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Adnan Rajeh
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Bismillah al Hakim

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Smola al Hakim

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this whole categories of Allah subhanaw taala those names that we are going to go through his name Subhanallah

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using the aid of

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the first group is

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His names or attributes of divine judgment each name within this category talks about his his judgment Subhana wa Tada the nature of it whether that judgment is occurring within dunya or is occurring human pm or is occurring both it doesn't matter and we talked about some allied health from yesterday and today we'll talk about his name will Hakeem the rest of the names leave for you to contemplate on your own and don't move on to another category inshallah Tada

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but hopefully with this categorization, it helps you better understand His names and how they impact us. Hockey who Allah the yellow I will move on with the Murphy masala do anybody. So the definition of Allah and Hakeem is the one who puts things in their proper place or in their proper places, and he only commands that which is beneficial.

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His name is Hakeem is in the Quran 78 times.

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Most of these times only 25 of them are with Mala Aleem.

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And then after that you'll find out the names are 47 times sorry with Allah Lima then 25 with some Allah al Aziz, and then three with a hobby and then you have washed out and you have to watch and you have committed. And usually usually Milan Hakeem is the is the name that is there to help us understand the other one.

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Usually his name and Hakeem is connected with another name so that we can better understand the other name because of how simple this name actually is in terms of comprehending it how important it is. It's one of those umbrella names that is very, very important for us to comprehend.

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The seven eight times is quite the it's quite the number in general for an eye for a name to exist in the Quran.

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We find Allah subhanho wa Taala saying

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when he speaks about sending prophets are you I live with them al Kitab will hijk Metta will use a key or use a key him or Lima whom will kita that will Hikmah the purpose of sending prophets and messengers to people. One of them is Lima, whom will hikma when is it Allahu Allah al Kitab well hijk Metta while Emeka Mylanta contado the wives of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Rahmatullah corner now Utila fie Bu t Hakuna Minaya Tila he will ACHEMA so the concept of wisdom, which is what hikmah is, is repeated in the Quran many times you will Hickmott me Asha grants wisdom, whoever he wants to mean you tell him to mentor and the one who was granted wisdom at a higher rank Athira is the one

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who has been given a lot of higher and there's really nothing else in the Quran is that is described like that. There's nothing in the cloud that describe that when you're given it when it's given to you. You're given a lot of fire. This is the only thing. The only thing that Allah subhanaw taala when he when he talks about granting it to people, he talks about it in that fashion, the UI or Hailong cathedra This is the biggest hire you can be offered if you are if you're offered wisdom, one that is that go to Illa Al Bab and the only ones remember the people who actually have have intellect to begin with. How do you define wisdom? That's a that's a whole different topic. There's

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a cheesy

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quote defining wisdom it says knowledge is to know tomato is a fruit and wisdom is knowing not to put it in a salad

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in a fruit salad, yeah. wisdom is knowing how to do things, knowing when to do them. Knowing the amount that they need to be done within knowledge is much more simple. And we'll talk about this Mala ADA Lehman's coming down in the

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series inshallah. But Heckman is different is knowing how and when and amount and being able to judge any given situation to figure out what is the best route to achieve the objective. So in order for hikma to actually exist, you have to have an objective. The has to have there has to be a goal. If there's no goal, then hikma is kind of a concept that doesn't really work. If you get if you turn on your car and you start driving, and you have no destination. Like you're just out for a stroll. It doesn't matter where you go, it doesn't matter. There's no route that's best. There's no wisdom in terms of okay, take this route here, take this road here. There's a shortcut there. Doesn't

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matter because you don't know where but if you do know where you're going if there's a destination regardless of where that may be, then hikma is important than trying to get than wisdom is going to help you it allows you to get wherever it is you're going Allah subhanaw taala talks in the Quran about Lachman, Welaka, Tina La Palma and El Hickmott

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That is scored really low. I mean, your score for enum is good enough see the only individual that we have in the Quran that there's a sutra named after him, and he is not necessarily a prophet, meaning most scholars don't see him to be a prophet. This is an issue of difference of opinion for sure. So you're welcome to

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believe that he is. But most scholars don't see look man to have ever been a prophet, but rather a very an extremely a wise man, which is how they is the word that they use to describe him. And that's because the Quran describes them that way. Indeed, we are granted Lachman wisdom and he surely Allah be grateful that we did. And then you get to hear Lachman, Allah is actually speak to his son and offer him advice that till this day we use when we speak to our children because extremely wise, but someone who had reached a high level of wisdom, the Quran was had a surah named in it after him. And we we listened to his description listen to his explanation of, of what his

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wisdom translated into throughout his life.

