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It seems like we are endlessly dealing with Islamophobia and the misrepresentation of Muslims. In this lecture Saad Tasleem talks about similar (if not harsher) trials that the Prophet ï·º faced and endured through.


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The speaker discusses the loss of support from the Prophet after the death of a woman named Khadija and the painful experiences of the people who lost their loved ones and their families. They emphasize the importance of not being the most beloved people in the world being tortured and the need for people to be patient during stressful periods. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing trials as a means of achieving their goals.

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Navy in our safety

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in our

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the life of the prophet to the lover it

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is a life that very few words can actually do justice do. And I was thinking of the catalog adjectives that I could use to describe how amazing the life of the prophet to love was. And we'll go here I ran out of words, I could come up with a way to truly do justice to how amazing the life of the Prophet Mohammed said a loved one was, and to live today in the Sunnah of the Prophet said, a loved one.

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And so I would say, the life of the sector, is simply astounding. The life of the Prophet, Allah

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is simply astonishing. every single aspect of his life is amazing. There is nothing that you look at the life of the person, you're not in, whether it be his character, whether it be his patient, whether it be His mercy for the people, whether it be how much he cared for the people that he was calling to, whether he would help us to process a loved one endured, whether it be his relationships, whether it be the way he treated, those who are older than him and younger than him, every single aspect of the life of the project that

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is downloading, and to how all of that leads us to believe that indeed, we can take nothing short of the fact that the life of the Prophet

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is miraculous. And just one aspect of the life of prophets, I send them is the fact that now, sitting here today, 1500 1400 1500 years later, we can go back to the life of the prophets that love writing within them, and draw parallel, we can look at the situation that we are in today. And we can always go back to the life of the Prophet what happened to above where it was setting up, and we can find inspiration. And we can find something that keeps us going, as I said,

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that goes certainly in the messenger of law, there is a superior example for you. Meaning anything that is happening in your life. Anything that you are going through any problems that you're dealing with, there is a solution in the life of the Prophet Mohammed, I think you would send them. And now today, when we find ourselves as Muslims dealing with challenges, living as a minority in America, or in the West, and to Canada, I know a lot of Muslims. It's time to go by and then weeks go by and we ask ourselves, when is it going to get better? When is the Sabbath over here? All this stuff? When is it gonna die down? When is Bill O'Reilly finding a date? Okay, you know what, I've seen

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enough. And I now understand that Muslims are peaceful people, when is it going to happen, and to have a lot in this situation, we can once again go back to the life of the Prophet.

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And know that as tough as we have it today. It is nothing compared to the life that the prophets of love, it was the test of the trials of the Prophet Muhammad, and his companion, his loved ones went through are far beyond what we can even imagine. And this is why we have the ideal scenario.

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The love that I mentioned a party, where he asked the province. And he said, Oh, you're full of luck. And you know,

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who amongst the people are tested in the most severe way, and the prophets have replied, and cumbia is the profit.

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And then it is those are most likely the profits. And what we've learned from this

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is that the closer one is to the profit, so alone,

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the more a person will be tested. And that the Prophet said, It was said that a person is tested, I have to be DB according to the level of their religion, the stronger their connection with our data, the greater their test will be. And it's something that the Prophet said above already use the importance of and this is why if you look at the life of the prophet to license, there is an example for almost any test that you can possibly be going through. And this is why the life of the President, as I said, is so amazing. It's so simple.

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From the very first of the province that I said, no human being born without a father in being born in his mother dying at young age can be korfin, at a young age can be brought up in a household without privilege, his wife was just like, full of tests. And even when the message of Islam came, it was the wife wants to come out, have tested him over and over and over again. And all you have to do is look at what is known as

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the year of sorrow for the prophets of love. And

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what was the year of sorrow, the year of sorrow for the profits of the love system, or the year of grief for the Prophet. So my system was with his beloved wife, the love of his life, Khadija with the love that I have passed away, the support that kind of his household, the loving wife that he had was all of a sudden taken from him. And on top of that, his beloved uncle, who thought it was taken from him as well. So not only did he lose his emotional support, he lost his physical and financial support as well. And it is at a time like that where the profits have

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felt an immense amount of grief. And the restrictions on the process. companions

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had only gotten more severe in Japan a lot faster A lot of people don't understand is that who came after a Berlin as the leader of the Malaysian leader of a passion, it was a Boogeyman. And those were the people who were left behind to control what is happening with Muslims and the profits of

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them. And in that moment of feeling, restricted, constricted, and that moment of feeling like there is no one there to support him, that profit

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goes to a nearby town, where you have thought maybe, maybe this will be a tower where the people will support me, and he walks on foot all the way to this tower. Notice,

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he entered this tower, calling the people to pleading with the people to accept the message of

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pleading with the people to accept the worship, we'll look

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at how they reply, the reply with getting their children not themselves, not themselves, not the elders, their children, to Detroit in disgrace the prophets, I send them they gathered their children, and they helped him with rocks, and throw shoes at him, do whatever you can do to disgrace this man.

