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Salam Alaikum peace, and welcome to you to our program, the beauties of Islam. beauties of Islam is a program designed specifically to bring out the beauty and the understanding of what Islam is really all about. My name is Yousef Festus. And for the next few minutes, I want to talk a little bit more about the subject that I've been preaching on. The subject of the beauties that we find in Islam, when we look at it from a different perspective, a human being looks at everything from the human being point of view, you and I are not able to really look at life from the point of view of a blade of grass, or a flower or a tree. We can't really know how a tree is looking at everything. But

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the one who created that tree obviously knows all about it. And who is the creator of everything? And that's what we're talking about. Now we're talking about a law.

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What is it that the Muslims believe about a law? What do we understand about a law, and this is one of the beauties, we understand a lot to be unlike, that's the first thing that we're going to say Allah is unlike, unlike what unlike anything that you're going to be able to describe.

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Because everything that we are aware of is in the creation.

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So if the God is in the creation, that means he's created and the logical question, somebody's going to ask you, well, who created God?

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And then what will be your answer?

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So the Muslim understands this beautiful concept that God is not in the creation, and he is not like the creation, he is outside of his creation, in a manner that best suits him being God.

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One of the things that is a question that comes up a lot, Can God do anything? Well, for the one who believes in a God that will say, Yeah, he's God, he can do anything he wants to do. A human will naturally attribute that to God, because we're not God, there's a lot of things we can't do. And we want God we can have like Superman, he can do anything, you know, is God Superman, sort of.

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But for the Muslim, that doesn't work. Number one, we don't compare God to a man, even Superman. And we don't put God like the creation or in the creation. And then there's another point too, we know that Allah is not having limits, like anything in the creation itself.

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Who is God? What is God. And this is, like I said, one of the most beautiful concepts that you will ever imagine, to first begin with what is not. And this is how he begins. La ilaha illa untersuchen, a conical $2 million mean, a beautiful statement that was said, by one of the prophets, peace and blessings be upon him. And this is that there is none, like a lot to be worshipped, only allow us to be worshipped. Banana glorifies His Majesty, above all things, and says, For sure the wrongdoing is coming from me, a very healthy statement, by the way for a human being to come to this conclusion. God's perfect, and I'm not.

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But when we talk about God's existence, how do we understand this? And how do we, how do we justify what God does and doesn't do? Can God do anything? Actually, the Muslim is going to say, you've tried to compare a lot to his creation, again, what God does and doesn't do. For instance, somebody would say, Well, if God can do anything, could he be a man right away? The Muslim would say, No. Well, could he lie? No. Could he die? No. Could God cheap? No, these are things that, oh, you're saying bad things about God? So these are things he doesn't do? How do you justify that at the same time, you're saying God could do anything? Well, Muslims don't say that. We say Look how low wala

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quwata illa. below. There is no mic, there's no power except the might and the power of the law.

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And we say Allahu Allah Galician kadeer, that this mean that Allah is capable of doing what ever he wills to do.

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There's a but look at this. But Allah never wills to do something that will make him not be who he is. In other words, he would never will to die because he's what he's a high, which means the Eternally alive, which now brings us to another area of beliefs in Islam. And that is that Allah is the epitome of each and every one of his characteristics. This is a beautiful teaching. And it's something you really need to reflect on and think about because the more you think about this, the more you begin to understand a whole new concept, something that maybe you never thought about before.

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Allah says in the Quran lays the commit cliche in Lahore Semyon Bashir,

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the meaning here is he is not like anything.

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And what is this next part? Semyon Bashir means all hearing

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and all seeing. Even this is not like the creation, because the creation, there's nothing in creation that can hear everything or see everything is there.

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There's nothing in creation that has this kind of ability. And why because the law is not in the creation. These are just a few of the things to give you a little tip of the iceberg. Now what I want to do, and want to let you think about what I'm talking about, so that this steeps in, is gonna take a minute for you. So you just let that seep in there for a minute. Take a break, we're gonna come right back, I want to pick up right where I left off, and continue with this beautiful concept in Islam. It's the concept of who God is, and who he isn't. And all of that is going to be right here. So sit tight, we're going to be right back with more beauties that are back and you're

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watching beauties of Islam. And we've been talking about the beauty of the concept of gardens lamb. And we start start out by saying what a lot doesn't do what he isn't. He isn't in his creation. He isn't like his creation, and what does he not do? He doesn't do anything that would make him no longer be who he is. Now he defines himself. This is so interesting, because many people they're searching for God. They want to know who is God, where's God? How do I know? What's my purpose? Why did he create me many questions that we have, but now look what we find in the Quran. It's in chapter two, verse 255, that would be surah Baccarat the chapter called the cow and look it up if

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you like and see the meaning that usually translated be something like this. I give you the Arabic And slowly we'll examine the meaning of it.

