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Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The importance of pursuing spiritual teachings and strong personalities is emphasized in a historically specific person and a historically specific person. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu lost his name and appearance due to being allied to Afghanistan, but he wanted to be the King of heaven. The interviewer discusses the Prophet's behavior, including his visit to a baritor and a woman with a mark on her shoulder. The interviewer also touches on the importance of the Prophet's peace be upon him and his desire to become the King of heaven.
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Morning Malik Warahmatullah wabarakatuh May Allah subhanaw taala His peace and blessings be upon you. And welcome to our program with the followers my turban. Before I start talking about today's character, I want to talk for a minute about Ramadan. This past year wasn't an easy year, it was a difficult year, a lot of events. They are both going through things and things. And God willing it will be to what's good, and to new renaissance and to what's better. But I'm also talking on a personal level, on a human level, we've been worn out psychologically and mentally, we've been so tense, our psychological balance has just been all over the place. We really need Ramadan this year,

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we really, really need to worship we need to pray. If we picture the soul to be 30 parts every night and Ramadan adds a bit to complete our soul. It wanted to breathe and to be at peace and maintain its balance. If we imagine the faith is 30 parts every night in Ramadan adds a bit to your faith to complete it. So you can restore your confidence in your faith and your psychological balance. Will law here we really need to worship this Ramadan, specifically, this Ramadan is different from all the past ones.

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Let's go now after saying the word, this word about Ramadan, let's go to the followers. If you really want to feel the followers, listen, the Prophet peace be upon him gave a great idea and companions adopted this idea. This idea is full of morals and virtues, honoring one's parents and understanding the real meaning of life and not indulging in it. Great manners, great, great virtues.

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And we can come and say, well, these people lived with the companions. So they have to believe in these idealistic ideas. It's normal, right? But no, there have to be a generation that would come after them that would apply these great ideas. So no one can have an excuse. This is why the followers generation is very important. This generation can let you say, oh, but we can be like the prophet or the companions.

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How about the followers. And that's why today's episode is about a follower who will teach you to grit to do great things in sha Allah. But before we start talking about him, let me tell you something, or ask you something. What's the biggest lesson learned from fasting? Don't indulge in life fast so that the value of life minimizes in your heart? Don't indulge? What's this life anyway? Dress up well, and have money and have a decent car and go out enjoy yourself. But in here, life is the small. All is okay. Whatever happens, it's okay. Don't indulge in it. That's the biggest lesson in fasting. Ask yourself, why don't you fast and feel hunger, so that you don't get engrossed in

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this life?

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Now, that's our story. And that's, by the way related to these words that I just told you. He's a follower. He's the only follower Actually no, he's the only person I'm testing you now to see who's going to know this person. He's the only person in the entire humanity. They did not live with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Yet the Prophet peace be upon him mentioned his name, and what he looks like, and his exact description and everything about him. Angel Jibreel peace be upon him came down to the Prophet Muhammad, and told him he looks so and so. And he has a mark so and so on his left shoulder, and he dresses up like so and so, and his characteristics are so and so. And his

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mother is so and so. What is this? Who is this person, like the Prophet Muhammad SAW is alimonies like he said, By Allah Constantinople will be conquered, and the best of leaders is the leader of the army that will conquer it. But he never said who he was. He never mentioned his name. Of course now we know it's Mohammed Fattah. But the Prophet Muhammad didn't say his name. Today's follower is the only one that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said his name and his description and his temperaments. Who is this? Anyone guess who he is? And not just that. He said something unbelievable to the Companions? What did he say? He said, If any of you were alive, and met him, ask him to make

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dua or supplication for him. Can you imagine? Did any man guess who this person is? Okay, I'll tell you. His name was always so corny. But who was this? I've never heard this name. Wasel corny. He's from Yemen, and His full name is always above

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Mohamed El carne almoradi, a tribe called neurod, and a branch of this tribe is called Colin from Yemen. Wasel countries father died when he was young, and his mother raised him when he turned 10. It was the time the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam emigrated from Mecca to Medina. And how long did the Prophet stay in Medina 10 years. So when the Prophet passed away, he was 20 years old ways of cognate. But he never met the Prophet Muhammad SAW your Salam. And that's why he's a follower. He's not a companion. He never saw the Prophet Muhammad. So what's his story? And what's the secret? Why is a waste of money the only one after the companions that the Prophet Muhammad Ali

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Salam would mentioned?

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Because he has two secrets. They are the key to the story. The first thing he doesn't indulge in life, life to him is worthless, nothing. Dunya leadership. The second thing he honors his mother in an unbelievable manner better than me. You're better than me.

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Do you see? I'm giving you here to secret so the only person that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever mentioned him by name? Do you want to be like him?