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And in those moments, as the Prophet

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is walking out of the beauty of life, there is blood flowing down the blessings base of the prophets of love where it was in them. And there are narrations that mentioned that the feet of the Prophet has not stopped his shoes, because the blood that have pulled in his shoes had dried. And so he can barely walk. He barely made it outside of the city of

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Rome with the profits that it would send them himself told us that the angel debris was sent to the prophets.

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And the angel who the Prophet says

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that the law has sent you the angel of the mountains, commanded him as you like. And the angel of the mountains come to the prophets of Allah.

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And said, just give me the command. Just tell me and I was watching these people would do mountains, I will raise up to mountains and bring them crashing down upon the people. And you would think that the prophets have a lot of money. In a moment like that, after being humiliated and disgraced when he's doing the work of a loss. You would think that he would say, yes, bring the

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family types. Do we go through hardships in our life? How many times do we see Muslims being oppressed, and we see the hardships, and we asked ourselves, when was the last cup of coffee people, but the process of writing was that that was not like that. He said, leave them for perhaps, out of their progeny, there may be some people who will accept them. Notice the Tagalog didn't even say maybe they will accept them. He said perhaps there will be someone, maybe one person from the progeny of the people that will accept them. This was the mercy of the prophets that will love it. This is what the prophets of the system endured. This is what the process that we went through

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standing next to the deathbed of

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his beloved uncle. One of the main things he wanted to do was just accept it. He would plead outwards, they just they

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may ask for your forgiveness. And in his dying moments, his beloved uncle did not even accept this and will like my brothers and sisters. This is a pain that most Muslims today cannot understand.

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No one understands that pain, that convert or that fever, who is sitting next to their father, or their mother, or their sister or their brothers, and they watch their parents die. They're watching their sibling die off coupon. And they are pleading with the person that brought up. And these allow me to get you in just now. And the person doesn't accept them. That was the pain that the province of Obama it was that it was.

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These were the tests of the profits of,

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as I said, any imaginable test that you can think of the province of alliedsignal went through worse,

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losing a parent, losing a loved one, losing your wife, even losing a child, something that people have described as one of the most painful things they love, protect us one of the most painful things that a human being can witness can go through is witnessing the death of your own child. That is something that the prophets have a lot of reading was that that went through, he held his Sunday volume in his hands. Next is just as God breathed his last breath. That was the profits of the system. That was the trial. That's definitely the trial that the Prophet

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went through. Not only physical, not but emotional trials. We know how the prophets of Allah was persecuted. But we know that the profit center we have numerous narrations in which we see how they're

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treated, the prophets of life ended up in one narration, the prophet

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is praying next to the Kaaba, and other gender sees the prophets of the Lord.

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And he turns his friend, and he says, Do you guys know the camel that was slaughtered the other day, who amongst you will go grab that candle, grab the intestines, grab the stomach and the fetus of the towel and go put it on the back of Mohammed, civilize them. And one of them gets up, he walked all the way to the capital that has been killed. And he brings the intestines and the feeling of the dead Campbell, and he puts it on the back of the body.

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And the narrator says,

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stay in touch

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the whole time, until,

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until she came until someone had told us that your father is being abused in this way. And she came in with your blessing. And she removed this bill from the back of the province.

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This is what the process that have endured. The process would have a Buddha walking two steps behind him, screaming to the people yelling to the people do not listen to this man because he's a liar. He is a soothsayer. He is a magician, of hula people stationed on the outskirts of Mecca, telling anyone who is entering the city of Mecca, there is a man by the name.

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Make sure you don't come across him. If you see him, put your fingers in your ears. And they would pass out cotton to give to people just so they wouldn't be able to listen to the message of the process. And so our brothers and sisters, when I hear people say that this is the toughest that ever had it

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was long, it's not true. Times are tough, and times are easy. And

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that do the people think that they will be left alone, simply because they think we believe

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And we most certainly tested those who came before them. And this was the process and not only was it the profits, I said it was the companions of the process. And you know what's

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creepy about how the how the person's compassion for were tested with that, that for a human being is emotionally more difficult. If someone comes in harmed you, maybe you can be patient, maybe you can sustain that type of trial. But imagine now you have to witness your most beloved people in the world being tortured in front of you. There's nothing you can do about that.

