina unethical illegal in a lot I mean a lot more elegant Vitamina with light I mean, ostrich now

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if one and and beanie and Sadie mean about the lion the lion will be loudly with their son will eat them portabello inherited fascia you wouldn't want Katie would be here they'll come Lala come to the Coronavirus Corolla has croquembouche kuruva and Jana is it like what are the Corolla Akbarpur Ludhiana.

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