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The importance of Islam's teachings and showing gratitude to parents for their respect and leadership in faith is emphasized. Representatives and parents should be protective of their children and show gratitude. Representatives and parents should not force children to marry and avoid fraud. Representatives and parents should also be respectful of their parents and show gratitude.

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Salam o Allah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu

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Akbar oh lord

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I shall do anna Muhammad Rasul more

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eyeshadow and I will hand over to Lauren

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no Hamdulillah he Nakamoto who want to study and will be here want to stop Pharaoh who want to study whenever we will be lucky to Ireland and surely I'm fusina Woman CRT or Medina in the Houma yeah de la who follow Mughal era What are you willing who further had yella was shadow Allah Allah? Allah who had the hula Sharika wash had one Mohammed Abdullah who were rasool Allah SallAllahu Rahmatullah al Amin. Work with the Watson mini in Omaha Jetson is Sally keen? Well, her Jetson in arriba Deandra, Marian, and our Allah who will be here to recall or Shahabi his pseudo war fighter hobby he are in an army and then also Minocqua Luban will follow how much the hiring managers eaten or being

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unmatted What are Sowden Angeletti he recited what Salah Houma was doing was it what are they currently what he was hired, or alleged me I'm gonna stand up soon, Nettie worked for the SAE laomi Dean and my dad for OC C'mon FC Vita cola heater either for Inang Mia tequila yadgir Allahu MK Raja where Zuckermann havila.

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All praise is due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly He and Allah subhanaw taala guides and can mislead and he'll Allah leaves to go astray There is none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, save Allah alone. And then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is both his servant and His messenger.

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Allah subhanaw taala created us in this world.

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And he gave us different obligations and responsibilities. Whether those responsibilities and obligations are in relation to a husband and a wife to one another, to a person and their neighbor, to an employer, a boss, a ruler over their subjects or over their employee

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over or whether it is a parents over their child. Allah has given us so many of these relationships and responsibilities. But there is one that Allah subhanaw taala emphasized so much throughout the Quran and Sunnah. One that Allah subhanaw taala mentions consistently, only next to his right subhanho wa taala. And this is the rights of the child to the parent will call the auto book taboo here will be loaded in Santa, your Lord has decreed that you worship none other than Him, and that you have excellence beautiful conduct towards your parents. And when Allah subhanaw taala described for us the prophets in the Quran, he mentions over and over their dutifulness their piety towards

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their parents. When he mentions yeah to his son. What about rom bydd? He will Amir Quinjet, down on Alcea. Allah says that he is dutiful to his parents and he was not a disobedient tyrant. When he speaks about the miracle of ERISA in the cradle, speaking to the people, he says, What about Ron bhiwadi that he got

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God has made me dutiful to my mother, when he speaks about profits when a man and the DUA that he makes on LBOs, Iranian ash coronet America, Latina, Anta Ali, what Allah wa the day, my lord enable me to be grateful for all the blessings that you have blessed me with and to be grateful to my parents. And when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned his Khalil Ibrahim alayhis salam, the Intimate Friend of Allah azza wa jal, and he mentions the long struggle that he has with his father. He mentions the beautiful nature of Prophet Ibrahim Ali Hassan as he's speaking to his father, a father who not only engaged in idolatry, but built the idols promoted idolatry.

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And he would speak to his father in a series of verses. And in each verse, He would begin by saying, Yeah, Betty, oh, my beloved father, the most beautiful possible term of endearment to address his father he used in each and every statement he made to his father. Yeah, but cinema taboo man is now what are you sir, what are you? And kashaya? All my beloved father? Why is it that you worship that which does not hear and does not see and will not benefit you at all? And when his father rejects him, and turns against him, and threatens him with death?

