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AI: Summary © The Tex-Mex series focuses on anger and offers advice on how to deal with it. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to control one's anger, practicing behavior, and not getting upset. The importance of remembering to avoid getting upset, and the need to train oneself and control one's anger to avoid negative consequences. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of anger and the importance of avoiding one's anger. The speakers also emphasize the need to train oneself and control one's anger to avoid negative consequences.
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The unfollow now one fan of email antenna in a custom emoji with a lot of money I will be coming in later on. I'll be layer show and I've seen Leticia, what do I use my opener that has been a bad headache, and I will have laminated and cut off in the current federal hub, ob shortly solder us and the only one literally signing up. And so this is our third series of virtues, Islamic virtues, Islamic manners, and we're going to alternate between a virtue and advice. So today is actually a vice and virtue together, right. And that's what the title was.

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Vice and virtue Bice, vi C, vice and virtue both at the same time, which for example, when the first CD we started was the first part of this series was actually lying. So lying, of course, is advice. And then last time, we talked about bashfulness humbleness higher, and this was actually a virtue. So today is actually anger, which is both?

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Actually no, it's to when when you say anger, you have to look and this is one of the things that we all have to learn. When you say anger, most of us are actually almost everybody will think anger is a negative thing. And there is it is not 100% this way. That's why that's the that's why the title is vice. Yeah, that's why the title is vice or virtue, because almost everybody think it is a vise, but there is part of it is a virtue actually. Yeah, and this is what we're going to talk about, but mainly is number one, we need to understand what is anger. And then as always, this is 100 lack of gluttony is an Islamic education talk. So we're going to talk about is it number one? Is it in the

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Quran? Is it in my book in yours? Number two, is it in the sooner or was it the rasa risotto serum talked about it? And then we're going to talk about what makes me angry.

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Or before that, what is the good anger? Are they called elbow Mohamoud? Actually, there they are recommended, or the praised worthy anger. So there is a praiseworthy anger. And there is the this pleased or the anger, I must move, which is actually not the opposite, which is the one that we shouldn't have, then we're going to look and says, Why do I get angry? And what should I do?

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That's the main thing. So number one is anger. I want everyone to learn this anger is a natural feeling, or a character a lot within us. It's not something I don't have. Everyone has it. Everyone has it. However, everyone has it. But everybody has a different degree. So some people are extremely angry. And I'm talking about the feeling, not the external. Because you have to differentiate there is a feeling I feel, and then there's something I'm going to act upon. So everybody has this feeling. Everyone no one will tell you I do not get angry is just a little level like some people will get angry one out of 10 and somebody will get feeling 10 out of 10. That's one number two is

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how do we respond? That's that's where we differ. And that's what we can change the feeling, I cannot change it. It's there. Because some of it is recommended, if not, some of them is actually an obligation.

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But me what Allah taught me with roswaal is what was said, I'm taught me what I should work on myself is the response to the not recommended. Anger. So number one, what is anger? How do you define anger? Don't look at the books. How did you find the anger in you? As I said, Everyone has it? Don't tell me I am I don't have an anger that actually people will say there's something wrong here. So what is anger?

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What do you do when you don't? When you don't think absolutely true? When I don't think I'm blind, right? People actually use this in the usual talk. I am not seeing anything in front of me. Okay, what else?

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You got inside. So that's the main thing is number one, I get a feeling in me. And actually, in our modern art, in our daily terminology, we say something is boiling, right? We all says like my blood is boiling. Guess what? This is the definition in the books. It's actually hollyanne with dumb boiling of the blood in the heart. So the first thing is something I feel it's not right away. I'm going to respond. I mean, of course, the time between this is not like hours unless you're really somebody who control your anger. But usually it's the first thing and feeling something I feel it's a boiling, absolutely boiling inside me. And what the reason of this is what it is moving to is to

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get revenge.

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So revenge could be by saying something by doing something by hitting someone

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By breaking something, but the main thing is number one is my blood in my heart is boiling, then it's gonna go like fire. That's exactly how it is like fire will go everywhere in my veins, and then where it goes, it goes to my brain. That's why I cannot see and I cannot think it goes all the way. And they the way they look at it is exactly like when the water boil in a kettle or in a in a container or on a pan in a pan.

