Supplication In The Night Of Power #2

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Okay, listen to this hadith. The Prophet peace be upon him says what? Nothing is more honorable to Allah subhanaw taala densification meaning what? Meaning that the most thing that Allah subhanaw taala loves from His servants and honors them with is that they raise their hands and pray to him saying you're on board Europe. The Prophet peace be upon him says what? Mandela? Yes and you're the Bala. He who doesn't ask Allah subhanaw taala his anger was those who can you imagine Allah subhanaw taala gets angry at you for not asking him for your needs. The Prophet SAW Selim says a DUA, who will I bed? supplication is what worshiping is. Just three words supplication is worshiping. How

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about performing solopreneur? Or how about charity and pilgrimage? How is supplication with worshiping is not something that's very strange. What's the meaning of worshiping a bed? What is a worshiper or a servant or asleep a habit, the origin of the word of God or slavery is better. And what does that happen? I mean, when you say your ability, it means the land was enslaved. So I had or a worshiper or slave means submissive or humble and cringing between a las pantallas hands. So what is the purpose or the goal of slavery? Or the purpose of worshiping Allah? What am the purpose of the act of worshiping is that you feel your weakness your need for Him, your humbleness and your

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poverty between Allah subhana wa Johanna's hands? Yeah, you had nurse and tomorrow for Cara, it Allah, Allahu Allah, Danny, you will Hamid. Oh you men, it's you that have need of Allah. But Allah is the one free of all ones and worthy of all praise. So the purpose of worshiping is that you feel your need for Him. So you can't raise your hands and ask him and you returns you're empty handed, right? You're stuck in law and your father had the law here, the two male domes for hotbin Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is embarrassed that his servants raise his hands to him, and he returns them empty, disappointed. What does that mean? It means supplication is accepted a DUA, Mr. Jab,

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buys comprehend. Don't you believe it? Don't you have faith? Why don't you raise your hands and supplicate and make

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a note something why do we supplicate we supplicate for three things or three reasons. Of course one of them is to ask for what we need. But don't ever think that this is the main reason why we supplicate or make that the main reason supplicate is that it's an act of worshipping, approve of our submission and enslavement to Allah subhanaw taala so it has become an order from Allah subhanaw taala to supplicate to him. Even if you don't need anything, oh Allah be pleased with me. So you will supplicate even if you don't need anything because why it's an act of worshipping to Allah subhanaw taala worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. The other reasons supplicate is to learn how to

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humble ourselves and be poor, and feel humiliation and our weakness between his hands. supplication is the best thing to teach you how to be like that, to feel Allah subhanaw taala its glory and how little you are between his hands. So let's look at examples of people who supplicate whose application was accepted. I'm trying really to make you comprehend that supplication is except the Doha booster jab that we just never comprehend that and we never tried to use this weapon. Raise your hands and pray now it could be later to God pray tonight maybe reasonable Llahi all that's left is a couple of days and Ramadan will be over, the chance will be gone. And if you're in need of

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something, and we all are asked for tonight, none of us guarantee for little next Ramadan or not Subhanallah so let's look at the examples of the acceptance of suffocation. You'll see something very strange. And that is the first three chapters of Su or the sewers in the Quran, Al Fatiha Al Baqarah and Alia and Ron, all three of them end with supplication or jihad. And that is due to the greatness of supplication what's the Fatiha and with shows the straightway within a certain was talking the way of those who have zoomed out have been so digress and so on. Again so the the bucket ends with what Robin allowed to ask in the in the scenario of Donna to the end, our Lord condemn us

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not if our if we forget or fall into error, our Lord till the end of the worst. I have not been an enormous amount of unity and unity unity live event amino browbeaten for me and for benefactor, Linda the novena. Our Lord we have heard the call of one calling us to faith, believe in thy Lord and we'd have believed our Lord forgive us our sins till the end. And as if the first chapters of the Quran are telling us what supplication supplication supplication da da is, the ending of the verses supplication, the ending of the deeds is supplication, the ending of the holy month of supplication and the ending of the verse about fasting is supplication. Believe me supplication with