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He says the pineal What's On at the end of Surah 13 At ACE Allahu Kameel hacking is Allah subhanaw taala not the wisest of all rulers. Hakim is a ruler, not a wise one. Al Hakim, the hacky mean is a plural of Al Hakim al Hakim is a ruler or someone who gives judgment. A judge of some sorts, someone who will make judgment or give rulings, the Afghan will Hakim in the wisest of those who give rulings and judgments. So the team talks about our functionality, it tells you that you are created the Iceni web, you're created in the best form to serve your purpose. The Queen has nothing to do with the way you look has nothing to do with your physicality at all. It has everything to do with

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the fact that you were created in a manner that allows you to achieve the objective for which Allah created you. You're created perfectly to do that, you have all of the tools that are required for you to achieve your purpose as a caregiver, as a Khalifa as as a servant as odd. The way you look is not important. This is not what we means that we means the ability to function, and because he gave you purpose, and because He created you in a way that is suitable for that this sort of ends with las Allahu Bianca mill Hakimi is Allah subhanaw taala not the wisest of all rulers and judgment givers when he judged that this is what you were going to do and here's how you're going to do it.

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When he told them that he was going to create the Malla history and they did not like it at all. When you told them I'm going to put on earth Khalifa they told them I told you I know he has a UFC two FIFA you're going to put someone to spread corruption we as frequent Dima you will shed blood we're not gonna lose a bit will be handicapped when you cut the suit like we continue to praise to praise you and exalt you and call upon your names.

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Look at this with a parlor in the ILM uma Allah Tala Munna Allah madam. And then he goes and he teaches nobody stood up. They see something about the Muller histogram that they recognize they don't have. We'll talk about it a little bit more and it's more here. And then what they say at the end is Carlos. So behind me Milena Elana, alumna in

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Lima Hakeem, indeed, you are the one who was the omniscience and you were the one who was all wise, meaning we don't read it we we see, you know that there's a wisdom in this, that we don't understand that there's something coming here that we don't fully comprehend. So, so behind, forgive us, you are the exalted, there must be something here, and there was the potential of the malaise that I'm had to offer and the pious of family history, children is something that the world has seen, and will continue to see inshallah with the lady that has it within it.

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Their problem was that they, when they saw the money, Islam, they use the judgment they had of previous of a previous nation, where the majority of that nation, or what happened within it was all bloodshed and corruption. There were no examples of people who had the piety, who had the goodness within them, that Allah subhanaw taala showed through the human race amongst the prophets, Allah hemos Salatu was that I'm and the people who came after that with piety. Yes, within our race, there are many people who are corrupt and will spread corruption. But since the potential of hire is there, and because we get to see that potential, even if it doesn't happen as frequently as we would

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like to see it, the wisdom of Allah subhana is creation of Adam on Eastern Time is still there, as long as the balance is achieved. And as long as that the potential is still there, and assisted potential can be achieved and is being achieved, then it's just an issue of choice. That's why they said Subhanak Allah and Milena Illa marlington In the Content Intel Aliwal Hakeem when know how they used when he lost his son

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when he lost his son and Allah told him that I'm gonna get branch of your family

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He said in the 70s and early, we're in Nevada can help. Indeed my son is amongst my family and your promises always the truth will enter

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them will Hakimi and you're the author they're always the wisest of all of the of all the judges. I'm not I just want to know what the wisdom is here behind it, because he couldn't he didn't understand how to use it. Why he lost his son when he was told this. So Allah subhanaw taala reply to me No, no lace I mean, Alec in the home, I don't want you to saw that he is not amongst your family. He's

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a deed that is not good.