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Absolutely, I'm coming Oh yeah, it's all about check mark. It's all about a founder, the negative one. But the positive anger is the other way around, actually the positive anger shaitaan will actually come and talk to you to calm it down. So powerful. So when you look at a boiling water in a container, it is exactly the feeling I feel like when I am getting upset, something starts boiling internally. And then when it gets on the top, you know when you start seeing it, that's it. It's boiling, that's when it moves all over my body and went up to the, to my, to my head. And normally what happens to me?

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Absolutely, why do we get ruined? Absolutely. Because usually usually when we get upset, there's based on the rotation, all my blood vessels get bigger, and all the blood rush in it and especially goes up like now it's boiling. And you see the bubbles on the top of the container on the top of the panel, the kettle. Now I see it on the top of me it looks, it shows on my face, it gets arrived. And usually some people even the I get started SubhanAllah. And then usually, if this is someone who is under me, for example, when my children gets me upset, or it's my friend who gets me upset, this happens to me. But if it's the it's a somebody who I have no control over, let's assume my boss,

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let's assume my parents made me so upset. Usually what happens is the opposite. My face changes and I become yellow and quiet. But it's boiling in there, right? Because simply I don't have the power. I don't have the power I mean usually but some people these days so power have the power. Now it was mentioned in the Koran that's the first thing

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and it was mentioned as the word itself or anger or as most of the time if not almost all of the time except maybe one or two, when it is all talking about the Wrath of Allah Pantheon above the law and when a lost pantalla can

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not only Ally's angry but what will happen that the anger result to the wrath coming from Allah. The only person who Allah described him as being angry in the Quran

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one is saying that you will lose

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more common

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side nimasa fellow masa, masa, kita and masa. So say ina Moosa and then the moon. And this is actually a good example of the recommended or the Praiseworthy

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feeling but not the action and the reconsider and the not great praiseworthy so look I say no Moosa I look aside another no Jonas Jonna Why does say demos I got upset

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right so he came back you know all the story but let's quickly learn it again. So so you know Musa basically, right, he challenged Pharaoh, and then the magician is all became Muslim suddenly, all right away, believed in our last pantalla so these people in front of Pharaoh, they were able to control they were able to believe and express their faith. Right? And our last pantalla as a result, what happened made Pharaoh drunk and he got the victory. And then say now Musa love them with whom with his brother Harun and he went to meet our last pantalla came back What happened? They

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came back these same people whose who were so strong to believe immediately in front of Pharaoh, find them doing what

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worshiping the cow, right worshiping the cow. What happened You're so upset.

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So so he was the feeling is absolutely expected, but the action was not because

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and he threw the tablets the last pantalla gave him so this kind of feeding is the recommended one because why did he get upset the

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Now, you know, it is praiseworthy or it is not. Why would say numsa got upset? Because they disobeyed the law. Now why is he the owners get upset?

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Now, why did say the owners got upset the people, the

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people didn't listen to him? And then what did they do? And he said, teach me one thing I do, and I'll get to john.

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When did I do? And I'll get two gentlemen. And he said, Don't get upset.

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So Pamela, one deed, one deed, teach me and bottom line, one thing that gets me to gentlemen, you totally nailed on that. And also, don't give me too many. And he said, Don't get upset. Or actually, one of the ways you translate a lot of above is not only not to get upset. So actually, the second one is more important is don't act upon your anger. Because as we said, anger is feeling we're gonna feel and even the recommended one, you still want to act upon it. You have to act upon it, according to what pleases Allah is not according to what I like, and I think is right. So three things, give me an advice. He said the same answer. Give me teach me something. I don't give me too many things.

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I learn right away, and he said, Don't get upset. And give me teach me something will get me to agenda. So here you are. This is something for all of us. You want to get to work on your anger,

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work on the anger, law, attorneys don't get anger. And why is that? Basically, that it is part of shaitan anger is fire in the heart. And chiffon is made of fire.

