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AI: Summary © The importance of not taking advantage of opportunities and not giving up on them is discussed, as well as the need for people to show their seriousness in action. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing faith in Islam and not allowing people to be too afraid of negative consequences. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of shiny tools and fear in forgiveness. The importance of showing commitment to Islam and embracing one's past is emphasized.
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Well you know when when you say for the Hello now

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you know when somewhat in the Arabic language, when you make dua, you use the past tense. You say refer Allahu Allah. Refer Allah who was word is past tense. Allah has forgiven you ready for Allah who like so here when he says for the hola na for other the other Hola. This may Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah into him the hellfire and in distance him meaning May Allah subhanho wa Taala me distance from the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa taala. So the Prophet Salam says, I mean, of course, the real estate and say say I mean and he says, I mean, and hadith is a Muslim imam.

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And the hadith is considered an authentic hadith. So that's why it's even more important. Why because when Allah subhanaw taala gives people opportunities,

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and then they don't believe and they, they don't take advantage of it. That's when Allah Subhana Allah that's when the that's when the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala sends prophets and messengers to the towns and they refuse to believe. And then when they ask for a sign,

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and Allah gives them a sign and they still don't believe what happens to those, those towns.

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Allah destroys them. When Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Prophets Salah to the people with the moon,

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they ask the as a mockery. They asked Allah subhana wa to do what to send what

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to send a camel.

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Give us a camel, like from the mountain. And that's an but then Prophet Sana warns them. If Allah does send them send it to you, then you better believe because if you don't, then you're going to be destroyed because then you're given the opportunity you're asking for. And now you still don't believe. And so when Allah Subhana Allah sent them the camel, Allah Subhana Allah ordered them to, you know, take turns and the waterwell the watering waterhole for the camel and for them one day and then when they slaughtered the camel. Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them. So anytime you ask for a sign, and Allah subhanaw taala gives it to you, you still don't believe then the punishment of Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah befalls upon those people. So we ask a llama Boliviana Ramadan. Everybody says, oh yeah Allah allow me to live through the month of Ramadan. Then Allah subhana gives it to you. And you're not to and then Allah Subhana Allah gives you opportunities to be forgiven. You make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala you pray to Allah that you've fast you can give will give you forgiven for man Sama, Ramadan, Iman and wacky saben will fit all the Houma taka dynamism be whoever fast the MATA Ramadan, when the true faith in Allah, seeking the reward from Him alone will have all his previous sins be forgiven for whoever fast, whoever stands up at nighttime. Similarly, for the sake

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of Allah, seeking the reward from Him alone and doing it because of his faith, well of all his previous sins be forgiven for whoever stands up ladies, the father, without all his previous has been forgiven for and every single night, Allah subhanho wa Taala frees people and forgives people, every single day, you have an opportunity. So if you don't take advantage of those opportunities, what happens when you don't take advantage of those opportunities?

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Then they do our profit of the angels, the angel Jibreel the Amin of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam be falls upon those people. Why because you're given the opportunity now. And that's why it's very, very important for us to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter what your situation and how you were before what kind of sins you committed, how bad you were before, how neglectful you were when Ramadan comes Allah Subhana Allah Allah closes the doors of the Hellfire opens the doors of a paradise and Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala has a caller who calls upon this is the first night around on Allah subhanaw taala chi has sent a person to some, you

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know, in the heavens to call someone in the heavens to call and he says yeah, burial fire at will. So the announcement is made an announcement that's the beginning of Ramadan. All those who are seeking to do good come forward. Well, yeah, batteria shot upset those who are looking to do bad stay back

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That's why it's hard. It's incumbent upon us to no matter what we did before, to repent and to return to Allah subhanho wa taala. And so the opportunity is there now, and then I'll share with you a hadith.

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We'll try to benefit from the Hadith, in that, in, in the topic of repentance return to Allah. The hadith is from a visa he didn't further erode the Allahu Anhu and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Can amendment Kana Kabila Qumran Jhulan partiality satin with this Rena NAFSA there was a man from amongst you from amongst those before you

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who killed 99 souls killed 99 people

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for Salah and ultimate fossa at an alarming rate out of the $4 Allah Allah Raha.