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So no Holly Sam accepted. At the moment, it was hard. Because there's always a piece of you that wants to know what is that wisdom that I'm missing? Where is it? What is the wording? He says Subhanallah what Donna if I see the tomb and nama holla panna comb I Bertha When at home, Elena La Jolla Jiang Fatah. Lola, did you think that we created you aimlessly? Is that what you thought? I thought that you were created aimlessly? There's no There's no purpose of you. When a chameleon Allah told you that he would not come back to us and be held accountable for what you did. Is that what you thought? But Allah Allah subhanaw taala exalted from creating something that is aimless

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that is purposeless. That is just a joke. No, no, all of this. This story has a plot. And there's a conclusion to it.

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The story that's being written, there's a plot, and then there's a conclusion, it will climax and then it'll end. And there will be wisdom at the end of it. That will make full sense to you. Even if in the midst of it, you can't see it. And that's all right. Well, you're in the middle of the game, it's hard for you to see it's hard and so you have to zoom out. Sometimes you can't sometimes you're in the midst of all of it that you just can't You can't zoom out impossible. And that's all right, that you're not helping. You don't have to, but you have to accept is that Allah subhanaw taala has wisdom and what's occurring that is the piece that we have to that's why he would you look at the

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Quran, you read Allah Who let you be in a lagoon, where your idea comes soon and Olivia and Emil public whom were tuber Aleikum, Allahu Allah Iman Hakeem, will Allah who you read in your toolbar I like what you read you let the NSW only show it unto me you do mela now Lima. You read Allah Who and you have FIFA and the Quran, Allah, when Allah What does Allah want? What Allah wants to you by Allah come to clarify for you? Well, your idea comes soon. And Alladhina no public company wants to guide you the ways of the pious that came before you. And he wants to grant you repentance, because he is the omniscience and he's the all wise and Allah wants to grant your repentance. And the people

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who will follow will follow their desires. They want you to go astray. When he talks about CMUD doula who become more useful, what are you ready to become with also, he wants ease for you, he does not want difficulty for you. There is there is a purpose of all of these. And that's, that's why he gives us what he gives us because he's the wiser, piloti he knows

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the prophets of Allah, Allah Samuel Salam

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was the wisest person to ever live.

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And the examples of his wisdom are many and I'm not going to go through too many for you. So we don't take too much time. But a really nice example that I can that you can contemplate or think about is on the day of academia, because that's where it became the most obvious the degree of his wisdom and it used to lie to a sermon, even those around him who loved him the most. Yeah, and he liked sometimes the ability to see the profoundness of his wisdom out of usato. So even even those who are right beside him who followed Him in every sense of the matter, still couldn't always see it. When he sat there, Alia slaughter was trying to negotiate with police, she was trying to, he was

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trying to force their hand he needed he needed them to sign a contract with him.

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Those Sahaba all they saw was umbra. They hadn't been to Mecca. Some of them hadn't been to Mecca for six years. That's a long time. For someone living back then by the way, six years was a long time if the if the lifespan was less than 40 years old. 60 years was quite important. If they weren't living 20 We have doubled the life expectancy since then. We're talking 80 now so people feel six years they can throw six years away, and people couldn't afford to throw six years old. If you're away from your home for six years. That was a long time. So they are away from McCann here from Mecca. And people from McKee don't leave MCI I don't know if you know most people who come from

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they never leave Mecca, they don't leave Mecca at all. They don't go they never even leave the city for any reason just live there. Why would they leave this is the better the Haram they stay there for as long as they can they want to be right because besides the Kaaba all throughout their lives.

