Supplication In The Night Of Power #4

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Okay, so let's apply what we just said and make dua or supplicate will supplicate? Well, we are certain that you accept our prayers. Insha Allah will pray with humbleness and our weakness and our need for him. Oh Allah Praise to you as you deserve with all your greatness and your power of Allah, we thank you for the blessing of the month of Ramadan. We thank you for the blessing of the Night of Power Laila to college. We thank you for guiding us and gathering us together here. We thank you for softening our hearts your words, we thank you for the blessing of Islam. We thank you for the blessing of having faith. We were lost in you guided us, you bought us here, we were sinners, and

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you lead us to the straight path. So we thank you, all Praise to you and you're the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what's between them. All Praise to you and you're the Light of the heavens and the earth and what's between them. All Praise to you and you're the one who remains and never ends. All Praise to you and you were true, and your promises true. And meeting you is true and heaviness true and hellfire is true and the prophets are true. And Muhammad peace be upon him is true and the Day of Judgment is true. Oh Allah the Sublime bless the prophet peace be upon him. Bless him till the day of judgment or law let us see him as we believed in him without seeing him Oh

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Allah do not separate us from him until we enter paradise with him. Oh Allah forgive us tonight please forgive us tonight it Allah Ya Allah free as among those who knew free every night and Ramadan your Allah save us from hellfire your Allah save us from hellfire your Allah have mercy on our weaknesses Europe, make us from those who take their book with their right hand make our judgments easy. Forgive us our shortcomings except our repentance Oh Allah grant us repentance Yet Allah grant us repentance yet a lot longer. Tobiah Lena Toby all Allah We beg you that tonight doesn't pass unless you're pleased with a zero Bulama donnera belongil Dan NIRP Oh Allah we love you

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and fear you Allah we love you and we fear you Allah. Oh Allah you say I am as my servants think of Me a nine doesn't nag Devi. And we think of you that you want to torture us. We think of you that you will forgive us. We think of you that you will have mercy on us. Oh Allah have mercy on us. Allahu Akbar, humbly. Oh Allah, we seek refuge in You from hellfire. We beg you to forbid Hellfire on our bodies, and to forbid it on our parents and our spouses and our siblings and our children will they be to let us enter heaven and to look at your honored face in heaven yet Allah, we pray that on the Day of Judgment, you tell us why servants are pleased with you, and I have forgiven you

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go and enter my heaven. We pray to you that will be from the ones that you tell in heaven. My servants I'm pleased with you. Are you pleased with me? We beg you that you tell that you tell your angels I make you bear witness My angel that I have forgiven them or will not please forgive us O Allah you are the one who knows the inhabitants of Heavens from the inhabitants of hell. Oh Allah We beg you We beg you Allah to write us from the inhabitants of Heaven tonight Jakob. Oh Allah we fear to stop supplicating now in the coming minutes would be a matter of acceptance. Please forgive us all. Please accept us. We are now here standing in humiliation, weakness and poverty between your

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hands. We have no one with you Allah. Oh Allah grant is sincerity. Or lawmakers from those who enter heaven without previous reckoning. Or not only a few nights are left and Ramadan will Pardus We beg you to save us from hellfire belong Mata criminal law Europa la Mata Nadia, Rob, Oh Allah, soften our hearts make our eyes tear from your love and fear. Oh Allah, you ordered us and said Pray to Me and I'll accept your prayers. Oh Allah, you're the one who descends every night and says Is there someone who's asking or saying a prayer to me that I may answer it, who is asking something of me that I may give it to him who is asking forgiveness of me that I may forgive him. We beg you as you

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ordered us to forgive us and grant us repentance for you are more merciful in us than our mothers here Allah here good descends on us and our evil sense to you. And you never turn anyone away standing at your door. You were the one who named himself the loving and forgiving. We're standing at your doors and we didn't move on our hands are held up high and we're begging you to grant us repentance we won't leave till you accept us your Allah for her the most generous please accept this Oh Allah Oh Allah we ask you to give us a pleasant life and a good engineer Allah and to be from the companions of the Prophet alayhi salam, O Allah have mercy on your poor servants have mercy on those

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who raise their hands begging you for your forgiveness of Allah we pray to you as you order so accept from us as you promised us your Allah Allah Ameen Allah I mean, also Allahumma ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam