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Okay assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh This is move the acid lecturer Department of Business Administration International Open University.

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here we are, do you have

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in here we are to have a joint session?

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Yes, here we are to have a session on business ethics from Islamic perspective. So, we are waiting for a very huge number of students because many participants have requested and have registered themselves. So, we will

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we will wait for them and when some of them joins us, we will inshallah start the video

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for the time being her Mita Shaumyan Begum has sent us a summary kamati and everyone so, while ecommerce Salam Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, who, and it's a pleasure, and you are here on time, and let's wait for a few more and then we will go through the business ethics and the concept of business ethics and Islamic perspective. And now my I would love to hear from you that what do you expect from this session basically. So, if you can just write in a single line, what do you expect at the end of the session and because I will focus on that as well? Please.

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So, we are still waiting and

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because some of the participants are just joining and getting the messages, we are getting the messages that some of the participants are joining. So we will wait for them for a couple of minutes and then we will start as for routine scheduled because

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we have our session at 5pm and 5:30pm Indian time and 1130 or 12pm USD. So we have to take care for that as well.

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Well equals Salam Rahmatullah Muhammad Iqbal. Brother

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hoping you will be fine, and you will enjoy the session of this business ethics?

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Yeah, very good question about from Abu Bakr Shibli

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Salam Alikum, how Islamic ethics can bring success in corporate life. This is the basic theme of today's session, is that how we can go through all the business ethics, what Islam teaches us and how we can be a successful entrepreneur, a successful businessman, a successful employee and a successful employer.

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Today's session, the main theme of today's session is your question and I'm sure Inshallah, you will enjoy the session and just keep yourself with us till end and at the end of the last slide, I am more than 100% sure that you will get your answer still if there might be any confusion, Inshallah, there will not be, but still if there is a question answer session, we will take at the end of the last slide. So, now, I think we have enough audience and we will start with that the business ethics and Islamic perspective. So, let me share my screen that if there is

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screen sharing option and while how to handle business, the Islamic way like our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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has told us so today as well, also like we will have the answers from your question is well, that how to how our profit has taught us how to do the business and then how we're doing it. So the basic question is that what we are doing is right or not now,

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business Bismillah R Rahman R, Rahim rubbished Rafi suddenly were suddenly MBU after the Tamil ehsani Your holy. So, the theme of our the patron of today's topic is that

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We will have almost 20 to 25 slides. And for the first 20 or 25 minutes, I will speed just to tell you that what are the ethics and what business ethics means to us as a Muslim, and what business ethics means to the businessman, as a businessman, as an intrapreneur. And then I will read all the queries from you people, I will ask, the house will be open to all of you that if you have any query, you can just share with you Because currently, our recently I have just went through two questions that were very much interesting and really appreciated that the thinking of both of you. So there should be many questions in the minds of all of you, and I'm here to answer you inshallah.

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Starting with the name of Allah. The topic is business ethics and Islamic perspective. So I'm lecturer in the Department of Business Administration in just an Open University, it's dot g m, the details of courses everything can be

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shared, can be studied at the website, which is already in the logo of this university. So when we talk of the business ethics, today's presentation, I have divided into three basic parts. The first one is the first one is ethics. So I have defined ethics in the next couple of slides, then we have combined the the business world with the ethics, that whether what business ethics basically means and then when we are clear about the business ethics, then what business ethics is relating to Islamic perspective, like what Islam says about business ethics, that's the main point of today's discussion. So starting with the business ethics, basically, that what ethics is, in the next slide,

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we have ethics defined as well, if you can just go through the next slide,

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in the ethics, like what ethics is set of moral principles that distinguish what is right and what is wrong, or you can call it as the branch of knowledge that deals with the moral principle. Now what moral principle when we talk of the morality, Islam strictly

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prohibits some negative things and strictly says that this is right and this is wrong. In Quran and Hadith, we will see the different quotes from the Holy Prophet Israel in the next slides.