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So when he asked for the most knowledgeable person on the face of this earth, and he was shown he was he was guided to a monk and Fatah who and so he went to him. So this month, or this, at Rahab, is someone who has left the dunya and abandoned it and is focused solely on the Afia as someone who devotes himself to the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, but sometimes there are people who devote themselves to the worship of Allah, but they're not very knowledgeable. And they're not very knowledgeable, but they are. And, and so, people think that they are very good and they are very good, but you have to have knowledge also. So he goes to this person.

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And he says, a color in hospitality certain words is enough, sir. And he tells him that he has killed 99 people. For her for her love for her law home in Toba. Does he have anything is he able to repair after killing? 99? Like 99 is a huge number. Right? 99 This is someone's not like, you know, like it's it's not accidental killing it. You know, this guy, this person is a serial murderer. This is like, really bad person. Right? But he has this desire to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala this burning desire to change. And so he comes in, he says, Is there is there an opportunity? Can I make a repent? Can I make Elba? Can I change? Can I return to Allah, Allah accept my repentance? And so

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that man says no, no, 99? Like, no. And so that man, of course, you don't want someone who's killed 99 people you don't want to mess with him.

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It's easy, therefore, for killing for him is nothing. Right? So you know, he gets a he kills him too. So what's the difference if there's no if I can't repent, and maybe make another person. So he kills a man also. And the scholars have used this as an example of the consequences of ignorance. This is what happens when you're ignorant. You put yourself in trouble, you know that you're you're ignorant, but you don't know say you don't know. You know, but when you say things that are sometimes are incorrect, sometimes you face consequences, the face the worst consequence possible for this for his ignorance. For Katella, he said, and he killed him for Carmella Bohemia, and now he

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has killed 100.

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And now but this man, he still has hope. He's still hoping hasn't given up hope. When there must be there must be a chance. There must be an opportunity for masala and

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then again, he asked Who is the most knowledgeable person on the face of this earth? For de la la Rogen in Ireland. And so but he was given he was shown a man. But this time this man is a scholar, this man who has knowledge isn't he isn't just the person who devote them to devote himself to the worship of Allah and doesn't have any knowledge No, for doula radula in Ireland, this is a person who has knowledge. And so he came to him so that man goes to him for a call. And he says to him, he says to that man, flattered me enough sin for her love woman, Toba. He says, he says to me x killed 99 And so is there any opportunity for him to repent? For a fall now? He says yes, of course. Well,

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mayor who lubaina who were Boehner Tober Is there anything that can come between you and Alba? Like there's nothing that can come if you really really want to repent? Then there's the opportunity is always there even if you kill the 100 people. And so, but he says but

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You know this man, right? You can't just say. So he's telling him what Toba is what true repentance is, if you want even 100 100 people, but if you sincere Yeah, it isn't just oh I ask Allah for forgiveness only it has to. It has to be about an anomaly enamel, to do good deeds, and, and to believe and do good deeds. I mean to also have that conviction and say it with your mouth, your tongue and repent to Allah, but also show it in action also. Because if you are truthful, then you will also show it in action. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala every time he says in Allah, Dena Amman, Awami la sala had those who do believe and do righteous deeds, believe in righteous deeds

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always come together. You look in the Quran, Allah doesn't just say believe, over 70 places in the Quran, Allah says believe, uses faith and then righteous deeds. Why? Because if someone really believes, then they act upon it. It's not. It doesn't make sense. Someone who says, you know, I believe I believe that, that prayer, prayer is mandatory, it's obligatory, I believe it's obligatory. And so if that person really believes that it's obligatory, he's going to pray. Right, someone who says, you know, I think I know it's obligatory.

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He believes I believe it's obligatory, but he doesn't pray for 20 or 30 years.

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Like 20 doesn't know that he doesn't really believe this doubts, those doubts, not true belief, doubt in the fact that it's obligatory itself, and anyone who believes that it's not obligatory, or it doubts the obligation of such things. You know, you can be lazy. As I mentioned before, you can be lazy for maybe somebody might be lazy and not pray because they're lazy. But for 20 years, right, you're lazy.