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To things, honors his mother greatly. And to him, life is worthless. This is a secret that made him deserve to be mentioned that but by the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, let's see his story and hear from the Prophet Muhammad because he's the one who told the story. What's the story? The Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam is sitting with whom he's sitting with the companions. There's a bar writer sitting and below, and they're from the poor companions, but who else is sitting with them. They're still sitting together. There was no differentiating between rich and poor, who's also sitting over in the hot tub, and Ali ibn Abi Talib, and other companions, but to remember these names because

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they're very important names in the story. As you'll see as we go along. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim tells the Companions a man will enter upon you through the store tomorrow, and he will pray with you. He's a man from the people of heaven. Raju woman added Jana. So Maria says, I ran the next day in fajr prayer, and I prayed in the first row behind the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam, hoping in myself that this is me he was talking about and as the Prophet Muhammad says, straight in euros for the prayer, I kept going like this, like this strike to stand out. And as if I'm telling him, are you going to say it's me or Prophet Muhammad. And then he led the prayer and sat. And so

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the people wanted to leave left, and they started to leave. But people wanted to know who who wants to want to know that who this person is that the Prophet Muhammad Ali said was talking about Abu Hurayrah and the horrible hottub and Helene Abi Talib and Belen to from the rich and to from the poor, and a few more people. But still, the Prophet didn't point out any of them to be that man who was going to be from an agenda or the people of heaven. And then after a while, a man entered upon them in worn out garments, very poor. Poverty showed on him immensely. The Prophet peace be upon him stood up for him. Subhanallah there's so much more emotion between the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa

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salam, and the poor, such love and simplicity. So the prophets peace face glowed, and he smiled, and we would know if he was pleased with someone, he would smile of smile as if his face was the moon itself. So the Prophet stood up for him and smiled and hugged him. Then he told the prophet peace be upon him, make dua for me or supplicate for me. So the Prophet peace be upon him, raised his hands and said, Oh Allah, write him among the people of for those are the highest heavens, and let him be with Me in Heaven. And then the man left. So Abu Hurayrah said, I asked the Prophet peace be upon him, is he a Hua rasool Allah? Is he the one you told us about yesterday? He said, Yes, Abu

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Hurayrah. So I said, but oh prophet of Allah. He's a poor slave owned by so and so. And he works for him. So he said, it's him Abu Hurayrah. So I said, potential freedom or profitable law. So he said, but what can I do about Hurayrah? If that's what's destined for him from this life, he's poor, but on the day of judgment, he is saved. Allah subhanaw taala has saved for him a rank that is for kings. Can you imagine this poor man he has a rank that is for King safer Allah subhanaw taala. Guys, this is not a call to be poor. No, but it's a call if your destiny in this life is poverty, then let your spirituality and morals be very high. If you're poor, preserve your morals and be

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chaste. And a call to those who are rich do not indulge in this life. What's this life? Madi? Dunya so I've already said I kept looking at the man and saying to myself, This man will be a King of the Kings of heaven. So the Prophet peace be upon him told me when he saw me astonished that Allah would let someone this poor being such a rank on the Day of Judgment. Those of you who are rich, don't ever belittle a poor person. And those of you who are poor don't ever underestimate yourself. You never know what you are told us pinata Allah. So again, the Prophet peace be upon him looked at me and Italia Muhammad. And you see how the guy

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During has the poor and the rich. Don't think what I'm saying in the wrong context and think I'm calling everyone to be poor. No, Allah subhanaw taala distributes people's livelihoods and sustenance. And Islam is not a call to poverty but the contrary. Islam is a call to working and exerting effort and being rich, but without filling your heart with dunya or life. So again, the prophet looked at us and said, Oh OBO Hurayrah. They are those from Allah subhanaw taala servants, who Allah subhanaw taala loves and they are dear to him. So I asked Who are they will prophet of Allah, who are those people, the ones who are pure, the ones who worship and do good in secrecy with

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Dusty faces, they don't have silky soft faces, just simple people with skinny stomachs. Their stomachs are sucked in from hunger, unknown on Earth, well known in the heavens, if they're just if they desire to engage someone, they couldn't get married. And if the if sickness fell upon them, no one visited them. And if they were present, they were not recognized by anyone. And if they were absent, they were not missed. And if they died, only a few people prayed and the funeral but to Allah they are so dear. So a borrower said, Leave me to one of them, oh prophet of Allah. So the Prophet peace be upon him said that would be always currently there. Lika always who currently are

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here today. Always so corny. So I told to hammer and hammer look to her Lee. I looked on her sorry. And a Hummer looked at her Lee. Is there a companion called a whistle colony? They thought he meant what the companions? This is the first time he speaks about someone from the following generation. We said we don't know him, and who is always a continual prophet of Allah.

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