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He strongly emphasized on the ethics in every field of life, because as a human being, we have two ways of doing things. One is the right way. And the other is, of course, the wrong way, or the negative one is positive, one has green signal, and the other has red signals. So Islam told us Islam ordered as the Holy Prophet ordered us to do the right things. And doing the right thing is basically what ethics is. That's why it's the set of moral principles. It's not a single principle. It's a set of moral principles. Of course, there are many principles of morality. So all those principles are now combined. And when anybody act on those principles, that is called ethics that he

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is following the ethics that is the basic definitions of Islam of ethics. Now, what it takes in Islam, Islam has so much emphasized on the ethics that it has used several name for this ethics. The first name used for Ethics in Islam is fair, which is goodness, doing goodness to someone doing good deeds, that is hair or giving some pleasure to someone for the benefit of society for the benefit of any individual that is called ethics. The second word used is bearer bearer is an Arabic word, which means right yes Ness, like when you are doing some right things or you are doing some good things to the society, you are doing better. The third word which is used for ethics and Islam is test test

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mean equity, we are doing it that everybody is getting his shares as per his capabilities as per his needs. So this is test. The fourth word which is used for ethics and Islam is other other means equilibrium and justice. And we have so much division in our society and that's because of the injustice in society. The basic things that is lacking in our society in Muslim society especially is the justice because justice is not prevailing. The fifth word used is hug and hug. Hug is also an Arabic word which means truth and right and the last word is Maru. Maru means known and uproot. So in a nutshell, like in this slides what I wanted to deliver and what I wanted to convey to all of

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you that Islam strongly emphasis on ethics, if someone says that I'm I want to follow ethics but in Islam, I do not find any

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Think relating to ethics, he might have very shortage of knowledge as well and shortage of information because Islam has strongly emphasized on ethics with different names and those names have been described in this slides. Similarly, Islam places the highest emphasis on ethical values in honest terms of human life because of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He has said that the truth of the Holy Quran are numerous teachings of the Holy Prophet and here are some quotes because in the first Hadees he said that you are the best people evolved from mankind enjoying what is right or bidding what is wrong and believe in Allah in Quran

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fourth part, in Surah. Al Imran Allah Allah has said that quantum chromatin encourages leanness that Munna will Maru. What and how nadelman Cara Winona Villa biller like you are the best of people evolved for mankind in joining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, what is wrong and believe in Allah. Similarly, the Holy Prophet has said, I have been seen for the purpose of protecting good morals like

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in them Aristo Leotta, me Mama caramel o'clock, I have been sent for the purpose of protecting good morals. So if there were no importance of good morals, or morality in Islam, there might be not even a single if not even a single quote from the Holy Prophet, these are just the short importance of that short form. So once we decided on once we are agreed about the ethics that what ethics is, then we are combining the second word for today's presentation, or today's title is business ethics. Now, what business ethics means to us and what business ethics is, that's why I have given just a single slide to add that business ethics are the same moral principles that guide the way how our business

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behave, how we are doing a business, either we are an intrapreneur of a small scale, or we are intrapreneur of large scale. If you are a businessman in a startup, if you are businessman have a well established venture, we have to take care of the morality, we have to take care of the moral principle. And that moral principle determines an individual's action. Like if someone is a good person, in individual capacity in businessman, he should be a good businessman as well. He should have the capacity of what is doing what is right and forbidding from what is wrong. And test he has the capability to select what is right in the choices for the business and refrain from what is

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wrong in the businesses, what moral ethics are, what are the moral principles, there's already extended details in the next slide. But the main point in this slide is that what business ethics means to us and how to combine those ethics into the business community. In a nutshell, if we have so much moral character, if we have so much moralities moral principles, all those moral principles, if applied to business in any way, either from the startup or an already established business, that would be called as business ethics. Now, we have just concluded the two different titles, like one was ethics, the second was business ethics. And the third one is now Islamic business ethics, which