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You're lazy laziness is once in a while now for 20 years straight and lazy for 20 years straight now. It's because you don't really believe. You don't really believe if you really believe you would put it into action also. And so, this man, he says to him, this island the scholars as an pilot, either are because our Cather says, You have to go to this place this land, such in such a land, the in Bihar Nast and Yabu do not Allah, because there there are people who worship Allah subhanho wa taala. Far but well, why wouldn't because there there are people worship Allah. So you know, some towns, there are good people and some areas are not there, people are not good. So he, of course is

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in an area that it's it's very bad. And that's why he went to sort of the caf Prophet, Prophet Musa alayhis salam when he went with our father, he went to a town that were very miser, terrible people, the alpha there and Musa they needed food to eat, nobody would give them anything. No one would host them. No one would end in those days. You know, when you have strangers and they need something, a dish, you give them food, you know, you provide for them. And this gives them something. But they were terrible, right? This town, this is a terrible town. The people there are terrible. And that's why you know and the story of course Musa fixes the fixes the wall. Why? Because if these people

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were to discover they were to fix the wall, and they would dig it up and fix it for them, they would find the treasure and they would take it from the orphans. Because these are terrible people. So some towns, the people are terrible. Some areas it's even if the United States, you have certain cities that are much more dangerous than other cities. And so if you're used to if you're staying in a neighborhood and town if you're growing in certain neighborhoods, you know that the that cycle continues right for your, for the children, and that's why the people who grew up in the ghetto, they don't have the same opportunities as other people because of the environment around them. And

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so he says in Donatella, arnica, they will either go to this other this particular land for in Nebuchadnezzar and yeah, Buddha and Allah five would now go and join them in the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. Where that third year Isla arlec Don't go back to your land. Don't go back to your hometown. Now you can hear that that town. So this is it's not easy, right? Is it easy to live, a place that you grew up with? That you grown up in? That you have people that you that you are comfortable with? People that you know and go to a foreign place of people that you don't need?

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We know that's not easy. But this man to show his seriousness like you know you have, sometimes when you repent, you have to repent, you have to show it in action. With them you Cyril ILM follow homea, Allah moon and they they're not persistent in what they did. And they know. And so if you're repenting to Allah from a sin, then don't put yourself in that situation whether you might commit that sin again. So if you have if you if you're doing things that are haram, for example, and this thing is like, you know, causing problems for you to, you know, making, maybe making you look at haram or do things or haram, maybe erase that account and, or destroy it for some people. You know,

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there's some people in the old days nowadays, you know, have collections of cassette tapes, and, and,

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and CDs and so forth. You know, there's some people who watch music, right. And some people listen to some, some people listen to music, and some people watch, like, movies, and they have all of these collections and so forth.

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And then some people will repent. But then when they repent, they put all of the collection in the base in the basement or in the attic. Right? Like, you know, It's haram, why are you putting it in the attic? Because they're there, they bought the it's expensive, they bought it for, maybe each one of them was like $12 $20 $30. And now they're putting that away, and then thinking maybe, maybe, you know, if if I changed my mind that I had to buy it over again.

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So they always put the sin within reach, right, the sin within reach. So you're giving yourself an opportunity to go back to doing that again. So it's not really sincere. And that's why the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when ALLAH SubhanA, Allah revealed the revelation about the prohibition of hunger, of alcohol and liquor, they smashed all the containers that they use, right? They didn't just pour the wine, they smashed the containers that they used to use for the wine and for the alcohol, because they didn't want to go back to it. Because they were sincere. They were they smashed it, and fall and tumble into who they are you guys is it Are you

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guys done with it? Allah says, and so in the in the in the Companions, entertainer, entertainer, it's over with where it's done. If it's haram, we're not going to touch it again. So they smashed the containers. And so that's why here, this man says to him, that the island says to him, Well, let her read the Arctic. And don't go back to your people. Why? Because you have, you're used to being with those people. And those are bad people. You know, they're not reminding you of Allah subhanaw taala. And if you want to change you can't do you can't be with him again. And so he says, Don't go back for in for letters. Yeah, a lot of the fan

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out and Sue, they are, they are bad people there. And so

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when Takahata either Atlantis for 30

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and he left his town, he leaves his town, fun, hotter either Atlantis fattoria atoll mode, he death comes to him. So he dies, the prophets of Allah Himself

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either had that either either NIS Acharya, he is right in the middle,

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is right in the middle,

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between the land of the good people and the land of the bad people.

