Yaser Birjas – Seclusion In Soceity

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of living in small towns and small words, emphasizing the importance of being patient and not giving up. They stress the need to stay and not give up on one's mistake, as it can lead to losing faith in the process. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning from the pasture and avoiding evil behavior. They provide examples of people who have experienced success and challenges their challenges, and emphasize the importance of avoiding gathering and not bringing others' opinions to bear.
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The last chart says does the desirability of seclusion, times of corruption committed by the people who

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are caught on and be silent for the day of the alarm angle, Father, Father until

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a man came and asked the professor, a lot of them it says,

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who was the best man? I

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mean, the question the question that the man is looking into becoming that person? Isn't this ask another question is asked them to see who can be the best. And I would like to be someone like that. So the prophets of Allah says, most men, Dempsey,

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it says, The man is a professor

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who strives for love with his life, and as well. So he almost uses himself as well with the blessing of us, upon him, for the sake of basically living his life for

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the man perhaps a bit too much.

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And who comes next, who's next after that, maybe this is something that's too high to achieve. So because we

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tend to forget, we get weaker sometimes, and we have other things that we perhaps you know, get busy with. So eventually, we'll have that full, dedicated life for the last panel without sacrificing all your money and all your earnings for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's such a great thing. He said, Who's next cell phone call us.

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Tomorrow, General Motors in the ministry.

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He said then for the system says one loaded tires into narrow valley, and Washington is low.

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In other provinces, uncertainty.

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NASA mature in one who is mindful of his duty to to Oman, and serve God's people against his own ministry.

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So this had it as you see from the

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second chapter, of course, the second person after the first one is the one who finds

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his relief in his in his happiness and being with a loss. Of

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that doesn't mean by any means that Muslims are commanded or required to

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start moving into the mountains, and surrendering into caves. Now, we're not allowed to do that. But that's specifically during the time of fitness. You know, we lose so much so much in the world. And sometimes if you find yourself you know, getting too difficult to handle these things, economically live among the people that say God is

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more security, would that include also living in small towns, small villages. And I know that the bigger the city, the more the challenges. And I live in big city like here, for example, you're living right now in the suburbs.

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If you go live inside the city, in downtown, you find it harder and more difficult perhaps to survive. You go to a larger, bigger city, it becomes even harder and harder.

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So the bigger the city is, the more challenging because you're going to have to do a lot of people. And of course, when you mix it is the opportunities for both good and bad. So it becomes very tense. You go to a small town, it's quiet. You go to small words, it's absolutely peaceful.

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So that's why people don't like to do

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these recordings.

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So that less traffic less than population to deal with and so on. So profits are a subset as you go into

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the mountain and live on your own.

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That's indeed during the time of

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the film. And also particularly because this happened on

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the fitna that might cause bloodshed.

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You know, there's fitna you cannot tell right from wrong and people stop fighting each other for that and then killing each other for that, that is the time that you need to withdraw. And if you could not tell the truth from from what is wrong, you need to go and withdraw and retire into these places and hoping Allah subhana wa tada you know, and he will will will alleviate the suffering by seeing the people and situations for you. Is there an emotion for loss? The purpose of course, is to worship Allah as

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we will. So we shall see that there are other

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Nathan, that will say that you have to balance that book. And the prophet SAW Selim another Hadith he said about the mass and that the call of the mass was brought down

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No matter

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what, as far as a man who lives among the people, and is so patient with the, you know, you know, mischeif is better than the one who seclude himself away from the people and doesn't show patience, you know?

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So he was on what you see around you, you still need to be patient and beyond that.

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Because if you're good at $100 bill, I mean, why don't you spread that goodness, and

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you'll be responsible to get down. That's the point. If you get to a point where it just, you know, almost like, you don't want to say the word but you gave up, for example, like Eunice is

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when Amato's know that no one else is gonna be named after those already believe they said the army just destroy them.

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And when you say sir, his people in every possible way have given the mme, but they didn't respond to him. So he did. He just said, Okay, I'll go and other people will accept them. And, but of course, he was, you know, he was punished for that wasn't supposed to be there without permission from Allah subhanaw taala. For us, in our time, it depends. So if you really can handle that, you're strong enough to do that, with the company around you go for it, stay and assist, you know, those people to deliver. Now, if you think it's gonna be too much, that will use of demand and you'll lose yourself and your faith in the process, then purchase data from the people as much as you can. And

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then the minimum and then the progress assumptions, whether

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or not so the man who is going to be away from the from the people, one of the purposes of saying that is that he, he said God the people from is either

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someone who is always angry, they're very shocked.

