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The Story of Nuh – Part 1

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Saramonic Muhammad's Allah here why baraka to have what hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via via the AMA. We are continuing slowly in our projectory in our series of the prophets, destroyers of the series of the prophets. And today in sha Allah Allah, we will begin part one of the next major figure in the Quran. And that is the prophet Nora hottie his Salam. And today's lecture will be somewhat tedious, but it is a necessary step before we proceed onwards. And that is we're going to survey what the Quran and what the Hadith tell us about the Prophet know how to hit Salam. So today's lecture is going to be basically the background information from our textual

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traditions. And then inshallah we'll go on and try to reconstruct and maybe bring in some other aspects as well, of interesting tangents that are necessary for the story. But today, we're going to have to do the part one, if you like, of the longer project of trying to look at the story chronologically, by first giving us the data points, because as I've said multiple times, what we are especially interested in is what the Quran and what our Prophet system said, everything else to me is secondary, actually tertiary, everything else we can take an accept and reject, and we can create critically analyze and whatnot. But if anything is in the Quran, and if is something that is

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confirmed, our Prophet system said, for us, this is what is sacrosanct, and everything else. And this includes, by the way, the reports of the companions, as we said multiple times they took from the Israeli yet they took from the Judeo Christian sources, and we know we can respect you know that tradition, but we don't have to have it binding on us. So we begin the name of the Prophet know how to his Salam, it occurs in the Quran, 43 times 21 of them are in longer sections about his story. And the rest, you know, the rest of them are basically in passing, they're not really Alicia's mentioning a long list of prophets. And Nora has mentioned in there. So we are interested in the

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sections or the passages that give us information about know how to his Salam, as for Allah mentioning a series of prophets, and we sent no and we send Ibrahim and whatnot. Okay, that's there. And definitely it's important to believe and you know, this, but it doesn't give us any extra information other than the prophet nor who was sent. So what do we learn from the Quran about the Prophet know how to his center, we're going to mention some of the primary stories and sections in the Quran. And in some cases, we will go over them verse by verse, because I believe it is important to do so. So the first time that his story is mentioned in somewhat detail, is surah. Tell our off,

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verses 59 to 64. So total are off versus 59 to 64. And in this section,

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it mentions that we sent Nora to his people, and that he called them to worship Allah subhana wa taala, that the Prophet note was accused of being misguided, and he defended himself and he presented his message forcefully as a response. And then his people were destroyed because of the rejection. And Allah save the Prophet Noah and his followers. So sorted out off is one of the earlier sections that were revealed. And by the way, all of the times the Prophet Nora has mentioned it is in the muck, consolas No, there is no reference of no Hydra has Salam in the medina surah is every time meaning the longer I mean, here, the story is that we find in the Quran. As for a brief

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passing mentioned this might be but anytime the story is mentioned in even a little bit of detail, they're all in the muck consumers. Also, what we find here is that the stories of know how to histogram form the dual purpose of number one, teaching us about the past. And number two, every time the story of know how ACM is mentioned, you clearly find within it something that is automatically applicable to the Prophet system and Maccha This is a very interesting motif that without exception every single time the Prophet Nora has mentioned, there are details and the situation is set up such that there are clear parallels to the Quraysh and to the people of Norway,

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and to know and our Prophet salallahu idea he was sending and what is happening to Noah and his people. It is

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As if history is repeating itself, and the same exact thing is happening to our profit system and the Quraysh and in this is constellation to our profit system, you're not the first and in this is warning and threats to the courage to be careful if you don't listen and follow what happened to Nora Hallahan Salman is people will be happening to you as well. And in Surah, Yunus 71, in Surah 71 onwards, we learned that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala tells us that relate to them or prophet the story of noise. If all in your call me he called me in can a couple of it can call me with Ed Biya Tila, if my presence and my reminders to you of Allah are unbearable to you, then know that I have put my

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trust in Allah subhanho wa taala, for urging me to unblock him. So devise a plot against me, along with your false gods, and you do not have to be secretive about your plots, then carry out these plots against me without delay. In other words, what he is telling them if you are so powerful as you claim to be, and if you have the upper hand, then get your false gods if they are real, because they're not real, and you're threatening to implement some torture against me, you're threatening to kill me, you're invoking your gods against me. So know what he's saying, Do what you will. And if your gods can do something against me, I challenge you do what you can ask for me. Then I have ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada. And I have my Lord and you do not have you know, Allah subhanaw taala on your side, and nor tells them that no matter what you do, or you say, my message is clear, and my sincerity is clear. This is also very clear throughout multiple times when Allah mentions, one of the key phrases in the prophetic story of Noah is Le s l Comala. He mela la vida he ajira. I'm not asking for anything in return for this. I'm not getting anything from you from from all of this, we seem to indicate or there is an indication, I should say that the people of Norway were very, very materialistic, and the people of North who were very greedy, and they kept on assuming an agenda for