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is the main theme of this presentation that what business ethics means as Islamic perspective, what business ethics means to the Muslim. So here I have defined the Islamic business ethics is that the practical elements of managing ethics within the organization that a business leader can use, offering the framework of an overall Islamic ethics of model for an organization to adopt, of course, we believe that Islam is a complete code of light, we believe, and it's our Aqeedah as well. So if when we when we say that Islam is a complete code of life, that automatically means that we have all the solution of all the problems of all the actions what we face in our life, right from

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the birth of a child till the date of human being, we should have the solution in their religion. And once we have the solution in their religion, then of course, that is God has complete code of life. That's the part of our human and the part of our EDA, of course, if anybody is wanting to start a business, Islam should have some principles of that Islam should guide the human beings what to do and what not to do. This basic concept of Islamic business ethics and of course, Islam. Islam shows us Islam has already shown us so many principles that these are very good principles, these should be acquired. These principles are profitable, both in this world and then hereafter as well.

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So when all these morality moral characters are combined into business, what Islam teaches Yes, that is called as Islamic business ethics. Now, the Prophet peace be upon him presented in front of us how to be a successful Muslim trader, he had a remarkable record reputation and dealing and you all may know the story of Hazzard

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Khadija, Allahu taala. And when for the first time she searched for a trader and search for a businessman who is trustable, and who is lying to the business, so our Holy Prophet was selected. And that was the very successful Muslim trader that he earned a lot because of his truthfulness because of his so many qualities, and even the enemies in the Makkah and in the whole Arab used to call him Sadek and Amin, and you all know about the Saudi economy and similarly, the hardworking that when you are assigned a task, Islam teaches us to be to work so hard, in completion of the task that we are should be, no, the result is not in our hand, but at least hard working is our in our

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hand, and we should be sincere to that. That's why Islam teaches us to have a fair reading on the business with the customer. And it's ordered that Allah shows mercy to a person who is currently when he sells and when he buys. And when he claims, so three different stages of trading and three different stages of business. The first, the first one is when he sells like, Allah shows mercy to a person who is kindly when he sells when someone wants to sell anything, and he is going and he is sincere to that when he buys. And when he claimed, these three different stages have already shown in the hubbies, that Allah shows a mercy to a person that Almighty shows a mercy, and that who shows

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kindness and these three steps. Now the last part in our presentation, because you all are here, to clarify your views. So I would love to hear from you people much more than what I teach is here. So what are the principle of business ethics in Islam, because to one of the brother and one of the sister has asked two questions in their time, and I'm waiting for more questions as well. But just to let you know about the different principles of business ethics, and basically, there are 12 principles, what I mentioned in these slides, there are so many principles, but 12, are just the Summarized form of those principles that are most useful in business. And that can be termed as

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business ethics, what Islam says to it, I have summarized it in just one slide and then have, we'll have a detailed discussion one by one in all the 12. And after these 12 slides, I will hear from you people. So the first principle is freedom of enterprise. Freedom of enterprise means that everybody is free, what he wants to start an entrepreneurship as an entrepreneurship activity, what he or she wants to start in a country. But with two conditions, everybody is free to start and set up any business with two condition, the first condition if that is allowed as for Sharia, that is the first allowed, if anybody wants to start any business, but Sharia says that no, it's not allowed, then, of

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course, that would be not allowed as per the Sharia principles. So any activity, any intrapreneurship activity, any enterprise that violates the rule of Sharia, there's the top priority, that is not allowed in Islam. And the second is that any enterprise which is forbidden by the government of that country, like there are there are many things which are allowed as perjury or you can say, but government has forbidden it, dealing in debt. So that is also not allowed. So freedom of enterprise means that everybody is free to set up any venture any enterprise and any intrapreneurship activity, which is allowed in Islam and which is allowed by the government. If the