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And he said, there's a saying that he talked to say EDA, Moosa shaitan. And he said, beware, say fountaining synonyms. Beware of getting upset, or have anger, because I play with the angry person, like a child, play with a ball

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supernal law, he said, Don't imagine this, don't get upset, because I play play with the man man meaning man or a woman, meaning a human being who gets upset like a child, play with a ball, what does a child do with a ball, throw it right and left. And the ball has no control. So Panama so law talab law.org. And another Sahabi came and he says, what will also question to us what is auto setup? What will what is the thing that will keep me away from the anger of Allah?

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What is the thing that will keep me away from the anger of Allah and he said, Don't get upset.

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So how long so advice is going to get me to Jenna, is something I need to learn. And the last one is something will protect me from the anger of Allah respond the same way Don't get upset.

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And don't get upset. The answer as I said, one of the meaning is take the means learn the means. That will help you to control the feeling, not the external.

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Remember what we said because anger is feeling I feel and then I act upon. So the more I control the feeling, the easier to control the outside. Because once I am overwhelmed with the feeling, how easy to control,

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very easy, not just a piece of cake.

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Right once you get overwhelmed with it, so the easiest way is for example, and always think of the boiling water right? If you can turn off the stove is much easier than cleaning the mass the boiling water makes right the burns and all the mess it does. So think of it this way so there is when he told him Don't get upset, there's two things he was telling him and of course telling you and me and telling us his take all the means that helps you to control the feeling. And then number two is the things that you will do when the feeling or the feelings will overwhelm you. So what is the things that helps me to not get upset

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This is after this is after number one his work. This comes in at the end but number one they say is he was trying to remind him that cheat yourself good manners. And good manners is number one what which we'll talk about next week is actually forbearance.

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Patient and not patient forbearance. Helen hate me

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I feel it, and I am upset. But I control my feeding and I control external. And I do not retaliate. And I pardon and forgive. And this is what we're going to talk about next week. In short, lovey love Allah give us life. So the first thing I need to start looking at what is the good characters that

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I need to learn to move me to the good to the good art or movie to control? The more generous as amazing when I was studying this,

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the more generous I am the conman I am.

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Generous, especially generous between you and Allah only.

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Generous meaning something I am alone and only Allah knows. Right? If Allah wanted to be exposed, that's a that's a lot as well. But I'm talking about me and myself. You know what I'm saying? You're walking in the street, you're driving, and then someone, someone transgressed over you took your right, and then you know what you just forget. It's okay. Maybe one day I'll do the same. I probably did this before. So, generosity, giving. And pardoning is part of generosity, generosity, giving, forbearance, all these and of course, patient terrain, the more you train myself, and you retrain ourselves on these characters, the less angry I become, I feel, meaning I am more wise if you want

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to use this word, things that use which we see it actually, as we grow older, things that about 1020 years ago, you know, used to get you so upset. Now, you said what do we say, than that? When they're

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like, Oh, it's again, Okay, no problem, then. So the more I train myself, so when I, and basically what I'm trying to say is when I am following, training myself on good deeds, patient, modesty, self respect, humility, generosity, don't harm anyone don't harm anything, this will, indirectly without me knowing call me down,

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call me down, because the challenges is always around us. And challenges is everywhere, it's not gonna change, it's my response will change, and my feelings will change. So that's the first thing he was telling him. And number two, don't get upset is what we all need to work on, is externally.

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Externally, even the good one that we talked about the praise worthy anger, we still should not do it in a way that anger and last pantalla although it is for Allah, and I'll come to this later on. So basically, is this hadith this actually they say it's, it's like the shortest advice, or the shortest thing that's left that Allah slowly sought to some left to us. It's only two words. From all his head, it's only two words, I think this is the shortest ever he said Latin.

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And he said, it's an amazing incentive to all the Muslims to avoid all the negative characters, all the negative characters. And Allah, Allah in the Quran, say it again and again, to help me remember this. Because number one, I need to remember the virtue of not getting upset.

