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Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad's actions and rumors have been discussed, including his desire for a mother and his marks on his body. The importance of honoring parents and not giving money to anyone is also emphasized. The segment also touches on the importance of praying for one another and avoiding conflict. The speaker describes Ali John's experience with the Prophet's words and how he made her the center of the world, emphasizing the need to stay true to oneself and not give up on one's views.
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We said we don't know him, and who was always a Conejo Prophet of ALLAH. So he started to describe him. The Prophet smiled as if he could see him and said, he stands upright, with his head held up high and dignity, his poor, but not dangling his head down, dark skinned, he's describing him with details. I see him placing his right arm over his left reciting the Quran, and crying and humbleness. Do you see him a prophet of Allah? Gabriel came down to describe him to him. Who is this? He's not even from the companions. He's from the following generation. Do you see how the Prophet sallahu wa salam, and how Allah subhanaw taala is melting any conflicts that could happen

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between the generations, the generations love each other, and he's making the Companions generation love the generation that will follow them and look up to them like that. I fear will lie if you're Arab countries, after all the events have happened. conflicts happen between the generations, the prophet is melting these conflicts. He stands upright held head held up high, his right over his left reciting the Quran, and crying and humbleness over his shoulders is a wool garment. He's poor, he isn't wearing anything exquisite. under his arm, you see, the prophet even is going to give more description of him. Under his left arm is a mark a white mark left from a disease he had. And it's

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the size of a coin.

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Oh my god, oh prophet of Allah, you're giving very precise details. And then the Prophet continued unknown among the people of the earth, well known to the inhabitants of the heavens SubhanAllah. The angels know him very well. And the prophets in the seven heavens know him very well. And Allah subhanaw taala knows him very well, yet unknown among the people of the earth, well known to the inhabitants of the heavens, and the Prophet continues describing him. Then he goes on saying, he has a mother. This is the first time I see someone who will be known or described by having a mother. He has a mother whom he honors now Oman hola barroom beha What is this? Have you ever seen anybody

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describe by having a mother whom he honors? You want to know Him? know him from his mother whom he honors? That's how he's marked. If he said, Oh, Allah, his supplication is answered, low oxen and Allah Allah realize that this came right after he has a mother that he honors greatly. And the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. wasallam says, really strong. What did he say? He said something that's really strong. What did he say? The believers are bought on the day of judgment, and are told to enter heaven. So always comes so he's told stop, you don't enter heaven. But why? intercede to whom you wish from the believers ish fundamentalism and then when. So he stands forever, for a very long

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period of time. And He intercedes for as many people as the tribes of mother and robia they are two Arab tribes, and what's the population 200,000 SubhanAllah. Always a colony will intercede for 200,000 A martyr, who's a martyr gets to intercede for 70 of his family members, and always intercede for as many people as mother and Robbie Ah 200,000 Who is this man always a corner you is he?

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The Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam look to Hamid Ali and said, Oh, Mohammed, over Halle, if both of you meet Wasel Kearney, ask him to pray for you and ask for forgiveness for you. For Allah and yet Allah kkOma Wanya Stafford Aleko

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oh my god, what is this guys? We are standing in front of a character Alma and Halle, the ones who have been promised heaven if they met Wasel cognate, after the Prophet Muhammad wa Salam is dares to ask him to make supplication for them? And what an advice to How about analogy from the Prophet? Do you see how this character must be like, can you imagine what's this? What is this man doing? Always a coordinate that he would make to have for Homer and Helene? So what's his story? Let's start the story from the very beginning. When he was a child, when he was a child, his father passed away an orphan. Poor, a shepherd. He doesn't indulge in life forcefully. It's not his well, he can't he's

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already poor. He can barely find food. His mother is an old woman. He's not happy. Don't ever think that people just turn out to be great. He's not happy with the situation. Why am I poor? There was no Islamiat Why am I living like this? Why am I an orphan? And he would look up to the sky. Why? Why do I have to carry the burden of caring for my mother and I have no family.

