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Bismillah R Rahman you're watching

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as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was a happy woman while while my aluminum ion fowl Now one final Bhima alum Tana in a casa Mian, would you be dua Allahumma near all the way we can name relay amfa or Kobe I have shown FC letaba When you are in low SMA, or vanilla to SuperLumiNova it had 80 Now Hublin amylase and Kurama NACA Integra herb, probably strategy Sodre us sadly only watch the Tamil listening of colis Ramallah Kumar, Allah everyone just akmola here for joining us and welcome to our Tuesday night program. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen may allottee words all of you and again if you would like to

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share where are you joining us from and again may Allah accept from us from everyone your BME? We are going to be continuing talking about again, this is especially these days for the next two weeks that hummed a lot of brand. I mean, a lot of people will either hand are going back again to Makkah back meaning Allah's pantalla opened it, but haven't allowed us to visit his house allowed us to do Umrah at home, Dr. Brian Amin allow us to visit the city of rosary salatu salam ala Madina, Munawwara, the Enlightened city, and that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. And this is a NEMA that we all need and I me is the first person is we all need to remember the near term, the

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the blessings, the virtue, what a fourth Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us so this is going to be for everyone who have gone hamdulillah Harami since we started since they allowed the

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the visitors to God hamdulillah since August for those who have insha Allah is getting ready to go well, yeah, 100 women, those who just came back, and for those who inshallah may be going later on, and those who would love to go but Allah subhanaw taala yet have not invited them. This is how I always say it's an invitation it is his house. So he invites when with whom he will, the time he will and all Allah subhanho wa Taala has decree decisions if you want to use the word, it's all based on hikma we really need to always think of that that nothing happens. Nothing happens without the will of Allah and nothing happens unless Allah allows it. And everything Allah allows it or does

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not allow what is for hikma for wisdom. He is lacking and he knows he knows we love his house. He knows we really want to go but for some reason, and Allah again, he is a Hakeem. He decided these people go this time, and another group goes this time this year, next year Alhamdulillah Herobrine. Me. So what I want to talk about today if you remember last week at hamdulillah programming, we talked about the names of maca, and the names of maca gave us a shot lobby's Nilla a good feeling of what's that city, Yanni there is as if you remember we start saying by Imam unknown we said that when something is given more than one name, a place someone is given more than one name, this is

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usually an indication about the virtue and the status of that thing or that person. And if you remember, we covered there was more than 20 names for maca ballad, the town and village I mean the town or the town of safety or the safe city and Omen Cora the mother of the all villages or all cities Buck MCO. We covered this all last time. So what I want to do today, because when we go Hamdulillah I mean usually in general, there is we are going to Makkah whether Makkah first or Medina first but usually we go to these two cities. And of course there is rituals we're going to do our series last week today and in short life aloud we have a part two, three is not to go through

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the second part. The second part is like your brain, especially for Amara, it's not that difficult. It's not that many things that you worry about. The most important thing when we go and I always remind myself before I go, I need to know

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or I need to remind myself and keep praying

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reminding myself is where I am going. From the time I book to the time I am packing my things to when I am in the plane when I learned, I need to keep reminding myself where I am going, and what is this place that I am being invited, in spite of, probably there is millions much better than me and millions way more worthy of visiting his house, but again by his virtues and his blessings. And by his wisdom, he chose to invite me. So when I am, again, made the intention booked it, and I am packing, and then Hamdulillah, I'm in the plane, I'm coming. I'm arriving, as those of you have been there when I land in Jeddah and then whether I am going right away to Morocco, or I am going to

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Medina, I need to start reminding myself and keep reminding myself where I am, where I am. And the more you keep reminding yourself, Where are you, and who invited you.

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Whatever difficulty and the trip is always always Subhanallah has to have difficulty. I always say it's like your law. It's part of it. You want to get me more ready, you want to test me so I'm more patient, so I'm more rewarded. But this sitrep in Subhan, Allah in general struggling, is usually associated with difficulty. And in fact, when you study, they teach us they taught us and they teach that a sufferer, Madonna told me that traveling carries with it the probability of difficulty. So let's alone we are going to this amazing place. What I'm trying to say is, the more I remind myself of where I am going, and whose house is this? And who city is this? And what kind of a city is this?