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government is not allowing it that is not allowed in Islam. Islam doesn't allow it that is not allowed in Islam. The second point is read through mutual consent. Like, if there are two people and one person wants to sell something, then of course, the second person should be willing to buy like there's not a compulsion that he should buy it but coercion and which is also called in Arabic ekra. So like Rafi Deen in Quran Allah says like Rafi Deen, so the same Allah ik Raha theBusiness. Like whenever you're doing any transaction, we are shouldn't be any coercion in that everybody is free, everyone has its consent. And if anyone wants to sell, he is free to sell it. If anybody wants to

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buy it, he's free to buy it no compulsion, or that there shouldn't be any compulsion, any coercion that you should sell it on me and you should buy it from me. So the second principle of moral character is read through mutual consent. The third basic principle which is very lacking in this situation, and I'm very frank and very honest with all of you. This third quality of moral ethics is right now in the business sector that is very much lacking but we are hoping and then the revival of Deaf Muslim society that truthfulness in their business transaction because Islam encourages truthfulness and the Prophet peace be upon

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said the truthful merchant is rewarded and rent on the Day of Judgment with profits mantra and pious people.

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Because if a businessman is true and has this quality of truthfulness, he will be rewarded as more tiles with more tiles with pious people and profit and that is actual the successes, the success in this world is art is just temporary, the substance hereafter in their world is much more important to all of us. So a truthfulness in business transaction. The fourth, which is also very much important is the intensity to earn legitimate earning because

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Holy Prophet has said that in in normal Halal obey in Israel Halal abiding were in Al haram AVI or Binomo Moodle mastaba Lai Allah Maha Naka Filomena, Nas, both everything is defined for the human being what is halal and what is haram. So you should earn everything on legitimate earning, like, there are so many things with my brother, but I can't sell it without the permission of him because

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the Quran has said, yeah, you will Latina Amanu lado, Hulu Amala Pobeda, combative,

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or people uomini Momineen, don't take the your brother's assets without his permission through wrong the wrong way because to have some earnings, and this is called the legitimate earning and illegitimate earning. So Islam frequently says and strictly orders to have some legitimate earning on that, because I live what makes you doubt for things that may do not make you doubt the Holy Prophet has said as and clarified as that if you think that this is something like ambiguous and I'm doubting that leave it leaving it is much more better and much more secure than doing it. So, I have shared a couple of hobbies here and already told you that the Quranic verses in the last slide, the

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quality and the morality, moral character is trustworthiness in the business transaction. Whenever as a businessman, when you are doing business trustworthiness is much more important because there are so many things you have to trust it on it, you should be trusted with some qualities believe because the Holy Prophet has said or Allah Allah has said in the Quran, that all up believer do not betray Allah and the messenger not knowingly betray your trust, because trust is the basic things of any business and whenever you betray anyone, you will never be trusted again. That's the basic quality of businessman and if anybody likes this quality, he cannot grow and he might start growing

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but just on temporary basis, not on permanent basis. The sixth quality is the fair treatment with the workers like not importantly you are a worker, there are so many cases you might be employed, you might be imply you might be at any capacity in a in a company, you might be the owner of that company. Now how to deal with that your own workers, just treat them as your family, they are you the family members of you, they are working for your success, they are working for the earning for the appealing of children. So the fair treatment to the working workers is much more important quality, which is also lagging behind there are so many issues due to COVID nineteen's but anyhow,

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this quality is lagging behind. Currently, in our society, especially in the Muslim society. The Holy Prophet has said that the wedge of labor must be fair to him before the street dries up on his body that's very much important code for all of us for today's businessmen and for today's enterpreneur. The seven is not to deal in the prohibited items. Like in we have so many items that is prohibited in Islam like we have wines, different types of wine so Islam prohibited us to deal in the wines to deal in anything that is against the Sharia. That's why the the holy the in the Quran, the Holy Quran, Allah Tala has said that prohibited to you did meet the blood, the flesh of fine and