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He continued to be like this until he had an accident or an accident happened to him was this accident or coincidence? His mother lost her eyesight. So now we had to start even taking more care of her and move her around everywhere. So more pain was added to his pain. Now I have to even move her around isn't enough that I have to take care of her till this minute. This is how he sees matters, until something very strange happened. What happened? One day,

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he was lighting a candle and taking his mother's hand to move her around. And then suddenly the candle the candle light went out. It became pitch dark. So he and his mother became equal in blindness. So the one who has eyesight couldn't see. But she the one who was blind, knew her way around better than him, because she was trained to move on how to move around without, you know, around the house without seeing. So she was the one who took his arm and moved him around.

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So he got confused. We are equal in blindness, and neither one with eyesight I am weaker than her. What's the scale of light and darkness? He started thinking, and he was 17 years old. What's light and what's darkness from his luck and Allah subhanaw taala is destiny is that the following day, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had sent someone to Yemen to teach people Islam who happens to be who ally in every time. So I've never told him he's talking to the people of Yemen on the road as he meets them about Islam. So who does he meet? He meets always accompany but they don't know each each other and they never introduced themselves to each other. So he didn't know that he was a waste and

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always didn't know that this was Ali. So waste told him recite to me from the Quran that your Prophet recites. So Allah He may Allah be pleased with have recited Surah to know the light until you reach the verse 40 And he to whom Allah has not granted light for him, there is no light

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when that woman lemmya Jarl Allahu Allah who run for May Allah Who knows.

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This verse hooked up with him to what happened in the previous day with his mother. Light is from God. So he asked Ali, and what does your prophets say? Tell me something from what your Prophet says or goes through the Hadith. What does he say? Ali is bright, he saw that he's wearing wore down garments and poverty showed on him. So what Hadith would you tell him Ali? You know, some people aren't just bright, they'll just say any Hadith. But when Ali saw how he was, he said, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam told us and he taught him a hadith that would touch him personally that will touch always personally. What did he say? He said, The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says,

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What am I to do with this world? And what am I this and what has this world to do with me, man, you already don't Jamelia? Dunya Amelie, I am to this world as a man who walked on a very hot day and found a tree. So he sat under its shade for an hour. Then he walked away and left it and went, that's what this world is an hour.

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Waste, listened and said, a shadow underlay ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasool Allah. I bear witness that there is no God except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is his messenger.

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He was 17 years old. So this happened three years before the Prophet peace be upon his death. And here he stood in front of his first question or decision to make. Come on. emigrate. I want to immigrate to the Prophet Muhammad, but my mother, but the Prophet Muhammad SAW said he was companionship. But how can I leave my mother? Do you remember? He has a mother did he honors greatly? Lao Omen, Hua bar on behalf? If your wife says Choose? Would you go to the Prophet? Or would you stay with your mother? I'll just go to Medina just hug the Prophet. Just even see him or my, you know? How about my mother? He chose my mother. No, I can't leave. I can't leave my mother,

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who is going to take care of her. Leave her with someone from your tribe to take care of her just until you go see the Prophet and come back? No, no, no, I couldn't. His priorities are set. Right? Has anyone ever asked himself this question? If you were really in his shoes, what would you choose? I know of course, you'd say I'd go. That's what you'd say if you got the chance to go for a visit. Now when he's dead to go to the Medina. You did. Of course I'll go my mother is going to be fine. But that wasn't his choice. And remember, he who gives up something for Allah subhanaw taala sake, Allah subhanaw taala rewards him, rewards him with what's even better than it. Allah subhanaw taala

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must reward him and his reward will be an extraordinary reward was so corny. No, I won't leave my mother and know the Prophet peace be upon him died and he didn't get to see him. And that's why he became a follower. Although he embraced Islam three years before his death. But who do I leave my mother to? I can leave my mother. You know what, what is his first secret is that he sacrificed everything, but not his mother. And he's going to stay by herself until he's 33 years old, from 17 to 33 years old, just for his mother.

