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Since I've taken shahada, I have led over 12 other pastors into Islam. So we're gonna see more testimonies. Don't want you to be muslims for two reasons. Let me explain why. If everyone wants to be a Muslim, that's the $1.6 trillion alcohol industry going $500 billion gambling industry gun $50 billion adult and pornography gun. My next guest get this I was a pastor for 10 years.

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pastor the church, a large church in New York City, former ex Pentecostal pastor of a large church. He was a Christian pastor for over 10 years. His story is one of the most touching revert stories reaching over 2 million people inspiring many to come into the fold of Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. What's even more amazing, is Robert Westmoreland. He came to Islam at a time when he was choosing his death date. I'm excited, are you? Let's meet Robert, I'll tell you what, I'm really excited. The dean center is becoming a reality Allah, what's the bottle, pulling the resources together, making this dream a reality a mega data center in the United States, Allahu

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Akbar, this is the future and it's happening. We've got the location, but now we gotta get the work going. We got to build the Masjid. We got to build the data center. We need you to donate now. Not for me, not for me. But for that masjid for that house of Allah that Allah would be worshipped in wanting to build that Tao center where people can come from across the world and come and get trained in how to give Dawa and non Muslims can come and learn about Islam. We got to get this done. Everybody donate. Let's do this together. It's happening. Allahu Akbar is none Great.

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How are you? Well, ECAM was Sanada to Peace be with you. How you doing? Brother? I'm doing well today. It's a beautiful day here.

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So I introduced you as a former ex pastor of 10 years that right? That's correct. Yes. Can we get into that? Tell us a little bit about what made you become a pastor.

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My upbringing, I grew up in church, traditional Assemblies of God type of church word of faith. And I always felt a divine pole.

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And so my rationalization was I was called to be a pastor and I was really good at gathering people. So as a kid, I was always good at gathering little groups of people and, and it led to adulthood. And so I started a church called Kingdom Culture Center in New York City, boasting about gosh, we grew from 20 people to over eight different locations all over the country, and was being mentored by top Christian leaders. And for some reason, I just felt this is not it.

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And I started questioning things regarding the Trinity and different religion and just wasn't making any sense to me I can understand a person who went to theology school

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matriculated in the highest of Christianity being a bishop a so called a prophet and apostle, just couldn't have answers and

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close the church now.

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Fully different eight, all eight locations, all eight locations, fully

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folded. And I went on his journey of trying to find God and ended up going into voodoo

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into why voodoo voodoo.

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I'm packages for us. Alright, so we'll dune or voodoo comes out of Nigeria. Some of it comes out of Jeanine and there's something called Orisha worship. So it's most people in America is no it is Sunday. And it is a mixture of Catholicism and African voodoo. And so I started out in Santeria and what you also call Paloma Jambi which is the worship of the dead

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very, very animalistic, very, I would say dark per se

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just was a little too dark for me. So I said I wanted to try the lighter version which was which we call it e phi, which is also known as e che che log BA and essentially locked by believes in one guide but God has a systems or partners and the partners are called the Orisha IV. And so it's a lot of dealing with a lot of sacrifice a lot of blood sacrifice a lot of

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detonation, a lot of different manipulating of the elements. When we talked about the elements we talked about earth, fire, sky, rain, all these different elements that go into it. And it just, I'm a thinker, I can go into the highest of something and my brain starts thinking well, when do we get to God here? We worship everything else, but when do we get to God here and and the Orisha tradition. The Gods name was old do moraine. And overdue Marree

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is distant off and doesn't want much to do with humanity. So he says the Orisha is Who are his partners who take care of humanity for him. And so they require certain things and I became what you call a babalawo, which is called a father of mysteries. And I initiated several people into the religion, several well known people into religion and into getting sick.

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I can get people healed. I could do so many different things for other people, you if you need to millions of dollars, I can get you millions of dollars. It came to me being sick, also worked in health care. And I begin to take on the symptoms of the patients I was treating.