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Or this person is not that you know, that a good person on others. And whenever he talks with people, he creates problems. So be patient with their mischeif over their attitude. So this case, you better stay away from the people section, you don't cause them any trouble. Because

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until you do that, and you fix

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them, you can come back again, and join the majority.

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Now, again, the professor of law says, He says in

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the long run, he said that almost

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every prophet has tended sheep is as a prophet, he will shepherd some but in Islam.

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So the Sahaba, the surprise,

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one, even when you did that,

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he says, of course, today as I attended them for a few hours for the month, and basically for some paintings, they just used to pay me something and just go and take care of it. And wonderful the zero the profits,

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used to go on and stay in the pasture alone. So we spent the whole day over and

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done that.

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ever done that I did it myself at some point when we're kids. And when I go to turn the ship, it's an amazing experience, you learn so many things

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about humans, from the animals. And

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one of the things that you learn when you go out, first of all, it's on your own. I

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mean, they're up in the pasture. And you do with this sheet, not too many people.

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And when you're there, you're almost you know, under the mercy for last panel.

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If the wind blows, you see the beauty of the grass and grows the trees. And it is simply this majestic site, the sky is so live, sometimes sometimes it's cloudy, I see all these beautiful sites.

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And then when I did when they deal with these animals, it's your limitations. Because animals are not going to follow them, they don't respond. So you're going to have to be patient on the way you deal

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with a gun and so on. So it has so many good things that you learn and most important thing here is being alone in separation

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may sit down to us. There isn't much to do. And there is no one else to talk to. So stop thinking.

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And that thought provoking process sometimes clears the mind and the spirit and the soul. And that's what the prophet says.

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So almost every messenger was prepared for his message by attending industry.

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So in under your age, if you get a chance to ship from a local farm

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You still have time to learn from the stream yourself.

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You can still but if not, then

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At least learn the spirit. That is the spirit of

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the prophets of Allah says in the

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color, man hurry man.

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He said the best part is that if a man was holding his horse resolved strength was way and is galloping towards the place, wherever, wherever it is that the terrible songs for the enemy for the text, and then someone will always want the help and assistance of others in our time, beautiful quality correspond to is relief.

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So whenever there's action in a situation, and we're in the world, they go this relief agency. So there is for example, drought and tsunami, there's all the summer so they go, and they help. And they assist.

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JIRA, C sharp, D sharp, mentally sharp, Nevada, Manhattan ODS, you finish.

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In less than a minute, Nancy is

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a professor some says that or perhaps this is also the life of the person who retires with some sheep, he possesses he offers Salah regularly and basica, he continues worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala till his death overtakes him, he does not interfere in the affairs of the people except for betterment. So basically, it is not now from this headache, that you see that he is not 100% complete his vision is access to people. But if he does, he only does that which is good and better for them. And this is our time is a little bit different. And many people would say but this could be really difficult and hard for us to achieve. And

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still, it's very important that we take our role in this society, at the same time serve our demand, our families, and also the people from all

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over here in the chapter make up for that. Now, I have a lot of data he wants to make like a disclaimer. So that people do not misunderstand the previous chapter. Someone wants to wants it is great in this case, I love this look and find for a job somewhere in the North Pole and live in

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a world.

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He says caught up

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he said chapter,

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it says a chapter on the virtue and the excellence of intermingling with

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being around the

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congregation also

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one major omission and sessions of good deeds

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and sessions of remembering the last panel

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where I added the money the visiting their sick while

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attending the funeral processions. One was assisting the Navy worshiping Javelin and guiding the

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director masala and other things a few months of looking for the benefit and the one star of the congregation

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This is for those who are capable of enduring good and forbidding evil will come

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in and he suppresses himself from causing, you know harm or evil to anybody.

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And being patient whenever he is afflicted by committee or whatever.

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So that he mentioned this whole chapter, you see how long the title is, his intention is so long, so that people can understand that what he was what he spoke about earlier, is not absolute.

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For those who are unable to stand against evil, or unable to practice and

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then he mentioned a few words he says quite a

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lot of Ignasi I'll watch him later.

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colony cannot do so.

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He said remember mixing with the people in the way I have mentioned the title I mentioned earlier is most desirable. This was the word of Allah's Messenger and the way of the message messenger Lola

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bot okay.

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And this is the path of the righteous

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everyone, and those who follow them are the competitors and the scores

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and the price

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of the home and

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garden and that is the opinion of the majority of

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that time

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element walkthrough fuqaha and the majority of the

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umbrella, what

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was the

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last parameter says help you in a

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virtual righteousness. So on they said what I actually mana Mallika, Toka, heroes maluma there are so many irons in this regard. And there are also many that he mentioned in many, many previous chapters. So, again, this is to learn that now, yes, you are allowed to go and seek a security

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and just stay away from the people and just, you know, to push through the last panel data. But what is more desirable and more important is that you stay with worshipping Allah subhana wa tada and invite him to good and forbid evil. And then

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next to that inshallah Allah. So this picture about, you know, some of the advocates and as long as you knew the people, what should you be observing, and you're dealing with it?