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So they were displaced from from being right beside the Kaaba burned and it hurt. So when they were granted Omura they were the happiest they'd had been seen for many years. So they were ready for ombre the brother I used to want to. I don't want to say he didn't care for him, but I know he cared for ombre. But that wasn't his goal. His goal he wanted to force his hand at the time he will

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wasn't Muslims were not acknowledged by the strongest power in the land yet they weren't acknowledged they were seen they were called hooligans or I need the guerrilla gangs or or or terrorists or whatever you want to call these. They just they were called names but they didn't they weren't acknowledged as a country. So the provider you saw them wanting to force courageous had to acknowledge him

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once you sign a contract with someone, once you sign a treaty of peace you acknowledge their existence they weren't acknowledged he wasn't acknowledged acknowledgement Alia Salatu was Salam so all he wanted was that so let's say and I'm gonna sat down and he started writing the contract everything so he was asking for was he was given Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Nope. Miss McCullough whom we don't know who is on my mind, Rahim. Fine. Remove it.

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Mean Muhammad Rasulullah. You know, we don't if we do your Rasulullah we would have this wouldn't be happening. Put your number your name, meaning your father and Mohammed bin Abdullah. And I even thought he was losing his mind.

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The lack of respect the disrespect that these people are showing, it's just killing him. So he refuses to do it. The private audience also asked him Where is it written and he deletes it with his own finger on it.

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And then the treaty itself is not fair is extremely unfair. It's pretty just against Muslims. And if someone leaves Mecca and goes to Medina as Muslims, you have to send them back. But if someone leaves you and comes to us they they stay with the app to stay with us or they can stay with us shirt no problem. You don't perform armor this year. No problem. That was the final straw once they said no longer this year the Sahaba walked out saying this is

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I'm not going to use foul language but they did.

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They didn't. They walked us

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out I'm gonna Katara de la Honda walk, walking rallied. He had never done this where he walked out rallying people. So why are we doing this? He goes to Earth man he goes to a book of seeing if he can get some people to stand by him.

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He later on would say I have prepared Salah and cm specifically for this. For so that Allah Subhan me forgive me for my for my behaviors that day. Because they wanted to do Amara, they saw Amara Alia salatu salam saw saw the future he saw he saw something completely different Allah His thought was

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he signed it and once he signed it he was he was the it was the happiest he was seen for for the majority of his life like you'd never see him smile so much and so when nobody was smiling he was the only person smiling some Allahu Allah was like ah my

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god who affects him action who What are you talking about? You're sort of fed

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or sent to them. There's no one what are we? The whole thing is unfair.

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So we didn't respond at least about two years later, when the number of Muslims skyrocketed when the graph grumbled along for seven years before went like this within a year and you had any had 25,000 Muslims within within a year and a half.

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They all came back.

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apologizing to him. It has a lot to say

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about your go do and about you know Yasuda months, your opinions, your understanding. It's not ours. It's not ours. It wouldn't even he told them earlier was about how they wouldn't do it.

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He commanded them to shave your heads and slaughter your hottie. They don't didn't do it. He said it three times. They didn't do it. He goes into his tent. He's talking to himself. He's telling her halacha Komaki your people want it by the prophets is commanding them and they are not listening to. So she said have one, go do it yourself. Three to five definitely wants you to do it. Don't do it. Don't worry

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about Ganassi matura and Ida Columbia. She was wise to the low Anna. She was the lady who had the most baraka of advice upon her people. So he went out on his thoughts ran he shaved his head he slaughtered they did the same.

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And they didn't see the wisdom what he did. I used to lie to him for a few years later. And that's the bedrock of having a bunch of understanding his name is Hakeem Subhana which either living through it a man would once come to the Prophet alayhi salatu was hadith is quite a Muslim in Yaniv summarize and in length in the collection of even a mum in nursery and he will say that was super long and he came to him asking for money

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for call Emma and the GFI benzylic What do you have at your home Bacala and Anna cada Nina

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terabits, we have this Yanni something that we used to drink water in, made of clay

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and certain furniture it would have been good to have. You bring bring it lets us sell it so he brought it to you sold it for $2.00 Herman Felton ALA, take half of it and go buy food and feed your families haven't eaten properly and take the other gentleman and go buy me the head of an axe, the head of an axe. So he went by the Chaloupka Doman a piece of the head of the axe. So after that, I saw Eliza lympha zero and he took any brought a piece of wood and he fixed it up for him for quite a while to the end and Elijah was one go I want to see you for a week. Go and go to the woods and cut in basic bring wood and sell wood and want to see for a week. Don't come back for a week come back

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after a week. But I'd like to have Roger Friday about you get back after a week to call him Asana as well you do for call hamdulillah heroes

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To wrap up, and the actual draw, he might have 10 $10 Ally you saw to

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teaching people how to actually make a living instead of walk around asking for both all the time.