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the solution, the solution to all our troubles and our needs. How can you have such a guarantee tool and not use it? Pray you're gonna have it Oh, and be 100% true that it's going to be accepted. A da Mr. Jobs application is accepted. Okay, let's look at our

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First example. Example Prophet Solomon peace be upon him. He makes a supplication from 1000s of years and it's accepted till this day. Imagine when its application is made and its effect or its impact lasts for 1000s of years. He said, Oh my Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom, which may be suits not another after me, though are the grantor volunteers without measure color a bit fiddly, were heavily molded can lay underneath hadn't been body and neck enter will have. Until this day, no one has the wealth or the kingdom that the kingdom that Solomon had Subhanallah Subhanallah

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Well, Wallace application is such a great tool. He made once application in a moment of sincerity, and it lasted errors and errors and still will to the Day of Judgment. look at another example Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, supplication of him how it was accepted. So many years ago, Rob Mitchell had a better than a million words of Aluna tomorrow, it's, my lord make this a city of peace and feed its people with fruits. How is maca today? How is it? How was it like when he made this application? A bear desert? Right? Could anyone believe that this would be accepted Subhanak Europe who would believe that Solomon who lived 1000s of years ago and asked nowadays with all our

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modern technology, and we can't reach what he reached. So don't tell me Oh, but I don't have the technology. We live in a third world. No excuse Allah subhanaw taala is the king of the heavens and the earth, and He can give whom He pleases. And look at Abraham's pray. He didn't say to himself, this is a bear desert. There is no way it will be forever populated, right? Look at it now. It's the refuge of all believers and will be till the Day of Judgment, to profit security is die or supplication. And he was deprived from having children. And he says my head has flared with white hair and I'm an old man. And my wife has an old barren woman. And he puts his hands up and he prays

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and says what are belatedly for them when the hideaway riffin first the job Nayla who who I haven't allowed we're here with a sloth and Allah was older. And remember as a career when he cried to his Lord, all Lord, leave me not without offspring, though thou art the best of inheritors. So we listen to him, and we granted him Yeah, we cured his wife's Baroness for him the words so we listened to him or we accepted the professor Janella who was mentioned with all the prophets. Look at Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, supplication. 950 years being harassed and hurt by the peace, but by the people, a supplication made by someone oppressed, someone defeated. So what was the first what is

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the verse say, for Donna abueva summit, we met in 100 Wofford journal of the Union, multiple men or umbrella called the so we open the gates of Heavens, with water pouring forth, and we cause the earth to gush forth with springs. So the water is net and rose to the extent decreed. What was it? Why What was this under that quarter or the extent that was decreed what was it because of Doha, so you know, hello, Salam supplication?

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Those of you that don't have kids, those of you who are oppressed, those of you belong to enter heaven. Those of you wish to read it to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala supplication supplication with that, those who wish to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala young man and woman who got closer this Ramadan and wish to stay that way after Ramadan, pray, Oh, Allah strengthened me. Allah keep me on your straight path and stabilize me, please. You're alone? Did you see the Stories of the Prophets? Did you see how Allah subhanaw taala calls us for guidance? If you have another father or mother? Do you pray for them sincerely? Or do you say Oh man, I've prayed for them a lot a

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long time, but there is no use. No, then you don't understand what supplication is. Pray as much as you can. I've seen the strangest things in supplication wonders will lie, the heavenly miracles that Allah subhanaw taala shows us and examples of acceptance makes us astonished. I had a sister I've been praying for since 1991, that will last one autonomy guide her till 2000 and I'm praying, and I didn't see any effect to my prayers. And suddenly in 2000, I found a totally different person. Imagine nine years of supplicating and a miracle happens Subhan Allah door only as the duplicate abora came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam crying, the Prophet asked What's wrong, Abu Hurayrah

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he said my mother, he said What's wrong with her? He said she's denied and defied and cursed you and said terrible things I can see in front of you or prophet, a prophet of Allah pray Allah, that he may guide my mother. You see, Abu Hurayrah knows that the solution to finish this issue is what supplications So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam raises his hands and says, Oh Allah, guide the mother of our operator. So he said, I felt optimistic with the Prophets prayer and returned home. So my mother heard my footsteps by the house and called Who is it? And I heard her voice with the harshness in it. And I said, Abu Hurayrah so she said Stancil mechanic. So I said to myself, she's

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going to scold me like every day. Then she opened the door and said, Listen, Abu Hurayrah I bear witness that there is no God except of

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Law that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. He said, I cried, I cried, is this possible? So I returned to the prophets of SLM crying and said good news. Oh Muhammad of Prophet of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has accepted your supplication and guided Omar Abu Hurayrah. So the Prophet said, Alhamdulillah all Praise to Allah.

