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AI: Summary © The belief in God as the creator is a fundamental belief for Islam, as it is taught in a "has been made" meaning "pain in the eye of the unseen," and the "has been made" meaning "pain in the eye of the unseen." The history of the devil and the importance of not bowing down to the law are also discussed, along with the historical misunderstandings made by the devil. Viewers are encouraged to visit the website for more content.
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Bismillah Salam Alaikum, Peace be to you, and welcome to this episode of beauties of Islam. I'm your host use Festus. And I wanted to continue talking about one of the beautiful concepts in Islam. And that's the belief system. The belief system in Islam is something that's so amazing that someone like myself, who had never heard about these things before found resolution in many of the questions, many of the things that I've been thinking about all my life, I was thinking, how is this? And how is that? How does this work? And how could that be? And where is God? Is there a god? What's the purpose of life, and all these beautiful concepts that we find in Islam, give us not only

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resolution, but gives us peace, gives us that Sakina tranquility, of the soul to know. In fact, not only does it satisfy the mind, it satisfies the heart to understand and realize what the belief system really is.

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In Islam, there are six main what they call pillars of belief. The first one is the most important of all, it's the belief in Almighty God, that God is one he's unique. There's nothing like him. He's not like unto the creation, and he's not in his creation.

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God, or law is mighty, and above all of that. And his attributes and characteristics are the epitome and perfection of each and every one of his characteristics or qualities. He is the ultimate creator. And he's the only destroyer, the real destroyer, because he's the one who brings everything into creation. So if it's destroyed, then who is the only one who could do it? he is. He's the one who brings about all that we see all life, but he's also the one that causes all death. Because everything is to him the same, It all belongs to him. And he sees it as a whole. Whereas we only see minuscule teeny little snippets here and there that we catch and try to understand. But yet he is

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mighty and above all of that. So his hearing is absolutely, totally incomplete. We won't say it's just perfect, it is total. His scene, again is total,

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his love, and we want to make a whole program about that, we'll come back to his loving his, his lovingness is eternal, and always it's ongoing. We want to come back to some of these other characteristics and and understand that he is the only creator. And when it exists, he created it. And whatever purpose it has, he's the one giving it purpose because he is the one who decides when something's going to happen, how it's going to happen, where it's going to happen, and how long it's going to happen. All of these things are in his hands in his control at all times.

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We as humans cannot really fathom who is God, what is God. But this is the first and essential belief in Islam, at least understand there's only one start with that. There's only one there's not two, if there were two, Islam tells us there were two they would be in competition.

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And eventually, they would be fighting each other. So there's only one God.

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The second thing Islam is teaching us is that we do compare him to his creation, and when our worship is coming about, and we want to worship and thanks to him and to ask from him, all of these things that we have a relationship with our God is directly to him, not to something he created. So we don't need a statue, an idol. We don't need a picture or an image, we don't need some thing between us and him. We don't need an icon. We don't have to have an intercessor. We don't need a priest or a bishop. We don't need a preacher to come between us and our Almighty God. We can speak to him direct from our heart, and talk to him in a language that we understand. Because after all,

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He created us, he knows what's in our heart. And all we have to do is turn to Him, turn to him inside of ourselves and say, Oh Lord, oh God, Allah helped me, guide me. And that communication is beautiful and direct. And it's

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one of the beauties, one of the amazing beauties of Islam. And that's just the first of the beliefs that we have. Can you imagine? Another belief in Islam after that is called the belief in his wife, his angels, what do we believe about the angels? Now some people say well, we believe in angels and and what a wet man What do you believe about angels. Islam teaches us that angels are created by a law from light and he creates

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them before he created the human beings and angels are perfect. They never make mistakes, whatever Allah orders them to do. They do it. And they do it the way they're supposed to do it. And they don't come up with Well, maybe I will, maybe I won't. Because they don't have free choice. They are commanded by Allah, and they do as they're commanded.

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Now you don't see them, why don't you see them? Well, they're made out of light. And you don't see light, by the way, you only see what light reflects off of, you can see my hand why light is hitting my hand, and then coming back to you see, okay. Now, in space, it's always depicted as being black. Why? Because there's a lot of light in space, but it hasn't hit anything yet. And until it does, you won't see it. I put my hand down. Now you won't see anything until the next thing that the light hits. Make sense. Think about that a little while. There are many things when we start to talk about the belief systems in Islam. As you begin to grasp more of it, it all makes sense. Even the small

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details. Let me give you another example of that, when we talk about the next of the creations of a law is the jinn, Allah created another type of being after he created angels before he created human beings. They're called the jinn. What are the jinn? In the Old Testament, they're referred to as the ephrem. These are mentioned as the mighty sons of God in chapter six of Genesis, verse two. But in fact, what we understand about them is that they are not humans, yet they have some of the human quality, which is to be able to make choices. Some of them, by the way, are believers in a lot, and some are disbelievers, and some of them are good and some of them are bad, and they still exist