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And they end up being in ICU for two weeks.

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And prior to going into ICU, I kept going to my shrines and kept saying, I'm sick. What is going on here will heal you if you do this sacrifice a chicken sacrifice a goat sacrifice account. I'm getting worse and I'm getting worse and I'm getting worse. And so I ended up on ICU and

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really strange. I remember watching two tick talkers, um, Maliki click. And Amina rochet

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and Amina rochet talked about something called tahajjud. I called the Taj Mahal and I know how to pronounce it. So

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tahajud Yes, the night praying does the does the night prayer at night. And my doctors were literally giving me because of the sepsis in my body in the infection. I had literally days to live.

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And so I said,

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I'm going to try this tahajjud thing and let's see if a law works and I'm trying to do my around and try to the Orisha is I didn't try it all this. I try Jesus. I don't try to everybody. Nothing's working right now. Let me try to hedge it.

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So I tried to hydrate, first night, nothing change. second night, nothing change. Third night. Third night is where something really began to change. I would go down to the hospital chapel and they will let me get on and I would pray. The morning of the third night. The doctor came in and he said we've been testing your blood hour upon hour. And we noticed your white blood cells are normal.

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Your normal. I was like, Okay, this is 100. Okay, I'm going to take no, this is 200. So I guess that's 100 works.

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I was released in the hospital the same morning. And as I was driving home, I begin to have thoughts. I don't think I'll did this. I don't think I did this. I'm going home to end this. And I like what you said because you said Allah they said God because some people think this is another God. This is the Creator God Almighty, Allah and Arabic. Yes, yes. And so I don't think this really happened. And I'm out of the hospital. And I'm going home to it.

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And so something said, Get your phone, go to tick tock. Maliki click was on tick tock.

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I've never in any Tiktok history as I have ever requested to go into someone's life. I say can you give me Shahada?

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And he gave me Shahada. That was on June 26 2023.

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So that was just recently that was recently Yes. Yeah. So for people that don't understand so tahajjud This is the Muslims are encouraged to get up in the night and to pray to the Creator directly and alone. Seeking His blessings, his forgiveness, His mercy, asking of your needs and whatnot. So you actually heard about this tahajjud from who again, Maliki click, Malika clicked on. So So you listen to someone from Tiktok Maliki click, and he's talking about tahajjud and you're like, let me give it a try. You before that you were talking about you can get what were you saying some about million dollars you can get people millions of dollars I can get you healed? I can get

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you anything that you want. I can but when it came to me, yeah. What if someone says how how were you able to get if so

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I'm on one of these material things millions that how rituals so what you do is you do a lot of rituals and Orisha practice and you can do what I said in the beginning manipulation. There's a lot of manipulation if I if if a particular shrine, for instance, Orisha ij, which is the Orisha of money. If I needed a client to have money we would do so we would access the ratio, what do you want? It would tell you what it wanted. And then we will go ahead and do the shrine. Also, we had them taking certain medicines and incantations and certain things, they had to do rituals, baths, it would get results, I would get results in probably about two weeks for most of my clients. Yeah. So

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so these are working with the gin we'd say you obviously know what the gin are. In fact, I worked with Jim. So you were working with the gin Corona? Did you know at the time you were working to the gin what you didn't call them gin, where were you caught? What did you What did you identify the jinn and at that time, oh, gins, okay.