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Don't ever think the word befriend your parents or honor them means that you don't just raise your voice or that you don't argue with them. It has a much

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trigger meaning to it companionship a softball, and that's where most pelota Hannah says and sort of look men, but accompany them in this world with appropriate kindness was a bona fide dunya Mahabharatha Oh prophet of Allah who is the most worthy to give good companionship or friendship? Look not once was the parents mentioned that the Quran unless the word sociable or accompanying or befriending came with it that's why the Prophet responded your mother Oh prophet of Allah I'm asking you who's worthy of my friendship like my friend to hang out with? I'm talking about friends. Okay, my mother and then who? Your mother and then who? Your mother that's why the Prophet said it three

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times and then who your father befriend your mother and your father. I believe we all misinterpreted the misinterpret the meaning of honoring our parents, but in reading, we understand honoring them. We don't raise our voice watch how we're talking. No, honoring is befriending them good companionship, Safa SAPA salah, and then came to Hasan Basri and told him I took permission from my mother, who has no one but me to dictate to take care of, of her to come and perform pilgrimage. What do you think of my pilgrimage? Hassan bursary replied by Allah, sitting once with her at her table, and eating with her her food that she cooked is better and more preferable to my heart than

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you coming here to perform pilgrimage or hash. Another man from the follower says, One night in Ramadan, my mother was ill. So I stayed by her side pressing with my hands on where the pain was, while my brother went to the night prayers, by Allah, sitting by her side and pressing on where her pain was, is more beloved to my heart than praying all night for Allah subhanaw taala. That's how well this generation understood the meaning of honoring parents. The real validating companionship, that's the first secret. Don't tell me I don't speak rudely to them. So I do honor them. Are you friends with them? Do you go out with them? Do you sit and have dinner or Soho with them? Do you put

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your money together with them so that you could live by them or next to them and ask about them day or night? Or was your family divided and you left them everybody went their own way.

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So that's always a cornice for a secret about the second secret. The second secret is he didn't indulge in this life. Caffee from the dunya this wall doesn't mean anything to him. It doesn't matter. He's living he's fine. Who cares about materialism? Let's see what happened. The Prophet peace be upon him died and always didn't get a chance to meet him. And will Bakr Siddiq died as well? And no Muhammad had no hotter became the Muslims Caliph Khalifa and what we need. And can you imagine? Every year during pilgrimage Homer would go out among the Pilgrims calling? Is there a man amongst you called away so connect a vehicle always so corny? But why you're doing this? Ohama?

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Doesn't the Prophet ask you for this to be done? Did he tell him when you see him have him supplicate for you? Does the Hummer follow the words of the Prophet peace be upon him to this extent? Every year? The first year is always a calendar year amongst you. If he can always accompany the pilgrims would reply or prints of the believers. Yeah, I mean, what we need we do not know who we assume this always he talks off. And he would ask specifically the pilgrims are from Yemen. So he would say truthful or you profitable law, unknown in this world when no well known in the heavens, but couldn't fill up. Nobody knows who he is. Nobody knows him even the people of his own land yet.

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Don't know who he is. So our May Allah be pleased with him comes the following year during pilgrimage and on the Mount of Haifa, he would ask the people to stand up. So they would stand up asking what's going on? Or principally? Was he asking them to stand up? So he would reply, everyone said except the people of Yemen, so everyone would sit except the people of Yemen. They would remain standing. And then he would tell the people of Yemen, everyone sit, except those of you from the tribe of Murad. So everyone would sit sit except those from the tribe of morons. That he would say all sit except those from cotton. So everyone would sit except the nobody would left until one year

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one mag remain standing. So he said, Are you from cotton are Canadian? And he replied, Yes, I am. He said, Do you know why? Secondly, he said yes, that's my nephew. But what would you all kind of have to do with waste of money? He's a poor young man that no one really pays attention to. So I'm gonna top left and said, he whom you speak of will come on the day of judgment and intercede for as many people as the people of the tribes of phobia and murder, people will be sent to heaven, and he will be stopped to intercede for 200,000 people. Be careful, guys, don't you ever be a little a poor person? Don't you ever oppress a poor person? You never know what he might be to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Be careful, rich people.

