Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #04 How to get the Rahmah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of obtaining a name for Jana, gaining a culture in a specific region, and obtaining a culture in a specific culture is emphasized. The loss of a woman due to a culture shock in France led to her passing and eventually losing everything. The difficulty of working from home during the pandemic is also highlighted, and the importance of reading the Quran in understanding the deens and its negative consequences is emphasized. Prayer is crucial in achieving Islam's goal of the realm, and the tour of a house is discussed as a source of mercy and mercy water.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda mon fauna and finally my alum Tana was Illman Al Hamdulillah. Hamid ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge and ask Allah subhanaw taala put Barack in this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kumu McFerrin la come, get up all your sins are forgiven and era but I mean

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15 minutes start counting Smilla

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as we started the hamdulillah discussion about the names of Allah azza wa jal,

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and we, the week before that, we started with the best of names, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah subhanho wa taala, like we said, Before, it is on some of the automated it is a smaller one of them, the one that if he is asked by, he will be answered, and this name, this name, it was never prescribed by Rasulillah salam to repeat it by itself. Allah, Allah Allah, it was always said, either Subhan Allah or Al Hamdulillah or Allahu Akbar, Allahu La Quwata illa Allah, but we do not see any Hadith that says if you repeat that name by itself, that's a form of a Buddha that any of the Sahaba has done over a Salah Salem has done and then we move to a name a Rahman Al Rahim, Aruna and Rahim and we

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explain the difference between men and the Rahim we say that Rahman is the one who is full of Rama and Rahim is the one who gives the Ratna and we reached the week before of how can we knowing listen carefully, knowing that this is the only way to Jana is the ram of Allah azza wa jal so we started discussing last week how to gain that Rama how to attain that Rama. Can you imagine if somebody tells you this route, is the only way the only way to go to Houston that's the only route you're not going to take this route or that route. So Rama by the best man ever created the Mercy of Allah is the only the only way to get to Jana.

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So how do we attain that Rama? We mentioned last week one which is

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what was the one that you mentioned last week how to get the Rama

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Excellent. Be merciful to others. Leia Han Allah, Min Leia happiness, Allah will not have mercy on the person who has not has no mercy on others.

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She remembered the Origin of Evil Allah. He had mentioned the beautiful story about Rama.

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He said

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there was a woman 93 years old, that lives in France in Paris, France.

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93 years old, very, very old lady.

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And she lives in the

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first floor and she has to go up the stairs to get to her apartment.

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And she had nobody except the son that his ark does not even ask about her does not even check up on her nothing.

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And she had a Muslim. You know, a lot of our Moroccan brothers. They live in France.

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So the Muslim, Moroccan Muslim, her neighbor, this young man, every time she's going down carrying something he carries with her, and every time she comes back, she needs help. He helps her Subhanallah so he's he does that all the time. So she one time she asked him

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Is anyone paying you to do this? She thought maybe my son felt guilty. He's not doing this. So he hired somebody. Why don't you do this job for me.

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So the brother said what was the brother say? Yes.

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The brothers said yes. So she's not as cool. And he did not say anything.

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So there is one by

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and she looks like she probably her son woke up maybe Mother's Day, gave her a call.

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And she told him, thank you for the brother, you hired the person you hired to take care of me and helped me and this and that. He said, What?

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I never hired anybody. So next day, she saw him carrying her stuff and helping her. She said, you mentioned that someone

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is paying you

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or asked you to do this for me and he's rewarding. You said yes. I said, Who's that? Because I asked my son, it's not him, said Allah.

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My Lord, my God. He ordered me to take care to have Rama

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or my neighbor, and

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you are my neighbor. And you're an old person also. So you got double.

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So she said, I would like to know more about this Allah.

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Long story short, he started telling her about Allah.

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And then 93 years old.

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And keep in mind, why am I mentioning the story? Because about drama about the mercy.

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She said, I'm ready.

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He took her to the closest

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center Islamic center.

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It was also time, she took her shahada at the time.

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A short time she passed away.

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At Asia, she passed away.

