Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #28 Loving Others

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The importance of love in Islam is discussed, including the historical precedent of the city of centers and a young man's desire to study Islam. The sermon uses a hypothetical analogy of a woman named Jana who has a pure heart and only gives love for one person. The importance of love for one's own happiness and desire to achieve goals is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have a strong heart for others to receive love. The conversation also touches on the importance of treating with love and not being treated with evil manners.

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One of the most important early conquests was the city of Damascus. It was one of the capitals of the Byzantine Empire. And Damascus was kept under the reign of thought, well, the Allahu Akbar, and they converted one of their churches they purchased that they converted to the masjid the famous OMA Masjid it is one of the oldest still standing Westerners to this day.

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A young man decided to travel to Damascus to study Islam, a new convert. His name was Abu ivities, Aloha Alani. Eventually, this young man would rise up many years later, as an elderly he will be appointed to be one of the chief judges in the time of the Obama years. But right now we're at the beginning of his story. He enters the Grand Mosque of Damascus. And he sees a large halacha full of people that were senior and age to the share who was teaching, the chef seem to be a younger man in his 40s. And he had a wide forehead and a split in the tooth. That's how he described him. And Abu Idris said, as soon as I saw this man, love of Him entered my heart, the respect the aura of this

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man, love of Him entered my heart. So I tagged somebody I said, Who is this person? There are senior elder sitting here, large halacha Who is this man? So the companion or the person and said, Don't you know, have they been Jabin had saw he bought a suit in LA, he saw the law or they he was selling them? This is why they've been Jabin. This is the companion of the Prophet sallallahu. I think he was sending him. Someone had said that he said, I have to get to know Him. So He said that same night, I decided to be the first in the masjid so that I could have a one on one when while it came. So I went in the middle of the night waiting for more hours to come. Lo and behold more either.

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bingeable was already praying tahajjud behind one of the pillars. So I sat behind him when he said Salam. I came in front of him. And I said a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I wanted to tell you, that I love you for the sake of Allah. Why the bingeable leaned forward, held him by the collar and said, did you swear by Allah, Allah? He said, II will Allah He I swear by Allah. Remember why there's never seen this guy first time? Why I've asked him a second time you are saying Allah's name. He said, II will I'm saying Allah's Name. Third time. Third time, he said, A will lie more than let's go and said, then I give you glad tidings for I heard the Prophet so some say subhanallah there's

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the context of the Hadith. I heard the Prophet sallallahu either he was selling them say why jivatma Huberty lil moto has been Afiya. Allah has muhabba is obligatory. Allah's love is obligatory for anybody who loves other people for my sake. So I'm giving you glad tidings that Allah azza wa jal loves you because you have loved a Muslim for no worldly benefit for no reason of the dunya for no t Giada. And trade you have loved a fellow Muslim for the sake of Allah, then I'm telling you exactly what I heard our Prophet sallallahu are they he was setting them say dear Muslims, tonight is our final quarter of tonight of our o'clock series. And I decided to end it on the whole motivation four

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o'clock. The whole reason if there were to be the backbone of all of these last 2930 lectures that we have done are 28 To be more precise, if there were to be one that really is the motivational factor. Why do we have a cloud what is the motivational factor that will make us understand o'clock? It is but one and that is love of your fellow Muslim muhabba. One of the main characteristic Dare I say the real characteristic of Eman as our prophets are some said you do not love. You do not have Imani

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Excuse me until you love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't have Iman, until you love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and until your hatred is directed to those who are enemies of Allah and His Messenger, so love of Allah and loving your Muslims for the sake of Allah. This is not one of the clock. This is the defining characteristic of Eman. When you have Eman, automatically Eman is going to be shown by loving the people of iman, if you do not love the people of iman, you don't have Iman is that simple. This is not a matter of o'clock. Now this gets to theology. This is one of the whole of that is intrinsically linked to our iman in Allah. If you really have Iman in

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Allah, you will love automatically intrinsically, you will love every single other one who has Iman and Allah subhanho wa Taala your heart is going to be fooled the default you're going to have muhabba so the end of all of our lecture series very quickly because again, this is a long topic, the importance of muhabba Fila and what will make us understand what is the importance of my above Allah word Yeah, but MAHAK Bertie little motor have been a fear. Allah azza wa jal is saying my muhabba My love has become obligatory for those who love for my sake.

