Tom Facchine – Strive To Be Humble – It’s All From Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of humility and learning from others to reduce one's ego and increase one's humility. They also mention the mythology of a homeless person and the need for diverse relationships in society. The speaker suggests that humility and diversity in relationships are necessary for humility and humility in general.
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Being humble is extremely important, and very difficult.

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And I'm not trying to act like an expert, I don't have it all figured out. But there are certain things that I think you can do to try to become more humble.

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One of them is getting in the habit of saying, I don't know.

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I don't know, even if you know, even if you think, you know,

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if you even just start out a response to something with I don't know,

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that can be something that, you know, reduces the ego minimizes the ego increases your humility, learning from other people, putting yourself in a situation where you're the student, where you need guidance, right, this is hard on the left, so we don't want that. We want to be calling the shots, right? Letting someone have their way, even when you think they're wrong.

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Spouses included, children included, is a very humbling experience. No, trying as much as possible to be truly grateful. And realize that even those good things that your neffs wants you to get proud about are not you. They're not you. They're the toughest of Allah. They're just the fact that Allah allowed you to have this little bit of success. And if he wanted to, he could make it disappear in an instant.

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These are the things that I think you know, I'm sure that there are there are others. But these are the things that springs to mind. As far as humbling yourself, spending time with people who are in tougher situations than you. That's a big thing.

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People who are homeless, people who are addicts, people who are, you know, real people.

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It makes you humble. It makes you appreciative, what you have, it makes you realize when you start talking to people see we have a mythology in America that makes us that damages us spiritually, okay, we think that that homeless guy on the street and that addict on the street is only there because of his own choices. And we think that the person living in the castle on the hill is only there because of their own choices. And that's just false.

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In theology and Islamic theology, that's absolutely false. That's by the will of Allah. And Allah might be keeping that person poor, so that that person gets to Jenna. And Allah maybe keeping that person rich, because if they weren't rich, they would fall into sin and etc, etc. Right? And if you get to know people, you actually talk to people, homeless people on people who are poor, you realize that some stuff happens to people that's just completely beyond anybody's control is the will of Allah. Maybe the person made some mistakes along the way, okay, sure, who hasn't? Who hasn't. But some people's mistakes,

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results in situations that are just beyond what they could have achieved by themselves to the positive and the negative. Right. And so when you kind of move in the circles and you have a broad band of people, you shouldn't just hang out with the same types of people. If you are, let's say for example, you're you're

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a professional person, from a certain part of the world, etc. You should not just be hanging out with other professional people from that part of the world. You need to have diverse relationships. You need to have people who are not professional, that are laborers, right in your circle. You need to have students who are in your circle, you need to have other people who are in your circle, and that's something inshallah that can help you with humility.

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