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Most of his Hadith especially the shorter ones are called Joe I'll call him or called a hadith that our job that summarizer that encompasses from words, and he encompasses in a few words out of your slot to some meetings that are extremely difficult, or they can feel so guilty. phenol silica de la when Al Gore Raya de la gente y como el Khatib inner kebaya de la Fujio, when a voodoo Raja de la Na, the first man to be learning to master him. Now I talk about when you go to follow these, a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu was saying, you find that very short, very concise, very simple, yet it takes us an hour to explain what he meant by that Allahu salatu salam, and the benefits that

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come from these words, because of the wisdom you had earlier salatu salam.

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This is a story that you find in every single culture, it's told a little bit differently, a little bit differently. And I liked the Western version of it actually more than like any other version of it. And it helps us understand his name, subhana wa, tada, and Hakeem,

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because these days, it's a little bit different difficult to do that. I guess for many people, they struggle with maybe understanding the wisdom of what they see. And here's how the story goes.

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A man

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would have a has a barn has a ranch basically, as a ranch. And within that ranch, he has some horses, and he has a neighbor. So one day, the door of the of the stable would open and the horses would would all all run out of his ranch, you lose them all. So the neighbor will come and say, Wow,

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what a horrible thing that just happened to you. So his answer would be

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who knows?

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So the man would walk away feeling so weird response. The next day, these horses that left would come back to their stable and with them a wild stallion. That is worth a lot of money. So the neighbor would come back again, and you say, Wow, what an amazing thing. You just have a stallion that can. So his response would be who knows? Now he's getting a little bit upset. So he goes,

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the next day, his son is trying to tame the stallion, the stallion steps right on his leg and breaks his leg. So the man comes back and says, Oh my gosh, what a horrible thing that just happened to your son.

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So he says, who knows.

00:22:42 --> 00:22:47

And now he wants to move away. He doesn't want to he doesn't want this neighbor anymore. The next day,

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the military of that area comes and they want to take all the young people to war, but this kid's leg is broken. So they don't take him. So he kind of said, Wow, what an amazing that that happened to you. And he says, who knows. But I can go on with the story for you until tomorrow morning. I can continue to tell you pieces of the story. And until tomorrow I will not be done. And what this man is saying of course, because this story is faithless in nature, but it still has the same idea that I want you to understand, is faithless in nature is that we don't know, you know, what's best for you. You know? How do you know what's best for you? You do not? You want certain things? That's

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okay. You want certain things you sit there and y'all give me this and y'all give me that? Do you know if it's gonna be good for you or not? Aside from the fact that you ask your Lord subhanho wa Taala for hedaya? Or you ask him for agenda? Or you ask him for which are the things that you're supposed to ask him for? Which are the things that assume that to ask only for those things, and not for others things but we do and that's okay. You're not told not to. You're not commanded. You can't ask for other stuff, your house, your car, your

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beautiful food, or food and for me, for my spouse, oh, you know, they're gonna make you happy. You know, you don't you just know that you want them. And that's okay. You know, you want them I'm not saying that's wrong, but you don't know if they're gonna make you happy or not. You don't know if you'll be miserable with this person or the happiest couple on Earth, you have no idea. You don't know. You don't. But someone does.

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But someone does. And the fact that he does shouldn't be enough for you should be enough that he knows Subhana wa Tada.