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In fact, the characteristic of the people of Jana is that they love for the sake of Allah. We all know that famous Hadith in Muslim Imam Muhammad that the prophets have said, I'm going to tell you a man, the next person to enter the masjid, he'll be the person of gender. A man entered and nobody recognized him. He's not one of the big shots, not one of the big names, nobody recognized him. And so I've done live in Ahmedabad and also began to states, speak with him, spend some time with him. And then he began to realize that this person has nothing special over meet. So he then said to him, I want to ask you a blunt question. This is exactly what happened. The president said you're a

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person of Jannah. But I didn't notice anything in your lifestyle that's different from mine. What is different? So the man said, you know, the only thing I can think of is that every night I go to sleep, and I don't have in my heart and the ill will towards another person and the animosity, I don't have both or Adamawa My heart is pure and clean. And you know, this lecture series in the mornings Biostar had been called Saleem, this is a manifestation of Mahatma you cannot have love without a pure heart. So the pure heart leads to cold Saleem, so the person of Jannah the Prophet system said, this is a man of Jannah. Why? Because he didn't have animosity, jealousy, hatred, he

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had nothing but love for everybody else. He forgave people he had nothing but genuine care and concern. In fact, in the famous Hadith and also Sahadi, our Prophet system said there was a man in the previous nations that he decided to visit his Muslim brother for the sake of Allah in another town, another village, and Allah sent an angel long Hadith. I'm summarizing it, the angel estimate series of questions, why are you going to visit? Do you have a business transaction? Because no, I just this is my brother in Islam, I'm going to visit him. So the angel said, I'm actually an angel from Allah, Allah has sent me to give you glad tidings that all of your sins have been forgiven,

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just because of your love for your fellow people. That love that you have Allah sent me to give you those glad tidings. This is what love does. Allah loves you, your sins are forgiven. In fact, more than this more than this, the prophets have said again, these are all a hadith well known to you. We say them all the time. There are people he said, that will neither be prophets nor martyrs. Yet on the Day of Judgment, prophets and martyrs will have some type of jealousy of them. So a Bedouin stood up and said, O Messenger of Allah, they will neither be prophets, nor shall they be martyrs. And yet the prophets and martyrs will have a hook lived, they want to be like them lived here means

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they want to be like them. And the prophets have said, Yes, so the Bedouin said, then describe them to me, perhaps I can be of them I want to be of that category. So the prophets have said, they are those who love each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah will place them upon pulpits made out of pure light, their pulpits will be made out of light, and they're going to be raised up and it will be said, these are the people they had nothing but love for everybody that had love for everybody. So Allah will raise them up when they're going to be raised up even the prophets and martyrs, even to Allah has blessed them in many other ways. But this particular blessing,

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they're going to Wish I too, was on that pulpit and whatnot. So here is another blessing for those who love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will be forgiven by Allah. Allah will love you. You are of the people of Jana, you will not have Iman. In fact, in another Hadith, he said Whoever has this characteristic will taste the sweetness of Eman thou Katarn will Iman you will taste the sweetness of Eman if you love for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada all of these characteristics brothers and sisters, all of these blessings they come when our heart is full of love and do

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You know what other blessings will come? Do you know what other blessing will come it is one of the most amazing blessings because when you love somebody genuinely you want they're good genuinely admire them you want to protect them sometimes those people are better than you sometimes they're a man is better than yours. Guess what? Just because you love them you might get a free upgrade to their level and status in Jana. Can you believe just because you love them? In fact, this is a beautiful Hadith beautiful Allah Hadith that should make every one of us you only go home and think about it and tears should come to our eyes because tears came to the eyes of the Sahaba A man came