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today. And you're gonna say no, wait a minute, but I don't see them. But you don't see the angels either. And you don't see these because they're made from a kind of fire that has no smoke in it. Now, think about what I just said, we're gonna come back, want to pick up right there and give you a break. We'll be right back with more beauties. We're back here watching beauties of Islam. And we've been talking about some of the creations of a law, we mentioned that we believe in the law. He's one and unique. We talked about the creation of the angels, they're made out of light. And then we were talking about another creation called the jinn. Now what what is this about the jinn? Why do you

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have to believe in that? Well, they're part of something called out of it, but it means the things you don't see the unseen. You agree and I agree, we don't see a law. Okay, so he's in the eye of the unseen, we agree there are angels, and you don't see them there in the

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unseen, made out of light. And now the Djinn. And we don't see down there also in the tube, they're made from a fire, which has no smoke to it.

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And if fire has absolutely nothing like the smoke to it, or that it could be it, you don't see that either. There's heat that you don't actually see isn't that true? But we don't see the Djinn. But we said that they have choices, and they were making choices, even before Adam, or human beings were created. And their choices were sometimes good, sometimes bad. from them, comes the one we call Lucifer, or a blease. And Who is that? Who is Lucifer, who is he Billy's

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might say is the devil that Satan or shaitaan, as he's called in Arabic language.

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But actually, he started out as a worshiper of a law and he was worshipping and praying to law and extolling a law to the extent that Allah raised him up to be even with the angels. Now remember, this guy he believes is not an angel, but he was worshipping alongside of them, because of his Ybarra or worship being so lovely. And allow raise him up, you see, but then what happened. And this is an important story. So we'll digress for a moment from our beauties of Islam to go into this that get a concept here to understand the big mistake that some people make when they say that he's from the angels.

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Angels don't make mistakes they do as they're commanded. So when Allah created the best of his creation, what did He create created Adam, the human being, he created Adam, from what He created him from mud, or clay, or dirt.

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And when He created him, he said cutter Calico insanity, a solid green, that he created Adam in the best molds, the human being created in the best in the best of the best of the best of molds. Don't murder the homeless policy for me, and then reduce them to the lowest of low and how, and this is the story of how the devil pulled his trick on Adam. But we don't come to that yet. I want to show you what happened after Allah created Adam

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Allah ordered all the angels bow down and all the angels did because they have to do as they're commanded in a bow down. All of them vowed except the police, he didn't bow down. Now if you read this in context, you understand that he was not an angel. But if you just read the words, all angels bowed down except the bliss, you'll see that may He means he was an angel. But other words, in the Quran we find in other places that Allah said he wasn't an angel, but he was from the jinn. And he's created from smokeless fire. And that's exactly what he said, You created Adam from mud, but I'm created for something better from a smokeless fire. So I refuse to bow down. Why, because I'm better

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than him. I am better than Adam. And I refuse to bow down to him. By so doing he disobeyed the law. And whoever disobeyed the law, he's in trouble. But especially if he does it out of his arrogance, in his pride, I refuse to obey, because I know better. And then this way, he put himself in the worst possible condition with the law, a law condemned to * forever. And he said, I don't even care. This let me take him meaning Adam, and his children along with me to *.

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For what, because of this thing called pride or arrogance, kibber, an Arabic language. And what is kibber and kibber is something comes from kabara. kabara is the root of the word Akbar. And only Allah is acmar. Allah is greater and greater and greater than anything.

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But human being has no right in front of alone, or anything is created. The jinn, the angels, nothing, have the right to come in front of a law like this and say, Who am I, you know, I'm this I'm that. I'll give you a command, you do it.

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Now, what happened next? Well, that's when Allah told Adam, that he could have anything that he wanted and all of the paradise Go ahead, enjoy. But there's one tree don't eat from it. Of course, you know what's gonna happen, and the devil came to him and to eat, and got them to eat from that tree.

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And they were cast down because of that. But Allah knew from the beginning, they would eat from it. That's what I'll put it there. Because this life, and this is the whole reason for me telling you the story. So you can get this one beauty of Islam to understand this one thing.

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This life

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is nothing more than a test. This is a test to see if you will refrain from the things you've been ordered not to do, such as don't eat the fruit. Or if you will obey and do the things you've been ordered to do, such as bow down.

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The devil was ordered bow down, and he didn't do it. Even to this day. He refuses to do that. And that's why he's damned to *. Not because he didn't bow down because he still refuses to do anything about it.

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Adam, on the other hand, did something was ordered not to do, but he was never how, because he repented. he repented to a law. And he said Allah forgive me. And another beautiful teaching in Islam. Whoever sincerely repent to Allah, Allah will always accept it.

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I wish we could continue and go on more and more about this subject, but we're gonna have to wrap it up for this episode. But I'll tell you what, go to the website and get more the website called beauties of Islam calm. Until next time, peace. Salaam Alaikum.

Eighth episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The belief system in Islam.

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