Omar Suleiman – Deeper Into Dhikr #05 The Meaning Of Astaghfirullah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness in Islam is emphasized, including clinging to promises and following the master of forgiveness. Forgiveness is also crucial for gaining original path and avoiding stains. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, including following the church's values and following the Prophet sallama Alayhi wa sallam. Forgiveness is also crucial for achieving clarity in a relationship, especially for those seeking forgiveness.
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There's a narration that three different people came to me Mom hustle and bustle Rahim Allah. And all three of them had different complaints. One of them said, oh Imam, we're suffering from poverty. The other one said, Oh, Imam we're suffering from drought. The other one said, Oh, Imam we're trying to have children and to all three of those people an imam has an embassy Rahim Allah said say a stuffy Rolla say a stuff that Allah say a Stafford Allah say I seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And when his students asked him, Why is it that you said to all three people say a stuff that Allah He said because if you look at the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says about no hurry his Salam so

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cool to steal Pharaoh robber come in who can have a fella I said to them seek your Lord's forgiveness, for indeed he is truly most forgiving. You're a citizen or Alikum Indra if you do that he will shower you with abundant rain. William did a combi unwinding webinar He will supply you with wealth and with children. We are Jana come Jana, Toyota, Allah come and Hara and he will give you gardens as well as rivers and so is still far seeking Allah's forgiveness collectively is the key to all goodness in this life. But more than anything that we ask Allah subhanaw taala for of this world, it's also our path back to paradise. As still feel love. Oh.

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When Adam and his salaam our father and Hala Eve left paradise, they turn back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in repentance and Allah azza wa jal inspired them with the words or bene la Demna and fusina were ill I'm tougher learn our Tarhana Nana co Nana middle hustling, oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. If you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then we will certainly be amongst the losers. Now here's the thing, Allah gave them the words of forgiveness. And here, Allah Subhana Allah gave us the best way to seek forgiveness. And that in and of itself is a sign that Allah wants to forgive you. And I want you to think about the most forgiving person you have ever known in your

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life. And think about how quickly they forgive you. The moment that you apologize, how quickly they relinquish a grudge, even if they had one. As soon as you say I'm sorry. And those people are nothing compared to Allah for the oft forgiving. All you have to do is say I'm sorry, and know that Allah subhanaw taala is always willing to accept your apology. Now it's too far, seeking forgiveness is just one part of our wholesome package of turning back to Allah subhanaw taala it's essentially an admission of shortcoming that is verbalized so far is specific to the Tunc Naadam which is regret the profit slice and I'm set a net Matoba that regret is Toba. It is repentance net them is how you

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feel it's the true remorse that you have on the inside is still far is what you say. A stuff that Allah I seek your forgiveness, oh Allah Toba is what you do. It's the full repentance of turning back to Allah subhana wa it's and this basically forms not just the beginning of the history of mankind, when other monies Adam and Eve leave paradise, but it forms the basis of your relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. So at the very beginning and filleted of naiads Rahim Allah was asked, what's more important to do is to clot or to do tests. For us as human beings, is it more important for us to seek Allah's forgiveness or to glorify His perfection? Now, obviously, both are important.

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But he said that, think about a garment that you have, and there's a stain on that garment. So if you got a white job and you got a coffee stain on it, what do you do with that garment? The priority is not to embellish that garment. The priority is to remove the stain. And so he said a stuck federal law, repentance seeking Allah's forgiveness is removing the stain, all the other forms of dikkat are embellishing the garment. And so they're both important, but you have to get back to your origin and remove the stain on your heart and then turn back to Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet slicin was so comprehensive in one authentic hadith when someone would embrace Islam, the first

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thing the prophets lysozyme would teach him is Salah, and then the prophets lysozyme would teach him the following your Allah homophily What harmony? Why dini? Why Afeni? What is Oconee so it's such a comprehensive, it's a simple sentence, oh, Allah forgive me, and have mercy on me and guide me and give me good health and provide for me so the profit slice and I'm said, this is a Euro that you should say to keep yourself busy with in the very beginning of your Islam, with Allah subhanho wa taala. But you never get past seeking Allah's forgiveness. There's always going to be a reason for seeking Allah's forgiveness. And that's not just because you are going to keep sinning. It's because

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As you're never going to do good enough to meet what Allah subhanaw taala has done for you. And that's the Istighfar of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, the SFR a feeling Knucks a feeling deficiency. Now think about it in the capacity of everything that we've spoken about, you know how perfect Allah is. You've praised Allah for all of his blessings upon you. And you know that no matter what you do in return, you're never going to do quite enough and so you always feel a sense of regret. And that's why when you finish salah, you didn't do anything wrong, you did the best thing you could possibly be doing when you prayed. But you say a stuff that Allah stuff Rola

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stuff that Allah right away. Why? Because perhaps some of my salah was lost, maybe I was distracted. And even if I wasn't distracted, then surely I have not repaid Allah subhanaw taala for His favors upon me. And so everyone is in a state of its default. Some are seeking forgiveness for the deficiency in their good. Some are seeking forgiveness for their sins. And the mamsa Fianna thodi Rahim Allah He said, That's why when Allah subhanaw taala praises al mustafina bill as *, those who are seeking Allah's forgiveness, in the last part of the night, that he is speaking to two different categories of people who are both making mystify. He said, You have those who wake up in

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the very last part of the night to seek forgiveness with a small prayer. And then you have the friends of Allah subhanaw taala, who have already prayed a portion of the night and they're seeking forgiveness at the end of their worship. They're both praiseworthy, but he says there is the thought is not the same. You have it's the thought of the lovers and you have the it's the thought of the sinners. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of course, is the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala and after a long night of prayer, he would still seek Allah's forgiveness. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that oh people I seek Allah's forgiveness at least 100 times a day.