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Again, there's two different the two different practices. I did Paloma Jambi, we would call it the goon goon, or the dead spirits. And so I knew I was working with a a diabolical spirit. And so if you want to get your bidding done, give the Spirit what it wants, and it will do what it wants for you. But of course, there's nothing for free. And so you, you trade off a little bit, maybe a couple of years of your life, you trade off a couple of different things to get these things to happen. And so with clients,

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they would say, Listen, I'm, I'm about to

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audition for a movie. Can you do this for me? Sure. We're going to we're going to speak to the gins and we're going to owe the spirits and the spirits are going to tell us what we need to do. And so it worked. Well known people, I will never say their names, but they were good clients, and was very lucrative. And how long was this part of your life going on for after the pastor part being a pastor? How long were you? Seven years? Seven years. So you were a priest in this profession now? Yes. So you're technically they have a priest in this? What is it called again? Allow? Wow. Yes. And this is all happening in New York. This is happening in New York. Yes. Okay, so do the babalao. So

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they have like a temple. What do they call it? They have temples. It's called Gosh, what is it call it calling temple or aegyo? or different things like that? Oh, ela. And so I had several temple members.

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To track back what really made me start questioning everything was the death of my adopted daughter who was decreased. She's what you call an ocean priest of the deity of love the river deity. She was this is your this is your daughter now? adopted daughter. Yes. Adopted adopted daughter. Yes. It will be a year, March 3 this year. She She was also part of this. Yes. And she was What did you call the title? Is a precinct she was a priestess? How old was she? She was 3232. Okay, tell us about this. What were you saying that she had stage four cancer. Apparently it was a cancer that was hereditary. Her grandmother, her mother died from the same type of cancer. And so we were told by

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the Orisha or by ephod. If she wanted to live, she needed to initiate we did the initiation. And everything went worse that way. Tell us again, those names you said. Those are the spirits. The spirits are ephah, which is known as the divinity of he's supposed to be the prophet of old du Marais. And he's the it's almost a trainee over there, when it comes to how he shaved. Let me bring it back. Let me help you. Let me let me break it. It's gonna be very interesting for a lot of people.

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So over any session, what you have is called three major spirits

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over Obatala, who I was initiated to is the God of creation or the divinity of creation. Didn't you have the supreme being old boomerang? And then you have a Romila who was the prophet or the spokesman of old tamari. So now they're becoming these spirits are having titles that only belong to the Creator to God Almighty? Yes. Okay.

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The, the ultimate of obviously, you know, now Schoodic Yes, yes. Yes.

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So, she was promised by a Rumi law that if she does initiation into his cult, she will be healed.

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She was also promised by Oh schoon

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Oh, who's also known as a divinity as well, that she would be healed as well. And also agbay, not agbay.

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How do you How are these communications taking place with divination? It's all done by divination. What does divination for people who are divination board is we have something called url CWLA. Like a Weegee, like a wiki board, almost like a wiki

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board, but have an issue board is called definition board definition board or in Oh CWLA o p e l e o por la. And so we would divide, we will call the spirit down and the spirit would speak through the board. Wow. And the board will say what you call is 302 320 and 6520 to 64.

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Signs and the signs of which as an old as an as a babalao. My job is to interpret the signs. And so whatever the sign fill is the answer. And so because she was my daughter, I went to another babalao to do the divination. So it would be fair, and he was accurate. He was the same. I knew the signs, the signs fell, okay, this is what they're saying. She did the initiation. She was literally

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literally exhausted all her phones, her husband was actually a Muslim.

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Go figure. Husband, as a Muslim grew up in Islam.

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He's doing everything to try to save her life. Nothing's working. She has a full mastectomy breast or removed. cancer comes back even more aggressive. She goes into almost a coma comatose state, and dies literally two weeks after her through excuse me three months after her initiation. And so the promises were never fulfilled. And so my thinking is, if they could lie about this, what have they been lying to him to so so the promises from the jinn, the evil spirits, they were never fulfilled? Never filled? Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So now you're, you're like, Okay, if they're lying about this, obviously the other things so then that has you, then you hear the tahajjud from the tic toc. And

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now you go ahead and you start communicating you've had before when you are a pastor, let's take it back. What What was your because there's a lot of people, and I've interviewed different Christians, and one that comes to mind is a senior pastor. And he talks about how he was fed a lot of this stuff, and they were preaching the church that the Muslims are coming to get you, you know, Islam is the enemy. What was it with you now, at that time when you're a pastor, Christian pastor, what did you know about Islam? What was your impression of Islam at that time, my influence of Islam actually came more of from the Nation of Islam nation.