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But did you see how much may Allah be pleased with him? Did you see how he was keen to follow what the Prophet asked him to do? Why? Because he told him have him supplicate for you, Mohammed. I beg you just pick what Hadith from the Prophet Allah subhanaw taala sayings and stick to it. live by it. Copy Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with him. Just take one Hadith, a hadith about morals. A Muslim is the one that people are saved from his tongue enhance and follow it on top kept looking for ways for 10 years, just because the Prophet asked him to do that 10 years. Take this idea and just live by one

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had it at least one.

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So now comes the last year for Hamid before he dies. What had happened was the coroner his mother had passed away. But back again, when a Hunter had met a Weiss's uncle years ago, we asked him if voice was with him. And he replied, No. So Homer asked him, is his mother alive? He said, Yes. On the reply, truthful, are you Oh, Prophet of Allah. And then you look to her leave, nobody told me and said he wouldn't leave her income. He wouldn't leave her whole body and bone me? He wouldn't. He's very honorable to his mother. He wouldn't do that. When the Prophet described him to us. He said, He is righteous to his mother.

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Do you ever? Did you ever see someone described by that? You want to know him? Look for what what his description is, and that would be that person who abandoned me. He's honorable or researchers to his mother, my dear youth, girls and boys? How are you doing with your parents? I wonder? Is your mother pleased with you? Can you you know what you can pass all you want. But if she's upset with you, then you're very far away. Don't even try, be righteous to her and then make to her or something. And see, do you remember what the Prophet said? He has a mother whom he is righteous to. If we pray to Allah, he would accept his dua and please him.

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Righteousness, my brothers and sisters, to your parents learn righteousness, your parents were always a colony.

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So again, every year he would look for him until as we said, the last year before his death, he had to meet him. And mind you Why still now had no idea that the prophet spoke about him. Right? Where would he know from? There was no one who was going to tell him except Allah, You know what I'm saying? Till now he doesn't know what his status is with Allah subhanaw taala. He knows that he's unknown on the earth. But he doesn't know that he's well known among the heavens, the last year for Homer, waste his mother had passed away. And how old is a waist now? 33 years old. And where did he go to perform pilgrimage Hush.

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So on what mount Arafah armour calls out old people of Yemen is always so corny amongst you. So man stood up and said, Oh, Caliph. He's that poor Shepherd that's guarding the flock of sheep over there. On that, may Allah be pleased with him, grabbed him. Nobody told him. Oh, hello, you we found him we found him. And he ran to him. Are you always so corny? And always Luckily, he replied, Yes. He said, Show me your shoulder. So reveal your shoulder. And Homer found a white mark the size of a coin over that hump? He said, Oh, honey, it's him. He continued, do you have a mother was replied, she died. And that's why I came. Omer said truthful, are you oh prophet of Allah, he wouldn't have

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left her and come as unless she had passed away, will lie say these words. And I feel ashamed for my mother, who has really reached this level of righteousness with his parents. Even a homer knew for certain he wouldn't come unless she died. After Homer asked these questions, was asked who are you? He doesn't know them. Alma replied, I am Muhammad in the hot tub, the Caliph of the Muslims. And this is Ali ibn Abi Talib, who came along with the message to the people of Yemen. Always quite I remember him. And then he continued, but how do you know me? So I'm I started telling him what the Prophet peace be upon him. I told him, can you imagine he's hearing these words for the first time?

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Always? You were unknown on Earth, well known in the heavens. Gibreel mentioned you to the Prophet peace be upon him.