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So what, but I cannot control this, so what I can get, but if I don't get upset, people will think I'm weak. So how do they know this hurt? You know what I'm saying? All these shavon works on remember, he will throw us like a ball. Number one, I need to remember this like few irons in the Quran. It talks about the virtue of controlling your temper. And actually there's two of them, one is unsalted, REM raw, and the other one is sort of shorter in early losses was called the Nina are you? Well, Athena nurse, Allahu hibou mercy, those who control their anger, actually, Calvin is you have it, but you are absolutely controlling it. And that variable is not only anger, anger with with

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the desire to respond with this with the desire to retaliate way of carving the line, those who control it, meaning I feel it, but I do not control and I'll give you a story about in a second. And the other one, he says well, Athena is in sure Allah said well, Athena is Mr. audioboom your fuel and those when they get upset, they forgive

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your film they pardon. I need to remind myself and this is of course it depends where are we? Where is anger in my life. 10 is the worst zero is nothing. If I I I label myself What grade I will give myself

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So if I will give my grade nine or 10 out of 10 I absolutely need to memorize this ayat. And I actually will not only memorize, I'll write it in everywhere.

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Because I need to read it to remind myself. This is going to move me on I control my anger. It will move me from a moussaka to Al Mohsen from this person. Who is Allah conscious to the person who is absolutely good. generous with almost pantile So here you are. Anger, the best incentive or the best advice or Rasul Allah salatu salam gave it to me question comes up Why do I get angry?

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Well this we said this but I'm not when I say why do I get angry? I'm talking about why I feel it but more importantly Why do I act upon it? What makes me upset let's take the youngest one with us.

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So something bothers me like what that's that's a general answer. Because that could be a good anger that's could be not a good anger. What bothers me

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I don't want to put you on the spot I'm sorry.

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I don't know like

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people doing wrong okay.

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She's right yeah.

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Okay, so when we are disrespected why someone say not the nice thing about us whether in front of us or behind us right? What else

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in justice against me. Someone does injustice against me okay.

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So somebody is lying in front of me lying about me or lying in general

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and this is what I was waiting for. Things don't go my way

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that's what I was waiting for this because these are all beauty martial law. Like we have angels in this community. Okay, it's number one is one things doesn't go my way. Why? So what is my way?

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Yeah, so give me give me an example that didn't something didn't go my way and got upset when I

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can just give me an example. So for us to to try to comprehend So here you go. You're expected you're expecting a parcel to come by then they say it will arrive Tuesday and it didn't arrive Tuesday.

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How many of us has had that allow myself a lot of credence and whatever Allah decree will happen versus on and on and on and on.

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Right so this is this is my way in general with life my way

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Come on nothing gets you upset. I'm so I'm, I don't think we need this lecture.

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When we when I am not on time, or when they are not on time.

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Law. Did you get my phone call? I asked this question. So why I am not on time. You know what I mean? It was crowded. I just didn't look at this other time. I got busy. I had so many things to do. And I give million excuses to myself. But one day get late. They did not the streets were empty. And they should have looked at their watch. They should have left early. So Pamela wait on remote off the field. I always say this to myself. Woe to those who are not just in the scale. So when things doesn't go my way one that's actually the main reason is self admiration.

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Self How can they be late? I told them something. Right? How can my son not? How can she respond to me this way? Doesn't she know who I am?

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Self Oh, job self admiration. That's why I told you the more humble iron you are, the more or the less upset and angry I'm going to get so self admiration. joking.

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Too much joking. Get us upset. Why is that? Because without us knowing. We can cross the borders. And I didn't mean I was joking. We all say this. especially young and children playing but it does, right. When someone betray you.

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Betrayal received, she or he stabbed me in the back. A lot.

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Right? And mainly his competition for money. And dunya.

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Competition for dunya and money for life and material things. This is all the on this is what actually all the negative anger. So greed, love of life, of dunya love of money, love of the children. I want to be the best

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If I'm not doing the best, I get very upset. If I come to a gathering and they and they don't greet me, well I get upset. Right? And if everyone is invited, I'm not invited, I get upset. Right? There's a lot of these things, children gets me upset. Actually most of the anger is children, this also needs to be analyzed. Because in this there is the good upset. There is good anger. I needed the anger and there is an anger that is the negative. So let's come to the good anger. What is the good anger is a praiseworthy anger

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right so so number one actually they tell you there is anger which is an obligation you should be upset now should you be don't take it and now you're going to go out and get upset everywhere.