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I do have an uncle who is a Muslim, but he does not deal with the family. He's very extreme. He's part of an extreme group, we'll put it like that. And so my judgment of Islam was judgmental. It was it's, they're judgmental, they live on their own, they can't get along with the Jews. And that's how we That's how we're taught. So, you know, from the Christian perspective, that's how we're taught, they don't get along with the Jews. So you know, pro Jew, pro Israel, you know, that's the teaching that we learn in evangelicalism of Muslims and Islam. So for me, it was just like,

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I don't know if I would, I'm going to try Allah. But I'm not going to try this Muslim stuff. Because they, my thought is like,

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not for me, not for me. So even right now we can kind of connect with what's the injustice is that are going on right now. And Philistine and Laza. You see what's happening. But the programming that was even at that time, this whole thing, even though Muslims, if you look at the history, have always welcomed Jews protected Jews, but you were programmed to think even back then that Muslims just hated Jews. Oh, yes, definitely. Wow.

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The story of the two brothers had her had her mother had her son.

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And that's what we're taught. So it's where the Bible tells us that you know, he'll be a father he'll be a great father but there's always going to be a fight between him and his brother. So that's just something we you know, we embrace Okay, they're always gonna fight.

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And then you discuss early so you talk about this trinity. Were there other people amongst your congregation and others because this is something obviously it just boggles the mind to Trinity. I mean, Islam is straightforward and clear that God is One worshipping Malone. That's it. Same message throughout time. It's a chain that was never broken. One God, that's it. And then you get into the Trinity is confusing. Gotta do a bunch of bunch of mental gymnastics and it just blows your mind. You're breaking your mind trying to make it work. Was it was it was it something? Can you elaborate a little bit more on this? You know, the struggle with this. As a senior pastor, I've never really

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preached about the Trinity. I just always preached about God. We saw Jesus as pretty much as a Wayshower. I just couldn't. I couldn't. As much as I went to school. We really couldn't break down. I always had an issue with the Trinity because I

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read that God has won in the Bible. And then all of a sudden God changes His mind and becomes three persons. It just was a conflict for me and whole is the Holy Spirit. How did he show up? Like, who are you? You know you in

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the Bible is very clear from the events of invalid evangelical standpoint. This is God right here in the Old Testament, and then it's a break. And then God, all of a sudden, it becomes three, three, and one. It just wasn't clicking for me. And I remember talking to my leadership staff, talking to my leaders and saying, This doesn't make sense. Well, you got to think about it this way. Your spirit, your soul, you have a body, you're a triune being okay, that still doesn't mean God to me.

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I think this is why this is very important. So you went to your higher leadership's and you discuss this. Yeah. Yeah, I think this is important people, they hear this because sometimes you think is just me, I can't understand and then you feel kind of guilty. And then, but no, this is something that is just, it's illogical. It doesn't make sense. And the people will hear this. Now coming from you have a pastor of over 10 years that you are struggling with it. I'm sure there's so many more that you know, the majority of people that it just doesn't make sense. And you just blindly submit to this? Absolutely. And for many people, even my leaders had questions they couldn't. And so they

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said, just think about it this way, don't try to these are the mysteries This is the mysteries of the Christ, you know, just accept it for what it is. We'll never understand it. But just accept it. But the word trinity is not in the Bible. Well, we made that up, we put that together to describe who God is. I said, Well, we haven't got extracurricular names now. So it got me a lot of hot water. And the great part about being that I hadn't leaders was that I didn't have to listen to them. I did my thinking for myself. And so what am I thinking I begin to explore other things. I was like, This doesn't make sense. If God is one, then how did he become three? And it just became a cluster of

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this is not the answer.

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Creation? Yeah. Did you did you? Did you have a some pushback from the congregation? How would they responding to that?

