Zaid Shakir – Human Reality Is Complex

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The importance of praise in Islam is discussed, including the need for pride and showing one's true oneself. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the need for a culture of leperism and the struggles faced by suffering. The importance of acceptance and embracing Islam is emphasized, along with testing and finding faith in one's parents' faith.
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And then handily lie in the middle who is staying over one a stop film. The next Schofield will go on that went to LA he went Ergo binaire he may surely and fusina women see? Marina Hilda HuFa La Modelo de la warming good deal fella had the other Why should one

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in long law who had the hula Cherie Carla was shadow and say that Mohammed and other do who are assuming

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you had led in the last couple I have bar to party hochkar to party he was taboo to

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Muslim yeah you Hannah so taco rock Kamala de Hidalgo Coleman NAFSA Wahida mahalo Carmen has Hoja that's the men who marry Jalen Cathy around money.

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What taco lady it has

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to be he was

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in non law How can I earn income Rafi? Yeah, are you a lady in Amarillo taco lie about oh, let's do that. Your slash locum locum we all feel welcome to Nova calm, while main rotor Illa was full of who felt as follows In all the man

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by gufa in our stockpile, Hadith et taboo La La Jolla. Ron had you had your Mohamed in some no law while he was sending them or shoulder or more to go couldn't attend but I couldn't let it out in Milan. Bala Tintin No. Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, Hillary had no they had

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no daddy or Lola and had no law and Hamdulillah. Zina Abdi Hill keytab wallum Yah yah yah hoo

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen All praise is due to Allah the Lord of All the Worlds of praises due to Allah Who has blessed us with the great blessing the great gifts of Islam

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and hamdulillah Hala near material Islam, McAfee, McAfee or Katha behind Nana.

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All praises due to Allah, all praises due to Allah has revealed the Scripture unto his servant and has made no crookedness there in All praise is due to Allah and hamdulillah

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and 100. Allah hamdulillah Dear Brothers and Sisters, it behooves us to praise Allah.

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praising Allah is a reminder to ourselves, that regardless of the blessing,

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a shocker

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is praise in response to a lesson and handle is praise, acknowledging the status of the one bestowing the blessing. So without any gifts, without any blessings, we praise Allah.

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Because Allah Who, who Allah, because He is Allah, we praise Allah because he is Allah.

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deserving of our praise?

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Are you had nurse and Toombul phone call? Oh Allah, Allahu Allah, honey, you got her need, or people you are in desperate need of Allah.

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Our need for Allah if someone thinks they don't need Allah, maybe they become an atheist. We don't need Allah.

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You needed Allah. From the minute you came into this world, what newborn can fend for itself.

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A fish doesn't have that problem. The fish comes out of the egg and swims away.

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Snake doesn't have that problem. Snake comes out of the egg and slithers away.

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A newborn baby can't do anything. It can't feed itself. It can't clothe itself, it can't shelter itself. It cannot protect yourself from the element. It can do absolutely nothing. And then the fedora by the method. And when NASA haha the human becomes so arrogant, that he sets parables before Allah and forgets his creation. That he came into this world. And he says I don't need to know now that he's grown. He needed a lord to put the mercy in the hearts of his parents to feed him to change him to clean him.

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to shelter him, he needed the Mercy of Allah. She needed Mercy of Allah from the minute they came into this world, and why not for the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala he or she would not be the atheist, arrogant person they are today. Learn Allah. Well, Hamdulillah I

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want to relate a story, I apologize. I told him, I'm Safwan. I'm going to talk about the Hadith of the leper, the bald man and the blind man, he did that

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very recently. But repetition is an excellent pedagogical tool. Repetition is an excellent teaching tool. So perhaps we can

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reinforce what even soft one said. So abulhool re released that the prophets of Allah Vaughn, who will send them

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narrated story of a leper, a bald man and a blindness. And Allah wanted to test them. So he sent an angel

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to the leper, and he said, What is the most would be the most beloved thing to you? He said, to have beautiful skin, so that people wouldn't be repulsed by my appearance. And the leopard touched him. Yeah, beautiful, beautiful, perfect skin. And he said, What would be the most beloved wealth to you? And he said, camels, and Allah gave him a pregnant, she come in.