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Wherever I see, whatever I go through, wherever if I didn't meet my expectation, my response would be very different. That's number one. And this is what I'm going to be covering today. The virtues of Makkah.

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And not the names. What is this city that everyone Subhanallah

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loves to go and once they go, they want to come back? So what is this city? Allah subhanaw taala is our last panel with Allah said in Surah apostles or Baka yo lo nyesha Huerta Makka nella homall Here SubhanaHu wata Allah Subhan Allah Tala ministry. So what did Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah said, What aboukir Yalow Maya whereafter your Lord, create what He wills and he chooses. Also what he was but it's not repeated. So Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses what he what he creates, how he creates them, the status he gives them, and he from what he creates, he choose from them from his creation. Some special things My Canada hormonal here we have no choice in this Subhan Allah Tala and no SQL

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or does that to me. When Allah subhanho wa Taala chose to Makkah and chose to give mucker this virtues I need to remember this and as as we remember last time, Allah subhanaw taala says lanoxin will be invalid collage panna cotta has not made an oath of any other city except my handle valid will entitle on behalf of valid This is a surah was revealed in Makkah, and Allah says I make an oath and Allah and Han Subhana they had in Ballard this town, the city, this place what into he Lumbee Hodel Ballard and you are living in this house in this in this city. So in general, when I go and again, I'm gonna keep saying this for those of you who are going those of you if you're if you

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are already there, those of you who live close by it, and hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. Remember the following

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when you are there as you are coming and as you have not yet entered the Haram but you see the Haram from the outside and you see the picture behind me This is inside the Haram but if you're coming from the outside, you start seeing the courtyards, of course you don't see it yet, because MK as we said last time is a valley actually. Can you ask where is the Kaaba is in the lowest in the lower parts, the surroundings actually higher. So if you are driving to come you will not see the cab I still remember the first time when I went and I was like where is it

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Where is it? You don't see it, you just see the mountains. And then when you come in and you get very close, you see the Haram from the outside, but you don't see the cover as a philos pantalla preparing me preparing me preparing me and at one point to come in and you see it, And subhanAllah so the first thing is when you come and see the Haram, the virtues of Makkah, and listen to this one, the first mosque, the first house of Allah ever that he created Subhana was in Makkah al Masjid Al haram. Omalu masjid, it's the first Masjid that was built, that was made to be on this earth is actually an Masjid Al haram. And also arranged salatu salam said that he was asked, what is the

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first Masjid that was built? That wasn't put on this earth? Allah al Masjid Al haram. He said that and Masuda haram, the sanctuary mosque or any everybody hamdulillah listening to me when I say Masjid Al haram, you know and Mazumdar haram, then he was asked to my A, then what's after it? So the first one that was put on this earth, and remember, and we human being when we build a home, or we buy a home, or it's the first home we move in, it's also always has a special place. Imagine it's the house of Allah. It was the first one that he we he Subhana This is His earth. He could have put it anywhere. He could have chosen any other Masjid. But he chose the Masjid Al haram to be the first

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one and he chose it to be in Makkah. So when you go there, when before you enter, bring this to you, inside you. This is he Subhana allow being the majestic or man or Hain the Merciful, the Compassionate you bring all the names of Allah, you say your Allah, you chose this place. You chose it. And you chose to have the first masjid and what is Masjid Wojtyla? It's the houses of Allah and you chose the first house of you your OB to be in this place. Subhanallah I don't think a lot many of us when we go to Makkah before I have not seen the caveat. I'm just entering when I see the Haram this comes to me are well almost do they have a lot on the first Masjid that was put on this earth

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pot and mustard Hello, this is a Masjid Haram. Then the second one is not Medina is actually in Masjid rocksalt the masjid the Mosque in Jerusalem. And then he was asked how much in between them time wise and rasa risotto said I'm set 40 years 40 years for zero 4040 years between Masjid Al haram and merci de la casa. So it's ancient. It was the first on this earth you really have to to Yanni to even close your eyes and think there was nothing on this earth, no creation and a lot put his house first one in that place. What a place is this? And that's Makkah. So number one. One of the virtues of Makkah, is a fact Allah chose to have his first house number two, a lot on our Tyler

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make that again it is him sanctuary. Jana haram and Amina. Allah made his whole Haram is not only a masjid, all that part of Makkah, Allah made it haram sanctuary, meaning it is a place Holly has its own