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Allahu La Ilaha Illa who have hydrocodone? lotta hudl singer tune wellknown la Houma semi waka Mattila

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de la de PUE into elevated me yo la mama Vayner at him mama have a home when my you he done a BA in min ilma he

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was he could see who smile what they will or will they are older who have the whom or who.

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You cannot translate this to the English language word for word. And really still get this beautiful meaning but we're gonna try anyway. Allah starts out telling you again. Allahu La Ilaha Illa whom he says the law he is the one that there's none other don't worship. He's the only one worthy of any worship.

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Oh, hi. Okay, you have high means the Eternally and always living. I'll tell you that eternally and always self subsisting, it means he can't die, because he's always alive. And he doesn't ever need anything from his creation, because he's totally independent of his creation. He doesn't need anything. These are two very important characteristics. And he is the epitome of those. It's these are eternal and total capacities that only a lot can be ascribed to him.

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And then he continues, and he says in here, that

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all he doesn't get tired. And he doesn't get similar to nwaba now, and he doesn't sleep. These are human attributes. These are creation, things like animals and people, but not a lot. He doesn't get weary, he doesn't fall asleep and look at this. Then he said everything in the universe belongs to him totally and completely. It all belongs to him.

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Then he asked a rhetorical question Who is there that could come between him and his creation, except they have to give him permission to do it anyway.

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And then he says that he has full and total knowledge of the whole entire universe, and you don't have any knowledge. I don't have any knowledge except what he gives us.

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And by the way, he can take it away from us dude, can't he? Then he says that his Kersey extends over the universe. Just Mercy and this Percy is sometimes translated as Chair I'm sitting in a curtsy right now is translated as Chair but actually can be also like a stool. And this tool is in front of our laws Irish is thrown in the same way and same size proportion as a ring thrown into the desert. This is to give you the idea of how huge and amazing is this cursey it's bigger than the whole universe. Universe becomes like a tiny ring.

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The kirsi like a giant desert, then the comparison from Allah Kersey to his throne again. Now suddenly, the kirsi is the tiny ring. And the throne is the giant desert. Now this proportion thing is important because the next part it comes up, and it says the how mighty and how majestic, and how amazing is a loss upon whatever. So this is something, I really invite you to learn about the Arabic language and then learn about this verse, it's called, I have to perceive the verse of the chair, not thrown arches thrown.

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From this, we're able to gain at least an introduction to the understanding of the beauty of the meaning of the word of law,

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the word or law, you know, we could have a whole program just talking about this word Allah. So amazing is this concept. But let us continue with what we were saying earlier, what it is a lot doesn't do. If you said, Could he die? Absolutely. He doesn't do that. Because he is the all alive. That's one of his attributes, his characters, it's one of his 99 names, as we call it, as Muslims.

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And as far as could he lie? Or could he cheat? Well, two of his names are all Hawk, which is absolute truth. He is true. It doesn't mean he's truthful. He is truth. So obviously, it can't be anything as a lie, or anything deceptive. Also, he's ideal, which is meaning totally fair, and just therefore he could never cheat, and he wouldn't.

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And when you start talking about some of the things you did about a law, and you're comparing them to the creation, this will boggle your mind, and it makes people nuts. I'll give you the example. Somebody say cannot do anything, God, can you do anything? And somebody will say, Yeah, why not? Then they'll say, can you make a rock so big that nothing can move it?

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And, sure, why not? You can make a rock so big, nothing can move it. But now you're gonna have a problem?

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Because if he can't move it, that's something you can't do. And how will you answer that? What the Muslim says, Allah doesn't make stuff like humans do. And he doesn't move stuff like humans do. He can make a rock so big that nothing in the creation can ever move it. But for him, everything is by command. He says goon fire, Khun B, and it is, and that's when the rock takes form and shape. When he says, move and moves. And he doesn't move things like you and I are with a fulcrum, and a lever and a mass. And I know, this is something for a law that he does as He wills and he is capable of doing whatever he wills to do. So don't compare it to the creation you don't get in problem like

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that. And don't put him in the creation and you don't run into these problems in concept. Allah is Mighty, and above all that he's created a beautiful concept of beautiful teaching in Islam.

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And for more about that, visit our website, beauties of islam.com and until next time, peace, Salaam Alaikum.

Seventh episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The belief of Muslim about Allah.

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