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And it puts

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you started in the

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dead, so there are pillows, but we did we can see, he said

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he raised the heavens without pillows that you see.

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Now, what is the meaning of this person meaningless? That doesn't mean that there are pillows that we don't see? Or is it studying the fact that look at this, there are actually there's the skies are up there without any pillows?

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Milan, the meaning of it is that there are no pillows whatsoever.

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Of course,

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it's a miracle, how could a structure like that it is set up in heaven, and there are

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no pillows, no way, as human beings, we're learning that in order to raise something, you have to have some sort of, you know, status station or foundation for when you see the heavens.

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And there's nothing that will touch the whole. That's a miracle by itself. So that's again,

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I mentioned without an echo that you see, because again, that's our perception of five things that they have to have some sort of, you know, foundations or pillars that stand on

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the right arm and speak about what we know about

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objects that have to have some pillars.

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is a question if you're invited to janessa for a non Muslim, what do you do? Have you been invited to general?

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For example, a coworker passes away and you go to a church or let's say you go

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to the feminine.

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Some of the diseases, of course, show your support, you know,

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help them in the time? And that's it. You don't have to attend that procession. La noche? Yes.

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Same question.

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The better service

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is going to be done in the graveyard.

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And that's when they have most of the talk.

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Talk basically, and that you might,

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eventually if you had to go there, because you could not get us to the funeral. Then just again, the center the center, you go, you offer the condolences, and you don't have to stay there about the week, the week and viewing all this stuff.

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I will recommend that you do this. And if they have the basic of the bar displayed, should you go and as they say and just give them a look and so on. You shouldn't be doing this. Instead just go and offer the family,

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your support. And that's what matters the most. If you support the family in such a difficult time for them

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to come back to the subject of security.

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My understanding that

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them to be secluded when the temptation is deep.

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Like if

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you few hours of sleep or I have to it would be exhausting for me or something from

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You have to actually

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The question is

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intermingling with people is going to affect your beam, that's going to stay away from the people. However, it is going to affect something from you from your own environment, basically, you can have sleepless hours, in an hour, stay exhausted and tired, and so on. Now my understanding if you become if it's gonna cause him to lose time, get exhausted and lose hours of sleep, and so on, that definitely is gonna affect your data, there's no doubt about it, you're not going to be able to shuffle pledges, you might not be able to comparation you might

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lose some that I mentioned, is going to fit

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closely with Oregon, this case, is not the main the main concern, because a lot

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of us

00:21:03 --> 00:21:04

tired, exhausted.

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So should we avoid the people? Well, the less you intermingle the people in general, the veteran is on the list, that doesn't mean you don't stay with them. I mean, instead of staying for two hours, with the staff,

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and many people, they look like fish in a fish tank, the moment you take them out of that surrounding, they suffocate, they just can't live on.

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And that's how they go crazy. And even we will get used to this kind of gathering the crowd is that when you are alone at home, you don't feel comfortable in this beautiful setting.

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So other people use

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the term radio, CD, TV, laptop, and whatever activity stop playing something even though there is no one else there. They even on a fairly efficient, it escape, you know, just having some sound to have the company

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sitting quietly

00:22:07 --> 00:22:12

sort of collecting and thinking about life and what happened to them. You

00:22:14 --> 00:22:17

know, so we'll have to have a company of some sort.

00:22:18 --> 00:22:19

And yeah.

00:22:22 --> 00:22:33

So eventually, I would say even with that, you know, it was hard to be on the table. We should really minimize that martial arts. You know, there are a lot of issues.

00:22:34 --> 00:22:42

One of the beautiful statement that I've learned in a long, long time ago is that NASA, the NASA manana method

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which means feeling you know,

00:22:47 --> 00:22:51

feeling good about being around the people it's a sign of bankruptcy.

00:22:52 --> 00:23:03

Which means you really have nothing else to do as a minimum. You only feel good when you're around people. Then you have you you are in very bad shape.

00:23:06 --> 00:23:10

And when you say the prophet SAW some stronger what used to be alone seclusion,

00:23:11 --> 00:23:14

frankly, I'm like, why because he's in the company for last panel.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:18

So if you really have that feeling that when you're alone

00:23:19 --> 00:23:22

strong with a strong kind of

00:23:23 --> 00:23:38

being with the competent plus panel, but again, cultural change people they don't really feel comfortable being so big on other people's okay. So long as you know, they don't because it was your your time and track of your efforts and achievements along

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with an agenda

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