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Alhamdulillah alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala via email mursaleen. While early he was happy he has made a bad

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lesson Abdullah

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said instead of the DRC about the man who came and advises people to follow the,

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the soul who was there and the the three rows over there, Allah subhanaw taala said about him paillette collegian

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it was said to him enter the den.

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remind myself a new

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that Allah, Allah says in the Quran when Zuzana scenario the filler agenda the thoughtless

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will have to do in a llama Tao.

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Allah Allah said only the one who has been freed from the jahannam and entered into the agenda is successful.

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But fast,

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might have had to dunya Illa Mata over

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the life of this world is a deception

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is nothing but a deception. I'm Al Haddad jr ilimitado

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so how do you envision

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as a happy a young Xavi was dying?

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And they came to the Zola, Zola, Zola, please come, he's dying. So soon as there was no one there.

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And this man was on his bed.

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So I asked him, What is your condition?

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He said, Yeah, that's a lie. I hear the monitor.

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And I hope for the forgiveness and mercy of Allah.

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And this is the position of the Muslim vinyl hopefully wattana between the fear of Allah and hope for the mercy one.

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It is neither in this extreme, where there is so much fear that it results in despair. Nor is it in this extreme where a man continues to do I have and continues to commit sin until allow offering

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that is not the person or Muslim. The position of the Muslim is between these two extremes in the middle, where he fears that all his good deeds may be worthless, if they are not accepted.

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So he does good and he makes Toba.

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He does good and he makes over

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and on the other hand,

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he fears he hopes for the mercy of Allah. So that even if you covered some sin, He has the hope that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive him and also describe this in the Quran. Well as Raja Raja Jaffa you know, man, his mythology.

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for me, Morocco, Morocco, Allah subhanaw taala describe those people and he said, These are the people who wake up from their sides in the night,

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in the middle of the night, not to where it was

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in the middle of the night, who wake up in the night. And we stand with our loss manager by no hope, between fear and hope. I'm not gonna spend from what we have given them.

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And what happens to them.

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Further data more enough, so Mao, yellowman, karate iron jezza, American Ramadan, and lesson if they knew what we have prepared for them. As a reward for this, it would be the coolness of the rise, as well as rock solid intruders all amongst us people who live their whole lives between hope and Tama,

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who stand in the night, every single day of their lives. It will have into Allah subhanaw taala guides is a very, very dear friend of mine, called Nick Adams, some of you may have heard me I've mentioned him in my lectures and so on is my first boss in Ghana. Nick Adams is in the terminal state of cancer now. Alone, he knows how long he has to live in New York. His wife is with him and his sister in law, his wife, sister, they live in the same apartment, they look after.

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And I mentioned to my brother in law, Dr. Ali, that he is in the states and so on and so forth. So please go and talk to him and you know, see. So Allah Allah actually wants here the via e la serata mustafi.

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He goes there. He speaks with him about his medical condition, and so on and so on. And then he gives him though he says, What do you say this is what is Islam and this is Allah subhanaw taala and so on and so forth and everything else? And he says, Do you believe he says, yes.

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So he said that you are Muslim, did you have to do or do you want to accept Islam? He says yes.

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Because why visiting that? He says, What about you? Yes. The sister in law is sitting looking on the other side, she's on a computer. She's looking at the computer. So the wife says to sister in law, definitely

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What about you?

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So Nick's? alysus maybe doesn't he didn't hear what I was saying because he's on the computer as he turns around Jesus, I heard every single word you said.

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I can play back for you every single thing you said. So his wife Kathleen says, What do you think? What about you? She says I'm ready. And all three of them take Shahada just like that. One now.

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Just somebody comes and says, This is Latin accept Islam. Tell them

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on the same day at the same minute, so how Alhaji Allah knows how long yesterday well I know that Allah we have to do there's no guarantee that somebody in Terminal case of cancer is going to die before me know.

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You don't need a terminal getting canceled right.

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And at that time, what is the only thing which is important? Taylor collegian

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Taylor college, will this be told about us?

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Will it be told was entered

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as well as Rancho de la jolla to make this our cutter

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that it be told to us in Java

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it will be told to us enter this and

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then we are successful. This whole life and everything in it

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is dependent on that final minutes.

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And that is where the novel Allah will have it

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isn't the word of the day it is based on the ending? How does it end?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our own life in such a way that our ending is uneven, our ending isn't always our ending is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and it will return to us thrill of college and go into prison. ask Allah Allah for I asked Allah swatara this for all of you for myself, for all your families, my family

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and ask Allah this for all those of us who have gone before. And for all those of us who are willing to go because we are going to go We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to remember him. He asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect his budget, and all those who are in it, and to give us as much as hours and filled with his number on sand with a digger continuously and constantly. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to join us all together on the Day of Judgment under the shade of his ash. And then in general for those are Allah in the company of Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhan Allah bigger a villager tmic who was Salam ala mercerie