Priya accepts Islam after a convincing answer

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The minimum thing to come just pass marks is to believe in one God. And believe Prophet Muhammad is a tissue enter.

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If you enter the school, at least your chances of passing and then you may get whether second class first class distinction, but at least you have to enter Sr.

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Sr, do you believe there's one God? Yes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? Yes. Do you believe it worship is wrong? Yes, definitely.

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So if you believe

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if you believe that the vanguard and you believe I love worship is wrong, and you believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, then according to me, you're a Muslim.

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Mister, would you like to do this? I

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would like to say to an Arabic

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that it feels of joy sister. Would you like to enter the fall?

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According to me already a Muslim would you like to proclaim it?

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Yes, yes, my salah.

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I hope no one is forcing you sister.

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You're doing it out of your own free will? Yes. And I'm laughing because you said that we have heard my lecture so surely you will be having a substantial some knowledge of Islam. MashAllah sister. I just did an Arabic and you can repeat it sister. I shall do

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Allah, Allah. Have the microphone. Allah, I shall do. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, I shall do.

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What I shall do.

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Mohammed, Mohammed, Abu.

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I bear witness, I bear witness, that there is no God. There is no god but Allah, Allah and I bear witness, and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad, that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger, the messenger and servant of Allah. And so, like me,

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like me,

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like me?

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MashAllah system Allah subhanho wa Taala Gander agenda for those and really you have taken a bold step and my last one Allah guide you more and may help you because I can make out mashallah that you have already gained a lot of knowledge and your question were very questions of intelligence. And mashallah, may Allah subhanaw taala give you more knowledge of the deed may help you to guide your parents, guide your family members and go to your friend's sister, Alicia Graham sister melody

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