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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean, while he was so happy Jemaine about the title of our hotbar. Today is hug and Moroccan love of the poor. And we'll begin with the story that I man told the chef directly. He says, I was from a poor family. But he was a very good student, and he graduated high school with honors. So he was able to enter medical school, but his family was poor. So his family, his father made the sacrifice and he sold the land. That was his only source of income, he sold it for the sake of paying his son's tuition. And he says, he graduated from medical school with the highest level of honors. And then they hired him to

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become an instructor at the school. He says, while I was there, I started to always give attention and to draw nearer to the rich, and I never bothered with poor people whatsoever. Even when I got scholarships, I gave it to the rich who are not in need of it, any kind of discount, or give it to the rich, and I never gave anything to the poor. And I always got closer to them and drew nearer to them, and made sure they were in my contacts. And then he says, After that he was able to, after a while, start his own clinic, and the clinic was making good money. He says, Then I married a woman from a rich family. And from that clinic, I opened a second clinic and a third. And he says, I would

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sometimes treat the rich people for free, and not even charge them. But I was very severe with the poor, I would not give them any type of treatment, I would not even allow them and until they have paid the amount in full. I was crosswalk. Shadi, the man for Cara, he says then Allah allowed me to open a hospital and I specified in a specific kind of illness that was that was our specification, and or our specialty. And then he says, and now it still be very severe with the poor, they're never allowed until they pay everything in full. While the rich, I was very gentle and very lenient with them. He says, One day an old man was brought in by his three sons, and they were all poor. And he

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had an advanced stage of that illness. That was our that was our specialty. And I told them that I'm not going to allow him into the operating table, even though he's in desperate need of operation. I will not allow him into the operating table until you pay the amount in full. So the oldest son he said, Isn't that in that case? We have to sell our house. He said I told him I don't care what you have to sell, but he's not going to get any treatment until you pay in full. He said they went and they sold their home for half the price.

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half its value, and then brought me the money. And then I was done, I allowed the Father. And while they were prepping him before the operation, during the prep, he died. So one of my doctors came to me and said, the man died before we even took him into the operating table. And they had a law there, that if you die before the operation, you can get a full refund. But if you die, and on the operating table, you don't get a refund. So I told him, don't tell anyone about this. And we waited about half an hour. So meanwhile, the sons think that they're operating on the Father. And then we came out to them and we lied to them. We told them, your father died on the operating table. So

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besides the fact that they were devastated, now they're homeless, and they sold their home for a cheap price said the oldest son tried to negotiate with me to get some kind of refund. I refused, absolutely refused, wouldn't give him anything.

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Then he swears by Allah, He says Wallahi, just in two days, I got an A pain in the same exact area where the old man had his ailment in the same exact spot exactly in two days. So I wasn't too worried. I had a diagnosed and it's my hospital. And I found out that I had the exact same illness that the old man had. And but we couldn't cure it. No matter what I did, we couldn't cure it. So I had to go overseas. He says, I went to Europe. And it was very expensive there, the living and staying in the hospital. And being a foreigner. He said, I started to sell the cars, and I sold the houses and I sold the clinics. And it got to the point where I even sold the hospital. And my wife

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left me and she took the children and she went away. And he says, well, Allah He they would treat me with the same materialism with the same harshness and crudeness that I used to treat the poor people during my time. And he says, Now, I am living in this small room. That is just some one of them sitting just gave it as a sadhaka. For me to stay in. I have no family, I have no money, and I have no good health.

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There are obviously many lessons to learn from this story. But one thing that clearly stands out is that this person did not love the poor. And even though he was from amongst them in the beginning, but he had no love in his heart for the poor. Contemplate this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated by Muhammad Rahim Allah and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam would say Allahumma inni s o Luca fear a little higher up. Oh Allah, I asked you the ability to perform or to do the good deeds? Why would the Prophet of Allah make a dua like this? Oh Allah give me the ability to do the good deeds. Because the scholars said that if Allah azza wa jal doesn't give you tofield it's

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not going to happen. tofield Hiner meaning If Allah doesn't give you assistance doesn't give you success in completing the good deeds, it won't happen. And that's why they explained, many people know about the virtues, the excellence, the benefits of PM, but they don't get up for camp. Allah didn't give him Tofik they know the virtues of fasting, but they don't fast regularly or getting up for Fudger. And that's why this dua is so important. You're asking Allah subhanaw taala to facilitate to give you assistance to give you success, and completing the good deeds Allahumma in the US, Luca fairland, Herat where Torkel Moon karats and to leave the reprehensible acts, and then

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in the middle of this dua, so the first thing doing good deeds, staying away from reprehensible acts, and then we've been Moroccan will have been Moroccan. So and linguistically, the scholars say hope but Moroccan can mean for me to love the poor, and it also linguistically means for the poor to love me. And either way, that means there's a good relationship between the two. But why this da? Because the scholars mentioned how poor people people naturally turn away from them. People naturally avoid them. You go overseas for Umrah or Hajj and when you see the poor people, sometimes you go a different path or just try to avoid them. They're coming at you and asking and what have