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Should be meeting you have to have the feeling.

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But I'm not talking remember from the from the beginning, we said there is a feeling and there is action and reaction. We're talking about the feeling when should I get upset? should

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absolutely. When there is a public disobedience someone this will be this obey Allah in front of me I see it, whether I see it live or that I see it somewhere, right? When the last panel with Allah is disrespected. Subhana Allah Swati salatu salam is disrespected. When my Deen my religion is being made fun of this, I need to get upset. How do I respond to deepend? Again, who are you? Where are you how much knowledge you have, who's that person, but I should have this feeling I should have this feeling. Number two, recommended anger is discipline.

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When I have children, and I need the child to be disciplined, you'll have sometimes children, especially young, five, and six and seven, they say things, they really don't know what this mean. When they just said it, they heard it somewhere. But they need to be at that point. See the different of you. So they know this is not accepted at all. You know what I'm not talking about spanking or disciplining. I'm talking about some people the look on your faces enough. The child right? Always say, oh, you're not happy with me? And you say, Yep, I'm not, this shouldn't. So that's highly recommended. When you use that feeling is someone have made a mistake, especially

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people who you want to discipline and you know, your anger will bring fruit. And sometimes when we don't get angry at all, that's when people continue to do it.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:50

Right. And actually, there's a line says in the Arabic it's like a famous quote, it says when a sermon m&r so the person who knows that he or she is safe from punishment, they will misbehave

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and punishment, don't think of physical punishment.

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You know, like I'm taking privileges. You're just not smiling. You're you're not greeting you're not as warm as normal. You know what I'm saying all these but you are using them to serve the purpose and the reason you're doing it because that's what please Allah, again, not because of me. Remember the reasons the negative reasons I get upset is about me, I shouldn't you know, because I self admiration or because of money or children or status. This is not I'm talking about when I need to should or highly recommended when there is a mistake and who define the mistake or the misbehavior is one last point on what he told us what he taught us. So it's not because everyone is doing good,

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that means it's right. Or no one is doing it. It means it's wrong. It's sometimes it's absolutely the other way around. So here you go. Roswell is AutoSum. Did he get upset?

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Sometimes Yes, he did. Absolutely. When? I'll give you two examples, right. And this is all in the sun. And then you know what made him that showed on his face? Of course, right? So a man came to him. It was after one of the expedition where he started giving the booties and he gave some way more than the other. Okay. So a man came said it to Abdullah Abdullah showed the companion and he said the meaning of that is This is unfair.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:30

For us what he saw.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:34

Imagine you and me, someone tells me unfair.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:38

What happens to you and your children says this is not fair.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:59

Or Yeah, right. Right. Or let's assume it's one of your anybody, even even your friend, your friend same and looks at you and said this is unfair. makes you uncomfortable. Now. Now remember this. This is our Swati saltos center and he is not taking something for himself. Something about him.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

It's basically just divided it to some people more and then we learn the reason for that. Why? And the man said This is unfair. So in our beloved episode said the Torah, Suarez officer, his face changed. And he said only one thing. He said, Moshe was hurt way more than this.

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it's more Sir, my brother Moosa, he set up was hurt way more than this. Did he respond? Did he say Who do you think you are? Don't you know who I am? Do you think I'm unfair? Do you think I'm not just couldn t or a hisako? Sir. Now when did he get upset and he responded? When so you'd know more had he led the people in JAMA for Russia.

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And he read long. So they came to us what he saw to Sarah and told him era swala people are not coming anymore for jamaa because while Satan Ahmad is reading too long, he called him and he said f a tunnel anti Ahmad, you want to create a fitna?

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See the response? And when do I get upset? These are the two examples. Two examples. When I am personally attacked, when he not to me, he and he saw to us personally he was attacked, no response. No response immediately. He said he remembered of people who and he looking at satana Musa Musa why was was he didn't say well Moosa was the evil was Jews but I am Muhammad Ali said no, it's like most of the way he's saying like most are better than me. And people did worse. So no problem. And when it is related to the religion, and related to the people related to the Salah, listen to what Allah subhanaw taala loves? No, no, but even the way he speaks of a tunnel, and Tamar, you want to create

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an issue, don't create a huge problem.