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that on which name of other than Allah has been mentioned. Similarly the business of the pig that is already prohibited for all of us. So we are not allowed to do such businesses. That means that not to deal in the prohibited item there are so many items there are allowed. So if you are not doing any prohibited items we can do

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the those items that is allowed to us that's why

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the seven quality is not to be in the prohibited items. The eighth one is sale of alcohol and Allah mean uncertainity or risk and speculation. If there is some uncertainty in any transaction, Islam prohibited us not to do it and not to conduct and not to human involved in it. Like anything that

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that is on risk

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can be defined as uncertainty. And in a simple example, if if as an intrapreneur, I am selling some birds and that bird those birds are not in my hands like there are so many birds flying in the air, and I just sell it to Mr. ABC, that those birds that are flying in the air, I'm selling it to you and he accepts it. So anything that is not in my position and that is uncertain whether those birds will be caught by me or not, that is not allowed the sale of the transaction of those

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commodities which is not in my position in which are uncertain that is not allowed as per Islam. Similarly, take our holding of the foodstuff that is strictly prohibited. There are so many people who are just depriving of basic needs, depriving of their they are just dying of the hunger, but still we are holding our foodstuff. Islam strictly prohibited there, because the Holy Prophet has said they in Abu Dhabi, no one holds but the predators the sinners, the sinners only hold the food, otherwise, no one heard. That's the basic orders for us and the basic teachings for us, the 10th. And the third lowest quality, which in my slide is the swearing the custom

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swear means that if anybody wants to sell something, anybody wants to buy something, and he just starts swearing, as per his habit that he or she wants, that his items might be sold much quickly when I swear on it, or I will buy it when I swear and argue about the price of it about the quality of it. And that's very much common in our society as well. That whenever we want to sell something whenever we want to buy something, so we just swear on it upon the quality of it, and upon the price of it, although that is wrong. So the Prophet peace be upon him said that swearing may persuade the customer to purchase the goods but the deal will be deprived of Allah's blessing. And Allah's

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blessing means Baraka. So Baraka will not be there, although your items will be sold, but the baraka in their price items and the price money that you will get that will be deprived. The second last quality is giving short measures. These are basically happening in the small shopkeepers when you are taking or you're purchasing something, you just take when any businessman takes it with a full measure, but when you are just selling it, so you are selling it with sharp measures, and you are just weighing it for your own results. That's a very bad habit and Islam is strictly prohibited as That's why Allah Almighty has repeatedly commanded executives in Weights and Measures. One of the

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words he said that and give full measures. When you measure and wet with a just balanced, there's the best and the best end result in Surah Surah 15 para Allah has given us that to have full measures when you measure and wet with a just balance, there's the best and the best end result. Now the last, which is somehow common in our society is dealing in the stolen goods.

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What stolen goods mean, like when I know as a businessman that these goods are stolen from someone and when you steal something from anyone, the price of that automatically decreases because,

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of course, a thief want to sell it as soon as possible with a much lower price, as he has no idea of what's the actual price of this thing. So dealing in stolen goods when you are 100% sure that these goods are stolen, and some from some owners. So this is not in our capacity and not

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in our ownership not considered in our ownership. So these are prohibited in dealings in that and the Prophet peace be upon him met the person knowingly buying the stolen commodity to a partner is a crime and he said the one who knowingly purchases stolen goods is a partner to the act of sin and the shame and console Amal. He has just the Hadees number is given that anyone who is sure that what am I buying and what am I selling is a stolen thing. So he is considered as a partner to the act of sin and shame. May Allah forbid from all of these bad habits and show us the right path. So this was the last principle of morality and moral character. Now, I would like to hear from you about the

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different questions from you because we have so many questions in that and that's really appreciating. So I'm starting it from the very first question and it Brother Mohammed Abu Bakr Shibley has asked let me share my video if there is audible Yes.