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his message, a materialistic agenda. And nor is constantly saying to them, I have nothing to gain. There is no money I want from you. You're not benefiting me, my salary is not coming from you. I'm not asking for any worldly gain in Nigeria, Illa Allah Allah, Allah will reward me for all that I am doing. So for considerable who they rejected him still for NJ Now who am I Mao who filled full key, which are now whom holla if we saved him, and those who are with him in the ark, so now we learn of the ark. So Allah is telling us there is a full full case a ship, or we call it of course, the Ark of Noah, of course, you know, the term Ark is coming from the Bible, and the Ark is basically a

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large ship, the Quran uses the term, you know, full and the full key and it could be any type of shirt, which I'll now whom holla. If so, we learned here, the descendants of noise and the people on the ship of Noah, we made them the successors. So there is an indication in the Quran that all of mankind was destroyed, we're going to come back to this point. So again, I'm just laying it out for now, I will come back to this point. But there are indications and this is one of the verses which I know who have that if the people in the ship became the people who took charge of the Earth, everybody else was destroyed. And they were the ones who succeeded mankind they were the ones who

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became the color if of mankind were our rock nearly identical. There will be it now. And we drowned other rock We drowned. So now we learn how were the people who were rejected nor gotten rid of they were drowned. Those who rejected No, they were drowned. And Allah says, look at what happens to those who have been warned. So this is in Surah Yunus verse 71 onwards, the next section Surah Hood, Surah Hood, verse 25, onwards, that Allah says in the Quran, that Allah sends nor as a proclaimer and a warner and he tells them to worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah alone, and the disbelieving chieftains of his people said, Man Urraca in Basha rom myth, Lana. So those of the chieftains the

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mother, the elite, the powerful, the rich, they said to No, man Urraca Illa Bashara Mithuna we see that you're a human like us, and women are America we only see with you are the Luna, the lowest amongst us body or raw IE, those who are hasty in accepting something without thinking, why am I not local? Marlene am in funnelin We don't think you are better

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To the US Villanova Nukem Kathy beam, rather we think that you are liars. Now, once again this motif, elitism social status, the demeaning of those who accept Islam and by the way Subhanallah the same motifs are in our time as well. Those who reject Islam, they say what is your prophet? He's a mortal, those who reject Islam they say what has your civilization done? You are the low class, we are the elite class, we have wealth, we have power and your countries look at the GDP of your countries look at the Nobel Prize your country look at this and that, and so they dismiss and diminish, and they impugn the intellect of those who follow the faith just like the Prophet North's

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followers and the rejecters said that women are America that those are what you are deluded, they are the loneliest amongst us body Erhai body are here, it means they're hasty and impulsive. They are not intellectuals, they're not smart people. They are the low class. And so they are being smeared in both ways. Number one, wealth, and number two, intellect and Subhanallah, we can flip it around. And we can say that wealth and arrogance, because what intellect does, sometimes it leads to arrogance, a lot of times it leads to arrogance, that a lot of times social status, and arrogance are the main factors that impede people from submitting to the truth. And when people are not

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socially wealthy, when they don't have distractions, when they are persecuted, right? Actually, they're able to think more freely. And when they have wealth and power and status, a lot of times, It intoxicates a person meaning intellectually, and the truth becomes clouded because of class, because of wealth, because of whatever else they have been given. And we see this constantly throughout history, including from the time of Prophet nor how he has set up. And that's why the Prophet North says that color Comey or Edelman control, alibi, entertainment Mirabai What if I have proof from my Lord, what attorney Rama Terminator, nd he, and my Lord has given me a mercy for only

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at Alikum that you are blind to see. In other words, no is saying the constant thing that every prophet and US should say as well. And that is, why don't you judge my message? Forget wealth, forget GDP, forget what you think, is intellect. Look at the message, basic theology, the purpose of life who created you, for only at Alikum, you are blind to what I am preaching, you are judging me based upon secondary things based upon the wealth and clothes that I'm wearing based upon the status of my followers. Why don't you judge me based upon the message, and this is what we should say. And again, this is powerful, our brothers and sisters, the truth of Islam is not based upon the GDP of

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Muslim countries, the truth of Islam is not based upon the number of Nobel Prizes, and in science and engineering. And by the way, if you want to go down that route, once upon a time, the OMA was superior, but that's not a sign. That's not even because here's the point. I mean, I'm going to a tangent here, but indeed, from the 300 to the 900 or 1000 hijra, you know there was no doubt that the Muslim ummah was the peak of civilization intellectually, but let's go back to the time of the Prophet system, the Sahaba were not at the peak in terms of science, the Romans and the Persians and the Greeks and the ancient, you know, Egyptians accomplished, intellectually, scientifically, what