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When you speak the way

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exactly when you speak. And when you speak, in firm, you know, that's how they teach you here, they always tells you, and for those of you who are in the, in the working places, what do they teach you, they say write emails from but polite.

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That's basically our Dean, I always say to people, this is my religion form. You make your point, that you're polite, and no loud voices or names calling or whatever, whatever. Why. So here you go. So what should I do? Here? I am hamdulillahi Rabbil. I know I know I have it. Now I know sometimes, sometimes see, I said sometimes that sometimes I actually get upset because of me. Right? And sometimes I it shows on me and I act, I say things, I do things. I don't do things that is I regret when I think of it, or when I think about it. Number one is what to do.

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Think of it this way, there's something I'm going to say there's a movement I'm going to do. And then I'm going to walk and do something. Think of it this three things immediately. What should I say?

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Before our job, like I said on Raji, I seek refuge from the cursed shavon devil, why did we say anger is fire. shaitan is from fire and shape on when I have this feeling. Or we have this feeling he overcome me. And what makes shaitan have no power. When I say I will do blemishes on logic when I seek refuge in a lot from the curse devil. So the first thing, it's so easy to say. It's so difficult to say

00:33:48 --> 00:34:07

true or false. I mean, we all know how to build chemistry upon logic. Regardless of what language you speak, we all know it. I seek refuge in Allah from their curse, double, but doesn't come to me. I need to do what remind myself train myself to be lame chanology and there's a hadith of roswaal is Satoshi

00:34:08 --> 00:34:18

Tumen. So these are Sahaba names sitting in his company and one get upset with the other. And one is insulting the other.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:27

And that's one who was getting being insulted. He became so angry and more insult. So back and forth in front of him.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:40

He's sitting there on a site with Sarah Palin law can you imagine right? What did he say? I know a word. If he said it, he will not get upset. I will Who?

00:34:42 --> 00:34:44

I seek refuge in a law from the course.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

I need to remind myself of this and I asked a lot to remind me because one of the tricks of football he makes me forget. So I need to keep reminding myself your law make me make me remember this. Number two

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

We said one of the reasons, the more you know the reason it will come to you, it's easier to remember, we said one of the reasons I get upset most of the time is because I think I am someone. Right. So one of his advices is, is put your cheek on the earth on the ground.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:26

There is a crossover bill autobahn. This is also a visa process, or Swati saw to sit up. And he said,

00:35:27 --> 00:36:01

anger is a fire or a piece of hot coal in the heart of the son of Adam. Don't you look at his eyes, how red they become. And don't you see his cheeks? They are blown and dried. And he said, the best thing to one one heat now, he said for those of you who feel this feeling, feel this feeling. Put your cheek on the earth to underground. Why? Many reasons. Number one

00:36:05 --> 00:36:50

and number two, it reminds me Where did I start where I'm going to end. And number three, that's his advice. So put your specially when you're alone, this is very easy when I'm alone, because a lot of the time we get upset, I mean, you get a text message, and you get very upset, right? Or you're watching something get very upset, you're reading something you're upset, or someone said something they leave, right and then you get very upset. So here we go, this is very easy when you're alone. Just put your your head, your cheek on the earth. Third, so this is doing first one I'm going to see, second I'm going to act act is I'm going to put my feet close to the earth. Or if I'm standing,

00:36:50 --> 00:37:04

I'm going to be sitting and if it didn't work, lie down. And and again, there's a hadith of roswaal as autoselect. And he said, You know all the butthead when one of you got upset, and he was standing, let him sit.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:27

And if it didn't work, the anger is still there. Let him lie down. Again lying down is closer than standing and then sitting to the earth. So this is number two. Number three, which is if we if we can do this number three is amazing. And he also have data for Ross Wallace autosar. Stay quiet.

00:37:29 --> 00:37:40

Stay quiet. That's what he said in order to confirm Yes, good. If you get upset, stay quiet, too. I think this is the best if you can do that. You have self control.