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So I said, O Messenger of Allah make another supplication for me. So he said, Go ahead, Abu Hurayrah he said, O Messenger of Allah, pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes me and my mother, beloved by the believers, and make the believers beloved to our hearts. Do you see this application or the prayer he chose? What would you say? Pray I get a lot of money or this car or that house? No, all messenger pray that the believers love us and that we love them. So he raised his hands and said, Oh Allah, make the servant and his mother beloved to the believers, hearts and make the believers beloved to them. Abu Hurayrah said, not a single believer heard of me till the day I died, unless he loved me.

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And not a single believer heard of my mother unless they loved her. And Allah knows that my heart overflows with love to all believers, due to the prophets Allah is seldom supplication. Subhan Allah, I beg you pray supplicate supplication application is accepted? Do you comprehend what I'm saying? Let me ask you. How many times have you supplicated and your application was accepted? Do you remember? Try to recall how many times you raised your hands and prayed from the day you were born 1000s of times, how many were accepted? Many are just a few. You know what happens? Let me tell you what happens. Let me tell you what the shaitan or the devil does. The devil comes right after

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you suffocation has accepted and makes you forget that the reason that what has happened was because your application was accepted. He tells you oh well, good, good. The problem was solved so that you get described and distracted from it and say needless shaitan none but Satan made me forget. Why does he do that? Because if you start linking between the matter of the acceptance, what happened? And between the two actually prayed for this thing to happen? What would your relationship with praying or suffocating be like right? You feel oh my god, every time I pray for something good happens. He doesn't want that. Right? And how eager will you be to make supplication which is the

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most loved action of worshiping to Allah subhanaw taala. So Satan comes at that moment of acceptance and makes you forget and forget that this was due to supplication. And this is an old strategy that Satan has followed with all the worshippers.

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It's clear Satan that you would link between what happened and that you prayed for that matter to happen. Do you even remember what when you prayed for that? Below 1000s of supplication, but Satan makes us forget. Okay. There are certain times that supplication is preferable or accepted more. Yes, of course there is the last third of the night that had prayer people who are up in the last seven days in sha Allah from a dawn, pray during your night Tahajjud prayer supplicates there are people who are up in the McDonald fetch sitting watching series and shows on TVs. This is a time a time of acceptance of supplication, the third night, the third part of the night, a total of hidden

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that laid

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the Prophet peace be upon him says in the night, there's an hour in whichever Muslim worshipper of Muslim worship or servant as Allah subhanaw taala from the goods of this life and the hereafter, unless his supplication is accepted. And Allah gave him what he asked for. We said, O Messenger Allah, what are is that he said, The third part of the night, the third part of the night, go for lady here, go for lady here. The Prophet peace be upon him says, Our Lord, glorified and exalted be He descends each night to the earth sky, when there remains the final third of the night from one to four, approximately the third part of the night and he says, Who is saying a prayer to me that I may

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answer it, who is asking something of me that I may give it to him? Who is asking forgiveness of me that I may forgive him? Please try to send a picture this when the clock strikes, what strikes one or two? Allah subhanaw taala calls upon you upon His servants on Earth? Does anyone have a problem? Does anyone want to repent? Does anyone want to ask for forgiveness? Why is your heart in denial? Why is your heart so harsh like this? Why can't you believe has materialism overtaken your heart to this extent, to the extent that you can feel him or hear him calling you every night and asking you Do you need something? Subhanak your

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what is another preferred time in which application is accepted more while you're frustrating or doing sujood and we do a lot of seafood these days in the last 10 days of Ramadan. The Prophet peace be upon him says what the closest time a word for is from Lord from his Lord is during what is during frustration or during scheduled