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the Sahaba did not accomplish so what so what? So what if they built the pyramids? So what if they, you know, discovered equations and whatnot, that's we give them credit for that? But did they think about the purpose of life did they understand what is the meaning of life and death, who created them what is going to happen after death? This is where real salvation lies. And that science is more blessed and more important than the science of engineering and the science of medicine and the science of architecture. We're not dismissing the secular sciences, we appreciate that that's good if we have it. But if we don't have these, and we have knowledge of Allah, then that is more

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important to us. And if we have knowledge of Allah and knowledge of this dunya then even better, no problem. And our religion shows us what is more important is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's what Nora is saying. And he has set up that Allah gave me a Rama min en de Allah gave me an Rama, by Rama here, what is meant our scholars of Tafseer say it is a knowledge of Prophethood the knowledge that comes with prophethood that is what is more important for me at Alikum you have been blinded to this knowledge then Nora has saying a nosy muku Antonella Hakkari Hoon, can I force you to accept this message against your will? I cannot force you to accept this

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Message all my people. I'm not asking for a payment for this message. My reward is with Allah subhana wa Tada. And you want me to get rid of my followers? Is that an impediment? No, I shall never dismiss the believers, for surely they will be the ones who will be blessed with Allah subhanho wa taala. But rather than what he's saying to them, You are acting arrogantly you're acting ignorantly, then you're saying that I'm a human being. I agree with you that Akula come in because Allah I am not saying that I possess the treasures of Allah, what are animals? I am, I'm not saying that I have knowledge of the Unseen what occurred in the Maddock. I'm not saying I'm an angel,

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notice, nor is admitting because that's what all the prophets do. We are human beings like you. And through the story, we see the story to our Prophet system as well. The exact same thing is being said to him through his tongue to the Quraysh. I'm not saying I'm an angel, I'm saying I'm a human being. And these people you look down upon, Perhaps Allah will give them blessings. You're looking down based upon their wealth, perhaps ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is going to give them blessing, and because of this, I shall never excommunicate them. I shall never get rid of them. If I were to do so, in the the liminal volume in AI would be from the wrongdoers now, pause here, this entire story

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and again, I'm quoting you all of this is quoting straight from Surah tude. This entire story. If we were to remove the name, hood, and put in the name of the Prophet system, and remove the people the meta and put in the name of the Quraysh, exactly the same thing happening. It is as if the Horatio being told you're not the first these arguments, this mentality, it is as ancient as the first Rasul and the people who rejected him. Your mentality is exactly the mentality of the elite of the people of North Valley his setup, and they rejected Him for these exact same reasons. The Quraysh said the exact same thing to the process of how can we follow you, when your followers are beloved, your

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followers are able Maktoum your followers are the lowest of the load the melotti the slaves follow you, we are better than them. Now, if you get rid of them, and you eliminate them, perhaps we'll think about Islam. And the Prophet system is being told don't even think about getting rid of them. Don't even think about eliminating this group. If you were to eliminate them you will be from the wrongdoing. Then Allah says to know whilst nightfall cobia you didn't know what was gonna build the ark. Once again, the art comes in the ship comes in under our watchful eyes and directions, and do not plead with me, for those who are going to do wrong for those that have done wrong. For indeed

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they're going to be drowned. So Allah tells the prophet nor you have one commandment to build the ark, and I'm giving you a warning. Anybody who's not your follower, anybody who has not entered your faith or know you cannot argue with me when they drown, they shall drown and you cannot plead with me and nor understood this point. Of course, a mistake will occur as we're going to come to in a while. So he built to the ark Allah says in the Quran why snarl fulica what Quran lemma McGraw either Humana will call me he certainly Roman. Whenever one of the elite pass by and he's building this ark, they made fun of it. They mocked it What are you doing in the middle of the desert you're

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building a ship in the middle of this land you're building a ship you're making fun of us. You're you're you're you're doing something foolish? No response in Tesaro min fighting them income. If you're going to make fun of us, then indeed a time will come when we will be laughing at you. And you are soon find out that Allah's punishment is going to come in this world and in the next. Then Allah says in the Quran, that when our command came were Farah to Nauru, and the oven burst forth now pause here this phrase occurs multiple times in the Quran with Farah to know the oven burst forth. What does this mean the oven burst forth. For now we'll just mention two opinions. The first