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character, but also has certain things so special to it only. So again, for those of you who are coming to Makkah, whether you're coming from gender or you're coming from an Medina, you're going to start seeing especially if you're coming from Georgia, you will see and these these huge like like there is

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it's like a Koran is being put on like the stand for the Quran and then on the side says we die at will haram the beginning of the Haram and the Haram sanctuary. So think of it, think of it as if you are again Allah has exalted but just for us to feel it like you know when you come in in your home, right your home you have a gate or some homes has fans, this something around your home, right to identify your home or last Pantai

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put around the Maccha

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who do do haram and this is why, again for those of you who some people when you be you need to put your haram before and make art and some people if they are from the people of Makkah, they live in Makkah, they need to go outside that sanctuary border to make their haram and come back and the closest one is actually Masjid. Aisha the attend a more people some people go and make it to they want to do more than one ombre they go there and come back. So haram and Amina and look to this beautiful Hadith and this is in no hurry and and Muslim emotionally is so heavy. And he said to humble Musa aid, emerald Messiah and he was like a governor and he was planning to send troops to

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Makkah and Abu should I was there with him. And he said,

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Governor, allow me to tell you something. As you are sending these troops to to Makkah, let me tell you something, I look at this Semia talk with an eye, my ear, my ear have heard it from Rasul Allah salatu salam, and my heart understood it and my eyes did see it did see are also risotto sera saying this the day after he entered Makkah or Swati salatu salam, Yo Ma your lord the min yo your meal for the day of the conqueror of MATA the second day. The Sahabi abou sure I heard the rosary, his salatu salam said the following. in Makkah, her Rama Hala Willem, you have the Mohan NAS maca. Allah made it sanctuary, not people. So this is from Allah. You know, when sometimes we say I didn't do what I

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was ordered to do it or someone who you really you really respect said they asked me and I can say no. Now Rosaria Salatu Salam is saying, This Makkah, Allah made the sanctuary. It's not the people will let me know how to remind NAS. It's not not it's not the idea of human beings is not the decision of a person. No. It's the decision of Aleem of all knowing and Al Hakim. So he was telling him I heard this rasa risotto CERAM said Makaha Rama Allah, Allah or Asada salatu salam said, Allah made maca sanctuary. And then what are the special things once you enter that border of haram? What I hate Luna Marie and you may know Bella who will Yamuna her and it is not allowed. It is not

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permissible for any person who believes in Allah and they have judgment. Yes, we could if he had them to kill it, or cut a tree and only one person and if they tell you that or that or Swati inside to sit down, was it allowed it was given the permission to fight inside that you answer them and say he was studying the SA he was studying people. And this Sahabi was hitting Roswaal eSATA was saying he said are Suarez AutoSum in case some people come to you and tell you well are Rasul Allah salatu wa salam fought inside Makkah, you will respond and say that was only to a rassada Hisar to surround. Well, am you the local and nobody else can fight inside Mancha and I was allowed to do

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with only one hour.

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And once it was conquered, it came back and became sanctuary, Cahora, Mattea and huruma it sanctuary. So when I enter again, as I am coming inside, right and again, we have not get into the Haram yet. We're not talking about the muck at cobaya. We're talking about the virtues of Makkah I need to bring this in me. So my camera will be different. So when I go, I will not act the same way I act in my house or I act when I am with my friends. No. I am in the most sacred place. First Masjid ever put on this earth was this masjid and haram. Now three, and this is very important for me. Also. What does it mean to pray in that home? What does it mean to pray in that haram? And you

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again Subhan Allah may Allah Yara BME does not bring back in the days when we saw very few people praying there versus the norm millions the picture you see it behind me millions normally

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Remember the virtues of praying they're

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in side the Haram of Makkah in most of the gang there's a three opinion about the is the prayer only in the Haram only in the in the mosque or in the surroundings of mosque and surroundings or all the area inside Makkah and a good number of scholars will tell you it's the area inside Makkah the area that Allah made it sanctuary vasana there,

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the Salah there is very different their reward than the salah anywhere else. And our Suarez AutoSum said this hurry and some of you

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know it and if you paid attention if you are in Medina, you will see it. He will see this and he said Salatin famous Judy had a he was in Medina, Ali Hisar. To Sarah, he was there. He said Sadat and famous did he had at prayer asylum in my masjid, better have been better than 1000 solder in any other Masjid in any other mosque except

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for the Masjid Al haram.