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And then he went to a bald man, the angel that is,

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and he said, What would be the most beloved to you? He said, to have beautiful hair. And he touched him. And his hair was beautiful, long flowing locks, have beautiful hair. And he asked them, what would be the most beloved wealth to you? He said, cows, she gave him a pregnant, she called pregnant Hefner.

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Then he went to the blind man. And he said, What would be the most beloved thing to you, he said, to have my eyesight restored, so I could see the people

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witness things. So the libre touched them. And his blindness was cured. And he's asked him, what will be the most beloved wealth to you? He said, sheep, so it gave them a prey, pregnant sheep. And all of these, each of the three, the pregnant one bore a generation Allah of a bounteous offspring, and they multiplied and multiplied to the head. Why swathes of livestock. And then the angel came back, he went to the leper. He said, I've been traveling a long way, and I'm tired. I just need a camo one camel

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to continue my journey.

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And the leper said to him, I'm sorry, but I have a lot of obligations, I need this wealth, to fulfill my obligations.

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And he, he said, Don't I know you?

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He said, what you are leper and a poor man, you had nothing. He said, No, you're mistaken. I inherited this wealth generation after generation. And the angel said to him, if you're lying, May Allah send you back to your previous state. And he lost his wealth. And you lost his beautiful complexion. He was back into his leprosy. Then he went to the bald man. He asked him the same thing. And the bald men also said, I have many obligations, I need my wealth.

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And I inherited this wealth didn't want you know, once you a bald man, you have you are poor, you had nothing. No, I inherited this generation of the generation. And he said, The angel said to him, if you're lying, may you be returned back to your previous state? And you lost everything. Then he went to the blind man. That's the same question just can you give me one sheep?

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And the blind man, he said, Take whatever you want. I was blind. And Allah gave me my sight. And I was poor. And I, Allah gave me all of this wealth, Take anything you want to take it all if you want. And he said, No, keep your wealth.

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Keep your wealth

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and your two companions. They were suffering because of their arrogance and their dishonesty. And you've benefited because of your truthfulness. My dear brothers and sisters.

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Were all tested.

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well tested. A lot of people are struggling with this situation and PAL

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It's time

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How could this happen? Who has hola todos merci.

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There is shaken.

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More so than the people experiencing the brutalities

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of the Israeli the Zionist, they're shaken more than them.

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We started with then hamdulillah every Palestinian I've seen interview Alhamdulillah woman carrying her baby, dead baby.

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And hamdulillah

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people mango by shrapnel, Alhamdulillah

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burn by white phosphorus Alhamdulillah.

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And it's not easy trying to belittle the suffering. But just to emphasize,

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we have to acknowledge and understand the nature of our blessings. Because if we do, we'll understand. It's all a test. And this sub this hadith summarizes it. We're tested with good

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and we're testing it with difficulty.

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We're testing it was good, and we're tested with difficulty.

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Sometimes, it's a good time is it easy time. And sometimes it's a hard time as they say, Yo, Malacca while you're on Lake, there'll be a day, a time when things are in your favor and there'll be times when things are going against you. That's the nature of the world. Allah Tala tells us em says Come Karsh, Takada master calm comma, Miss blue, what Tin Can Am when you have been a nurse, when the animal law lady in Amman warrior, tie them in come Shuhada WaLaLa head Bilad mean that if some hardship, literally some injury, what we can say and hardship or trial has befall in you than your adversaries they were similarly tested for called the mess that Acoma how

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Muslims aren't always weak, generally speaking, and we will not always be weak didn't mean that

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there is Zionism the Jews were not always powerful and influential.

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The Holocaust is real.

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Don't fall for any temptation to engage in Holocaust deniers will.

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Is document is authenticated. It's real.

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The pogroms and all of these European countries. They're real, particularly in places like Poland and Russia. They're real my brothers and sisters. So the Jews were weak.

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Now they're influential.

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But it's not always going to be like that not because I want it to be that way. This is what Allah Tala is telling us what tilcon AM, who they are when we have been in math. So the test is just as the blind the leper, the ball men in the blind man will test it with poverty.

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He found them the angel found them all poor, they were tested with physical disabilities of some type.