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But the scholar said, if someone loves the poor, then they're naturally going to be someone who pays there's a cop. They're also going to be someone who gives them sadaqa cool, what's the value of loving the poor, if you don't give, you're going to be someone who gives them sadaqa you're going to be someone who has humility, you're not arrogant, you don't see yourself as above those people that you love. You're not someone who's extravagant and wasteful. Someone who would spend $2 million on a vehicle when your heart is connected to the poor and you know how many poor families you can save and help with that money. If you love the poor that softens your heart, if you love the poor, you

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remember the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon you. You don't take them for granted. Because you're always aware

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of the situation of those who are poor. And if you love the poor, even if you don't have money to give to them, you will encourage others to give them and we're going to look at evidence for that in a little bit. Inshallah,

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who is up with that then what is important is to understand who is the poor person in Islam. And in Islam, the poor person is the one who can only afford part of what they need, part of what they need. We tend to think that the poor person can't afford any of what they need no Islamically even if they can afford for some of their expenses, but not the rest, they qualify as a poor person. And wonderful evidence of that is what is in surah Alkaff. Allah azza wa jal says, A must Safina to for can at Lima Kena Yama Luna filled bar. As for the boat, it belonged to poor people. And the way we think what kind of poor person owns a boat, they own the boat, they were able with this boat to get

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part of what they are in need of, but not all of it. And that qualifies them as a poor person. And this is important for us to understand in America, because sometimes you will find someone who's employed, he makes $36,000 a year but he's poor Bob, how are you poor and you make $36,000 a year, he lives with his wife and her two parents and his mother and their six children 36,000 A year is that enough? It's not enough and he qualifies as a poor person. And the message can help them some message workers who helped the poor they don't understand this concept. One was saying a widow came to them. She they asked What's your wrenches, I don't pay rent, we own the house, my husband paid it

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off before he died. So they couldn't understand how she's poor. If she has a house, they said sell the house, but sell the house in a few years now we have her rent problem and her other problems. So she doesn't have to pay rent that's taken care of. She's still poor because her other needs are not taken care of. So the poor person is only the one who can afford part of their what they need and their expenses. And it's also interesting how linguistically we have the miskeen and we have the for clear and there is a subtle difference between the two miskeen and Mysskin. Who Allah the a scanner who owe us cannot will Hajah us cannot will have any scattered who. So this person is poor. And that

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poverty silenced him. So he doesn't ask people either because of weakness or because of is because of feeling dignity and honor. They don't want to lower themselves. They don't ask. So this is a Miskin but the frontier is the one who is in need but he openly asks people for what they need.

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So you can say that Islam is the religion of the poor, it gives them care, it gives them attention, it gives them importance, and it gives them dignity. And because of that it is also attractive to the poor, when Heraclius are hierarchical, when he asked the Prophet when he asked Abu Sufyan, who are the followers of the Prophet, is he followed by the poor or the rich and Abu Sufyan. He responded he is followed by the poor amongst the people.

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Likewise when the nobles of Quraysh they told the prophets are awesome, we will sit with you and listen to you but you have to send the poor people away. If you can hear him Allah says Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verse in Surah Al Kahf was Bernabei circa Allah DNA, the owner of the home beloved dirty will Archie you redo in our church. When they were he was told to send the poor away so that the nobles can sit and learn. Allah Azza told him and keep yourself patient by being with those who call their Lord in the morning and in the evening seeking His pleasure. As for our prophets of Allah Salam himself, he was given the option of being melakukan Rasul Allah, Allah Abdon

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rasool Allah of being a king Melaka Rasul Allah, a king who is a messenger or a poor and a servant of Allah, who is a messenger. Yeah. And he, the scholar said that he would be able to eat one day and he would stay hungry the next day, whereas some prophets were kings and prophets and it like Philemon and like the old Islam and so on and so forth. But the porcelain chose to be Abdun Rasulullah didn't choose to be a king from the importance of taking care of the poor feeding the poor in certain Madatha the people of ill Jana are asking the people of the Hellfire May Allah protect us from that. Masala comfy soccer what puts you what end? Did you hear in soccer? Carlu lamb

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Nicomachean mousseline we will not have those who prayed and then immediately what am Naku not to Emily Miskin and we will not have those who fed the poor and sorted Fajr and sorted my own sorted my own What are you hooked blah blah blah I'm gonna miss skin and so then fajr What to have buena Allah balm and Miskin and it didn't say what a to a moon and miskeen or it did

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Let's say you didn't you don't feed them. The reprimand isn't that you don't feed the poor is that you don't encourage people to feed the poor. That's the reprimand. You understand? Ghana is not saying you didn't feed the poor people, maybe you're not able to feed the poor. It's still your duty to encourage others to feed the poor. That's to what level the poor are important in Islam.