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What does he say to his father? Honest and and when he says the federal law cannot be, he says, Peace be upon you. I will seek your forgiveness. In the whole can I be happy indeed, my Lord has always been gracious with me. And so the prophets, no matter the status of their parents, whether their parents were prophets, or whether their parents were those building the idols and engaged in idolatry, they showed excellence beautiful treatment to their parents, and and throughout the Quran and Sunnah Allah subhanaw taala draws together the meanings of worship of Allah subhanaw taala alongside the piety to one's parents. So he says, Why would Allah Allah to Sheikh will be che will

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be the word Edna Santa, worship God and do not associate anyone in that worship with God and have excellence to your parents. And Allah subhanaw taala is additionally What do you why do you think show gratitude to me and to your parents? Because of this webinar best for the Allahu ansaid feminine? Yes, good Allah What a miracle cure they find a new man, whoever is grateful to God and is not grateful to their parents who will not be accepted from them. Because Allah brought these two things together.

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With a husband me thankful that he is thriving. Let's move on to in La ilaha bhiwadi, Dania Sana, Allah says, Remember when we took the covenant from the Children of Israel to not worship other than Allah and to show excellence, beautiful treatment to their parents, when the Prophet was asked, what is the best deed? A lot of slots where Allah worked, you had to pray at its time. And then he was asked to me then what comes after it all elaborated? Why the thing he said to have piety to your parents, again, bringing together the idea of worship Allah and be good to your parents. These two things in succession, one after the other are the most important thing for any Muslim to do.

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Conversely, when the Prophet SAW Allah who were either you or send them was asked about the worst sins, he said, coulda Zubia through Allah Amin hamesha, all of the sins, ALLAH forgive whatever sin he wants, in order to consolidate except being abusive to your parents fate and who your action, Allah will haste in the punishment in the dunya along with the punishment that will come in the next world. And he said, I can literally cannot handle the worst of the sins, the most major of all the sins, elite shockula worshipping other than Allah subhanaw taala associating in the worship with Allah, wa uncle kawari Dean, and to be abusive to your parents. Wash your hands, it's a Zulu, and to

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bear false testimony, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept repeating this over and over and over again, until the companion said, We wished he would stop speaking, meaning they felt the gravity of what the Prophet salallahu idea was send them was saying, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, riddle, riddle, Rob field and wire it was software, free software to do wanted at the pleasure of your Lord is found in the pleasure of your parents, and the anger of your Lord is found and the anger of your parents. We know the Hadith when the man came to our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was in them. He said, Men how men had a Salam and a haka because the Sahaba T,

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O Messenger of Allah who has the greatest rights, to my companionship,

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and the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah sent him could have chosen so many different people. He could have mentioned your wife, your spouse, you could have mentioned your children that you need to raise. He could have mentioned your boss at work, the person you do business with helps you put food on the table. He could have mentioned your neighbor, he could have mentioned your friends, he left all of these people aside. And he said to you, your mother, that mother as if the Prophet sallallahu

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It was sentiment saying, if you only have one hour of the week free, if you're busy throughout the week except for one hour who deserves that hour, your mother from the miniato Sula, who comes after her a messenger of Allah, your mother and your mother three times before he said your father, this is the person who has the greatest right to your time, the greatest rights to your engagement, the greatest right to one smile, you have given it to your mom, one gift you have, you have to give it to your mom, one hour you have spend it with your mom, she has the greatest right to this. This is the attitude of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We know the example the date when he was on

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the battlefield, in the aftermath of the battle, and all the chieftains are coming. All the great warriors are coming to the Prophet sallallahu. And he was in and wanting to speak to him wanting his time wanting his attention. And an old lady comes and the Prophet leaves all of these people aside, and he takes off his shawl, and he puts the shawl on the ground, and he seats this woman, and he asks his companions to bring him milk, and he gives the milk to the woman and all the people are wondering who is this old woman that the Prophet would leave behind all of these important men to spend his time with this woman?

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And then they find out this is his mother letter of the law. This is the mother of the prophets, Allah Allah isn't through breastfeeding.

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If this was the honor and respect in the love of the prophets of Allah, whether you send them would show his mother through breastfeeding, what would have you had shown to his own mother had she had been alive? We see the prophets of Allah, where do you send them?