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And then they received there then they were tested with wealth, and they were tested with the removal of their difficulties. That's the nature of life.

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Test you're going to come? How will we respond? So those who are struggling your test?

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is a test of faith? Will your faith be strong? In the face of the suffering of others, not even your own personal suffering? The suffering of others who you test will your faith be strong? Our dear brothers and sisters in Palestine have tested with the test of patience, some of them and were tested with the test of chakra gratitude. Were all tested. But this world is a test. One of the reasons we won particularly our young people against buying into these materialistic Kaffir worldviews is that they do not prepare a believer for the reality of life. If the ologies are a false picture of reality.

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It's a it's a sanitized, idealized etiology idealized generalization.

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Human Reality human reality is complex. And as the song says some of you are old enough to remember the song that said, I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden. Allah subhana wa Tada hasn't promised us a rose garden in this world. His promises test to Verona Kela DB EBIT Hill. Well who are under condition Kadir unless you hold up a low to one hayati ever lower come at you come as soon

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as you come

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and pass it to the glorified is the one in whose blessing is the one and whose hand is the dominion of all things and He over all things has power the one who has created death and life in order to test you which of your best indeed

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um, has said come and take the hormone canneto alumna yet to commit the lady in Hello, Ma'am, I believe, Mr. Chairman, that's what Barbara was through her tell your call our Rasool Well, let me remind who, Mehta Nasu Allah Allah in the nostril Allah hurry. Do you think you'll enter paradise and there is not yet come to new to you the likes of that which afflicted those who preceded you? Then countered to summarize that set what Barack every conceivable difficulty, disease, famine, hardship, drought, natural disaster, personal loss calamities, until they were shaken.

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And then they were shaken until the messenger and those who believed along with him said, When does the help of Allah come? Ella in nostril Llahi Adi and then Nasir Allah He carried the help of Allah's near the end the man was three use rock, n difficulty there is ease sometimes people miss translate this they say, difficulty leads to ease.

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In the mind loosely you're surrounded in difficulty there's ease whereas the ease the ease lies indeed disputing the difficulty to Allah.

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Where we will call upon instead of dying is that humans are created weak, but Allah is strong, Allah is Powerful that hold on when I bought that inlab Allah and Allah Allah I xizhou How are we how are we you and I z's, Allah is mighty and powerful, and we give ourselves our struggles to Allah, then the ease comes at the end of a Casita,

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the nadi the Sharia, he said either contest equally hand in it. He starts up acknowledging his weakness we have to acknowledge our weakness to Allah attain that have been faculty yeah then arena we're into lady named hazard Messina. We come to you acknowledging our poverty our need, oh the one possessing all wealth free of all need. We're entender dnmts and Messina. You're the one who continues to do good to us. We turn on the tap every time the water comes out.

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Then at the end is our contact equally had in my family Zadie and a Filipina if you want every situation I find myself and if you are with me, then I through you have freed myself from the through a lot.

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Then am I gonna sue you Sir, give it to Allah brothers and sisters, turn to Allah brothers and sisters. Turn to Allah de pute the affair to Allah acknowledge our need for Allah acknowledge our weakness as we vulnerable human creatures.

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And find strength tool through Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We're being tested.

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We're being tested. This is the nature of life.

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And we turn to a law to assist us.

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We turn to Allah to assist us. And so as individuals were tested, who were tested as nations we mentioned to Jews weren't always powerful. They were tested

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with weakness. They were tested with all of the nations and some people say this is why the guilt of afflicting the Holocaust on them has not led nations like Germany to give their unconditional support for the Zionist

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Holocaust on the Palestinians.

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is a theory

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but they were tested.

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The Muslims were strong. How did we do when we were strong? How do we perform?

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In the face of the slave trade? How did the Muslims do?

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No one the only legitimate way to gain slaves, the prisoners of war? How did the Muslims do?

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In the face of an opportunity to make Dawa

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going to lands?

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Like their ancestors?

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Were the majority of people want Muslims?

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How did the Muslims do? We know how our ancestors did. They brought Islam to most of the places most of you are from. Some of you, your your people have only been Muslim for three or four generations that brought Islam. How did the current generation do when they went to foreign lands where there were no Muslims?

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It's all that people are testing nations are testing.