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And so Allah subhanho wa taala, of course, sends the angels to take his soul. And those who, you know, the, of course, you know, when the when the angel extracts, the Angel of Death extracts the soul, when we have medical mode. There, there are two types of angels that come with him. That there are angels, either the melodica, Rama, the angels of mercy, are the angel of punishment. So they are the ones who bring it up, bring the soul and take it up to Allah subhanho wa taala. And of course after that, they they send them back down. When a person dies, these angels take the soul up. And so the angels, they have this soul and they're both the angel of the angel of mercy and the angel of

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punishment came. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said for the first time at V Mala Rockman were melodica to Lada. So, the two angels of mercy, the angel of mercy, the angels of mercy, and the angels of punishment, they are there. They're the

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The disputing with each other who should take this man's soul for call it Mala Ekata Rama. So the angel of mercy says the angels says Jah even more villain because we heal Allah. So the angels of Mercy they say that he came,

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he came repenting to Allah and Macmillan be can't be his heart is already like he came repenting and his heart is already returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning he's going to he's he's repented to Allah, and he's leaving already hit the land of the bad people. And, and so he of course, the angel of mercy says, you know, I should take him like, it's my responsibility. And the angel punishment, the angel punishment. We'll call it melodica Tolaga it no lamea I'm gonna hire on top like this man has done no good whatsoever. Not a single goodness hasn't done anything good. And so they don't know what to do. He's in the middle is in the middle? Who should take this man's soul

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for at our home Malecon she saw at the ad me. For Jah, Allahu

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Allah subhana wa send another angel but this angel comes in the form of a man when it comes in the form of man. And he

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did he? He is of course he's there. And the angels are disputing and how this looks. Allah subhanaw knows best. But of course they're all of them are actually angels, just disband came to this angel came in the form of a man. And then so he says, the Summa banal Arbaeen. He said, Why don't you? Why don't you measure the distance between the two towns?

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Why don't you measure for ILA ye humor can adna for who Allah, whoever, whichever land is closer to then it's yours.

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In other words, if he's closer to the land of the good people, that the angel of mercy should take him. But if he's close to the land of the bad people, then the angel or punishment should take him. And so And whereas he though,

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he's right in the middle. And so Allah subhanho wa taala, because he loves those who repent, or return to him, he makes a miracle happen when the angels are measuring, Allah commands the earth, to shrink its distance between that man and the land of the good people. And so when they measure it, they found that he was actually closer, but he was only halfway. So as long as you make your way you're there, even if you don't make it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you inshallah. So just make that commitment, and make that change. And Allah subhanho wa taala, will help you in sha Allah. And so the angel of mercy, then takes him and so.

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So, during, you know, when a person wants to

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repent to Allah Subhana Allah, the lesson we learn here is that you have to be you have to be committed,

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you have to make,

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you have to make sacrifices so that you don't return back to that sin. Again.

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If you are being influenced with that people, sometimes you have to burn bridges, that may lead you to the hellfire.

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You have to burn those bridges. And so it's the end if you're being influenced in a negative way, by some of your friends, then you have to find new friends. So if you have if you have friends,

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that don't remind you of Allah subhanaw taala they'll remind you when you make a mistake,

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don't help you be a better person, then maybe it's time to find new friends and find somebody some people who will help you in sha Allah. And so a person who repents to Allah and returns to Allah, you have to show if you want the Mercy of Allah, it's not just by it's not just by desire only

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those who hope in the Mercy of Allah are the ones who put into action that when they truly hope and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in the Lilina Amara wala Dena hijo Would ya do feasable Allah, Allah Iike your Juna Rahmatullah indeed those who believe and then they make hijra, they migrate and they've strive in the path of Allah, they fight in a path of Allah, Allah Iike the origin