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When a man comes to him, wanting to fight with the Prophet sallallahu? How do you send him in Medina and the prophets Allah, Allahu Allah, you send them in Medina, they are surrounded by enemies in every corner, and they need what's more than fighters to be with him. Soldiers in his army, you would think the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the leader of these people, the leader of this army, he would be begging for soldiers looking for men to fight with him. And this young man comes and the Prophet doesn't ask him the first question he asks him is not what weapon are you good at using? What experience do you have in warfare? How are you going to be able to benefit us? The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instead asked him, like, Is your mother alive?

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The men said no. He said, Yes, she was alive. The Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was in them said to him, it was what I said. Either you have for them that agenda, go back to her and have excellent treatments of her. For that is where agenda is.

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The Prophet sallallahu Allah He listened. I'm selling him even fighting with me right now. No, you want Jenna, go to your mother, serve your mother. That's where you will find Jenna. Another man came to our prophets, Allah, Allah, whoever you send them all the way from Yemen, passing through the mountains and the valleys coming to our prophets, Allah, Allah wherever he was sending them to live in the city of the Prophet to learn knowledge from the Prophet sallallahu wherever he was sending them

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and the prophets of Allah who had to send him as a leader, he's looking for people to help him build Medina. He needs people. If they're not going to be fighters, are they going to be blacksmiths? Are they going to be doctors? How can they help this community that is so poor?

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The profit doesn't ask him any of these questions.

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He tells him, K Fatah. Dr. Emily, how did you leave your parents on a truck to Houma? Yep. Ken, he said I left both of them and they were weeping. The prophets of Allah who were at he was sitting them said it'll email

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will pick up on that kind of a pain to go back to them and make them laugh just as you have made them cry.

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Go and make them happy just as you made them sad. This was the appreciation that rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had for our parents, what he taught us about serving our parents, what he taught us about being dutiful and loving and respectful of our parents and that we need to emulate throughout our lives. Federal inequality Heather was the Florida Christopher Cristoforo for rocking.

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Early be here Holman wider

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in the remaining time that I want to speak about.

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I want to address something we don't often address.

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In our religion, serving our parents, being dutiful to our parents, being respectful of our parents, is one of the most important things in our faith.

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At the same time, our religion is a religion of added it's a religion of balance.

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And unfortunately, there are cases where there are parents who abused the respect that Allah subhanaw taala has written for them. There are parents who sometimes tell their children if you don't obey every single thing I do, you're going to the hellfire.

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There are parents who sometimes tell their children

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you know these types of things and control every single decision that childhood

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In, in their life.

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And this can harm not only the relationship between the child and the parent but can also harm the relationship between the child and Allah subhanaw taala.

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So I want to speak about, Are there limitations to obeying our parents from a 50 perspective.

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So first of all, we don't like talking about this topic, often because we don't want to encourage children to be on dutiful to the parents. So first, we have to establish that it's important to be dutiful to your parents. At the same time, Allah subhanaw taala commands us with a bit of inward reading, to be dutiful to the parent, that does not mean talk to nobody, then that does not mean obedience of the parents. There is a distinction there for different reasons, amongst those distinctions, maybe you obey your boss at work, maybe your boss tells you to do something, you obey Him, and maybe inside you, you hate your boss, and you think he's terrible. Is that bitter? No, it's

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not bitter. You're obeying Him, but you don't have any piety towards him. Right? At the same time with our parents, we have to have respect towards them in all scenarios. But there are situations in which

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we don't necessarily have to obey them. Specifically,

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what are these situations, the first of them is the obvious one, that when the parent commands the child to do something, how wrong to lie, to cheat to steal, Allah, the prophets of Allah, whoever you send them tells us that are attending a group female theater, there is no obedience to the creative being, when it involves disobeying the Creator. subhanho wa taala. And this happens in our community made the parents don't tell their children to cheat and to steal. But sometimes, you know, for instance, a brother, a father gets into a fight with his brother, then he tells his children don't talk to your to Uncle anymore, you have to cut them off. It's haram to cut off our family, our

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bloodlines, right? And sometimes children don't know what to do they obey their father, no, here your father is telling you to do something that is how mom. And so in a way that's respectful, you know, are they mean speaks that spoke about this scenario, in particular, in a way that's respectful, maybe without telling your father maybe without, you know, trying to openly disobey Him, but secretly speak to your uncle secretly build a relationship with your uncle without necessarily abusing your father. Another scenario that happens sometimes is if the parents ask the child to do something that will result in harm for the child. And there's an example of this of a sister who had