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And the test today will not be the test of tomorrow. Today our test is a test generally speaking of sugar, are we appreciative for the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us? Are we are it's a test of faith that tested the man with our faith remain strong and face in the face of the difficulties we see all around us is the test of faith is a test of thought. When we embrace

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etiologies, someone sent me a text two days ago.

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They want to teach in the Muslim school critical race theory. What do you think I said, just teach this struggle of the people during the Aspera the African diasporic? Why do you have to couch it in the context of an ever Catharine ideology

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and now that you bathing while he says a cafe ideology? To digress briefly, critical race theory says white people are inherently unchangeably racist. For no law will cook too long. Fat in a cafe or corn

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Erie does the Erie faculty racist was it lost power Allah can say be in it is in they're no longer racist. Critical Race Theory judging the whole whole group. Islam says you just individual will tell you was zero Tim was no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another critical race theory says white folks we know that your prison privilege is them says who suck NZQA share your privilege. If I told some to renounce their privilege they might be poor like a lot of folks.

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They will all have losers don't renounces sharing that's what Islam says.

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So we have to Milan bless us to be spiritually strong. May Allah Tala blesses to be intellectually strong. May Allah Allah bless us to be physically strong. It takes physical strength. Why What Why are more people dead in Gaza?

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And the West acknowledged

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is the tip of the iceberg. We don't know how many people are under the rubble

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Hamas undercount. Why was there? Oh, they have. They're putting pain on their faces just fake injury. You bomb and blast the whole place to the equivalent of an atomic bomb in an area the size of Philadelphia. Why do people need to fake like their injuries? And then they prove it's a Lebanese film. And they still even on their website, have the idea?

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Why don't we why fake it you don't have to fake it. Aren't there enough dead people. You don't have to undercount

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you blast them blow up the whole place. Oh, they're under counted.

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Make make you feel a little better. For supplying the bombs are dropping the bombs

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are trying to win the battle this already lost intellectually strong we provide the framing.

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They say oh well public opinion is against the Palestinians. That reduces the world to the governing elites of West Germany and North America. I mean Western Europe and North America. The whole global south is with the Palestinians

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The whole Security Council except for one veto is with the Palestinian. The whole general assembly of the UN is with the Palestinians. How could world global opinion be against them? Because for some people only they are the world's

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only they are the world and some people buy into that framing.

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We create our own frames based on our history, based on our current in based on our sunnah, based on the sense of our than that based on the historical struggle of our people,

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wherever they may be. That's the foundation of the framing that we accept.

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So we're tested in myriad ways. May Allah Tala bless us to pass these tests. May Allah bless us with strong faith. May Allah bless us with strong minds. May Allah bless us with stone bodies, Palestinians are strong people. They're tough people. They're tough people, when Israeli wrote in Haaretz, that we've lost the struggle, because Allah put us with these people, and they're so tough, they're not going anywhere. A lot of people that are left to West Bank and Gaza long time ago, but our brothers and sisters are tough and they're strong, and they're resistant and they're resilient. And they're not going anywhere in sha Allah. Let's make sure we don't go anywhere.

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We do everything in our power to assist them and to stand with them even if it's in our prayer, even if is believing in their struggle, and believing that they will be victorious.

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How could it be otherwise?

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We'll call Allah subhana wa Tala

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McKenna I have can I lay the loss of meaning. Allah said it's a white we've imposed upon ourselves to assist the believers. Allah Tala blessed us strengthen us. May Allah Tala give us a long historical view, a long historical view where we see that we can witness and understand the ebbs and flows of history, Yeoman laka, Yeoman, our lake. There'll be a day that's in your favor. And there'll be a time where you encounter difficulty, the common denominator, the both just a test, I'll call call the head was thoughtful only when we set meaning your comments thoughtful.

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And humble, you learn a lot but I mean, WA Salatu was Salam ALA. Say you didn't we're sitting say you didn't. I didn't like the ad he was talking to he was in the White House. It got four maybe, yeah, you had lead in

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Lonnie. He was sending me potentially a lot more Saudi was Halima the airikkala So you didn't

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want to be here. Let's find the here was a lot more feeling. What's the main one? What's the mad one, LogMeIn in one minute?

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