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Gunaratne matter of law, they are the ones who hope for the Mercy of Allah. Right? They are the ones who are doing all of these actions. You don't just hope for the Mercy of Allah you don't do anything. You have to give it your all. When you put your trust in Allah, you have to give it your all. When you hope for the Mercy of Allah. You just don't just ask you have to put it into action also. And ask Allah subhanaw taala and know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is there as long as you're sincere.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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this hadith is from Abby Herrera de la si Muslim in Allah Yabba Soto Yeah, that will be laid the tube and we'll see an Aha. Allah subhanho wa Taala opens his hands out at nighttime to accept the repentance of the people who sin in the daytime. Every night Allah subhanho wa Taala spreads his hands in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala are befitting of Allah subhanho wa Taala they're not like our hands, but there'll be fitting of Allah so Allah subhanho wa Taala spreads his hands at nighttime to accept the repentance and forgive those who sin in the daytime. While you absolutely yeah, there have been

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and he had his he seeks and he opens up his hands and the date day time to accept the repentance of those who repent at nighttime had that Tattler a sham zoom in memory behind until the sunrises from the west. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiving when we no matter what you did what you did before.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to repent and you never lose hope. While at that, wow, well I assume a Rohilla don't lose hope in the comforting Mercy of Allah no matter what your situation is. And no lie so Mira hayleigh Ill calm and Kathy rune. Nobody loses hope in the comforting Mercy of Allah except for disbelievers. Why? Because if you don't, if you think that Allah will not forgive you because your sins are so great, right? You're saying that the Mercy of Allah can encompass your sins. So who are you to say that the Mercy of Allah can encompass your sins.

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No matter what you did before, as long as you do that you didn't die in a state of shipwreck, Allah subhanho wa Taala can't forgive you. Even those whom Allah subhanho wa taala, who harmed the believers, you know, in the in the story of his habit of

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the king, the king gathered all of those who believe in Allah subhana who believed in Allah, and he forced all of them he through all of them. He had his soldiers throw all of them into a pit of fire.

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That's how cruel is that? Because they said La ilaha illallah because they believed in Allah, He dug a trench and he asked Allah for us, all of them. So cruel that he forced all of them to, to go into this the a trench of fire, they dug such a big trench and push the believers in and through the believers. But even then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in Aladdin and fatten menina, Walmart Minette, those who tested the believers, many those who killed the believers, male and female, right? So Mala Mia to Allah then gives him even the chance killing believers, those who say hola, hola, hola. Hola.

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Men and women, you children, and elderly, young and old. Everybody who says Lila and Allah. He kills them. And he kills them not just regular killer kills them in the worst way, the most horrific way possible. When someone is being burned, that's the most horrific where you can't even watch it. You can't even watch when something like that happens. And he's trying to maximize harm and cruelty. And so Allah even then Allah says so Mala Mia Tubu Allah gives them an opportunity even after you did all of that, you know if you're willing to repent, we will accept from you but if you don't follow him either boo jahannam. Well, I'm either al hairier,

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they will have the if they don't, they will have the punishment of the Hellfire. You hadn't them and they will have the punishment of fire. We will fire the fire now this life the fire of the Hereafter. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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gets still gives them an opportunity.

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I'll hustle and bustle you Rahim Allah He said oh Lulu Isla has

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said look at this sin. Look at this sin

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And look, look at these people and also look at the well dude look at the kindness and the mercy of the kindness of Allah subhanho wa taala. Look at the difference in the sin and the kindness of Allah. Pata Lu Alia Fatah, Lu Elia. They kill the Holy Year of Allah subhanho wa taala. The earlier whoo Yeah, Romila Toba.

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Allah caused them to Jehovah. Allahu Akbar. He's killing it's you know, it's it's unimaginable.

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His you know, of course, we're Leela Hellmouth, Allah Allah, if someone kills someone from your family armed them in the worst possible way. And you're still asking them you know, to, to, to be up right now you should punish these guys. Right? But Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is, as always opens the door of mercy for those who want to return to Him. And

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and, in fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us don't ever lose hope. And he warned this is a warning. No matter what you did before don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Gulia everybody Allah Dena Astra who Allah and fusi him

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oh my oh my oh yeah by the La Nina Astra for another alphas in all my servants, who have

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who have

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have transgressed and have wronged themselves. That happened to me Rahmatullah don't lose hope in the conferring mercy don't lose hope. In in the Mercy of Allah. In Allah young Pharaoh the noble Jamia, Allah will forgive all sins in know who who was over for him. He has asked the forgiving, Most Merciful.

