Supplication In The Night Of Power #3

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Okay, what is another preferred time in which certification is accepted more while you're prostrating or doing sujood? And we all do a lot of soju these days in the last 10 days of Ramadan. The Prophet peace be upon him says the closest time a worshiper is is from from his Lord is during frustration ocra may agree labs and then Rapi who is Sajid? So please supplicate a lot while frustrating down to Allah, I'm indeed close to them. I listed a prayer of every subsequent when he qualified me. Well, Allah, you've become so close, you've put your face down in the dirt for him. And because you put your face down just for him, that's the utmost or summit of humiliation and

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submission to Him. You've achieved submission and that's why your application is accepted. That's why it's application of a person prostrating is accepted. And pray as you wish and don't say really I just say Subhana Allah glory towards the supreme supplicate. Pray, pray and see all you want you're so close. Another preferred time in which application is accepted more when you finish reciting the Quran and the Quran? I know I said supplications accepted at all times. But even more in these times. We're approaching the end of Ramadan and we're about to finish the Quran, Gather your friends and your beloved ones and supplicate after you finish. Are there any more preferred

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times? Yes, between Sudan and a karma of prayer. The Prophet peace be upon him says between Ananda and Karma is a supplication that is not denied, when an event will accommodate Dawa, to learn to not suffocate a doe. Starting tonight, we're going to supplicate we'll create 100 prayer in the third part of the night and we'll supplicate and pray with all our might till the end of Ramadan and we're 100% Positive sure that our prayers will be accepted in sha Allah. The Companions used to say very beautiful word. They said we used to prepare for Ramadan special supplications five or six. And we'd insist an urge just on these five or six during frustration at the time of breaking our affairs in

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the last third of the night. When finishing reciting the Quran. The same ones and every scheduled we keep preparing them and insist and insist and Ramadan would end and by Allah the following Ramadan wouldn't approach unless Allah subhanaw taala would have accepted all we ask for why don't you try? I mean what are you going to lose? Just try and see okay, what is another time on Friday there is an hour in which the application is accepted. So the times in which the application is preferable and which is accepted even more the last part of the night during frustration between Iran and karma when finishing reciting the Quran and on Fridays there's still a Friday left in Ramadan today taking

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advantage of it there is an hour on Friday in whichever Muslim worship are serving supplicate to Allah in it except that this application is accepted. So what are what is this our this color is different about it but the majority said it's the final hour before method of prayer or during find your prayer itself. So you have a confirmed hour every Friday and you have a confirmed hour every night and more than that you everyday while breaking your fast you haven't accepted to help write the saw him down to nine the Elissa Amanda Photron without electrons. For the first thing person is an acceptance obligation of the time of breaking his fast. What more do you want? When you repent?

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The minute you start repenting from a senior supplication is accepted. I once saw a scholar and a 17 year old girl told him I just wore the headscarf today. The Hijab, he told her can you make too hot for me? She said I pray for you. He said my daughter your supplication is accepted now she has Chara we said your supplication is accepted now can you imagine when the shaker shadow we asked from a 17 year old girl to pray for him and urges her and she was astonished. And he said you just obeyed Allah subhanaw taala recently, and whoever does good or repents, newly his supplication is accepted. So please make dua for me. Subhanak do any of us understand our religion like this? You see Allah

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subhanaw taala is generosity. And don't you dare see my faith as weak or not that religious supplication is accepted from all humanity. Just you put up your hands and pray pray to him. Okay, now let's look at the conditions or the terms of accepting supplication are their terms yes for terms or conditions and we can apply them in sha Allah today when we supplicate at the end of the lecture. First of all, certainty that it will be accepted earlier painful together. The Prophet SAW Selim says supplicate to Allah while you are certain of his acceptance, adore adore long want to know never ever. The Prophet peace be upon him says one supplicate when supplicating to Allah

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subhanaw taala don't say Oh, Lord, if you wish to do so or so for me, know insistently for what you want. So don't say I want to receive this but if you want to Allah know when you pray, urgent Oh, Allah Almighty, I swear by you, I asked you by your greatest names that you do so and so for me. Don't ever suffocate when you don't believe.