00:37:42 --> 00:38:27

If you can say for example, you're really upset and you know things can happen. I'm not talking about necessarily about myself, your child did something that is displeasing to Allah let's put it this way. May Allah protect the children or someone in front of you that something displeasing to Allah and when you are saying it in a nice way they respond very harsh and you get very upset. If the first thing come from your mouth is all the glamour shot on the rug and nothing else. Then you have followed their the famous advice of Don't get upset. So stay quiet. And if you cannot leave, you know especially the person in front of you go away you cannot control yourself. And you're so

00:38:27 --> 00:38:35

worried that you may say something that displease Allah Subhana Allah just lead and one of this one of the righteous person says

00:38:36 --> 00:38:47

I have never in my life yet Allah one of these people I've never got so upset, let alone I said one thing that I regret when I am not upset.

00:38:48 --> 00:39:19

He said never. Never a righteous person. I just must. Now look at this one. This is beautiful. Sad to say no more of nabbed Raj is with his son. So his son Abdul Malik saw his father you know more of Nablus is the fifth halifa lived for four years only to become the leader. But he was absolutely like just when when you read his, his his biography and when you read the stories and what he said, it's amazing, they call them the fifth halifa so his son at the Malik saw him upset.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:33

And he said, Dad, Father, you, you get upset. Someone who Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him that much knowledge, Grace, religion, all this

00:40:19 --> 00:40:20


00:40:34 --> 00:40:35


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00:42:22 --> 00:42:23

So, Satan.

00:42:24 --> 00:42:37

Omar is with his son so his son saw him upset, angry and he said, Dad, you get upset and you are who you are what Allah gave you to look at the father, he said, don't you get upset?

00:42:39 --> 00:42:42

And of course, it's a grown up man. And he said

00:42:43 --> 00:42:49

what is the benefit of my mouth? If I cannot swallow my anger?

00:42:54 --> 00:42:57

What is the benefit of my mouth? If I cannot swallow my anger,

00:42:58 --> 00:43:47

what is the point of having a mouth if I cannot swallow my anger, so he is looking at the mouth not to swallow food, or to speak is to swallow because Allah said this swallow can swallow it or control it. If my mouth does not, is not big enough to swallow my anger, say no more is a very famous story. Actually, this is one of his, like, when he was a the ruler, he had a modulus or he had like a daily sitting with all the companions, by the big companions. And one of these companions asked him that my uncle wants to come with me. Is that okay? I say no more said, Okay. So the man entered in front of everybody. Say, now, what is the ruler? I always remind myself before anyone, whatever we are,

00:43:47 --> 00:44:03

we're not saying no more. Right? And I told you when or when in front of our sort of our saulius or to Assam. They said how he answered, so you know, more the man entered in front of everybody looked at him and says, in front of everybody says you don't give us enough. And you're not just

00:44:05 --> 00:44:22

you don't rule with justice. So say now more, of course, his face changed. And you know, say no more. So that Sahabi will this is his uncle. He looked at him and says, Yeah, oh, the

00:44:23 --> 00:44:27

ruler, or the, the leader of the believers.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:48

Online, his book. This is how he reminded him number one, because anyone once reminded you of a law as opposed to a law in his book, he told his story. And he saw to us all the laugh, what mobula or Donnell johannine swatted out of and he says, hold the laugh. Take pardon as your character.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:56

Take pardon as your character and enjoying good and stay away from the ignorant. He is ignorant.

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

What do you think say now, Ahmed

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

Nothing done.

00:45:05 --> 00:45:47

So imagine this whatever people do to me I am not Swati sought to ascend. I am not say no more. And these are people attack them publicly in their character. Right. And somebody won't attack me or attack you what is the possibility is to, and I think it's not true, but what's the possibility it is true? there's a good possibility right? And if I am not I don't have this arrogance inside me. And I just thought I said, You know what, maybe they are right with me work on myself. But see now Oman is not just Alfaro v just are Swati santosa. And that's how they answered. Next thing we do so we're going to my mouth will say only one word, how do we love Shakeology and I'm going to try my

00:45:47 --> 00:45:56

best to get quiet or leave the place, and then change my position. And the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to walk to the closest bathroom. And I'm going to do

00:45:57 --> 00:46:12

because we'll do is water. Anger is from shavon. shavon is fire, water, extinguish fire. Easy, do we anybody doesn't know that? How often we do it.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:41

So I need to remind myself, because one of the ways a THON comes to me is when he makes me forget. So I need to remind myself just go to the bathroom, make a will do it is water, it will take time it calms down. And I need to remember this Hadeeth also there's a lot of Heidi's have a lot about about anger, whenever someone swallow his anger. And we're actually he says, No, no,

00:46:43 --> 00:46:50

no act of swallowing for the human being better than swallowing his anger.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:40

So you swallow it, it's bitter, very bitter. Nothing better than swallowing that anger for Allah. And only for Allah. So basically, I can hurt, I can respond, I can see worse, I can actually do things as we say, I'm gonna destroy him, I'm gonna, I can do that. But I'm gonna say I'm not doing anything. Because that's not pleasing to Allah spawn, tada, this is the best thing I can ever do. And also it has to sit down when reminded us and one of the things I have to remember and this is very important, actually, every time I get upset, because someone tries to aggressed against me, or does something that tried to me, I need to remember the following. How many times I have

00:47:40 --> 00:47:42

transgressed against a loss.

00:47:43 --> 00:48:35

I lost law and what he wanted me to do, and not to do, and can he get angry? suparna Yes or no? Yes. Is he capable of doing things? Absolutely. Right? And how forbearance allies at Halle. So every time I remember how ALLAH is forgiving, how Allah subhanho wa Taala can retaliate. I need personally I need as a force to remember this is going to calm me down I'm not going to say How dare she say this about me? And I should answer and how dare you do this with a loss punk dad and he did not do this. So this is one of the things that will absolutely helped me it's a practical things to help me and as I said, the only time I was really sore toes, and this is something we need to work on. Is this

00:48:35 --> 00:49:08

is we don't do is when I see a lot has been disobeyed. So is this obeyed. When I see something that is not pleasing to Allah, I need to talk about it. Now how in which way that depends who are you? But I shouldn't I shouldn't be more upset, feeding an act accordingly. According what pleases Allah is when I see a lobbying, disobeyed or injustice, and it's not injustice against me. What do we do when we see injustice around us? Right and left?

00:49:10 --> 00:49:11

What do we do?

00:49:12 --> 00:49:55

Right? Where does our bra at least to those people, right, where is our what we can do to help. But if someone does injustice to me, I get upset. So I need to remind myself and just to wrap it up, anger is a feeling a lot puts in inside us because if there was no anger in us, there was no higher is going to come. If I am if I don't if I see someone or I see something displeasing to Allah and I don't have a feeling toward it. That's not good. So that's one but the majority of the anger feeling that we have, or it's there, it's actually not the Praiseworthy one. It is because for us and because of us, and it's because of our ego and our desire and what I do what I want, I need to train

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

myself. Is it a trainable? Yes. Is it changeable? Yes.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:50

Can I contain it? Yes. Is it a virtue to contain it? Yes. Will I be rewarded? If I control it? Yes, all these helps me to do. So remember feeling is normal. The action is not normal unless the action is calculated and the result of it will be more benefit than harm. But in general No need to remember what Carbo mineral oil and or Swati salt or sinner, you're always going to end up with this at this draft, along with me as Luca Kareem Ethel hockeyville Adobe Reader, I asked you to say the truth, when I am upset and when I am happy. I see the right thing I see the truth. I say what please Allah, whether I am upset or whether I am happy, whether it is going my way or it's going against

00:50:50 --> 00:51:03

me. I say I'll hop along with me as I look Can you Mattel Huck Finn A lot of you already know Allah grant me the ability to say the truth while in anger or in satisfaction European need to panic alarm all the handy

00:51:05 --> 00:51:16

stuff he will call to work sobre la Allah say Mohammed whether it was hybrida Sleeman kathira and next week we'll do four two is the opposite is sometimes a lecture on

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