Mohamad Baajour – How To Gain The Barakah of Laylatul Qadr

Mohamad Baajour
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They cannot live and I get

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smaller hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Allah Muharram had played on another Jana but I mean, I mean

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I was gonna continue our

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talk about what are the actions that would make a person

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or that would make Jahannam haram for that person. But because of the occasion, I will discuss that tomorrow inshallah.

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I'm going to mention two scenarios. I'm going to ask you a question after that.

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First, if I say

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I'm giving you a house

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I'm giving you a house. The house is so beautiful, gorgeous.

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has amazing views as all the technology

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and the second scenario is there is a house

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I'm sure other lives in it will be comfortable will be relaxed.

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Which one which scenario I'm praising the house, I'm honoring the house and which scenario honoring the person

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I repeat the first scenario.

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I'm giving you a house I'm giving you a house. This house is a beautiful, gorgeous, amazing house. Everything you need is in the house secure safe everything. And the second scenario, there is a house

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whosoever lives in it will be happy and relaxed, comfortable, secure and all that. So in the first one, I'm praising the house, or I'm praising the person,

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the house

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okay, and then the second one, I'm praising the person.

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Okay, let me repeat. I'm giving you a house and this house is beautiful, gorgeous, and this and that. And then the second there is a house whomsoever live in that house, he will be happy, joyful, relaxed.

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So the first one I'm praising the house or the person, the person right, I'm praising the person. I'm giving you a house and this house because of you this house. I'm going to make sure it is beautiful, gorgeous, have beautiful scenery, you know, and the second I'm praising the house, right? This house you know, whosoever lives in that house because of that house, he will be relaxed and this and that. Okay, so while you're getting checked

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in and now feel a little cutter

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we have revealed the Quran in Laylatul Qadr and then Allah subhanaw taala started explaining what Laylatul Qadr so the praise here is for little color or for the Quran

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I got you lost. It's too early to think that much.

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In ZIL now who feel a little, little Kadri firemen and Fisher has

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there been equally thermocline Fajr Okay. Subhanallah every time we read surah we know that Allah is praising a little cuddle. But one of the automat said if you think about it, the praises for the Quran,

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in zona who he later I gave you a house and then explain the house in Anza now who feel a little cutter and then lay little cuddle because of the Quran was revealed in it, it has all these qualities.

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Otherwise if Allah subhanaw taala said lay that will cover on Zillow fee * Quran and then Allah continued then the praises for Laylatul Qadr right just like Allah said, shahada Ramadan Allah the only Zilla V Hill Quran the praises for Ramadan because the Quran was revealed in sha Ramadan became so honored, right? So if the honor was funny that it would have been Leila NCFE helpful and in zona who feel a little further, and then Allah subhanaw taala continue little cuddle.

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Qatar, the main the the word of Qatar means

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either it means when we say someone who someone who's very has high status, or it could mean the other meaning FIFA yo Franco Kulu Amarin Hakeem, that means the decree of all mankind. Anything that's going to happen on earth in this coming here is going to take place all the decrees is going to take place in that night, who's going to be happy, who's going to be miserable, who's going to have kids who were how many times is going to rain was going to be an earthquake, everything will be decreed on that night. This is another meaning of Alcatra when a drop can i lay little cover letter here the question is to show the emphasis and the greatness of that night and then

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comes to answer. Well, my family law lady led to agree hey you Roman official. The night of Qatar is better than 1000 months.

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Allahu Akbar yeah one

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better than 83 years and four months of a bada

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why? The choice of elf?

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Why elf

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that that time this is the maximum they reach is elf

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there is no million. There's no billion elf was the last number and then they start adding

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the letter L left out but I left me but alpha is the last number. There's no million that's why Ross was so lovely. You said whomsoever say the DA of the soup he will get alpha alpha Hasina 1 million, but he does say you that there was no million elf elf so Allah subhanaw taala said hiraman elfish had to show the greatness of that night better than 83 years and more of a dad. Not just 83 years of living 83 years of fasting all day reading Quran all day making dua all night praying all night. Gaining that night is better not equal. Then at three years of a battle

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royale can lay little Kadri Hiram l Fisher Tennyson mela raffia B is near up the hem mean Cooley The angels descend and Gibreel Allah subhanaw taala said Tell us

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why Allah subhanaw taala said tennis is not tetanus. Because in another place Allah subhanaw taala said in Alladhina Carlu Robin Allah to miss Docomo

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that NSL Allah haemolytica So here there was another tab. And here tennis is the only why Subhanallah here tennis is well because the amount of angels that descend on that night never happens in any other night in the whole year. But tetanus Zelle every time there's an order from Allah, they come down to do that order and order picking up someone's soul. So this is continuous every single day that anisul Is something going on

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constantly, that necessarily mela Iike toaru Malayaka are the angels and Royce Jibreel. So Gibreel is from the angels Why is he being here specially especially mentioned to show the honor of Gibreel alayhis. Salam when when there's a general and then there's a specific mentioned to show the importance of the specific here as if Gibreel and his Salaam is descending and there is an entourage of angels with their number cannot be known only to Allah subhanaw taala descending with him. There is a certain meta ICA to a row. If you have been in Europe be him. Only they come down with the permission of Allah subhana wa Taala in Cooley amre to fulfill all the orders of Allah subhana wa

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sallam on here had mccline Fudger peaceful.

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Tranquil is that night until the sunrise until the call of the Adana Fraser when the call for Adana Fisher on the island of failure is called the night of Laylatul Qadr is done.