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back pain. She had significant back pain, and she went to a doctor, and the doctor said there was a problem in her spine, and she needs to have surgery, otherwise, she will have tremendous pain. And her parents rejected this. They said no, because they were afraid that if people found out she had surgery, it would hurt her ability to get married, her marriage prospects would suffer. So they didn't want people talking about this. So they told her no, now she's in pain. So she went to the scholars said, What do I do? They tend to hurt, you can do the surgery. You can disobey your parents, because they're asking you to do something which would cause you harm. Understand it's

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caught, it's going to cause you significant harm. Another example A man came to him and I met him in Hamden Rahim, Allah to Allah and He said to him, My father is telling me commanding me to divorce my wife, what should I do? So in I said to him, don't obey your father. The man said, Isn't there a hadith that Abdullah bin aroma or the Allahu and went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Dr. Rasool Allah, my father has told me to divorce my wife. And the Prophet said to Abdullah, Muhammad, obey your father. So I've the love and I'm going to divorce his wife. He's done this hadith exists. Even I had said, Yes, this hadith exists. Is this why are you telling me to disobey

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my father? And so he met Muhammad said, Tim, and is your father similar to Omar? Is your father like armload? Bob, meaning when Ahmad tells his son to divorce his wife, he's doing it because of a shudder or a reason. He's doing it because of an Islamic reason that he's telling him to divorce his wife, he said your case your father's telling you to divorce your wife for no good reason. So why are you going to obey Him? Right? And so if a parent involves themselves in the life of their child to this degree, and tells them divorce your husband, divorce your wife, and there's no Islamic reason to do so. There's no real pressing Islamic reason to do so. You don't have to obey your

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parents in that scenario because they're causing harm to the child. Right? This is a command of theirs that's causing harm to them.

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And even Taymiyah recommend Allah to Allah speaks about this.

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He said, you're limited in sound quality, they mean the lady miles yet, when can FSC clean? Well, hello, have all had good luck. I had a female see him and I told him what I thought. He said that it is obligatory for the person to obey their parents, even if their parents are sinful. We have to obey our parents, even if our parents

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are sinful. But this is an areas in which of course, they're not telling us to disobey Allah, and in areas in which there is a benefit for them, and there is not a harm upon the child's. Now I want to make one point clear here. When we say harm, harm in society now everything is harm. Everything is violence, everything is trauma harm is meant from an Islamic perspective, the Islamic perspective of what is harm. Now, the third scenario, what if your parents tell you to do something that is not necessarily harmful to you, but is not beneficial to them?

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So, they tell you, you want to go buy a Toyota? They tell you no, no, no, go buy a Honda.

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If they told you go buy a BMW, maybe that's too expensive for you. That's harmful, right? But if they tell you to buy a similar car, instead of the Toyota go buy the Honda, or you say I want to study medicine, they tell you no go study law.

00:20:54--> 00:21:31

Or the opposite. You want to study law, they tell you to study medicine. Here is the parents benefiting from the car that you drive No. Are they benefiting from what the field that you study? No. So here are the scholars say it is not obligatory for you to obey your parents. However, if you did obey your parents, you will be rewarded. If you say I wanted to buy the Toyota, but my dad wants me to buy the Honda. So I will buy the 100 to make him happy, you will receive reward from Allah subhanaw taala, I wanted to go into law, when my parents want me to go to medicine, I wanted to medicine to make them happy, you will be rewarded tremendously by Allah subhanaw taala in these

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scenarios, and so this is why even Taymiyah says this is in areas in which there is benefit for the parent, and there's no harm. So now if there's something that parent tells you to do in which benefits them. So your father calls you and says, give me a ride to my friend's house, I want to see him, is there a benefit for the parent? Yes, it is worth it for you to do so. It's why it is obligatory for you to do so. Your father calls you your mother calls, you says Come mow my lawn. I'm too tired to mow mow my lawn, it is wiser for you to listen to me, you have to go mow their lawn, there's a benefit for your parents today. Right. And so these distinctions are important that we

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have to understand. And one of these areas is when the parent insists, by the way, on the child to marry someone they don't want to marry. They say you have to marry this person. The child says I don't want to marry this person. Yeah, I have a lot to either speak specifically about this situation. He says lazily, I had a brain aneurysm. Why did we been the cat, it says not in the purview of any of the parents to force their children to marry someone.

