Supplication In The Night Of Power #1

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Inshallah, today, we're going to encourage each other to do to hire or supplicate we've spoken a lot about supplication. But what we're going to talk about today is how to apply what we talked about how to make our hearts crave to comprehend that our prayers are a dot will be accepted in these first days. Insha Allah, and I'm going to pray or supplicate with all my energy with all my heart, and I'm reassured, we assured that my daughter will be accepted. So let's live with the Quranic verses and the Hadith. A man came to the Prophet alayhi salam and asked Him is our Lord afar, so we call on him or as he nears, so we converse with him,

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talk softly with Him, obey the law, benevolent ag federal lady, I'm Caribbean phenomena G. The Prophet peace be upon him didn't answer him. But the answer descended from Allah subhanaw taala and sort of the the bucket of verse 186. And when My servants asked the concerning me, I'm indeed close to them. I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he call it on me what it is like I bet the Hanifa in your curry, og without a die either the hand what more guaranteed you want? What is the most difficult prayer in your life? The one you feel is absolutely impossible. The verse is very clear, it's going to be accepted is our Lord afar, so we call on him, or is he near? So we converse

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with him? Truly, I am near.

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Do you feel that for in your career? You hear the word near? Would you without a diver done? There's a couple of things to note in this verse. The first thing is this question too difficult for the prophets Allah Salim to answer. And why didn't the prophets of Allah sell an answer himself? The answer for this question had to come directly from Allah subhanaw taala. You will see that all the other questions that the Prophet SAW Selim was asked in like circle and fed for example, they asked the concerning things taken a spoils a for say, Yes, Aluna candle and fell, call another verse they asked the concerning fighting in the prohibited months. Say yes, and when they shall haram called,

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go tell them the last one Sal is telling the Prophet go tell them Kalon

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another verse Yes. Aluna candle commonwell Mesa corn, they ask the concerning wine and gambling say another one? Yes, I'm gonna call it a hail call. They asked the concerning the new moon say, every time the word they ask you is mentioned in the Quran. It's followed by the word tell them or say or go tell them except this question. And if my servants asked about me, truly I am. I am near them. It didn't say go tell them of Muhammad No, Allah subhanaw taala answer directly, truly I am. The relationship here is direct between you and Allah subhanaw taala. You see how close he is to you. After hearing this verse, you still don't believe you know what we're done with the lecture. In all

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truth. The whole lecture can be summarized in these two words. Truly I am near for Emir Cory, I'm near goes up the kingdom make dua, and it's a done deal. That's what Allah subhanaw taala says. And if my servant asks about me, truly, I am near. Do you feel the beauty of the word near? Do you sense this word as you raise your hands to supplicate and you say, Oh Allah, truly I am near closeness has happened between you and Allah subhanaw taala? And did you notice in this verse, it says, I respond to the call of the one who supplicates it did not say I respond to the call of the believer, or I respond to the call of the pious, no, the one who raises his hands and praise whoever he is, is the

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one he responds to. So really, no one has an excuse. So you can come and say, You know what, I'm not really that religious, or my sins, or so and so, or I wore the hijab and took it off several times. I respond to the one who call it on me. It's crystal clear. Your supplication is accepted a las Panatela say that. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, What if he called it on me? What does that mean? It means that the ball is in your field, the whole matter is in your hand. So this matter of making dua isn't based on a certain time to be accepted. If you have something that you're dying for, raise your hands and ask for it now pray for it. Now we're a little country one of the winter

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nights one of the nights that could be learned to put in sha Allah, and know that from making diet, it doesn't be the sorry. Another from the signs of acceptance of your prayer is that when you feel your soul is longing to supplicate it's a time of acceptance. I'm trying to make your hearts want to supplicate and you'll see what I mean when you see prophets security please be upon him. When he saw that Mary May Allah subhanaw taala

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be pleased with her had risk or sustenance come to her and he asked her in the verses earlier. I'm Ron Paul and Nikki had a call at Homeland rugby. Every time he entered her chamber to see her he found her supplied with sustenance. He said, Oh Mary, once comes this to you. She said from Allah

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For Allah provides sustenance to who he pleases without measure. You'll see the following verses what Hoonah Lika has a career up there did the courier pray to his Lord saying, Oh my Lord grant unto me from the via property that is pure, the courier peace be upon him such and so forth. This is a sign of acceptance of Jehovah. Why? Because he saw a last panel to Hannah's blessings or Mary. So his heart moved that maybe Allah subhanaw taala will rush to him something that he had been deprived for for maybe 20 to 30 years, and that is not being able to have children and there was no hope in having children. But when he saw Allah subhanaw taala is ability in Mary's case he made to hat he

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supplicated and his prayer or his diet was accepted. Subhanallah so I'll keep trying to move your hearts today inshallah. And maybe it will and you'll feel an urge to raise your hands and supplicate and it will be a sign of acceptance inshallah. Make my heart move Oh Allah make it crave to pray, please, please see Allah. And you see last panel to Allah didn't set a certain time. He didn't say before Fajr dawn or after repenting, although supplication of course, is one of the after repentance is one of the best times for the acceptance of supplication. No, he said, when he called upon me, he left it to you. And if you look, you'll see that this verse came right after the verses about

