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So first of all, I must say, I've known you for a while. I have a Christian, a Muslim sister somewhere here in the crowd, and she sends me your stuff. And I listen. And I must say it's, it's a huge honor to be in your presence, sir. Firstly, before I ask my questions, I have to I have to lay foundation, I have to ask you, a first if you as a Muslim, do you believe in the Bible?

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Without the question that do I believe in the Bible? No, I do not believe in the present Bible. I believe in the original revelation, which was given to Jesus that is the injeel. The present Bible, according to the scholars of Christianity is not the original engine, I believe in the original injeel over here, which was given to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. According to the scholars of Christianity, there are 24,000 manuscripts of the present Bible, and no two identical to the scholars don't believe it with the Word of God, how can I believe for the present Bible is not the word of God, it is mixture, it contains some parts to be the word of God, some parts of the word of

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Jesus Christ, some parts of what a historian and some parts of pornography,

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pornography, you know, pornography.

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There is a chapter in the in the Bible, Ezekiel, chapter number 24, it's pornography. Even if you give me a million dollar, I cannot read it.

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So this prison Bible is a mixture of some parts of Word of God, which matches in the Quran, I've got no problem agreeing it to be the word of God, which goes against that you don't believe the origin is revelation given to Jesus was the Word of God. But that hasn't been maintained? The scholars of Christianity says that he was at UN, because you have not studied the Bible, you will not, do you know that there are 24,000 manuscripts of the Bible, I know. And no two identical,

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no two identical.

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There are so many versions of the Bible, King James Version, New International Version, American Standard version, the version to the version. In my library, I've got 250 different versions of the Bible. Quran is only one.

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Quran in Arabic is only one, there may be different destination for Bible,

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different different versions. So the present Bible is not at all the Word of God

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is it here, and da da, da da dark goes for both the Old and the New Testaments of wealth both. So

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my so my main question is, the concept of Christ, being the Son of God, and the concept of Christ being God, for we as Christians is something it's, it's, it's actually really easy to grasp. And for a long time, I've wondered why

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the concept of Christ be the Son of God, and of Christ being God, for us as Christians, is easy to understand, it's been easy for us to grasp, because we have gotten our knowledge of that concept from the Bible.

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The brother thing, asked me a question, why gun? The concept that Jesus is Son of God, and he's God of the Bible? Why can't the Muslims understand this question? So I'm telling him, I clearly mentioned my question and physician and my talk. Why can the Muslim bygone the Christian understand, I understand the Bible very well. I'm not speaking on behalf of the other Muslim. I've read the Bible. I studied the Bible. Nowhere does the Jesus Christ with the appointment of tools that there is not a single unequivocal statement, not a single unambiguous statement. anywhere in the Bible, where Jesus Christ please be upon him says, I am God of worship. If you, you Brother, can point out

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a single verse from the Bible, where Jesus Christ with be upon him himself says, I am God already says Worship Me. I'm ready to accept Christianity. One was only one.

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But that said, in three places,

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three places where Jesus claimed divinity was my challenge. There is not a single verse in the Bible, where Jesus Christ Himself says, I am God always says Worship Me. He says, Jesus said And my father

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doesn't mean he's God. No

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doesn't mean he's God. No.

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My challenge was, show me a single, unambiguous statement. Not show me a single, unequivocal statement that Jesus Christ Himself says, I am God, evasive worship me. But I gotta see, Jesus said, I and my Father oven. Do you know whether it's in the Bible?

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Do you know where does it say in the Bible?

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No, you do yesterday, you know, you don't know. Do you know the reference or not?

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Do you know the reference that the Bible say? This guy said and my father oven? I could check

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it for you. Do you know now or no Yes or No? I don't know. I'll help you. I'll help you. Help me. Help me. Help me.

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Help me please. Okay. What is quoting is Gospel of John. Gospel of John, chapter number 10. Was Timothy

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he is telling you a verse of the Bible, which he believes and I'm telling him the reference. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank me. Thank you. So who's looking at me, are you you are building something I'm giving you the reference to who's struggling more you owe me? You, you will do more research. Okay, now what is the context for the context of gospel or John chapter 10, verse number 30. We have to read seven verses before you know the brother earlier, he tried to misguided by quoting out of context,

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the brother who came before he was trying to misguide by quoting out of context. Now I will go to the context. The context is Gospel of John Chapter number 10, verse number 23. You can open the Bible and check. I'm going to speak from my mind and check whether I'm thinking I have a Bible in my bag. Okay.

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Help me, Melvin. Please give him the Bible. I'm speaking from my memory.

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For the context, gospel of John, chapter number 10, was number 23. It says, Jesus enters the porch in Solomon's Temple

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was number 24. The Jews, the soldiers, they surround him, and ask him,

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How long does?

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How long does they'll make us doubt? If Tao the Christ LSP Lee, Gospel of John Chapter number 10, was number 2324.

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Gospel of John Chapter 10, Chapter 10, verse number 30, and my father oven. It's too much John is not there John will be in the middle.

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Gospel of John Chapter 10, verse 30, character 100% What about him? 100% 100%.

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Now I will start from verse number 23 seven verses before Jesus enters the Solomon's porch.