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The first question is Mohammed Abu Bakr Shibley assalam

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on how Islamic ethics can bring success in corporate life? Brother Abu Bakar surely the answer is that, yes, there are more there are 12 directors, I have just summarized it. And once any businessman or any intrapreneur act on those, of course the success, we believe on the teachings of Allah, we believe on the promises of the Holy Prophet and the promises of Almighty Allah. Success will be no more far from us when we follow these ethics and of course, our society needs honest businessman. Our society needs such people who have moral character in there. That's why the corporate life would be a successful life for all the persons all the businessman who just follow

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these character. Now, second question is from Sharmila Begum, how to handle business in Islamic way, like how our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us

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that's already discussed in these two slides in these 25 slides. And you can just note it down you might have noted it down that how Islamic way like our prophets taught us everything has been shared with us. The third question is Hello, salaam from Ferrara Emma, how to resolve the present day ethical dilemmas.

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Now, that's very important question how to resolve the present ethical dilemmas. There are so many issues in our society, and some ethical dilemmas are there in our society. But of course, there are so many solutions to that we believe. I think the 12 characters I have just discussed it with all of you, including myself, if I start working on it right from today, and you start it right from today, right from now, like from this time, just see that how we can change our society. If I'm the only person you are the second all the fellows here like 40 to 50 fellows, we have the 50 people start changing the life, we are also part of the society and ourselves we can bring change in their

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society just by following the Islamic principles. Next question from her rulership. Assalamu alaikum how much the concept of ethics is clearly defined and known as compared to ethics defined in western education? Okay, in western education. Ethics simply says that, when that's a very good question, basically, I appreciate your thought, your thinking and your question.

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And invest in education. When we call ethics. The ethics simply means that doesn't harm the society. So if you are not harming any society, if you are good to the society, you will be called, like ethical person. But regardless of that,

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the Sharia regardless of Islam, regardless of the religion, what teaches us if like I'm giving you an example, if you are just selling wine to a society, to the members of the society and the society, the Western society also needs wines bought wine bottles. So in western education, you will be called as an ethical person and ethical business and because you are not doing harm to any person, but in Islam, you should be you are not considered as ethical businessman, an ethical intrapreneur because you are selling someone you are just promoting anything that is not allowed as per Sharia. So hobby, you have got the basic answer today. Mr. Harun Rashid has

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asked the second question Salam, how can we truly implement the real concept of ethics defined by Islam in a modern justice system? So starting from our own self, there's the basic concept and there's the basic idea of how to change your society if I am changed. So that automatically means one person in my society has changed if you are changed from right now one word, the second percentage change and then the third one and then the fourth. So we can bring the change from or inside and then to the society. That's the basic key use of children he has asked, I want to know about Halal trading in stock market, that is out of the context of that, but Mr. Yusuf Chowdhury,

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there is game a 30 index and in which the Sharia compliant companies are listed and you can invest in that otherwise, there are so many options in stock markets will we can have separate session on that. Mr. Harun Rashid has asked the third question is the consent salah is the consent bound in every circumstance? And is there any exception? Yes, consent is bound in every circumstance except the minor when you are dealing with a minor person. So the consent of minor is not compulsion. The concept of his guardian is compulsion like consent you have to take the consent from The Guardian because minor is not so much understandable and doesn't know about it.

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aesthetics. The second the fourth question by Harun is is the absence of Baraka due to lack of trust? No, not only due to lack of trust, it's the swiftness the custom. Because when you are just betraying, inside the business, the Holy Prophet has said that your thing will be sold, you will buy it much quickly. In fact, there will be no Baraka in there. So, there are not only a lack of trust, but so many things, all the moral principles, if any one of the 12 moral principles are there, there will be no Baraka in there. The next question from Harun is what's the difference between fair and equal fair is that anyone