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opinion is that Allah subhana wa Tada told no honey has Salam that there is a sign for you that when that particular oven starts spilling, this is the sign that you must board the ark, you and your followers. And when you board the ark, then wait and the water will come and you will be saved. The second opinion without a Tanoura is metaphor that the ovens of the earth basically large craters in the earth started giving forth water, water started gushing out from the land. And Allah is calling that land without a noodle that water is gushing out metaphorically. So both of these are correct interpretations. And so you can say that when the sign is given to you that the pot begins to

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overflow, and you can say when the fountains of the earth gush forth from the grounds. Then we said to noise or

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Nachman V. Hammond coolants Oh JNF Nene, hold in the ark take in the ship, a pair of every species and all shall drown except for those whom the word has been given. And Allah says Wah Ma Ma Ma who Allah Colleen, only a few people believed in him. So we learned from them from this verse that the majority of people rejected knew him. And the people on the ark were very few were called a couple fee how Bismillah he Majid al Hawa Musa. And we said, and he said, board it in the name of Allah, it shall sail and it shall cast anchor in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Nara BT la foto Rahim My Lord is indeed forgiving and merciful. And the Ark set sail with them through waves like

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mountains will hit that GB him Fimo jinko G body so we learn here that the flood that came, it was a very catastrophic flood. It was a flood that the waves were as large as the mountains 1000s of feet high. Can you imagine a wave like a mountain? That's a terrifying scene. And Nora called out to his son that Yeah, boy era cub minor. Oh, my son, come on to the ship with us. And don't be with the caffeine. And his son said all this. Are we illegible? I'm gonna climb that mountain, that mountain will protect me from the water and no cry doubt in regret that today there is no protection from Allah's decree, except those whom Allah has destined for, and a wave came between them and as nor

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his watching, so his son was drowned. And what Pele, the Allah said to the earth, swallow up your water? Well, yes, Mr. Cleary and oh sky, withhold your rain. In other words, after all of this water was on the earth, Allah then said to the earth, allowed the water to come down. And Allah said to the skies stopped raining, and the flood water receded will hold the yellowhammer and the decree was carried out. And the fully rested on Mount Judy. So this has mentioned in the Quran, literally, that idol god, it came on Mount Judy, so the name of the mountain is mentioned in the Quran. And we said, away with all wrongdoing, people, then the famous story occurs, we're gonna come back to this again

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to the brothers and sister, we'll just have to be a bit, you know, dissecting through all the verses, then we're going to come back and look at it chronologically. Then Nora called out to his lord, my lord, my son is from my family and your promises true. You told me that in order is insinuating you know his didn't say this, it he said that the Quran actually says endeavor name. And actually, my son is from my family. And your promise is true. And you are the most true of all judges. In other words, it is as if Nora has saying I thought my son would be saved. And Allah said, yeah, no, I didn't say your family. I said, your followers, ya know her in the whole lace. I mean,

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he is not of your head here means followers, right? He's not of your followers. So, no, because the verdict came, that all shall be destroyed except those with you. Right? Nora said, My son is my family. And Allah responds back, he's not with you, and that the term can mean both family and can mean supporter and this is where the ambiguity comes. And so Allah says, in the holy salmon, Alec, he is not of your supporters. He was certainly doing something that was unrighteous his son did not embrace the faith. So do not ask me about that which you have no knowledge of, and I warn you from falling into ignorance and so no pleads to Allah. My Lord, I seek refuge in You from asking you what

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I have no knowledge about. And if you don't forgive me, and have mercy on me, I shall be of the losers. It was then said, well, Kayla, ya know, it's built to be Salam and Mina, disembark the ark, get off the ark peace shall be upon you. What about Ikatan alayka and blessings upon you, and upon the descendants that will be with you. So this is a second Genesis, this is now the people embarking from the ark. It is as if new civilizations will come through you and your children, that Allah says in the Quran, this is from the stories of the unseen we are telling you, you are a pseudo law, neither you nor your people before you knew of these stories, so be patient, indeed, the ultimate

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outcome will be for the righteous. So this is Surah tude and in this Surah it is the famous passage of the saving of Noah and his people and the destruction of the earth and the destruction of the people of Noah. beautiful imagery is given of the flood beautiful and powerful phrases about the water coming out and the water going back in and

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water coming from the heavens and the water being told to stop coming from that from the heavens. And also the story of Noah and his son. This is the only time it occurs in the entire Quran. It is in this section over here. The next section very briefly is MBR 76 to 77. And in this it's simply mentioned that no one no one is not the robber who when he cried out to his Lord, and Allah saved him and his family when a Jaina who Allah Who middle Carroll building again the term occurs is the ambiguity the term owl can mean follower and it can mean family and Allah intended to save his followers, not necessarily his biological family. Notice here the interesting phrase middle cuddled