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But more importantly, that he uses his wisdom, which Elijah who in what actually occurs. So when you see something occurring, and you don't see, see there's two pieces of this puzzle that you have to understand they're really important. Number one,

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everything he commands you to do is wise everything. Everything he commands you to do is purposeful. Do not look I need you to change the lens through which you see the commands of Allah Subhanallah they're not restrictions and stop seeing them like that. They're not burdens or restrictions. That is a really poor way of seeing what Allah has commanded you commanding you to do. These are actions that are beneficial strictly for you. He doesn't get anything out of this

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depending on what's out and this is for you, when this is haram is not haram because Allah subhanaw taala I was born and had nothing else to do so we decided to toy with you here, don't do this. You want to do it you can't do it no gender, gender and Allah. No, this is helpful. This is the best command that suits you. Not doing this is going to be beneficial for you. Maybe you can't see it right now but it is and following this command is going to be in within your best interest. There is no difference between Allah subhanaw taala commanding us to do something and we're feeling Why are you telling why are you restricting us then a child? They don't difference between a child and their

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parents. It's the same thing. You sit with your child and you explained to them Yeah, habibi. You need to sleep early. And you need to get up earlier and you need to read the Quran everyday and you need to do well at school. Now they feel that you're just a dictator who was taking away their ability, their liberty, of course, you live in a country that that reinforces this this BS Forgive me that you're taking away my liberty? No, why not? I want to make sure that you grew up to be a functional human being. Because if I don't, because you don't know what's best for you yet, you just don't. You know what, I don't love you more. If I don't love my kid more if I let them play video

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games all day and sleep in and eat whatever they want and not go to school. That is being a poor parent. That child should be removed from my custody, because they don't do it. I don't know what I'm doing with them. Even though for the child. This is the best father ever is the best person in the history of fathers videos, we do whatever I want.

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Because they don't know what's best for them. Because they don't know they don't have the wisdom. They don't have to know what's actually going to they're going to need in their lives. They don't understand the world and what the world requires in order for you to be successful within it. They don't. I do so there's no difference. Allah subhana wa Tada. He knows he knows what the human race requires what they need, so he drew some lines don't do stay away from Xena stay away from Hummer. Stay away from lying and killing and mistreating people stay away from all of these things. You stay away from this stuff. And you live well. You live well. He recited in Surah Imam Bill Salah you're

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still killing nuestra

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Lille use Allah. That's how he described Islam. We're going to ease you into the ultimate ease. He called Islam and you saw the ultimate ease. How is this the ultimate ease Oh is 100% The ultimate ease.

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If you don't do this, your life will only be difficult and only get more and more difficult. And if it doesn't get difficult for you now, it will be difficult for people later.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:57

Because it's not just about you. It's about the generations that will come after you as well. So we're going to help you find your way to do that which will bring ease to you is yes, you'll there is more ease in having a true connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. Living piously then being on a yacht with a lot of wealth, throwing it on booze and drugs and *. This is no it's not you think they're happier, they're not you think they're doing better they're not. They're not it just for a moment seems like they are because you're taking a snapshot and you can't zoom out.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:38

When a child sees another child playing, he thinks he's happier is, is just for a moment in time, you're gonna be happier, you study hard, you become more successful, you'll be happier, they wanted to just do it. Don't be don't be fooled by the snapshot in time that you're looking at, you have to have more wisdom than that you have to be able to zoom out. The second piece is that there are things that we will never understand the wisdom for and we have to be okay with that. We have to be okay that Allah subhanaw taala animals, he knows the vibe. And his wisdom is attached to that to his wisdom. subhanaw taala is always also attached to the fact that sleep there are things that we don't

00:28:38 --> 00:29:04

know, and we don't understand, and we don't have access to and heal my eczema to mean things you cannot you cannot assess the wisdom of you don't know, why is this happening to the people of God? I don't know. Why would an earthquake hit the turkey in Syria and kill a couple of 1010s of 1000s of people? I don't know. I don't know what the wisdom is there. Why do children get sick and die at a young age? What Why does oppression I don't know why these things happen?

00:29:06 --> 00:29:07

I don't have an answer for you.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:38

But I do know that Allah subhanaw taala is ill Hakeem. He is the all wise Whoa, come on. Hacking in is the wisest of all rule givers. So I accept. And I follow and I continue to watch and I know I know at the end it will all come together. I know on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will bring it all together will make perfect sense that thing and everything will be dealt out proportionately to what actually occurred and justice will be served and we will see and understand why Allah Subhana Allah put things the way he put them.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:53

There's a full sewer in the Quran. Kazuto saw further talks about that within it, Ibrahim within that sewer as the only sewer where Abraham is commanded go slaughter your son. Because how is Ibrahim going to make sense of that?