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Tonight could be late.

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Very big possibility. It could be later. And Allah subhanaw taala have hidden that specific night for us, all of us to strive and struggle.

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I know that many people only come on the 27th

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and then Salam Alikum su 27 next year.

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I want you to imagine one thing

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mashallah, Tonight was a youth night and there's a lot of youth here, when the final exam is being done. Most of the time the final exam is two to 3% of the curriculum. Right? Imagine somebody saying, You know what, I'm going to pick two 3% and study it and I hope the exam would come from there.

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Is that Is that possible? This is exactly what we're doing when we pick and choose coming only to the 27th night. We have to strive the whole 10 Nights. Allah subhanaw taala hit it for Heckman, only known to him. When is that night Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in many Hadith. He told us that it isn't the odd nights of the last 10 nights and listen carefully. There is a Hadith there is an authentic hadith about every single night. The night of the 21st

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Isn't Bukhari and Muslim I'm not gonna just because of the time

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being the 21st tonight isn't Bukhari and Muslim being 23rd inside Muslim being 25th in Muslim being 27 Inside the Muslim world obey liberal gab swore it is the 27th being 29 An awesome sight Muslim.

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So every single night there is an authentic Hadees saying that it is it was that night. So the night varies from one year to another. It's not only the same night every single year. So we have to struggle all these nights What should we do in these nights?

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The bare minimum, the bare minimum for someone who's extremely busy he has to take care of his parents who are sick and he has to go to work to provide for his family and he has no time whatsoever facial amnesia in Jamar

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that is the least why? Because of a solar systems Hadith um so every professor Nisha and Jana, as if he has made clear on the whole night and that is a desert night so as if he had made clear in lay little cutter. So minimum is measured in Asia and Japan. What else? Quran, the knights in sha Allah Tada when Listen, the night is going to be divided between Quran salaat and dua Sophia and the theory, Rahim Allah He said I do I am in a Salafi had the Layali making a lot of dua in these nights is more beloved to me than making salad Subhanallah so we are between salad DUA and Quran divide the night divide your time between these three, read a lot of Quran because these are the nights of the

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Quran. Make a lot of dogs what is the best diet? Yeah, Rasul Allah, His most beloved asked him, What is the most beloved that he said Allahumma Inaka foo one, two Hibbeler 451. It does that mean? This is the only dua I make absolutely not. But make this the most that you will make Saxon and said this is the best. I will make this my most dark. But I still make too hard for myself, for my parents, for my family, for my community for my own. Do not forget the whole Amaya one and your dad, sometimes we get so selfish and we forget our brothers in Yemen and Syria and China and everywhere that are suffering. Do not forget them in your heart. So

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this is a tier one.

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Whatever we have missed in the previous 20 days, may Allah forgive us. You still have time to make it up in these last 10 days and 10 nights.

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We have

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We sleep for 355 days. La no Madame de Leon.

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Those 10 days left.

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Just take

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amount of sleep, just to keep you to make you survive. That's it to survive, and then inshallah Dahlia will sleep later. But you know what? I will end with this. Imagine

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you went to work tomorrow, Monday, and the boss was waiting at the door and he said

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I have a project. If you finish it in 10 days,

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how much do you make per month? 5000 you make 5000 If you finish it in 10 days, I'm gonna give you 1000 month salary $5 million.

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Personally, I would sleep in the office.

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So one

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anybody would say just got lucky. I'm not interested. Anyone here would say that. Nobody

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paid why. Imagine I got this 5 million and I dropped that.

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But the Azure of little cover will go with you to the cover will help you in the Spirit will lead you to Jannetty in the letter Allah you're talking about over 83 years of Ibadah so you have one soulless Isilon used to roll his sleeves. What does the rolling of the sleeves when you have something really hard to do? What do you do you roll the sleeves right? That he said versus hassling us to roll the sleeves? Shut them. This is it.

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Subhanallah so please make your plan that I'm not going to waste any moment and the night it's very important start from memory. Many people think that the night start from a shot from memory when you see on the table do not start to hear backbiting and other No no no the night started already the night of the cuddle or the night of the last 10 nights have started already because I started Maghrib so tonight at Maghrib the

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last a nice start. And tonight is that 21st Night

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Hamdulillah we are beautiful program for epic insha Allah Tala join us every single day in sha Allah and please

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one of them

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this dua that we could ever make after Allah in the car food because that's officially from Rasulillah Salam, listen carefully Allah hum at your credit card and I mean

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why are so much I send them said every day, there is a list that has been made every day. There's a list that has been made on that list.

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On that list, there is everybody whom Allah decreed he will be saved from the Hellfire palace. He's done.

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in these nights, yeah.

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Put my name on that list.

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My name on that list. Please Yama. Thanks somebody might ask them. What about the here's the the years coming today day.

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But he would question when Allah subhanaw taala decrees that you are saved from the Hellfire Subhan Allah, the Haram will be very hard for you to perform.

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He will give you that Manal

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to perform the Haram it's not like you will not sin anymore. But harmless. Those major sins are away you are Allah decreed. You're away from the hellfire.

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Every single night there's a list. Yeah, Allah. I asked you the best of your names for everybody who's listening to me here or watching us Yeah, Allah put their name in the list. Yeah, Allah. Ya Allah save our next from the hellfire. Allah make our last deeds, our best deeds and make our last words in Illa Allah, I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad Hendrik should Allah Allah, Allah and the stock Fuuka

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