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And he gave an example here. He said you can't you shouldn't force someone to eat food they don't like to eat. Some people. There's certain types of food you don't like. Right? Everybody who maybe has a preference, certain types of food they don't like he said you shouldn't force someone to eat the food they don't want to eat. And the bitterness of that food will last only one hour. He said but the bitterness of marrying someone you don't want to marry could last the person a lifetime. Right? So forcing the children to marry someone they don't want to marry. He says this is not the right of the parent. Of course, in the case of the daughter, the father has to agree. So they both

00:23:07--> 00:23:42

have to agree. But he shouldn't force her to marry someone she doesn't want to marry. And there's an example that came to Imam Malik Rahim Allah to Allah, and then came to him and Malik. He said, My mother prefers my sister to me. She likes my sister more than me. And every time I get money, you know, he's I live with my mother and my wife and my sister. Every time they get money, my mother tells me give it to your sister. Anytime they get anything, she tells me give it to your sister. Because I have a wife, I have kids, what am I supposed to do in this situation? So Imam Malik said in the letter lead the hub where like the homeless minha cater to their thesis, I see that you

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shouldn't harm your mother. Meaning you shouldn't say what's wrong with you. Why are you always preferring my sister and you get into a big fight with her. He said, Don't do this. At the same time, get out of the situation, however you can. So your mother says Give this to your sisters inshallah. I'll see what I can do. Until a lot later I'll figure it out. So to that end him right and so you kind of find excuses to not obey your mother because what she's asking you to do is unfair. You know, you have a wife that has more of a right to your money you have children have more rights, your money. You know, make excuses. Don't get into a fight with your mother Don't harm or

00:24:13--> 00:24:53

hurt your mother. Don't you know say bad things to your mother like sometimes unfortunately, people do. But at the same time, don't obey her just as well. And so this brings us to the overall point. Even if your parents are telling you to do something haram. Even if they're telling you to do some the worst of the things to worship other than Allah, you must be respectful, better than why the Dean isn't every interaction with our parents. We have to be respectful no matter what. Allah subhanaw taala says when Jaha Dhaka Iran turistic Billa other interesting can be Madyson it can be healing feta to time, if they are struggling, fighting, arguing with you to do what to make you

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

worship other than Allah the worst sin. What does Allah tell us for that attack on that don't obey them was saw a hippo who mafia dunya and

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

Hello, and still be there a friend be there accompany and all that is good. So it's panela even when they're trying to make us do the worst thing. Be respectful don't obey them but be respectful and spend time with them companionship with them, speak with them, give them good words spend good time with them. This is the attitude of the Muslim in all our scenarios we show respect and love and piety to our parents in the Lahoma if it was someone out on the beach you will have the anonymous login username with steamer along with study will send them on a CD and I want to be you know have you been I'm almost ready and then Mohammed medica hood vacuum and abroad. Also yada yada matador,

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I'm just gonna suddenly antihero hiragana salatu salam and immediately on the deen while he was having to be in a hurry and while I let them hurt me and while I know I know you better learn sleight of hand Aloma letter that run a female communist hasn't been in LA for a while. Left Raja Wallah Dana la Kalita while Mr. Ilan election feta while I'm telling ya theta, what a hydrogen. How are you doing?

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Here like a little one and a few Asada Illa Kavita was sorta Bureau, hermetical Hamra Nene along that mean, why only before they can even happy with Dean, Allah whom have they been in Eman was a little fearful Obinna will carry in a narco fraud for so called Austrian or German or Austrian in Elia yet delivered so anyway either way inherited fascia even nuclear will really look into the Quran. With Corolla I have Coco mush guru and I mean his political life como la jolla and that's the one on the left hand side

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as long as long, long,

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