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Feeling humility and submission. That's number two, feeling some humility and submission between the last part of Johannes hands remember that's the main purpose or goal or supplication? The Prophet peace be upon him says what? Know that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't accept from an oblivious or an inattentive heart? Allahu Allah layak Bulman coldenhoff. So be careful. You can just stand there and say, God, I want so and so and so and so and you're just totally not there. Right? This is a condition of acceptance that you comprehend and feel what you

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say, The Lord normal said, I know when my supplication is accepted. So we as he was asked, When is it possible that you know, he said, Well law he I know. They said how he said, If my tears and my heart is humbled, and all my senses are moved, and my faith strengthens, strengthens, I say, now my supplication will be accepted, so I try even harder. Each one of us not now knows if it's a time of acceptance or not, how do you feel? Do you feel an urge like prophet Zechariah peace be upon him, there is a career pray to his Lord, right Subhana So, this is the second condition. So the more you call on to him with humbleness, the more he accepts your supplication. Go to him with your weakness,

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he will extend you with his strength. Go to him with your humbleness, he will extend you with His glory. Tell him your Allah, Allah honey, the one in no need of any creation. Who is for your poor worshiper except you tell him your car. They're the one attributed with power. Who is for your disabled wish for except you tell him Oh Allah, Allah has ease the defeater who is for your defeated, defeated worshiper except you, you'll immediately feel the humbleness and submission to Him you'll feel how glorious I was trying to tell is and how little we are. And that's why Mm hmm. The humble said, a believer supplication is accepted when what when he praised like a man in the

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middle of a rough sea, who fell out of the ship and is holding on to a wooden plank and is about to drown. How will he pray he'll scream Oh, Lord, oh Lord, Europe, Europe, Europe. And that's how a believer is when he supplication is accepted. Your heart is charged with all Lord your call, but you're

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the third conditional return is that you don't hate the acceptance of your supplication.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said your prayer is accepted. If you don't, here's the answer. They said and how is the answer? He said, O Messenger of Allah. He said, You say I prayed and prayed and prayed and it wasn't accepted. And you quit praying? And the answer never comes. It would be it was just about to be accepted. Don't ever give up. Even the Prophet supplications weren't answered immediately. Be patient. The fourth, the fourth and last term is living from what Allah subhanaw taala allowed your food and your livelihood is not from forbidden sources. It's all Harlan, a *gy, dusty man who used to travel a lot mentioned the Prophet was mentioned to that mesh, sorry,

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mentioned to the prophets of SLM that he raises his hands to the sky and says, Oh, Lord, oh Lord, and his food is ill gotten and his drink is ill gotten, and his whole life was ill gotten that his supplication was not accepted. Right. So and that's why from the manners of making supplication is that after or before he's obligated to give charity sadaqa to cleanse your possessions or your money, but of course, it initially has to be halal, and therefore your supplication will be accepted inshallah. So four conditions or terms whoever accomplished them, his or her supplication inshallah will be accepted. What are the again, certainty that will be accepted right, submission and being

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humble? Who shall walk who do not to haste for the response? And Halal not ill gotten livelihood? Okay, are there any more manners that we have to follow in supplicating? A debit to like, how do we we don't just say Oh, got it. No. How do you talk with the last panel to Hello, how would you ask? Yes. What are they? They're very simple write them down or just memorize them with me. First of all, raise both your hands of the sky when you supplicate purification of the heart, right? You make your will do your purified, you start you supplication with thanking Allah subhanaw taala and hamdulillah what's next blessing the Prophet salallahu Salam, salam, O Allah and the base of all your salam for

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praising Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala so as soon as you start supplicating saying Oh Allah, I want this or this, oh Allah the great Oh, a lawyer, the most generous, the most forgiving, you call upon him with his names you submit to Him and feel your weakness between his hands. And that's why sort of Fatah starts with what's Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher the sustainer of the world's most gracious most merciful Master of the Day of Judgment leader we worship and dine do we ate we seek and then this application comes after that it did not sit out and watch the game show us the right way or the straightway the way of those on whom the DA

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has been so digress, so certified to have teaches us how to supplicate right, first we praise the Waspinator and then we ask number six what do we do that you plead and plead and plead you ask us hello to Hana with with real with all your all of you, you ask and you plead right? The Prophet SAW Selim says what truly Allah subhanaw taala loves those who plead in their prayer or supplication. In the law you have been muda Hina for Daya let you ask so but Allah and make you feel your urge and your need for Him.

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And after all that gift, charity and it doesn't matter how much the pots are seldom considered half a date a charity. So give whatever you can to make sure your money is purified from anything in sha Allah. Imam Ahmed Mohamed says, By Allah, whoever follows these four terms and manners of supplication, his supplication is never denied. I beg you set your game plan for supplication for the few days lifting Ramadan and set your priority priorities. My myself my mom, my dad, my

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Kids my life and don't forget Islam. Don't forget and Mr. lochsa, Palestine Iraq, pray for your Muslim brothers and sisters, pray, pray, pray, pray for guidance. All right now what we're going to do now is we're going to apply what we just said and supplicate together to Las Panatela and we also know to Allah except from us, in this blessed nights, say I mean