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bilim from the from the large catastrophe, Al Khattab, alim, from the large catastrophe. So there was a large catastrophe, how large we're going to come to this point, was it global? That's an interesting question. does the Quran say the flood was global, we're going to come back to this point. It doesn't, but it does say it was a large catastrophe. It was a calamity that was of a different level. It wasn't like irregular calamities, middle caliber Allium. And Allah says, that we cause nor to prevail over those who rejected Allah For indeed, there were an evil people for a lot of Karna, whom he Marine, We drowned. All of them, all of them were drowned. So there is an

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indication that everybody who oppose nor all of the rest of mankind were drowned. So this is in SUTA MBI, very briefly, so tell me noon, versus 23 to 29. Once again, similar stuff that's found that his people accused will have wanting power wanting to be superior, and they accused him of being insane. So again, the same accusations against our Prophet system. So Allah commands him to build the ship for Ojai in a la he We inspired him how to build a ship, and it's not a full copy or you know, what, you know, build a ship under our watchful eyes and under our direction. So now we are taught, we are told in the Quran, that the mechanism of how to build the ship? No, I did not know it wasn't a ship

00:27:11--> 00:27:52

builder. But Allah told him how to build the ship, and Allah gave him directions how to build a ship. Then when our command came with Farah to note, the exact same phrase that occurred in the past is occurring here with Farah to note the ovens burst. What does it mean? I told you two opinions. Number one, the sign was when the ovens burst forth, right the ship. And number two metaphorical imagery for the earth giving forth water, take on board a pair of every species. So once again, the exact same phrase take on board a pair of every species, along with your family, except for those whom the Dooku decree has been given, they're going to drown and do not plead with me for them, for

00:27:52--> 00:28:36

they will not be saved. Then when you and those who are with you are settled upon the ark, say Alhamdulillah hindered in a Jana Minakami Vardaman. And pray to Allah, Oh, my Lord, allow me a blessing landing for you are the best one to accommodate. So this is in surah, Al minimoon 23 to 29. The next passage that mentioned the story is Surah sharara, verses 105 to 122. And again, similar motif here, very beautiful language in the corner sweater sharara is one of my favorite sutras. It's a very, very powerful the imagery and the words and the rhythm and rhyme of the surah is very beautiful, as everybody is aware and know advises his people telling them to worship Allah, telling

00:28:36--> 00:28:37

them that he is sincere,

00:28:38--> 00:29:17

saying to them, that he's not wanting anything from them, telling his people that he is a prophet sent by Allah subhana wa taala. In this section, we also learn his people mocked him once again, because of his followers because of the low class of his followers. His people wanted him to get rid of his low class followers. And he says to them, that warmer under the authority didn't mean I'm not going to get rid of my followers, I'm not going to get rid of the believers, his people threatened to kill him. So Allah tells him that he's going to save him in the ark filled full kill mushroom is an interesting phrase and only occurs over here fill full killing machine in the ark that was loaded

00:29:17--> 00:29:49

to capacity. So we learn here that it was a large ship, and that the ship was maxed out. The ship had a lot of things on it, the fully loaded ship, and then Allah says some are rotten tomato and Belkin then We drowned al Belkin, the indication the rest of mankind so the Quran does seem to elude that the rest of mankind was gotten rid of that this was a second Genesis and a beginning and sort of an anchor boot, verses 14 to 15 through the ankle boot.

00:29:51--> 00:29:58

We learn one new thing in this section that is not found anywhere else. One key fact is mentioned in this section.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

What occurs

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No no honey Allah call me he fella with a fee him l for Senate in in law from Siena indeed We sent note to his people and he remained amongst his people L for Senate in 1000 years in law have seen except for 50. So clearly here we are told a new fact and new information and that is that Nora remained amongst his people for 950 years. This is explicit in the Quran. Therefore, we will have to come back to this point. The Quran is giving us a piece of information about how long the Prophet North preached amongst his people, alpha Sen. LFM Cinerama and then the flood overtook them and they were wrongdoers, but we saved his people and we saved him in the ark and we made it assigned for all

00:30:49--> 00:31:40

of mankind. So this is uncovered 14 to 15 Surah sulfat 75 to 82 sort of soft fat and again powerful sort of powerful imagery again the the the language of source of fat is again you know, top notch makan Yanni symptomatic of the makin revelations, very powerful imagery and very rhyming verses so what after the NADA Ana no turn for the Nirmal Mooji Boone nor cried out to us so we learned from this and from other verses in the Quran that know how to his salaam was threatened and no Holly has Salam felt powerless and they were going to kill him and so trapped and stuck he makes to our to Allah to save him from his people while the nada no one further Nirmal Mooji Boone no he's invoking