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The great part about it is most of these people that I lead into congregation, I lead them into Christianity. So they took what I said for for word for word, it was like, it doesn't make it never made sense to us.

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We do it, we'll do what you say. We'll go where you're gonna go with it. And that's it. It's pretty easy to transition. So when independent, and then I say that, I don't think I'm gonna do this anymore.

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We close now. What about the concept of Jesus, who he loved? Did you know at that time that Muslims I mean,

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did you have any idea that Muslims love and believe in Jesus as a mighty messenger? And this concept of not just Trinity, but him being? Literally God's Son of God? Like literally not metaphorically? How did that? How did you transition out of that? I remember, it took me aback. It's funny because there were just little instances where I was actually having interactions with Muslims. And I had a cab an Uber driver, he said, you know, we believe in Jesus. I said, Yeah, okay. Yeah. He said, We believe in Jesus, once you come to the masjid will teach you more, but I had a moment. I was at a

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what do you call it? A food stand? And I just felt this presence from this Muslim brother and he was cooking my food. And he says, Habibi, I want you to know that Allah loves you.

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I'm sorry. I'm a Krishna. He said, Okay. Allah loves you. I just want to let you know that I don't know why I felt to tell you that I was like, okay. But I never knew I knew from the cab driver that Muslims believed in Jesus. I just didn't know the extent he said he, you know, he, we believe he's, he's in another time. He's an internal time. We don't believe that. He went on a cruise. And I was like, messing with that we believe in across I don't care what you got to say. You know, we went on a cross, He died for my sins that we believe and that kind of turned me off. But at the same time, it stood in the back of my head. It was a it was a seat. It was a seed planted to stay there. Wow. A

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crucifix. Crucifixion? Yes. Tell us about that. Now, how did you deal with obviously in Islam, just like in the in the Bible, it says that the father shall not bear the iniquity of the son or the son of the father. It's he actually even there, and this whole concept, Jesus, never ever as you know, like now that he never ever said explicitly, I'm coming. I'm God. I'm coming to die for your sins. And you explain this to people and they're like, no, no, it's his blood. We have to believe in the crucifixion. How did you deal with that now? I'm packaging that in your mind. And some people they just can't get away from it. And they put it on they put it on Jesus all the sins. No, He died for

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him. Oh, yeah. I

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had a problem with it in the beginning, I had a problem with a lot of things in the beginning.

00:25:04--> 00:25:09

But the Bible actually says something curses a man who hangs from a tree. Good point. Yes.

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if in fact, there was some things that just didn't make any sense in the story,

00:25:19--> 00:25:26

being theologically trained, we knew some things that went on, that we knew scriptures were added to the Bible.

00:25:27--> 00:25:38

And so from my theological standpoint, I had to reason with some things and speak to some of my classmates. Listen, bro, you know, I'm a Muslim Now I'm becoming a muslim. I don't they don't We don't believe this, this and that.

00:25:39--> 00:25:53

When was this? When was Matthew Luke, John written? Or bro? They were written probably like 60 years after Jesus. So how authentic are they? We really don't know how authentic they are. We don't even know if Matthew Luke John wrote it.

00:25:55--> 00:26:05

And so I mean, using that rationality, rationale, maybe think about it. Okay, well, do I really believe in a cross because curse is a man who hangs on a tree.

00:26:06--> 00:26:13

And the Bible says it and it said it a reference to Jesus. And so for me, it was kind of easy to let it go.

00:26:14--> 00:26:17

But the hard part for me was, well, who takes away my sins now?

00:26:19--> 00:26:54

That was the only hard part for me. It was like, Okay, who redeems me? How am I redeemed? And so learning some Fick and Aikido I got my answer out of that. So that was a good part of, you know, one thing about Maliki click, he was like, Look, you're going to Safina society, take some classes, get you some Markita get you some fic Orne with this is before you even do anything else. And so that was a good part was getting in depth into that and learning those truths to help me because when I had when I started doing Dawa, and it wasn't on purpose. People had questions and I had answers.