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Her son found out

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he came. He wants to bury her with the Christians and the non Muslims. And the brothers from the Masjid. You know how excited we are when somebody took shahada? How about somebody take shahada and God will be very excited. No way this woman will be buried after 93 years, she must have done something for Allah to grant her this gift at the last moment.

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So the sunset No, no, we have to bury her with the non Muslims with the Christians. The Muslims had no she took shahada today.

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The son doesn't really care. He said, are you insisting they said yes. Subhanallah he sold his mother. He said give me 5000 Euro

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give me 5000 Euro so the brother narrating the story, he said immediately like just like I'm sitting right now. Brothers. This this immediately the fight as it was five minutes. collected. Here you go yucky, leave us alone. And they took the woman and they buried her washed her prey Janessa and her and burrito.

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So the brother said

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there's no way this woman even though 93 And she was not a Muslim. She must have done something to get this beautiful gift. 93 years of coverage 93 years of disbelief.

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So when he asked and this is the moral of the story, because we're talking who whoever gives mercy will get mercy and whoever does not give mercy will not get the mercy. Because this is obviously only and he cannot explain it except this at the mercy of Allah azza wa jal for someone to believe at this age and die as a muslim. So mercy from Allah.

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So the brother went and asked, What was when she was when she used to work what, what she used to do.

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They told him, she used to be a nurse.

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She used to be a nurse, and she was the most beloved nurse in the hospital.

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So caring, so loving, so merciful, and Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, whatever, as long as a human being, she gives the utmost care as if it's one of her children or one of her relatives.

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That mercy that she kept on giving all her life, paid back at the last moment with the best gift ever.

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The best gift ever. So yeah, one.

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Be merciful to your parents, be merciful to your spouse, be merciful to your non Muslim neighbors, be merciful to the animals. This is all these are all orders from the salah Salem to be merciful to all these that I just mentioned, it's an order.

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So, the first way to get Rama is to give Rama

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is to have mercy on people forgive and forget.

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Second, so you will not stay in the same one from last week. Second is

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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we're known as zero Nene and Nima who was she?

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Were our

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Not only meaning when I as he don't worry me you know, fossa

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Allah said we really we reveal this Quran which is she fat cure and mercy to the believers and it will only add the nonbelievers loss

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so this could earn one if I approach it in the right manner it will be a source of mercy to me. Now we'll handle a lot of daleney in the month of Ramadan just finished and by the way

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have only four days of shall well for the people who did not finish the six. There are only four days tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So if you did not finish your six and you give me two already, hurry up we get four in a row.

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You have two left anyway I'm just telling you Friday is supposedly the last day of of Chawan so in Ramadan handler behind me in listening to Quran reading Quran memorizing Quran we were very active with the Quran. This Quran, Rama,

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I want to Rama I read the Quran, I memorize the Quran, I understand the Quran and I apply the Quran in order to get that right now when Allah when our relationship with the Quran should be honored like I always mentioned I mentioned this many times on a regular basis on a steady basis.

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Whatever you can handle, but do not Yeah.

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Yeah from being not only tell her do her

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Or suppose I said I would say on the Day of Judgment, Allah my people have neglected the Quran have deserted the Quran. The automat said one of the way that he deserved the Quran is not to touch it for a long time. So whatever you can handle the icon of Allah, you will see the baraka. You will see the burqa in your life you see Baraka in your time, don't think because you dedicated half an hour to the Quran, you lost half an hour that half an hour Allah it could be words, another two three hours, whatever you can handle the page two pages, but to leave the Quran a day without reading or two days without reading. Some people leave it for a month or so, no, no no no, whatever you can,

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whatever you can page to half issues, but do not ever desert and you will see the baraka in your time and Rama and especially if you start making an intention that you want to understand this book. You know, I heard yesterday something very beautiful

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routinely Rotimi mo Allah

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mo Tamia and Mujahid Allah Island and Muhaddith alpha k he is expert in almost every as a science of the of the deen

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and he was when he went to jail. They said you know, we all know the famous statement when he went to jail said that they jailing me my jail is a vacation because my Quran is in my heart my deen is my agenda is in my heart, whether Jeremy What do I care? Anyway, the statement I want to say he said before he dies, he said because in jail he was you know, reading the Quran and reciting the Quran constantly. He said, I wish I dedicated and he cried and he said I wish I dedicated all my life to the Quran.