00:31:40--> 00:32:25

us to save him and we are the ones to respond and what an excellent responders we are funded Jana who Allahu middle kettlebell only once again the great distress the great calamity, what y'all know the reata who whom will back pain this is very explicit. We made his descendants, the sole survivors al Balkin. It is therefore quite clear. And we're going to come back to this point that the Quran is saying nobody was left of mankind except the descendants of new Halle his salaam, which are under the reata who whom will Belkin we're talking to Ali heyfield ATHLEAN. And we blessed him with honorable mention amongst the later generations. Salam o nada, no hint, Phil Alameen Peace be upon

00:32:25--> 00:33:08

know, amongst all of mankind, all of mankind owes nor something all of mankind always know and this descendants have been worth something. And of course, what that thing is, is that no Hadees Salam is the second father to all of us, right? We're going to come back to this point that is quite, you know, it's not even indirect, it is quite direct that we made him and his progeny, the bathin of all of mankind. The next section through the Amara, verse nine to 14, so it's a common verse nine to 14. And again, Palmer again symptomatic of the makan Surahs powerful language here, Canada that's probably the home home you know him before then the people have denied the truth, right. And the

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credibility of the homeowner the people that were denied for Canada who other than they rejected, our servant will call my Junoon first digital, and they called him insane, and he was intimidated for Tao Babu, aneema, Hulu urban fantasy, he called out to his Lord, I have been overpowered so help me in the mahalo urban fantasy. for HANA Hana was summer EB mountain Moon Hemet, we opened up the gates of the heavens with pouring water with a journal outdoor unit, and we cause the earth to burst forth with springs filter calma. So the waters met, in other words, the waters of the earth and the waters from heavens, this is again, powerful imagery here, the waters from the earth are gushing

00:33:54--> 00:34:37

forth, and the waters of heaven are coming down. I'm gonna put the code there for a faith that was already met, we're having now who are the dirty Anwar hand will do so. And we carried him out on something that was made of wood and of nails. Now this is a very unique point to mention in this surah not mentioned anywhere else, the construction of the ark, what was the Ark made of Wilhemina who Allah that Allah we carried him on something that he Yanni on V it doesn't say Ark, it doesn't say ship in in sort of Tama however, the other surah is mentioned full and so the full is a ship in this surah we are told what is the ship made of? And why and why is wooden planks and do so that

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

Allah Han would also do sir, nails, so planks and nails are being used the GDB kunena it is sailing under our watchful eyes Jaza and it is a fair punishment for those who conferred for those who were on behalf of those who denied so in this surah we learned that the

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Ship is built out of wood, and planks and nails. And that is something again, we're going to come back to, to mention again that what we can understand from the historical reality of this, of this timeframe, and when was it, we're going to come back to this point as well. The final sutra that we'll mention is of course, the longest Surah about Prophet nor HYUNDAI SANTA, and it is a Surah that mentions his story from beginning to end. In other words, so that know itself. Now there are only two sources in the Quran, that are completely dedicated to the stories of the prophets, the longer one and the more unique one is Surah Yusuf, we're going to come back to that the other surah

00:35:41--> 00:36:23

is Surah new way Surah Noor from the first idea to the last idea is about a prophet. And this is a blessing given to the prophet nor in the Quran, that only the Prophet use of shares with no other prophets other than Noah and Yusuf have a dedicated story to them. None of the prophets have a dedicated Surah to them, except for two. And this is an indication of the blessings of the Prophet Nurhaliza salaam, the pseudo use of of course we're all aware of and that is a you know, we're going to come back to this that of course, illusive has multiple unique and blessings, the only other prophet that has an entire chapter and an entire Surah named after him and revealed to give his

00:36:23--> 00:37:00

story is no holy histogram. And of course we have to quickly go over it because it is the entire it's only a page longer page and a few Ayat long that Allah says in the Quran in our center, new Haneda Omaha we sent the Prophet north to his people, proclaiming to his people, to warn his people of an impending punishment, Allah nor nor he said to his people, that all my people, I am sent to you with a clear warning to worship Allah alone to fear him and to obey Him. If you do so he shall forgive your sins, and He shall give you time until the Day of Judgment, you're going to live a peaceful life and the Day of Judgment will then come and you will have to answer to him on that day.

00:37:01--> 00:37:37

And when that time comes, it cannot be delayed. If only you knew he cried to his Lord Allah yah yah Robbie Oh my lord in need TAO to call me Leyland when a hora I have called my people day and night, fellow music whom do I love your aura but my calls have only made them run farther away. We're in Nico lemma that out to him every time I invite them, so that you may forgive them. They press their fingers into their ears, and they cover themselves in their in their clothes, and they persist in their denial and they act very arrogantly.