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fasting and sort of Bacara. And as if the meaning is telling you that one of the things that guarantee the acceptance of re supplication is that you live till Ramadan, and that you're fasting, but more what if you're in the last 10 days? Or maybe you're in denial of power? What would it be like? Is our Lord afar, so we call on him or his healing years, so we converse with him. Listen to another verse and sort of the Prophet will call her a book of don't only a stage of like, can you imagine this? You know, when you ask a human being for something, they get tired of you, and they try to avoid you and say, Oh my God, he's such an egg. But Allah, Allah is the one asking you to ask

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him. And how about the one who doesn't supplicate or who doesn't want to supplicate to put the following verse that comes right after this. What it says in the Levine is that we don't and I bet that he said Who? Luna jahannam? Definitely. But those who are arrogant to serve Me will surely find themselves in hell in humiliation. Allah subhanaw taala considered the one who doesn't supplicate to be arrogant. Can you imagine arrogance with who with Allah subhanaw taala. I want to ask the question, is there anybody in this entire world who is in need for Allah subhanaw taala? Is there someone who doesn't have any troubles in their life or any catastrophes? Because the catastrophes?

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Is there anyone who doesn't have hopes anyone who doesn't have dreams they wish to accomplish or hope for something? So if you're in this position, the needy position which we all are, why don't you raise your hands to garland supplicate? Almost kind of dialysis if you don't do that, then what then your arrogance. And your Lord says Call on me. I'll answer your prayer. Would you supplicate or No? Would you put trust and faith or no? Would you say he will accept my supplication? Or do you serve? What are you going to swap it out? For me to hire guys make a lot of diet we're in the lesson days a forward zone. I want to know How do humans not run to Allah subhanaw taala when they need to

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need Him in every minute of their lives? How do you not supplicate? How do you run to humans and ask them to help you solve your problems when you have the greatest weapon in your hands? Raise your hands and say you're a lawyer.

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It's mentioned in the Hadith, that when a disobedient servant raises his hand to the sky and says all the words All Lord, the angels withhold a supplication or his voice from Allah subhanaw taala. He doesn't deserve to be heard. He's sinful, right?

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If he insists, saying, oh, Lord, oh, Lord overdue. Allah subhanaw taala calls upon the angels saying My angels to when will you hold my hope my servants voice from me. How can you withhold his voice from me? A disobedient servant is sinful one and he says what Allah subhanaw taala the baker happened to you the Baker hubzilla Baker.

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I'm you're done demand my servant, Allah subhanaw taala says that to two ascending servants. So what would he say to the one who's supplicating in the blessed month from Adan? And what would you say to the one who's seeking the Knight of power SubhanAllah. Believe me, supplication is such a great matter. And that's why you see him the hadith of Guzzi, he says what

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you have already Caloocan dadan in lemon Herdade first dunya ethical, all my servants, all of you are astray, except for the ones I have guided. So see guidance of me and I shall guide you. Those who sin and have been saying I wish I could repent but can't. What's your solution? supplications Raha is your solution. Those who say I've been dying to wear hijab for over 10 years now, but don't know how to teach you supplicate a Doha yoga mat if you have a sibling and you've been saying he's so far from Allah, He does drugs. He's a totally lost case. Did you supplicate for him? My parents have nothing to do with religion. Did you supplicate for them? Did you see the word cool? Look, I'm

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Dawn in lemon hydrator. All of you are straight except for the ones I have guided guidance is in his hands.

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To see guidance of me and I shall guide you. I really feel I'm trying to explain something that is already explained. It's just so clear Subhan Allah, and then he goes on saying, Yeah, bad equilibrium J 11 automata for stata ammonia temco All my servants all of you are hungry except for those I have fed to seek food of me and I shall feed you. Yeah, I barely could look Mahajan. In lemon castle, the first tech Sunni Zico, all my servants all of you are naked except for the ones I have closed to see coding of me and I shall close you.

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By the way, and this of nomadic may Lost Planet Allah be pleased with him. When he narrated this hadith, or whatever he narrated, he would get off his seat and would fall down on his knees from las pantallas glory. Subhan Allah. Yeah, birdie. Nick, come talk to Uber Leila on the hard one after the no Jimmy Johan. First the feronia for lack of all my servants, you sin by night and by day and I forgive all sins, to seek forgiveness of me and I shall forgive you. Yeah, buddy. No, Willa como we're in second word Unicom homicide and we're headfirst and only for Arthur the cooler head masala to Myrna cassava, lick me Mandy in the coma young cousin Maria.

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All my servants, were the first of you. And the last of you, the human of you and the interviewer were to rise up in one place and make a request of me. And were I to give everyone what he requested. That will not decrease what I have any more than a needle decreases the see if it were put into it. Do you comprehend this entire humanity starting from Adam peace be upon him till the Day of Judgment were gathered in a piece of empty land. And every single person raised their hands and asked the utmost thing they wanted. He wants a car and he she wants to get married and somebody wants a mansion and another longing for heaven. If all that were granted it wouldn't decrease a

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thing from what Allah subhanaw taala owns Subhanak yodel