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received his share as per his capability and equal means that everyone should receive equal shares like beer or division. Now of her there are $100 and in $100, every person received venti $20 That is equal distribution. And fair distribution would be that if a manager is just managing the whole system and the whole team, he should give 50 He should be awarded as $50. And the rest of the employees should be awarded according to the your work and they are important. So their credibility, there's the basic difference in their next question is, what's the difference between no Shamita Sharmila Begum? What about online businesses? They're printing right now sellers and buyers do not

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face each other. So the mutual consent is still vague. And this situation considered a good transaction? Islam? Very good question. Yes. If there are online, a team, online seller and online buyer, the acceptance either verbal, either through email, or that would be considered as the consent of both the seller and the buyer. So mutual consent doesn't mean that face to face and they should know each other and they should face each other physically. Just passing through social media, through YouTube through Facebook, that's enough for them.

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Next question is, is act of God included in itself?

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In what act of God in what so that's a bit confused. So if you are clear about that, you can just clear the call like if businesses are online, there also can be shared consent. Yes, that that can be shared that I already discussed does the swear means I sell this for Allah sake. And the buyer replied, I bought from you for Allah sake. No, that doesn't mean swear mean that

00:37:31--> 00:37:41

I am selling and I swear to Allah, that I bought it on $20. And actually, it wasn't bought on 2012. It was bought on $15. That's that's wearing.

00:37:42--> 00:38:27

The next is you mentioned that if a certain business is not acceptable in country and allowed in Islam, we cannot do the business, please extend it again. Okay. Islam also teaches us to follow the government instructions of any country. So that's why we have to follow the government instructions. Yes. Well, as per Sharia, many things are allowed, like, in case of the block businesses allowed in Islam, if anybody wants to sell or start the business or plots. But if you want to smuggle death plots through illegal way from one country to another, then that is not allowed. As per government rule, you cannot do smuggling on border without the permission of the government. Just bring it to

00:38:27--> 00:39:10

legal way and then start business that is allowed, both through government sector and both in the Sharia whether it's what I mean to say that okay, for our Mr. Hassan said they asked that is there any ethical and decision making model which Muslims can implement to deserve the dilemmas? Yes, there is a model. And the model is that so many creators in the Sahaba Karim a era of polarfire machine, we can just follow any one of that model, we have the same model right from the 1400 years before and we should follow that to have the positive image of Islam and to have the good society as for Islam teaches us Okay, the next question is, can we have business partners who are non Muslims?

00:39:10--> 00:39:29

Yes, we can help because they've already done in the earlier of Islam because Islam was not so pretty well so so many partners we have in our booth there that's a habit Graham had in their business in the start and then when the Muslims community prevails and the Muslims got in huge numbers then the partnership just

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

was Why did but now it's allowed if you have any partner in Islam, as a non Muslim, that is allowed the business is totally allowed unless and until the commodity is allowed as for Sharia next question is what about buying goods from non Muslims? Yes, what we live in multiracial countries and there is no option for them. That's totally right. If the actually if the commodity and if the good is allowed as for Islam, if you are buying anything like wine from the non Muslim so that is not allowed but if you are buying cloth you are buying food from

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

than the non Muslim the food that is allowed as per Sharia index totally fine. Okay use of Turkey has asked is investing in insurance company Halal No, that is not okay.

00:40:11--> 00:40:18

The nasira niqab has asked, Is it permissible to sell lots of things on which pictures are made

00:40:20--> 00:40:29

pictures are mad if the full body pictures are mad like a human being that clearly indicates it's he or she or it's a human being then

00:40:30--> 00:40:42

Islam prohibited that but if just a cartoon type is that then that is allowed. The next question is saya Manawa routine is there any Muslim organization who can immerse just to start a business?

