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AI: Summary © The loss of Muhammadaleem, their brother, highlights the benefits of taking the vaccine, including permanentananxion of their breathing and potential consequences of their illness. The importance of staying safe during COVID-19 is also emphasized, along with the need for everyone to take a second dose. The three quarter segmental and sub segmental arteries are also discussed, along with the pulmonary artery. The importance of avoiding small deeds and small actions to avoid destruction is emphasized, along with the importance of peace and blessings for the future.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum Greene's a piece. How are you guys doing? We're gonna go ahead and share. What was a very, very sad moment when I heard that our brother who's been on the program several times on the deen show, when I got the news that we almost lost them. Yes, we almost lost Muhammad hijab.

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Friend of mine was telling me that he came close to death. So I started right away in my computer bank, I started going back into the memory department. And I started thinking about just not so long ago. He was here we were hanging out. He was visiting, and we got a chance to spend some time together to bond together to some training together. And he even got to taste. One of my favorite protein shakes, and 100 Ulla, I visited him there in the UK. Very nice brother. He's like a big teddy bear man, and then think that he was that close to death? Yes. So we want to derive some some benefits from this, because this is something that we forget about. Many of us, we often set the

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date for our birth dates. But we forget about the DD departure date. And he was so close to it. So I gave him a call some hummus was going on. What happened? I related his story. And this has happened a couple months ago. But it seems like hum did Allah he's in better spirits. Now. Let's go hear directly from him. What happened? What brought him to that state? And how can we take some benefit from this? Because we take a lot of things for granted. So I'm getting my thoughts on this after we hear the first hand account from our brother mommy job. I made the mistake. That's why.

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Let me tell you something.

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Off top

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off the vaccine. Why do I know so much?

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Because then I got blood clots?

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Yeah, I got I myself got pulmonary embolism.

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Yeah, I got Palmer embolism from it.

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This was some months ago.

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Okay, now? No, I'm right.

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I took the vaccine. I got pulmonary embolism. Because about 10 days after I took the vaccine.

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And then some 10 days, 11 days later, I was coughing up blood. So I think it was this. In fact, I came to speak as caught on that day. I think I'm losing my fitness. Because what happens when you have pulmonary embolism is that your breathing becomes very short. Short.

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So what happened after that? Is one of my friends in the park. They took me to the hospital. I don't want to say my Jennifer. St. Mary's Yeah. And she's nearby.

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And we done a blood test. Well, you know, they do something called a D dimer, which is like the side on the D dimer

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blood test. And they said that you can't go You can't leave the hospital. And so let's go out said you got a blood clot. I said, Come on. I want to go home. I want more waste my time. So what happened after that? Was they said okay, you they looked at it. And I had what he called lung infarction as well. Right? When you get a pulmonary embolism, pulmonary embolism blood blood clots in the lung. Yeah, there are two there are three different arteries. You know, there are the three quarter segmental arteries, the sub segmental arteries, and then you got your pulmonary artery. The segmental artery is like the medium one.

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The sub segment was the smallest one, the pulmonary artery is like the thickest one. If the blood clot goes through the pulmonary artery and kills you, this is Southern Southern death. Yeah. So what was my one was in the segment watery so it's not so you got you got you got your problem.

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You have the sub segments watch my blood clots because there was there was many of them. Yeah, it came through the, the segments watry Yeah. So what it is, is that they looked at the MRI and CT scan, I should say, yeah, and they sort of collapses when you have fun ramble. ism is long in function is basically when you have death of the lungs. So my left lung basically by part of it

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doesn't come back to life.

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as permanent damage is permanent damage is permanent damage. Now the thing is, when I was speaking to someone I went to more than one hospital because I had more than one episode. Yeah. I spoke to a few people. And from the doctors, they're telling me that Yeah, you know what people die from this your age. And when with me, I insisted that the guys knew me in the hospital ever. They've done the yellow card, which is to say that they've reported it that I had what you call an unprovoked situation. But a lot of times it's not the case. Look, I'm 29 I'm 29 years old. 29 Yeah, I for me, personally, I took the vaccine. I was not, you know, I was erring on the side of caution by

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regretted. Now I'm getting messages.

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My phone saying take the second dose.

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If you don't take the second dose without consequences, genuinely, I've taken the vaccine as per the recommendation of the government done what every law abiding citizen is meant to do. 10 days later, I was on the brink of dying in a hospital and coughing up blood and couldn't breathe. And some therefore, in some, therefore, I will say this, I'll say, I'm not saying to anybody, I'm not saying don't take vaccines. I will say it's up to you what you want to do with your life. I'm not going to tell you what to do. Obviously, this is a genuinely as a personal decision, I am going to say is, from my experience as a 29 year old Yeah, it was when I took that vaccine 10 days later, I was they

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were telling me we need to see for the first five days, whether you're gonna survive or not. That's what they told me.

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What else to go through? For me, I was ready.