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He said I wish I did not waste my time and anything else except understanding and reading this book Subhan Allah and he was in person that you know, had

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in many, many other fields. And he said, This is it. This is the best time ever. So yeah, one please dedicate some parts of your day before you sleep anytime before between pleasure and shadow, which is the best time dedicate whatever you can to read the Quran.

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A practical way

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to get the realm of Allah

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by Rasul Allah says Allah

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Rahim Allah whom ray in Salah Kubla last three herba

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Allah will have mercy, we'll be looking how to get the Mercy right? Allah will have mercy on the person who pray for him before us.

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Before us, we all know that there is no sunnah Qaeda before us, right? And there's nothing after us. We all know that. We all know that the market there are two before fetcher for before the whole, two after the whole 24682 After Maghrib and two after Asia. This is the Hadith says whomsoever pray 12 Every day, Allah build them a house and Jana and unmastered these are the 12 then you want to pray enough and as much as you can, as much as you want no problem. But these are the Monica here. The hadith said Rahim Allah whom reign Allah who would have Rama on that person who you

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Rasul Allah who prays for Raka? Before Sabbath Lhasa. So if you come to the masjid, let's say our service at 630 Now, you came at 615 for Raka.

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Two and two, you want to put them together, whatever, but at least if you constantly do this as a habit in sha Allah or not constantly as a matter of fact because constantly that means you're you're saying it's marker, if you do it sometimes and you skip it sometimes you will get this Azure because you are doing it only because of Salah salem said

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you will get the Rama

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Rahim Allah whom ray in calm in a line for a soldier.

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This we all can do for the married brothers and married sisters. Allah will have mercy on the person who get up in the middle of the night and wake up his wife to pray tahajjud

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and Allah the Hadith continues. And Allah would have mercy on the woman who get up to pray in the middle of the night. And she wakes up her husband to pray to her.

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And at the end of the Hadith, he said Salam Salam even if she has to sprinkle some some more now watch the sisters tomorrow with the hos

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Hamdulillah we got a hadith that you will all apply

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with Bucky to know existed just a sprinkle similarly for the brother just a sprinkle of water to wake her up.

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Subhanallah Can you imagine how beautiful is that house? Can you imagine? How beautiful is that home? That the husband is waking up his wife not to prepare herself for a party or something? He's He's telling her to get up and pray to recap

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of the hijab yeah when we are not waking up our our spouses for Fajr

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for federal we not waking up our spouses sometimes the sister or haram he came very late let him rest it's okay when he wakes up he prefers no yes no no we came up we came up we came up so you can rest the Acura

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so we have one wake up each other for somebody might say their shift the other day you are telling us that you're supposed to pray pIane without even letting your wife know so you can be a secret a divider between you and Allah. So now you're telling us wake up my wife. How can we reconcile between both?

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How can we reconcile between both?

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Wake up Habibi, pray few records then we cannot

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write. She doesn't have to see you. You've been praying. Just pretend that you just woke up, wake her up. And then you know, maybe you've been up for an hour or two. So you pretend you just woke up and those those few records were secret between you and Allah azza wa jal, and then you woke up your wife because you love her, because you care about because you want to have run on her. And because Rahim Allah whom written because you want both three mentioned that house is is showered by the mercy of Allah azza wa jal because whosoever wake up his wife or the wife wake up her husband 4pm You think this family will neglect the frog? No way,

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no way.

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So that Allah will descend upon that that home and ask Allah subhanaw taala 50 minutes are up and ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill all our homes with love and mercy and ask Allah subhanaw taala to put my word there between us and our spouses, and ask Allah subhanaw taala to shower us with the Mercy just like He promised us almost I Salam that whosoever attend a gathering in the house of Allah will be showered by the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, Xochimilco, welcome multicom we'll continue with a few more how to get the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal Subhana Colombo? MashAllah Illa Hilda and stuff Heruka on a tour

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