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And Allah subhanaw taala, and certainly my own puts, not feeding the poor, not encouraging people to feed the poor. Between our Atalla you can see will be dean. And then for ilunion Muslim mousseline, Alladhina home Onsala team so home, so those who are neglectful of their prayers in the middle of these two major crimes, Allah Subhana Allah puts those who don't encourage others to feed the poor, that is from the importance of that, and in sortal insaan we will put a Munna Palma Allah hug be miskeen and weigh a team on what a Syrah and they give the food out of hobby to the scholars different about this pronoun hobby. Is it referring to Allah azza wa jal or is it referring to the

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food? And some scholars said they're saying they give food to the poor out of love of Allah azza wa jal, and others said they give love they give food to the poor. Well, they love that food and the only time you love food is when you're in need of it, and you're hungry. So they're saying they're now preferring others they're preferring the poor over themselves and giving them the food while they themselves remain hungry Akula cola hada whilst of Rolla Hello the money welcome Jimmy we're gonna look first off through fire hose will Mr Vereen ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, while he was so happy to hear Jemaine and my bad. So some action items for us, always put the poor on your radar, always put money aside to help out those who are in need. And this masjid, there are many poor people who need help. They come to Sheikh Ibrahim, who is in charge or Imam Sheikh Ibrahim is in charge of that. And a lot of times he says the account is empty. We don't have anything, but we have widows and we have families who have rent and bills and medical medicine they need to buy or medical bills that they have to pay. One of the brothers estimated that just the Muslims in southeast Houston, not the

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Muslims in Houston, just the Muslims in South East Houston, make a billion dollars a year, just in this area $1 billion a year. So if that's the case, we should be able to take care of all the poor people who shouldn't turn anyone aside. So make a note to bring something every now and then just whenever you see Sharon Brahim here, or there's a sadhaka box there. Always make a note to every now and then drop something in it, you can bring a check, or you can bring cash and say, second, Brian, this is just for the poor specifically.

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And we know how things are expensive these days on top of the Allahu Anhu used to say something beautiful, he used to say, either verbatim for us to know either outright on Fifth Avenue. And if you're going to give enrich people, meaning we know that $50 does nothing today, what's the family going to do with $50 if they just accidentally walk into a store, it's disappeared. So if you have $1,000 Give it to one family, or give it to two families 500 Each that they can make a difference with that amount of money. Don't give it to 20 families $50 is what are they gonna do with $50. So that's a nice piece of advice, maybe that 1000 will just get them out of the red zone, maybe that

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1000 will just cover like an area that was you know, damaging to their life. Just that one versus 50 will not make any dent in anything.

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And on top of that from the beauty of Islam is that it's not always money that is needed. Sometimes it's just love. It's just attention, just affection, that the poor or the orphan the orphan might need. And that's why the prophets Allah Salam said, Man Meza rozalia Team Khattab Allahu Allahu be equally shallot in merace Hassan, Jonnie whoever just wipes the head of an orphan because sometimes most likely the orphan is poor, but sometimes the orphan inherited money from his father so it's not a matter of eating and drinking or clothing. But they just lack the the affection they lack the love the lack of the care and the attention. So the problem said if you wipe the head

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Have an orphan, boy or girl. And you do that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. No other reason, Allah subhanaw taala will give you with every hair strand that you touch, Allah will give you a Hassan, a good deed for every Harrison strand that your hand passes over.

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So we find the orphans in particular given

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extra attention. So seek out orphans in the community, the refugees that came from Afghanistan, seek them out, see which families are the ones looking after them, take them out to the park, or to just play some games. And Islam gives even extra attention to the orphan as the verse we mentioned earlier from sortal insaan. Will you pray Mona to Allah hubby Myskina way a team on what a Syrah type? The scholars said the team is already part of the Misaki so why would Allah say the poor and the orphan, the orphan is already from the poor, but they said Allah azza wa jal mentioned them specifically, so that you give them extra attention, even though they're included under the poor. He

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wants to highlight the orphan so you give them extra attention.

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This is the beauty of our religion. This is the care given to the poor and to the orphans. So what is stopping us what is stopping us from doing something like that? We end with exactly the same dua as we began. What is stopping us might be Tofik and that's why the start of the process is so important and so on point Allahumma in Nana's Oh Luca fit a little hierarchy with Oracle monka rot. Allahu manana Oh Luca Farah al Herat what are called Monkey rot, Allah Hama and Nana so Luca, federal, federal Herat water Carmen Carrera, Aloha Maria Anna me, my sister, my own el poll for Tibet Runa Santa Allahumma and then haka Converse Lokomotiva. What are in Alba ball bolted on was

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Dr. Shin Alba

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Allahumma la jolla. duniya akubra Homina. Well, I'm a blogger Elmina whether Elena Remo Sirona for Lahoma Obinim Lucha the Illuminati Rasheeda. You as Sufi? Luca artic where you Duffy? No Ma sciatic Murphy. He'd been my roof while you weren't happy here animal couriers me. Also la Mobarak. Attorney la Alameen wa comida salata, Coomer, hum como la