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to the Prophet SAW said MnSOD Malik never eats this is a famous identify Muslim and others unnecessary nomadic said, A man came to the Prophet systems at the auto suit Allah when is the day of judgment? The prophets have said, reverse the question, what have you prepared for it? And this shows us you ask practical questions. I don't know when did the Day of Judgment Gibreel does not know the Prophet system does not know would that question is not going to benefit you let me reverse it around. What have you prepared for it? So the man said yeah rasool Allah I don't have too much Salah and too much CM. I don't have the types of rituals that all of these other you know senior

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Sahaba do. But Wallah, he in Nila are hip Bula wa Sudha. I love Allah and His messenger. I have love of Allah and His messenger. So the prophets of salaam said, I will mark guna I'm in a habit, the person will be with those whom he loves. Listen to this now on a subnet, Malik said, We never rejoiced at anything more than when we heard this hadith of the prophets of Allah Who are they? He was said and by the way, unas heard this hadith he was nine years old. He narrated it, he's around 90 years old, okay, and it's like died at the age of 110. Unless they've nomadic narrated this hadith eight decades later, and he says and he's crying when he says this and listen to anesthesia,

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magic, he says, follow Allah He I am saying to you, I don't have the salah and the sadhaka of Bukhara and Omar I don't have the emaan of those Sahaba but I love those Sahaba I love the Prophet system. I love Abu Bakar I love Omar so I hope that because of my love, I will be with them in Jannah This is what undisciplined Malik is saying, I don't have their level, but I love them. And because I love them, Perhaps Allah will upgrade me to be with them. So Subhanallah love the righteous brothers and sisters will Allah He even if you are not righteous, even if you are not able to be righteous, your heart should be attached to the righteous should have a genuine love of the

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aroma of the moutain of the WHO fault of those that are better than you have love in your heart for them. Even if you're not at that level. Maybe just maybe that genuine love genuine wanting good for them. Allah azza wa jal will bless you that these are your role models. These are whom you want to be your love is Smilla. I'll let you be with them. Omar Omar hub, this is the backbone of all of our brothers and sisters. Why do we do what we do? Why are we encouraging all of us to have better UCLA? Why are all of these labs that I mentioned have forgiveness and have said have you been to all of these aiming high? What is it all about? It's all about your heart wanting the best for everybody

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who says the Kadima your heart forgiving your heart overlooking your heart wanting head and Rama. This is what it's all about. Subhanallah brothers and sisters Islam is so easy. We're finishing the month here allow me just one or two minutes to go into a bit of a tangent here. You know sometimes a scholars sometimes we only talk about rituals and Vicodin sada and we forget to talk sometimes about o'clock. And sometimes those that are not in the scholarly circles, they say all of that's not important. What's important is the fact of the matter is Islam is only about rituals and o'clock to things. That's all that it is. All of Islam is about simple rituals and how you treat other people.

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So both of these are important, let's not trivialize either of them, Ramadan is coming to an end, but the worship of Allah will never come to an end until death comes to us, the month is coming to an end, but not our Ibadat nor our o'clock. So, let us take what we have learned. Let us take these imagine that we have invented this one, let us take the knowledge of the clock we have gained and let us start implementing it. And all of it is based upon one simple emotion and that is love. And I conclude this entire series with a simple Hadith that every one of you needs to understand and memorize and we already know it. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and with this hadith I

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none of you truly believes until he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself. This is all that o'clock is about. How would you want to be treated? How would you want to be treated when you do something? How would you want others to treat you? You do the same when they do it unto you? It's that simple. This is the golden rule. Every Prophet preached it every single person have a

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Man preaches and understands it. Do unto others what you want people to do unto you. You do not have Eman until you love for others what you love for yourself may Allah subhana wa Tada grant us all Iman May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us all to the best of manners for none can guide other than Him. We ask Allah azza wa jal to take away from us and to divert us from all evil manners for none can divert away other than him we'll have to do that one at an hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen which is our Kamala who played on was set on why they come to LA he went out I got

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