00:37:38--> 00:38:17

So in need out to whom do you Hara then I call them openly and publicly? Then I preach to them publicly and in private. And I say to them, well football to sell through Rob back into who can have a thorough secure Lord's forgiveness for Indeed he is most forgiving. You will see this seminar on a computer or he will shower you with abundant rains and He will supply you with wealth and with children. And we'll he will give you gardens as well as rivers. Malcolm Latur junella, who will Cora What is the matter with you? Are you not in awe of the Majesty of Allah, even though he created you in stages? Do you not see how Allah created the seven heavens one above the other, placing the moon

00:38:17--> 00:38:59

within them as a flight and the sun as a lamp? Allah azza wa jal caused you to grow forth from the earth like a plant and he will return you to it and he will then bring you forth again. And Allah made this earth a vast place for you to walk and created valleys and pathways for you called an orphan, nor cried out that Rob be in the home ah, Sony, oh my lord, they have disobeyed me. And instead of following me, they have followed the elite, those whose abundant wealth and children only increase them in their arrogance and in their loss. And Wilma karuma Quran could borrow and they have devised a tremendous plot against me pause here. So we now learn from this and from multiple

00:38:59--> 00:39:39

verses that the people were gathering together to kill him. The people had a plot we don't know the details of this plot, but the Quran references that multiple times that Norse people had gathered together to massacre to kill Noah and his followers, right. And they said what Paulo la Tarun aliotta Calm do not abandon your idols. Now we get to one point in this surah which is only mentioned here. And that is, of course the suitor also mentions the the graphic reality of how they rejected or they put their hands in their ears, they cover themselves up they didn't want to hear the teachings. Now they said what Paul do let alone they do not abandon your idols what after they

00:39:39--> 00:39:56

don't know what then well as you are and what are your who are your own power Nazzaro five idols are mentioned here. So this is the only time in the whole Quran that the idols of the prophet nor mentioned what and Sua and your growth and your oak and Nossal so these are the five idols that are mentioned in the time of the Prophet.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

So Allah azza wa jal says that

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

Those have led many people astray. Then no Holly has Salam makes dua to Allah subhana wa Tada that was called an orphan. Noah said that Robbie lateral or even a caffeinate the Yarra Oh my Lord do not leave a single Cafayate on earth. Now once again we get to this very clear indication from the Quran. Nobody from mankind was left on earth no one was left other than Johann his followers. And this is very explicit in this surah here that Rob Billa data out of the middle caffeine in the Yarra do not allow a single disbeliever or a single household of the disbelievers to remain in NECA entered our home if you were to spare any of them, they will certainly mislead your servants and

00:40:46--> 00:41:26

they will only give birth to evil people who shall reject you. And then north finishes that are a bit fiddly while he while in a year while him in the holiday to movement and well, you know what net worth has a lot to me that's about Oh my Lord, forgive me forgive my parents forgive all those who enter my house with faith and forgive all believing men and women. And as for those who reject you, then destroy them. So this is Surah Noor, very simple, very beautiful imagery of the reality of Noah and his people. So this is what we have from the Quran. What do we have from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam? Very little and in reality, not much is added to what we have from the

00:41:26--> 00:42:14

Quran. In fact, we don't really gain anything extra about history of the past. Rather we gained some theological points. So for example, from the Hadith we learn that on the Day of Judgment, this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and others on the Day of Judgment, the people of Nora will say to Allah, that we didn't get a messenger and nor Halle, his Salah will say, I will send to you. So Allah will say, to know, who will be your witness, who will say that you came to them, nor will say, on the Day of Judgment, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his ummah will testify that I preach to my people. So Allah will ask, and to us, how do you know? How is your knowledge? And we

00:42:14--> 00:42:48

will say, we believed in the Quran, and we believed in your speech, your Allah, and in our Messenger, and our messenger told us that Nora was sent to his people. So we will testify because we believe in other words, it's basically our faith that we believe that, that the Prophet knew what was said and that the Hadith goes on. So we learned on the Day of Judgment, even in that timeframe, the people of North will try to reject Nuada himself. So the arrogance until the Day of Judgment. Another Hadith that mentions no honey has Salam is the famous Hadith that mentions

00:42:50--> 00:43:42

the Prophet system giving the farewell address, he mentioned know when he was giving his farewell hotbar. And one thing that he said there that all my people, every Nabhi warned against the John from new holiday, his Salam onwards, he said this, so he mentioned the name of Noah, in the farewell hotbox 100,000 people, and he mentioned Noah his Salam. So from no to all other prophets mentioned him by name, mentioned who the judge, then the prophets are, some will say, I'm going to tell you something that nobody told the previous generations and that is that he will only have one eye that he is one eyed so we learn here that Nora warned his people about the the GI and we also in the