00:26:56--> 00:27:19

And that's important right now. And I tell that to a lot of Moses, make sure you have some answers, because people are they have questions. And that was able to help me and so getting away from the Trinity getting away from the cross was hard. But once I started taking classes and getting into it, I understood it I was like, Yeah, this is a big hoax. This is a lie. This is really a myth and then the Bible lets you know that verses have been added to it.

00:27:20--> 00:27:39

So you guys knew that you knew this at that time as a pastor of 10 years you guys knew that this was been manipulated to text has been manipulated and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John they're actually anonymous books. This is according to Christian resources and scholarship. Why do you think we have so many translations

00:27:41--> 00:27:44

so many versions of them all agree none of them all agree?

00:27:45--> 00:27:53

None of them agree with the the original manuscripts none of them actually agree? We have there's over 265 biblical translations

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Why so many, and everyone has their own version and they change and alter and they say this and they take away this and they put it we know that so as pastors we have to sue the IRS and give them a good logical reason

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I like what you said there now where okay you're trying to figure out who died for your sins and whatnot there's nobody died for your sins self accountability and now in Islam for those that don't know you turn to the the most hide the most loving the Most Merciful directly without a middleman and you ask for forgiveness and God Almighty Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. He forgives all sins.

00:28:37--> 00:28:40

And it's straightforward, simple, straightforward.

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And did you ever think now like a no offense blow my blows my mind specially I'm thinking about it now with what's again going on there in Hawza. And this whole propaganda about Muslims hate Jews and this relationship between the two Christians and Zionists and the programming with pastors in America. I don't know if you know when I had this pastor he talks about it is very important to know about this dispensationalism and cyber Scofield and the Scofield Bible. He was a con man cyber Schofield. And then they use this to go ahead and push much of this Zionist propaganda out there interpreting, interpreting certain verses in the Bible to link it back. You know about this? Yes,

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yeah. Now okay. Yeah. So I think this is, this is extremely important. But now, knowing that for our Christian viewers and friends out there knowing that Muslims are not it's actually other people. This is with all sensitivity and love that we explain this. It's actually other people that are anti Jesus, or anti christ, Muslims love Christ. That's the ironic, crazy thing. You know, people tried to paint Muslims as their the Antichrist will. You can't be a Muslim if you're anti christ. It doesn't work together. It's oil in the water. It doesn't mix. Yeah. I find

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that Muslims.

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Sad to say, there are Muslims that love Jesus more than Christians love Jesus. And there are Muslims who have a lot of that have Jesus's attributes more than a lot of so called Christians do and it's it's interesting. It's very interesting and it is alarming because I was like, wait, I mean, you're more Christian than I am. Okay, whatever.

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That's a fact. Yes. Yes. The way the way he greeted will give some examples Sheila Malik, Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. He would say peace be with you. His fasting he fasted we fast the way he prayed. And he fell on his face and prayed to God, this is in the Bible, we pray the same as the same way we worship the one God that he worshipped, not him. But the one that he worshipped. We go on and on. Yes, absolutely. Yes. So before we wrap up, let's conclude here. So you're accepting Islam, your death date, so you're ready to die, you're about to die. Let's finish off with this. This is very powerful to remind us in the viewing audience that this life is exceptionally short, we

00:31:05--> 00:31:22

get caught up with this dunya. And it's very scary thinking about death, you are facing death. And many of us now we might die tomorrow. Today, you're not guaranteed tomorrow, and people are not reflecting and thinking, what is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Why is this so important?

00:31:24--> 00:31:29

It's important because one, you have been given a purpose and you've been given a written destiny,

00:31:30--> 00:31:36

allow himself has called you for purpose. And one of the things

00:31:38--> 00:32:05

is the power of surrendering. And though I want it to die, and I want it to give up, I literally heard a loud voice on the inside to say do this, go on the internet, and do this who I didn't come on, I had no intention of being a Muslim, I was going to take my my tahajjud healing and going back to my voodoo and making my money I was good with that. It was good money.