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Sora Saraswati Sato Sam sitting in Medina, and he's saying to the Sahaba that's praying in my Masjid. So imagine this and this also when you go to Medina and we will talk about the virtues of Medina Inshallah, in part three of this talk, but today is we're talking about MK

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so he sang Salatin famous Judy, one Syrah one one.

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And he didn't specify whether it is an obligation whether it is an extra non obligatory Sala famous Judy had in demonstrate the novel, better than 1000 Salah in any other mosques. Now K MK al Masjid Al haram, except in the Masjid Al haram, there is more narration more than one narration for this hadith, and in one of them this is an urban magic where he specified the number and he said, or Sadat TOEFL Masjid Hello. One Sala in an Masood haram

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have done better than 100,000 Cider outside in any other Masjid one cider one.

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Whether it's Fajr whether it is Lucha whether it is any extra solder, one solder 100,000 What virtues this maca has, what virtues this maca has, so remember this so what I'm trying to bring to everybody and myself also is when you are there. Don't take things lightly.

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Okay, yeah, don't say your Hamdulillah I prayed with the drummer at Rugby local hand it's beautiful. But don't miss the opportunity to pray extras. Everyone is under 1000 So anything else I can do it outside Maka

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don't do it inside Makkah, take the opportunity. Use the time to get close to Allah spawn Tada. To feel it to get more rewards come out from your own rock come out from your visit. And your and my and yours and our scale is way heavier than before before we entered. And last pantalla also said that it is and we talked about this last last week. It's almost Aurora is the mother of all cities. That's Makkah. You know when when when any human beings we say this is a leader, or this is the best scientist and this is a Nobel Prize winner, something that is unique between human beings. What about this uniqueness of this city that Allah Subhana Allah said on Quora, the mother of the cities,

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and Allah subhanaw taala. As I said last week, it's in the Quran between their own Malcorra, they tune their microbiome and Hola. So, you will warn Omokoroa meaning America. Now look at the next one. And this is anywhere you are, you will feel this, that place of the earth that place on this earth is the only place that every Muslim wherever he or she lives, face their face to Word.

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tabler tune the athlete and it is the place where I face and wracked my body to it. When I am praying wherever I am. And Allah said this assorted Bachar woman Hazel Hara Gita for worldly voyage, Hakka short run mercy that haram wherever you can go

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Turn your face toward the masjid that Hello

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that place on this earth, that place on this earth. Allah made it everywhere we are on the mountain, on the in the cave on on this earth, you are in the east you are in the West, you are in the north, you are in the south, wherever you are, even if you are in Makkah, you turned to the mercy that

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when Hey Sahaja wherever you are, wherever you are leaving or going meaning when you are in any place in any place, you direct your direction for that place so you know I want you all of you

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when you when we put our Sagitta giant amass the masala but the rug that way, the prayer rug, right and these days hamdulillah with all the technology we have, we can go and look and look at the app and Aquarius Qibla direction or where is the compass? Remember, this is the place. What is this place Allah made? Everyone has to it's one of the pre requisition of the correctness of Sala that you face the Qibla or you face Makkah. This is one of the virtues even and listen to this hadith even or soiree salatu salam when he entered the Kaaba. And I don't know if if you know this, but when we are inside the Kaaba, we cannot pray inside the cab. Inside the cab Roswaal Esau torsina

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entered the cab, and he made dua in the four corners. This is the day of when Macau was conquered. So he entered the cover and he removed all the statues. And then he made dua and the four corners. Then he left the cover and turn toward the cover and he prayed to God this is a Hadith of say Novolog now bus and he said when Allah Maha and maybe Ali salatu salam elbaite when a rasool Allah is Allah to Sir, entered, elevate the house, the Kaaba, we don't Subhanallah very few people are allowed to enter inside, but when he and he saw Sam entered, he may die in the four corners. Well me personally, and this is another Buhari, and he did not pray inside the cover. Then had the horror

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German, then he until he left the house raka raka Thane then he prayed to God tablecover looking at the cup Subhan Allah and he said, were her heel cobbler. And he said, this is the this is where I need to turn my face. What a city is this? serpin en la there is how many kilometres? How big is this earth, how many places geographically more beautiful weather is nicer all this we say, but Allah chose that place, that all the hearts and this is another thing all the hearts turn to it Subhan Allah, then even this is the dua, officer, even Ibrahim Medina F in the Tamil and Nancy tell her we lay and make that we lay him make the hearts of the people turn toward it. When he left his