00:43:42--> 00:44:23

famous tradition, I mentioned this tradition multiple times. It is of course weak, the famous traditional Abu Bakr Al Rifai, which is mentioned in the Sahaba Eman headband that the Prophet CISM was asked by with a series of questions one of them was who is the first Rasul sent. So the Prophet said the first Rasul is no, now the hadith is weak. However, the concept is affirmed in the Quran and Sunnah, the concept that Nora has the first Rasul, it is pretty much understood from the Quran and Sunnah and even this hadith that is authentic and Bukhari and Muslim that the prophets have said, every prophet from Noah onwards told his people about the jug. So then why did you start with

00:44:23--> 00:44:58

Noah because Nora is a key person before him was only Adam Alayhis Salam, as we said, if she then if it is, it's a different, you know, as we said, as well, we're not certain whether they existed before afternoon but even if they did, they are not rasuluh to that level. No, here's the first Rasool a word of Sudan also the first row so that was sent is no Alehissalaam and then the final Hadith I will mention and basically that's it from no holy salaams in the Quran and Sunnah. So today's lecture was really the raw data points from the Quran and Sunnah. We're going to come back and then redo from a chronological order which shall be easier to follow. I know today was was a

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

little bit difficult to read.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

isn't being I need to present to you every section of no and every Hadith that we're going to come back and read digested in a different manner, the final Hadith will mention is in the Muslim ummah, its has an authentic hadith. And it is also in the the book of addable MUFA Imam Al Bukhari. It is also in the mortgage I'm about to Bharani and others and it is a hustler, authentic hadith narrated from Abdullah bin Abdullah Morales, who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the Prophet of Allah and Nora was about to die, he said to his son, I shall give you my last will and testament, I'm commanding you to things, and I'm forbidding you to things. And then it goes

00:45:40--> 00:46:01

on. And he says, I'm commanding you with La Ilaha illa Allah. For verily, if the seven heavens and the seven Earths were to be placed in one side of the scale, and La Ilaha in the law is placed on the other side, La ilaha illa Allah will be heavier than the seven heavens and the seven Earths. And

00:46:02--> 00:46:47

I forbid you and I command you to pray, and I forbid you, from shipwreck and I forbid you from arrogance. So this is the we'll see of the Prophet Nurhaliza his Salam that he's telling them to stick to the Kadima and he's giving them the weight of the Colima and he telling them to pray. And and then he is saying to them, I forbid you from ship and I forbid you from kibble. So this is the mercy of the prophet nor according to one version, there's other versions found that give other details of this, but the gist of it is the same. Now one final point of the new Shala we're done for today. And that is, it is mentioned from Ibn Abbas, that the prophet nor Holly has Salam lived 10

00:46:47--> 00:47:30

generations after Adam, and all of those generations were upon to heat and then no king. Now, this is with an authentic is not to Ibn Abbas. However, as I said multiple times, something that is coming from the Companions, it is something that we can take but it is not as authoritative as is coming from Allah and His messenger. In other words, something coming from Allah and His Messenger, there is no question we must take it. stories that come from the companions and statements that come from the Companions, when it comes to costs when it comes to stories, because the companions and Ibn Abbas in particular we know used to take without any problems from the Israelis, as we mentioned

00:47:30--> 00:48:15

multiple times in this series. Therefore, we may narrate this but it does not hold the same definitive weight as the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, we're going to come back to this point where there 10 generations between Noah and Adam, not from the Quran, and Sunnah, from even Abbas, and also from Deuteronomy and Genesis, by the way, there's exactly 10 generations. So one could say it is possible even Abbas Carter from the process and him. And what could also say it is possible even Ibis clutter from gobbled bot or from any of the Israeli sources. And because there's an uncertainty because there's an ambiguity, we will hold that narration. And we will say, maybe there were 10

00:48:15--> 00:48:21

Maybe they weren't, Allah knows best. We don't take it as a final point of faith. And this is a key point because

00:48:22--> 00:48:55

how long between Adam and Noah? How many years between Adam and Noah, and when did you live? And where did Nora live? All of these are questions. We're going to come back to the show a lot and our next lesson and this narration that we're going to Abbas will then come back and we'll mention you know why this data point is not definitive, and how that helps us dealing with the actual story of Noah Halle Salem, when we look at it from light of our understanding of the past. Inshallah we'll continue the story of a prophet Nora and our next lesson until then Jacmel LaHood Sena why they can Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh barakaatuh

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