00:29:54 --> 00:29:58

How is it bro? He makes sense of that. Go ahead, try

00:29:59 --> 00:30:00


00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

your only son go.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:32

You don't think Abraham had like 50 comebacks? You don't think Abraham had in his mind a million ways to say this makes zero sense? Why would I kill him? He's a kid. He's my only kid. Well, how is this good? How is this playing and me taking my son and slaughtering with my hand? How it explained to me how this is? He didn't. If you read through the software that there is no comeback. Nothing. He just goes, he just tells his son. Here's what I was told to do. This is what I was told to do. Yeah.

00:30:34 --> 00:30:47

Yeah, but if I took my oh my father do what you were commanded. So did you do any insha Allah Who meno Sabeti? You'll find me persecuting Muslim. They both submitted within loadall Jabeen. And he put his his forehead on the on the slaughtering table.

00:30:49 --> 00:31:24

And Allah subhanaw taala are they now who will be they've been hanging out with him? And he was it wasn't about that. But Abraham did not he didn't objective and ask questions or their profits in other in other moments, there's a lot of back and forth. Musa is I'm speaks to Allah subhanaw taala asked questions. Ibrahim in other places. areni. Ibrahim himself would say show me how do you how are you? How do you resurrect? I need to know I believe I need to see it. How do you do it? I can't I don't understand how you do it. I want to see how you do it. So he told him when he was told to slaughter his son, not a word. Because that was a test of his belief and acceptance of Allah

00:31:24 --> 00:31:59

subhanaw taala is wisdom. So he accepted he didn't he knew this was a test of Do you believe you accept the loss pounce on it? Hakeem? Yes, I do. I'll do whatever I'm told to do. How do you live by this beautiful name, Allah and he was very important without understanding Allah subhanaw taala. And Hakeem, there is going to be a piece of your deen that will be ever lost. There's a piece of your deen that will be forever lost if you don't understand his name and hotkey and accept that he is ill Hakeem. So the name 78. You'll see 78 is a high frequency name. As we go through the other names that I gave you the frequencies, there'll be much some names will be once in the Quran, and twice

00:31:59 --> 00:32:23

and three times. And Hakeem high frequency. It's always there. It's attached to everything. And when everyone said every couple of days I'll come and talk to you about a name. And I'll say the name that came with it the most its malign Hakeem and here's why, because you need to understand it. Because through his wisdom, this name can be understood. Through his wisdom, this name can be appreciated through this through his wisdom, subhanaw taala. You can comprehend better other names. It's a name that is there

00:32:24 --> 00:32:40

and has extreme importance in how we view the world and how we view ourselves that it's There's wisdom in it all. Even if I can't see it. Even I don't understand why things are happening, why they're suffering, why they're dying the way they are. You'll see. It'll, it'll come around. On the Day of Judgment, it will be all clear to you.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:45

You live through Allah subhanaw taala wisdom by learning wisdom.

00:32:46 --> 00:32:57

By following hikma to Bala to movement, wisdom is what every movement is continuously looking for. That's what we're seeking out in life. We're trying to find it wherever it may be, whoever carries it, not a problem.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:03

Use wisdom to make the correct choices. Spread wisdom amongst people.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:32

And then finally, you trust Allah subhanaw taala as wisdom even if you don't see it in your life, even if you've come to the end of your life and you still don't see it it's okay. You'll see it your milk do you see it your milk em? Are you okay with that? That's why you're Muslim and that's what allows you to be Muslim is that acceptance of his wisdom subhanho wa Taala before the end of your life and then seeing it on the Day of Judgment. I hope that was a benefit to you. So Pagla be Huntington Allah, Allah Allah and to stop living to Lake wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Allah Allah Nabina Muhammad in earlier Socrates man

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