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people in that place, he made the DUA that people will love to come to this place and look at Muslims these days. Subhan Allah, another beautiful virtue, and this is specially for us these days, the days Subhanallah the days of unsecured city, or as the days of insecurity, the days of fear, the days of anxiety. And these days if you're talking about the COVID Again, we have now the Omicron and then it's becoming widely spread and very quickly and fastly spread between people Subhan Allah and Allah made it

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upon himself to tell us woman the Hello Kana Amina and whomsoever an enter the Haram he will feel safe Subhan Allah

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and, and I cannot. I'm sure anyone who's listening to me and anybody who has been in that place, there is no feeling when you enter other than peace.

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How much what did you are how many things on your mind? You know, this is life we all go through things. But once you enter, especially when you enter the mosque itself Subhanallah it doesn't matter which door you enter is something comes in your heart, which is the same feeling when you enter Medina, the city, you feel that you are safe, and Allah said it all Amuro and Johanna how

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Rahman Amina dawn they see that we have made a safe sanctuary, are you to hop off on NASA and how are we here and from our own them, people are not feeling safe.

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So this is what I need when I go again, Danny, what we need to do is we need to change the casual, the usual way we look at maca, haram, the Kaaba, we need to change it because I need to remind myself again, place Allah chose, all the hearts turned to it. It's the place Allah Spandana decided that his first house is in the the place that I every Muslim, turn his face to it even the dead the people are dying. The Sunnah is to turn their face to the Qibla when they when the dead then you put them in the grave May Allah spawn Tada make our graves, draw them reality done apart a piece of German you put the face toward the Qibla as much as you can. So it is somewhere it's like where it's

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the center and actually even geography this now these days, they say Maca is the center of this earth. And it's the center of the hearts is the center of the love. Because the creator of you and me and the creator of this earth, chose it Subhan Allah chose that to be this this special, this place Subhan Allah, one of the virtues I have to remind myself especially if you're going to O'Meara and then they are going to take you to the courts Messara or you're going to go and see the areas you're going to go and see our offer, you're going to go and see mostly the places of hedge and you're going to say to yourself, that's a last panel Hautala chose that again, that part of the

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earth that people need to go for Hajj, fourth, no other place you need to go to that place for Hajj Subhan Allah He could have chosen any other place. No, it has to be this and the area surrounding it Subhan Allah the Hajj, which is one of the pillars of Islam, and it is one and Yanni your Hajj is not valid, if you did not go to Arafa not do tawaf around the Kaaba, meaning you are outside the Haram and then you enter to the haram. So he chose that the Hajj, Z life journey as we call it, cannot be anywhere but to it. And look at the relationship. Rasul Allah Hisar to Assam had for MK

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Subhan Allah when he talks about Makkah, he talks is like you know, when we love something, or we love someone, and that's how he described it and talked about it, and in this is what he said, will lie in Nikki, the hero or villa, by Allah, you are the best, you are the best land of Allah or have borrowed the law here Allah and the most beloved land of Allah to Allah. And if it was not, I was forced to leave, I will never leave. I will never need MK Subhanallah there are so I decided to set up and he was going to Medina and what a beautiful Medina but there was this special relationship of this virtual city the most virtual city, another Hadith the same concept. Now he is talking to a man

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or a soiree saw to sell and this is Imam Tirmidhi and he said the following. He talked to it. He talked to me. You know when we love something Have you seen you know, sometimes even children's of handler you know when they have their their favorite doll or their frame favorite toy they talk to it wide and when we are in when you love like a mother loves her son and the son is away and she can't talk she looks at the picture I start talking to Subhanallah and our soiree software Sam said to Makkah, the following ma cable came in Ballard What a beautiful and pure

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city you are talking to it. What a hammock Ed and you are the most beloved city to me.

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Well hola and OMYA Horadric ahora Joanie and if it was not my people, pushed me to leave it or they they literally drove me out of it. Massa can to hierarchy, I will never live other than in this place. Subhan Allah or Swati Assad to us. Now look at us. So again you feel this highly sometimes when we are in a city or a town or even neighborhood when we are not comfortable people are not nice to us. They really hurted us. We don't even

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We'll wait for that moment that we will be leaving. I was like a Hamdulillah we are done.