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They would take this beloved companion to the process and lay them out in the sun. in the hot sun 120 130 140 degrees out in the sun, they would put a burning hot boulder on top of his chest until he can barely breathe.

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He said that when I was being tortured like that, the only thing that would bring me some type of relief was my own blood and meaning the coolness of my own blood. And pus was the only thing that brought me a little bit of relief. These were the companions of the above when going through the pain, he would go to the profit center and he would say

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When will be helpful to us our data, and the processor will require above and he would say, Be patient, for indeed the nation that came before you that people will be tortured, they would be solid in half. And they would remain patient, that people would be raped with knives, and you'll be patient, their skin will be laid off of their bodies, and they will remain patient. So be patient,

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because of your love, their angle, your

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torture, so many of you love that. And as we just heard towards you're the first person to be martyred. This woman who gave her life for

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her body, torture unimaginably, we have a debate over

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who said about himself, he said, there's not a hand span of space on my body I have spent that's about this too much. Because there's not a head span of space on my body, except that there is a work from my wounds that I sustained while defending it now with the profits that have been riding with him, his whole body covered in blue, and even what private areas are covered. That is how much the capacity of the province that will cover any game for this team. So how can we now have a lot that we have a ton, and we have profits too much. I tell you all this, not to make you feel bad, not to make you feel like you're nothing compared to nothing compared to Can I tell you this, to read

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your email, I tell you this, to raise your honor and your courage, and know that anything that we are going through today is nothing compared to what the competitors are going through, what's the profit that we went through, and what they sacrificed for the sake of our brothers and sisters in the testament.

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There is actually goodness brought a lot of people for our own good. One of the reasons why a lot of it that is a was love, Grace and intensity, meaning if we are being tested by last era, it is a sign that the last kind of a God loves us, in the end the prophets of love

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that a person is tested according to the level of their demands. And the greater the test, the greater the reward for the love. And they will love the people, he will test those people, but rather a lot, test us because maybe he wants to remove some of our things, as we know that maybe

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they're not a single calamity or illness or hardship and even discomfort comes to us and are removed some things from us because of that even the critic of a thorn, that we have our sins removed because of that.

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It may be that they're going through hardships today that you as an individual, we are adjusting in our own way. Certainly every single human being is tested, our tests are not all the same, but they're all tested, maybe

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it's testing you to bring you closer to him. Because

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this is something I can tell you personally, one of the most intense spiritual moments that you can ever experience in your life is when you sincerely call out to us and cry out to a lot they owe a lot. I know that no one in this moment can help me that you are the only one who can help me in this moment. That is the type of spirituality that very, very few people actually get to experience. And this is our take when you are tested. And you are in that moment and you're crying out to

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be thankful for that test. Because it is that test that may be bringing you closer to Allah, Allah, how many people because of their sin got closer to us, because of their hardship and their difficulty. And they've been and when they made that thing, they came closer to us. And so our brothers and sisters, I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes. And this is a quote Jim was not even take me out.

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He said perhaps a calamity that comes upon you is better than a blessing. Is it perhaps a calamity hardship? A trial the last kind of data that comes upon you is better than a hardship or perhaps it is because of this calamity that you begin to remember often with data and if you are giving something good, you may have forgotten last. So rest assured

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that it is

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time and will lie as I said we are all going to our test and trial.

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testers and try this differently. Just like the companions of the Prophet system were tried. Likewise we will be tested and tried as well as Allah, Allah described as the best of example for us in every aspect of our life in IPv with this

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Whatever you're going through in your life, whatever is happening, your ups and your downs, whether it be in your relationship, whether it be your private life, whether it be at work, whether it be on a global level on the level of our food, and watching your brothers and sisters suffering, and so on so forth, take solace in the profits of life. And this is why to tell other scholars of the past, one of the things that they would do is that every year, they would renew their studies of the figure of the province of love, and it was not because they didn't know to live with them, it's because every year they needed that uplifting moment for themselves, where they come across the

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fields, they come across the life of the province.

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And they are raised up in spirit. And

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the person who is

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the wife of the person of the one who doesn't access, the life of the province of a one writing system is indeed missing out on a very, very big means of getting closer to about

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one of the most asked questions that I get is what can I do to raise my demand? One of the pieces that I wouldn't advise that I do is go read the light of the process and go look at the life of the prophet to love it and reflect upon the life of the prophets. Otherwise, we have to make us firm in these kinds of tests and trials. We have

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to help us recognize our trials as a loved one.

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Good luck