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And Imam in no way Rahim. Hola. He said that's the minimum from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You can find the Prophet slice alum in a single gathering seeking Allah's forgiveness more than 100 times. But he's saying that I seek Allah's forgiveness at least 100 times a day. What does that mean for the followers of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it wasn't just with one word or one phrase, you see a stuff little law. You see a stump Fetullah how to tubal LA. I seek Allah's forgiveness and I repent to Him, you see a bit fiddly my Lord forgive me or what Abdullah Ahmad will the Allah on whom I heard the Prophet slice and I'm saying throughout a gathering or arbitrarily or

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to valley in enter to wobble Rahim, my Lord, forgive me and have mercy upon me. You are the acceptor of repentance. You are the Most Merciful and the Prophet slice and I'm so that whoever says is still futile Allah Allah lien and levy La ilaha illa who and how you will pay you what a tubal delay, I seek the forgiveness of Allah, the Most mighty whom there is none worthy of worship except Him, the Ever Living the ever eternal, and I repent to Him, the prophets like some said, Whoever says this form of his dickwad Allah will forgive him even if he had deserted the ranks of the Muslims army. And that is, of course one of the most severe sins to flee the battlefield and the prophets, lice.

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And I'm saying that to repent to Allah wholesomely in this way, forgives you even for that. He said, salallahu Salam, even when you sit together, he said when people sit and they speak in a gathering, and they end that gathering by saying Subhan Allah humma will be Hemlock, Ash hadoo Allah, Allah, Allah and Estelle funeralcare. What a tubal Illich glory is to you, Oh Allah, and all praise is to you. We bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but you and we seek your forgiveness and we repent to you the prophets lie some set a little theater Allah who can have imagined us evac, that anything that was said in that gathering will be forgiven, but in the light tan and he said the

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best form of is to follow the best form of seeking forgiveness. It's called say you did is to follow the master of seeking forgiveness. If you say it in the evening and you die or you say it in the morning and you die, the profit slice and I'm said You are certainly from the people of Jana Allahumma Antara de la ilaha illa and Halekulani will enter Abduch will enter Allah decay Well, what are the chemistry of our two arrows will become in sha remazol Not to boo like to be near Motyka Alia, what will be done be done thoroughly for him now Hola, yo, quiero xinova Illa and, O Allah, You are my Lord. There is no god but you, you created me and I am your slave. And I am abiding by

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your promise and your covenant to the greatest extent possible. I admit to you your blessings upon me and I admit to you my shortcomings so forgive me

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Because no one forgives sins except for you. So you have an admission of all the good that Allah has given to you and an admission of the times that you fall in shorten your response and the prophets nice to them said if you say that and you die, you will be from the people of Jana May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them Hola. Hola. I mean, so again, when it comes to this too far, do it after you commit a sin. Do it even when you think about something that's sinful. Do it after you do a good deed out of feeling a sense of deficiency. Do it when someone praises you as we learn as well that when someone says something about you seek Allah's forgiveness because you know that there

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are certain things about you, that are not necessarily what others may think of you. And when you feel stress. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated to have said, Man, lazy man is too far. Jarrell Allahu La Humann Cooley lived in Maharajah woman Cooley Hanneman Faraja was after home in Hayfield I tested that whoever is consistent with seeking Allah's forgiveness, Allah will appoint for him away out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety and Allah will provide for him from where he would have never thought he would be provided from and he find from the Prophets lie Selim something so beautiful. He says in the whole la Johanna Allah Calbee. So you know, sometimes

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my heart feels foggy. I feel like there's a fog over my heart. And so I seek Allah's forgiveness in a day 100 times. It's the fog is what removes the fog. It's what provides clarity. It's what removes all of the stress and the anxiety and it's what connects us to the most perfect even when we know how imperfect we are.

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Allah will Melfi well, we'll have NIWA Dini wa Feeny Well, Barney,

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a stone field on Lawhead and on Lehman levy la isla Illa will hire you will call you more to La Hello, Bill Feedly Rob bills feed really allow him in New Orleans to Neff CFO Lehman Kaffee are all while I have Fiona zunow back.

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Phil feely Malfi rotten nein nein DECA honey in laka

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Rafi a still federal law Hawa to boo la de Allah whom Melfi really then be well was Searly feed very we're very clearly female attorney or Bill fieldly One Two VA Allah here in Naka n 1010. That was born law for the love Melfi. Lana 101 Tina feed duniya her son was here at Hanson well Tina, when

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Allah whomever or visually hopefully it will gently what is wrong Fifi am Mary one and movie meet me. Allahu Melvil Feedly EGD wisely. We'll hop on he won the water cooler with early carrying the Allahu Melfi really Fili Mack on them to warmer to warmer stronger to warmer Island to warmer and movie he mean me and mukaan Diem will ask you more and Allah Cooley che in PADI

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