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But not Makkah.

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Not muck Subhan Allah, ma Kibaki mean Ballard What a beautiful town you are. What's what's, what's a pure town you are are a city you are why book Ed. There is no other place I can imagine. Yanni I always, every time I leave Makkah Subhanallah I remember this animals like how any Subhan Allah how difficult it was, how difficult it was, for Swati SAR to set up to leave

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Subhanallah it's his town. It's a city. He was born there. That's one thing but also he knew all what I shared with you. It was his sayings. He knew this is the most beloved city to Allah's pantah This is the place where the first mosque was the this is the place where it's safe. But then he said, What have Makita you are the most beloved, and if it was not for your people drove me out of it. Massa can toy Rocky. I will not live anywhere other than this. And this is why when our Suarez was on the Sahaba specially the answer the people of Medina were worried that our soiree saw to some will not come back after the Conquer of muck. That's it. Hello Hamdulillah, the most beloved city it

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says family where he was born and raised. Now he conquered it so they thought he will not come back. But Subhan Allah, Allah Swati salatu salam was a human that does not take choices, or decisions out of what he love or doesn't know. It's all by last panel, Todd, and even when he left MCC, it was an order from Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the virtues of Makkah, and we talked about last time, it was the place of love chose did that city, not only the heart of that city because we said Allah subhanaw taala in the Night Journey of rasool Allah salatu salam, he left from Makkah, he didn't leave from messenger haram. He actually left from bait Omani from the house of Omani one of the

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Sahaba he left from there, Allah chosed that or sorry salatu salam, leave this earth leave this earth to go to this sacred journey and go up to Allah Tomita loss Panthera and the starting point departure city is maca. And again, all this earth is belongs to Allah spawn that he could have chosen in place. But he chose that Mascherano via risotto salami this summer. He chose it to be the place where he left from it in this nice journey through imagery that OXA to meet Allah subhanaw taala what city this as Allah subhanaw taala said Subhanallah the SRO we are with the Haven million visited haram imaginary Casa La de Baraka, holder, glorify Allah Glory to Allah, who he took his

00:38:06--> 00:38:14

servant in this night journey from an image that haram from the sacred city of Mecca to an image that also

00:38:15--> 00:38:17

one of the things when we travel

00:38:18--> 00:38:32

as much as we can, if we can apply that as much as we can, again, are soiree salatu salam said this hadith and this tells you the virtues of Makkah, and also of Medina and off Jerusalem.

00:38:33--> 00:38:38

The three in one Hadith in one saying often led to shut down rehab

00:38:39--> 00:39:20

lab to shut the rehab rassada sought to sell himself this and say Naboo Herrera narrated it to us and it is in a hurry almost. And he said now to should do rehab Illa Illa thelotter T masajid you don't literally you don't pack and and made the intention to travel except to three places, thrift massages, three mosques. So when I want to travel to see to Yanni to visit mosques, Visa three has to be in the journey as again as much as possible. That Atama sided and that tells you the virtue of them. Majidi all Masjid

00:39:22--> 00:39:33

Masjid Haram first one, Makkah, the picture you see behind me, almost either for Swanee, soft or Sarah or saw his Masjid Medina when Mr. de la casa

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

three masajid lab to shadow Rehan La La trattati masajid three masajid I need to go. So what I will say to everybody as much as you can, if there is any way in your travel, especially if you're if you're traveling let's say from the west to the east or the opposite, if you can make a stop in Makkah or in Medina or both

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

Do it even for a few hours.

00:40:03--> 00:40:36

It's a blessing trip, if you can, and he said LA to shadow rehab, what is these three cities? And there is how many cities on this earth, Allah all created. Now to shadow rehab, you do not do it except to three. And one of the beauty about Makkah, and a Masjid Al haram, the holy mosque, or the sanctuary. Sanctuary is a last panel Wattana said the following, but before I say the idea, you know, when you when you love something,

00:40:37--> 00:41:29

and it means something to say it's mine. So for example, if you have a pen, say it's my pen, parents, say my children and say this is in the Arabic language you'd offer, you add it, add this thing to a human being, for example, Allah subhanho wa taala. Very few times in the Quran. He used this law of he used this link, he linked something with him Subhana so he linked us. Yeah, a bad year Latina safaiwala unforseeable Coulier Abadi, My servant, my Allah. So Subhan Allah and we are the sinners, and only a bad deal in Astra for Allah unforeseen, out of his Rama Subhana of his compassion. So he