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Why am I see? I wouldn't I don't know. I was, I was a bit ready, you know, I've done

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already in place, but you have to make sure you have a will, you know, we will as

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a community especially know that you gotta be ready to die. You know, if you're if you're not ready to die, you're not living. Wow, that's very deep, but it's very, very nice. I'm elated to see him in good spirits and 100 illa. taking things very well. Just imagine being in that situation. You're coughing up blood, hard time to breathe. And now you're writing your will you're getting ready to go. And why is it that this is something that so stressed upon in our Deen to reflect over this. And these are lessons couple on that we can take from this. Like I started off in the beginning. Many people set the date for the BD the birth date. But what about the departure that you just don't know

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when or where it can come young man has his whole life in front of them. And then he gets that, that warning that wake up call, it can be taken, all of it can be taken away. The children can be left behind the wives can be left behind the husband, if you're a woman can be left behind. Children can be left behind everything. As we know in this world we don't actually own it's all going to be left behind. Now let me share a few statements authentic statements from the last and final message sent to mankind of Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him who helps to bring this reality home. This is an authentic Heidi Bahati. He said Paradise is closer to one of you, then the strap of his sandal,

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and so is the hellfire. Look at this, if someone says you are that close

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to receiving life in prison,

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you are that close to receiving a billion dollars. Which one would you go ahead and chase and run after or tried to keep away from you?

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A life of torture that cannot even can be compared to the hellfire. It's that close. As he's explaining, just get that visual, basically the shoe string of your shoe. That's how close it is to you. To all of us. And

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our brother Muhammad hijab came close to that reality is another Hadeeth an authentic hadith I want to share with you where the prophet SAW Some said live as long as you want to live.

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Because eventually you will die. So go ahead you think you know live 100 years 200 years of science, put something together that you can expand your life for a year or two, even though the quality of life just continues to decline as you get older. Go ahead. And he says because eventually you're going to die. And he goes on to talk about work as you wish for you will be repaid accordingly. Love whoever you wish for you will separate you will be departed eventually know that the nobility of the believer is prayer at night and his honor is his independence from the people. So go ahead and love what you're going to love work for what you're going to work for because

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the one you love, you're going to have to be separated from that work, you'll get paid accordingly. And at the end of the day, you will depart from this life again, another reality hit home. That's the beautiful thing about our Deen it holds things in a perfect balance. Now the last thing I want to share with you revolving around this topic of death that our brother came so close to is also an Muslim. And the prophet SAW Some said when a man dies when a person dies, when a human being dies, his good deeds come to an end, except three which three, the ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who will pray for him a righteous child who would pray for him. Listen to this.

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All of the things that we accumulate again this is a reminder as I said earlier is going to stay behind except those three things ongoing charity so it encourages us to go ahead and give beneficial knowledge it goes and encourages us to share that so we're sharing this information inshallah hoping that it gets accepted.

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Then raising righteous children. And a child can be a doctor and engineer but that's not the ultimate goal. If they lose their Deen they lose themselves in this dunya. So 100 Allah that our brothers seemed like he's in much better spirits, and he's handling this quite well. But for all of us out there we can take from this example. What's the example that Deaf you can think just like he was he never thought that something like this was going to happen. But it happened all of a sudden it happened quickly. And then he was preparing that he can end up at any moment being separated from his family from his loved one. So let's go ahead and take heed. The intelligent person is the one

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who thinks about death often thinks about the destroyer of pleasures, and that his death and it helps us to live a balanced life, that we go ahead and take our share from this dunya because the Dumas that we make from the verbatim Word of God Almighty the Quran is, Oh Allah, the creator has an Earth, grant us the best in this life and the best in the hereafter. So we want the best of this life, the good of this life, the pure of this life, but our eye is set on the ultimate prize and that is Jenna paradise. Because that's the life forever ever. Yes, forever ever. Yes, this life will end there is a DD in the next life. There's no departure date. Once you arrive. You're on that pure

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monotheism, you're doing good deeds, you're living a good wholesome life, a righteous life, the way your Creator created you to live, then you get his mercy, mercy, you get his grace. But if you're not establishing the deen, you're not establishing prayer, you ended up go ahead and you're drifting off. And you're just concerned about partying playing, you're just about impressing dressing to impress the boys. You just worried about what he or she is going to say. You're not concerned more appropriately about what your Creator is going to say. And what your Creator is going to do at the end. Because all those actions are not in line with how Allah Allah wants us to live. So we want to

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stay away from the backbiting the gossiping, we want to stay away from all those things that can lead to destruction. Because a person will do one evil deed thinking like a it's not a big deal. But in the sight of the crater. It is huge. And you're just brushing it off like it's a fly. But those, these continue to pile up and pile up until you have a whole collection of those and it's like a huge, huge fire from those small little twigs. So this is first for myself. We all are sinners, we all make mistakes. I'm the first one to admit this. But the best of sinners are those as the prophet SAW Some said all of the sons of Adam are sinners, but the best of those are those who are

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constantly in Toba. So May Allah protect us from hypocrisy. May last month Allah protect us from having an evil end. We lost $1 protect us from the love of this dunya and May He give us the best of it. And then grant us the eternal bliss in Jannah. In Jenna we'll see you next time here on the deen show. Until then, peace be with you subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell. Peace be with you. Islamic

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