00:40:43--> 00:41:30

No, for the current time, like, there is no such Muslim organization but investing, you can start investing from your own pocket like it's not necessarily you should have $100,000 You can start from $100 You can start from one $50 the minor business you can start and then you can see the baraka by following these all the 12 principles that is already shared with you and that is already taught to all of you. So, just go through that and we are we are done with the person answers. So, if you have any question or anyone, we have more than we have just 10 minutes left in the session, I will be waiting for the next question. If there is otherwise if there is no question, we will leave the

00:41:30--> 00:41:37

session and we will end but as there is no question. So these 12 principles are explained here. And

00:41:38--> 00:41:51

okay. jacala But I need one, so Astra Fatma What do you need one? Can we have business partners as non Muslim? Yes, I need one you can have non Muslim as a partner. Okay.

00:41:52--> 00:42:16

This platform is from Islamic internet International Open University, then there are just a few days left in the admissions in the Business Administration department and we can have as I'm teaching the business ethics subject, so we can have very fruitful discussion in debt once you get admission and debt and I I'm strongly recommending it not because that

00:42:18--> 00:42:23

university is paying me but the subject is very much interesting and there are so many subjects in there.

00:42:24--> 00:42:38

Okay, use of God has requested for a video about Halal praying in stocks, I will share it with you. And because I have done a session on stock market investment just a couple of weeks before so I will share it with you.

00:42:39--> 00:42:49

After this session inshallah. Salman Hassan has said that I have two shirts, which have tiger unsure, what can I do with them? You can just read

00:42:51--> 00:43:13

past something on the first portion of the tigers, and the rest will be fine of that. Like you can even omit the face. The rest of the body is fine, but the face is not allowed to be printed in it. Okay, what about skulls on the shirt? Can we use it? skulls are something like different orlimar. And different scholars have different opinions.

00:43:15--> 00:43:57

I think it's not preferred to use such thing. If you have some good pictures, if you have some good things on T shirts on your cloths, why not to use that instead of using skulls? Actually, it defines the personality as well to be very sorry with that. Okay. What about agriculture that uses chemical product is fertilizer and after harvesting, they sell it the right way according to Islam, yes, if if the product is halal, then that is totally fine. And if that is fruitful to the society that is not harmful to the society not harmful to the human being, then that would be called as ethically correct as well. So that is allowed. And the doctrine of necessity is truly misunderstood in Islam,

00:43:57--> 00:44:39

how it can deal with I think self study, we have left our study of Islam. We have just given everything every authority to a group of people who are just responsible for understanding Islam for breaching Islam. Why are we not doing it for a second? So that's the main reason Mr. Harun for IMF has asked I'm asking about a flowchart or a step by step model for this decision making Yes, there are there are different models. There are different research papers on that you can search it on Google, but all the details can be taught to you all a few can be discussed with all of you in this course, which is called Business Ethics and business ethics is a full fledged semester course that

00:44:39--> 00:44:42

is taught in the International Open University in BBA

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

Department of Business Administration, and there are so many confusions in everyone's mind and inshallah after studying this course, you will be able to to clarify all your queries and you will be able to start a business Inshallah, according to

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

The morality if you have business skills and business skills, according to the moral principles of Islam, and yeah, so there are a few days left and

00:45:11--> 00:45:49

okay, just want to find a solution for them I understand that I cannot use them during class to give them to the Muslims as well. Yeah, you're free to do that whatever you want to do. But my point is that just few days left in the admissions and we are about to close the admissions and we are about to end our session as well. So everybody is invited to to just take this course and you will inshallah find it very interesting, very fruitful. You can share your questions with me then live, we will have a live sessions as well. And of course, the last question I will take is the imaginary T shirts, I will change their images as you have suggested Inshallah, that's very good. Thank you so

00:45:49--> 00:46:07

much. So it was nice talking to you, and it's a pleasure. I will share my experience with you in the whole semester inshallah. And may Allah bless you. Let's go through the last slide, and then I will,

00:46:08--> 00:46:21

I will Inshallah, finish and leave the session. I pray for all of you, and hope to have a good future ahead, inshallah. stablished and these are Camilla O'Hara, nice to be with all of you