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So he forgives all sins even sherek in this life, as long as you don't die in a state of sherek Abdullah nobis Radi Allahu Anhu he said, man I ASR Ebeid Allah He Manitoba to buy the Haida Jaha Kitab Allah, whoever make some anyone lose hope in lose whoever makes the servants of Allah lose hope and Toba, who says that there is no Toba after this verse, Then he has rejected the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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because he has rejected the book of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says Elementor but where am I now where I'm Isla Hamel and salejaw Except for those who repent and believe and do righteous deeds for hola Iike you but dill Allah who say to him has said that they are the ones whom Allah subhanho wa Taala will, will change will replace and will substitute the bad deeds with good deeds, whatever bad deeds that they did before Allah was substituted with good deeds, what can Allah Huva for Rahima and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is our forgiving, most merciful and surely Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves in Allah you have with Toby. Will you heard well, Matakohe hearing Allah loves

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those who repent, and Allah subhanho wa Taala loves those who purify themselves. But you know, sometimes you might see someone somewhat may you know they they're always sinning but Allah still gives them

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Allah stones still gives a mixed of rich they still have money and so forth. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either right Allah Azza wa Jalla Europe they loved

00:33:45--> 00:34:33

my you Haibo minute dunya Allah mercy for a nama who assisted Raj if you see a servant of Allah, either either if you own if you see Allah subhanho wa Taala as continue to provide and give more for this servant, more for this person who loves and gives more of this dunya and the things that he loves of this dunya stokin Even though he's still committed disobeyed, he still disobedient to Allah for a NEMA, who assisted Roger This is don't don't don't think that Allah loves him. Allah subhanho wa Taala is just waiting for the time and Allah so that when he he continues to commit more accidents, more sins, so that when the punishment comes, it will be severe, as severe as it could

00:34:33--> 00:34:44

possibly get. So just sometimes Allah gives you the goodness of this world, but it's because it's not always because Allah loves that person.

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

But sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala takes something away, because he loves that person. Why? Because when you lose money when you go through calamity, you return to Allah. When you have all the riches of the world and you tend to forget

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Last but not Tada. And so that's why Allah subhanaw taala has ever Merciful, but at the same time, he's very strict and punishment, and he gives you He gives you so many opportunities, but you don't know when that last opportunity is. That's why you have to return to Allah and repent to Allah every day immediately. It's not about you don't procrastinate. Because when you procrastinate, and you don't repent to Allah, that one of the main reasons for the people and the Hellfire of being in the Hellfire is because they procrastinate. they procrastinate and the shaytaan likes it when you procrastinate, especially when it comes to doing good deeds. And so that's why we have to be quick.

00:35:45--> 00:36:20

We're Saburo ILA Monferrato mirabito and be quick Satria. Be quick and vie with each other. Be quick to the forgiveness of Allah, meaning repent quickly. And don't wait and repent. Sincerely. Yeah, yeah, hell Athena Armano tubo will Allah that will better NASA, or you believe, repent to Allah with a sincere repentance for tubo it Allahu Jamia, and you helped me noon. And oh, and repent all of you to Allah, all believers,

00:36:22--> 00:36:32

so that you may be successful. And so that's why when we repent Allah to Allah, repentance to Allah subhanho wa Taala is something that is, is mandatory. It's not something that is

00:36:34--> 00:36:34


00:36:36--> 00:36:49

you know, a tsunami or anything like that, because our salvation. You know, the Christians, they say, just believe in Jesus and you will be saved. You can do anything you want. For us. Our salvation is based on

00:36:50--> 00:37:18

a ban on our belief in action, and then moral character. It isn't just, you know, you believe in that's it. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our repentance and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept our deeds or investment and to give us long life and his obedience. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us and keep us

00:37:19--> 00:37:24

and bless us and well in our health and family and our wealth. I mean, who Solomon