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Read Solomon's temple, Jesus enters the porch in Solomon's Temple was number 24. The Jews, the soldiers around him, and asked him, Why don't make us don't endow on the Christ tell us plainly

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was number 25. I told you, but you believe not the work that I do in my father's name, devotees of me was the Madani six, you do not believe me because you're not my sheep was number 27. My followers, they hear me and they follow Me. No man can pluck them out of My hand. Was number 29. My father which is greater than all,

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no man can plug out my father's hand was number 28. No man can pluck them out of My hand was number 29. My father's good as a no, no man can pluck them out of My Father's hand was Timothy I and My Father oven.

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You're talking about vanilla purpose, not one has joined. That means d this guy was talking about the truth. When he's speaking about the truth, the message was the same. If i My father is a doctor, I'm a doctor. And my father oven doesn't mean your joint No. And professionally oven. He's a doctor. He he he's a human being i It doesn't mean I'm a father.

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My father is a doctor. I'm a doctor and my father.

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He's a context. No man can pluck them out of My hand. context context was number 28. No man can pick them out of My hand was number 29. No man can pick that up my father than I

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My father oven. If you see, this one means actually one for argument. Gospel of John Chapter number 17. Was number 21 says, Jesus says, My Father is in Me, I am you. I am in you telling the 12 apostles, if you believe it's one, that should be voting gods, do you open Gospel of John Chapter number 17, verse 20. Did they said my father isn't me I in You, he's telling the 12 apostles, that I'm in you, too they should be voting what my three words.

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But this one doesn't mean one other entity. It means one purpose of God was the same purpose. What Jesus Christ taught was the same purpose. What is the process followed same purpose, there shouldn't be actually 14 gods.

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For this he come to know it doesn't mean one entity with one purpose was number 31. And continuing, was number 31. The Jews they pick up stones to stone Jesus Christ peace be upon him was number 32. Same same Gospel of John Chapter number 10.

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Verse number 32, many of the good works are done Jesus, which is the good word you understood me was number 33 V stone you because you being a man you blaspheme

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the Jews are telling. We want to stone you because you being a man, you want to blaspheme. That means even they misunderstand that he claimed his God, that how you misunderstand. What's the matter before is the clarification.

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In descending your scripture, that if the word comes to the person of God, he's called God's chapter thums, chapter 22, verse number 6/82, Psalm was number six, er gods. So if the Word of God comes to a person, and if you call him God, the Scripture is unbroken.

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That means small g, small God, mean the messenger of God. No problem needs the phonetics. Where does it say one? If you really mean I'm a father of one, then you have to say I father and 12 apostles of all the apostles of God, even Thomas, even Peter, do you believe Thomas says, God? Thomas is good. Thomas is God.

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Because he says, Jesus said, I, Father is in Me, I in you, to the posters, we have one.

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If I'm a father of one is God, there should be 14 gods. I never heard any church, any Christian in my life, saying there are 14 gods. That means this one is one in purpose. And so the first question, nothing anyone

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says, Please don't give a speech.

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I'm giving you a reference. Just listen to my answer.

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I completely agree with all you said. I can't hear you. That microphone. You cannot do this. You can hear

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that microphone you cannot hear different microphone.

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Can you hear me?

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I cannot hear you.

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What are you

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the second reference he gave second base he said, and the way the truth and the life no man cometh in the Father but through me that

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I know he got a thin mess in the Father. He that has seen me as in the father

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reference reference, or the reference reference. You

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never know the reference. He's telling me the verse where Jesus is God, according to him, doesn't know the reference for John chapter number 14, verse number seven, open opening, Chapter wall. Master love John, chapter number 14, verse number seven.

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Right here.

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Now that says I don't know

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Yeah, ah, good. What are the contest? context? Context is go to verse number one.

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Verse number one, gospel of John, chapter number 14, verse number one. If you believe in the Father, believe in me also.

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In my bus number two, in my father's mansion, there are many. In my Father's house, there are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. I go and then you will follow. Then Thomas says you don't know where I go. Then he says, I am the way, the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but through me was number six.

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This is one of the ways the Christian missionaries say Jesus came divinity you didn't say

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The thing, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man committed to the Father but through Me.

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Every messenger, at this time was the way the truth and the life, no man come unto the Father, through Almighty God versus the messenger, at the time of Moses. He was the way the truth and the life, no man came unto God, but through the teachings of Moses, at the time of Jesus, he was the way the truth and the life, no man coming to God, but still the teaching of Jesus. That doesn't mean you become God. And teach I'm a Prophet Muhammad, Prophet, Muhammad is

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no man coming to the Father, but through Prophet moments.

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Again, he says, From now onwards, you know me, and you know him, verse number seven, from today, you know me, and you know him, God. Now, you know him, and you have seen him.

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Get it, right now you know him, and you see it that means, according to the Bible, knowing means seeing

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the benefit, anyone who has seen me has seen the Father in context, knowing means seeing, so if you know me, you know the Father, if you see me in the father,

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then if you know Moses, you know the Father. If you see Moses, you have seen God. If you know Prophet Muhammad, you know, God, if you see Prophet Muhammad, you're seeing God in context. It doesn't make them God.

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The third difference,

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Jesus said, I'm Alpha and Omega. Nobody knowing doesn't the Bible says that Jesus was born in the stable

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in Bethlehem,

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you have the beginning.

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It's a contradiction. I don't know.

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This is Alpha Omega, no beginning knowing he had a meaning in the statement, right or wrong. Right. That means it's false. The Bible is telling you the wrong thing. He's not the beginning in the beginning of knowing that I'm telling you study the Bible, study the Bible, Jeremiah videos, you will come to the truth. Can we have the question please?