00:32:07--> 00:32:24

But at the same time, there's a power in submission and surrendering to Allah, there's a piece that you will have that you cannot have out of this dunya that you only get from Allah subhanaw taala himself. And so if you are searching for that piece surrender

00:32:26--> 00:32:47

before you think about giving up, get in the place of submission and surrender, and understand that you have a creator who says I am who my servant thinks I am. I will my servant needs me to be. And that is personal for me. Because, again, I was in the worship where I was

00:32:48--> 00:32:58

at a distant God and unknown god with a guy with three heads. And now we got I don't have to imagine. I just know that he is.

00:32:59--> 00:33:01

I know that Allah is that's all I need to know.

00:33:02--> 00:33:57

And I remind people that Jesus didn't speak English, he spoke Aramaic, and he would say hola, hola. Hola is the same creator the same God, tell me before we conclude I was looking at a watching a video of you. And it was reacting to a Muslim lady. Don't want you to be muslims for two reasons. Let me explain why. If everyone wants to be a Muslim, that's the $1.6 trillion alcohol industry gun $500 billion gambling industry gun $50 billion adult and pornography gun, Hollywood gun, interest based loan that the World Bank's rely on God. It's economical suicide for everyone to become a Muslim. Because being a Muslim, makes your ambitions anti consumerism and promotes a discipline

00:33:57--> 00:34:47

lifestyle. The thing they want you to do, if you became discipline, you became difficult to sell and difficult to control. And this is why West media and the elites are working day and night to program your children to lose their sense of shame and become people who follow their last feelings and desires. If you let them follow their desires, you can sell control and profit off of them. And the only stronghold and defense against this is hideous ideology in the world right now is Islam. And that's why they hated everyone who became a Muslim because their world were crumbles into pieces talking about why they hate Islam. Something about the gambling, the alcohol, all of this can you

00:34:47--> 00:34:54

elaborate on that the industry stay would be pretty much out of business. That's why there's this fight and push against Islam.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

Let's put it like this. Islam is

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

As the peacemaker, and what people don't understand is that all these vices that people are looking for, they're, they're looking to worship God. And they're using these co dependencies to fill that void of not having a lot in their life. And so the industry will shut down immediately if, if if Sharia law came in, if all these different laws came made, Islamic law came in the world, businesses would shut down because people want their vices because it's their God.

00:35:34--> 00:35:59

They want the corn hob and a different things and the alcohol because it's the medication to help them fill that void of what they really want. And so the only thing the world knows is to look towards the vices instead of the Creator. And so when you have that, the understanding that the Creator can fill that void you won't look to those vices you won't smoke you won't drink you won't

00:36:01--> 00:36:42

get on late night on on your on your phone and doing things you shouldn't be doing. Because you realize that that void has been filled and a void can only be filled up filled by Allah subhanaw taala himself. Absolutely. And you said something, surely God is the 10 commandments. This is God. This is divine law that's actually mentioned over 200 sometimes actually in the Bible also. So thank you so much. Very, very interesting story. Inshallah, this inspires so many more pastors, so many more human beings to look deeply into Islam, to think about the purpose of life and to contemplate on death, and the reality of it coming at any time and for us to be prepared for it. Thank you so

00:36:42--> 00:37:24

much. Thank you. Can I add this as well? Absolutely. We have since I've taken shahada I have led over 12 other pastors into Islam so we're gonna see more testimonies come Oh, hold on, hold on. Wait, wait, wait 12 you you've helped guide 12 other paths Christian pastors to Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation? Yes. Yes, please share. I'll send them away. I'll send me your way. Yeah, we'd love to talk with them and inshallah expose more people to their stories is great news. Give them my peace, my salaams I would definitely do that. Appreciate you, brother. Thank you Salonika.

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