00:41:30--> 00:42:27

added us connected us with them. Something special for an Masjid Al haram, that Allah subhanaw taala added it to himself with a Herbie to purify my house. The thought if you know what I will, Aquafina will rokai subdued and purify and beautify my house. Allah subhanaw taala says my house, the thought if he so remember any time if you are they're planning to go there was there you really want to go and making dua to Allah remember this when you are in power off? Allah subhanaw taala gave the order to say native Rahim to purify it and beautify it, and it is his house for his guests. You and me. It's Janelle It is glorifying. It's out of love. Allah said my house Subhanallah and the loss of

00:42:27--> 00:43:27

this sword could have been sold in he did it in surah. Two in a buck Allah Subhana Allah. And so let's let's not forget this now. Allah subhanho wa Taala made it inside us people that we love his house. Subhan Allah. Allah says Daniel beta Metha button, the Nazi one, Allah subhanaw taala made us love Subhana love his house. It's Muslims usually love to go to his house. Subhana Jambi. And again, Allah that's what he said, out of our Kaluga era, Beatty Hill haram, he made human beings love to go to his house, every journey, the more you go, and I've said this many times, and sometimes people say Don't you have enough? The answer is always hear it. Anytime you see somebody has came back, the

00:43:27--> 00:43:58

first thing they tell you, I would love to go back again. And then you say, didn't you have enough or you say inside years like how many times I want to go it's amazing how Allah subhanho wa Taala put this only for his house. Once you see it, you keep wanting to go again and again and again. And you wonder why is this Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Allah subhanaw taala wanted us Yanni put in us something about loving his house Subhana Europe and

00:43:59--> 00:44:09

to something for all of us going there, or being there that remember as it because it is very virtuous,

00:44:10--> 00:44:59

committing sins in it committing sins inside the sanctuary. All of it is something grave. Alma urushi Hebei it had in Bill oldman there coalminer there have been any Allah said this assorted had whomsoever wants to be avoiding injustice ill had it had profanity it had is associating one with Allah's pantalla no the Caminada been Aleem, we will make him or her taste severe punishment. We need to be very careful. I can not disobey Allah subhanaw taala inside Makkah, I can't use my tongue to hurt people and I am inside Makkah. I cannot use my phone or the internet inside.

00:45:00--> 00:45:51

Makkah to disobeyed Him. Subhana it's a haram. It's Sanctuary. It is absolutely special place on this earth like no other place. And the last thing I'm going to end up with Subhan Allah, how was he now moving to the house? He used to say because they were the Sahaba were were very worried about these things. And he's and he used to have two homes. Look at this two homes Subhanallah one home inside Makkah, and one home Yanni inside the the Haram part and one home, outside the Haram thought SubhanAllah. And why is that? He said when he wants lactide Allah when I was reading this, when he wants to have arguments with his wife, it's usually outside maca. They go on to that house. They

00:45:51--> 00:46:43

want outside muck if he wants to pray, he goes the house inside Makkah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah again, remember the journey, it is not that far. But the idea is what we all need to remember. And may Allah Subhana Allah make me the first one to feel this in practice. This is when I am there. When I am there. I am not anywhere else. When I am going there, I'm not going for vacation. It's not a holiday. No, it's a holiday from this dunya it's a holiday from this life. It's a holiday from the attachments. It's a holiday and a vacation from the routine from the usual. But I am not going to have fun. I will go and have fun, but the way it pleases Allah pantile And what he wants me to do

00:46:43--> 00:47:37

Subhana May Allah subhana wa Taala your ebme invite every one of us yarby I mean, every one of us, may he invite us to go to his house again and again and again and again. And more importantly, he makes us or I always say this is like show the best in you, in his house. Show the best of you in his house. And me he helped me and help you and help everybody to be so grateful to the fact he invited me and how do I show my gratefulness by absolutely acting like the abd like the servant of Allah in his house, your NVMe Izaak Milan Hieron Hana Calon Morbihan the shadow Aliaga and stuff we will cover today. So Allah Juana se nenhum. By the ID was Hobi this team and Kathy era