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Can you imagine hearing this word, these words? And he told us that you are righteous to your mother? And he told us about the mark on your arm, and he told us that you're wearing wool out of poverty. And he told us on the Day of Judgment, you will intercede for 200,000 people? If you weren't white shoes, what would you have? What would happen to hearing these words? Can you imagine? Would you weep? Can you imagine me? He knew me. The Prophet knew me. Yes, he knew you always. He knew you by name and your brother knows you and the angels know you. You're very dear voice and you didn't know me the poor person? Yes.

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And 100 goes, pray for me always. Idalia always. What is this humbleness Ahmed Khalifa mean? What is this? Do you need a ways to pray for you? Yes, the Prophet told me to have him supplicate for me Wallahi we don't understand this life. Right? And the way we wait things needs to be adjusted a lot. Money being famous appearance and wealth. I'm calling you I'm not calling you to poverty, but it's you know, it's not a call to indulgent dislike it's a call to just be light and a call to be humble. What are these morals are Hamid, pray for me always, and always replies and kind of unlike me, pray for one like you are Prince of the Believers here. Ameerul Momineen he replied, always the Prophet

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orders does that if we meet you to ask you to supplicate for us and repent as for repentance for us? So always raises his hand and prays over Allah. Forgive Omer Abraham. Over law forgive I live in a baton. Did you see what the Prophet did here? Did you see how he weaved the generations into each other? Have you ever heard

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For a generation with great ideas that had a following generation that didn't come and collide with it and clash, was it worth it? See in any generation, communism, any generation, except this generation, it lost the generation that came before it. Because the Prophet peace be upon them united them. There are no conflicts between the generations here, which are countries, we wish that our countries we could be like that no conflicts between the generations. I wish that between the parents and their children, that there'll be no conflicts.

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Pray for me always. Here Allah forgive Ahmed your ALLAH forgive Ali. So Homer says, and look, here comes waste as other secret. He didn't indulge in life. And the first was righteousness to his mother. Let's see the second one. Others said, Oh, always, from today onwards, you are my companion in this life and in the Hereafter, you are going to be with me always. You're going to live with me in Medina? He replied, No, or principle believers, you are known to the people of Earth, and I want to remain in the shadows. Let me be where I am.

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Can you imagine all that in the hot tub offering you to come to live with him? Or to be his companion? And you say, No, thank you. This is a chance always it's if you want this dunya This is life ticket. How famous can you get the whole word we'll be talking about you, a young man 33, a companion of woman. And most important you have what the Prophet said about you. Let me go Oh, Prince of the Believers, let me be let be, let me be as light as I am. Let me go. I don't want this life that read that dunya.

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So he said, but where will you have to back to Yemen? He replied, My mother has passed away. And you have scandalized me among my people. You've made me become famous among my people. Not everybody knows what the Prophet said about me. I will go to Kufa. He said then let me write to the leader of roofer to welcome you. He said, Oh, Prince of the Believers, let me be among those unknown. Let me be no more than a servant of Allah subhanaw taala. I have a friend and every time he meets me, he tells me write my name or see my name on the cell phone. As a servant of Allah servants, abdomen, I bet allah and You remember me, and that's how I saved his name. And now we have a great

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companionship. And every time he calls me, I remember him by a servant of Allah subhanaw taala servants. So always goes back and saying, let me be Homer. Let me be, let me be simple. No one knowing me. So he said, then wait, I'll go back in Mecca and get your money to aid you and your livelihood. That's another great opportunity. Take money always. He said, No. No prints of the believers. Layyah Ameerul Momineen. We can never meet you. We're from here. And I am from there. Yeah, I mean, I'm Nina Lebo. had been Anna, and I've been here one time in Hoonah. Subhan. Allah, you are saying this ways to who? Or prints of the believers, why do you want to give me money? If

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you are giving me money for clothing? My clothing is from wool. And it doesn't work out yet. See? Oh my god, and look how we dress. I wonder how many outfits do we have in our closets, and he's selling him I still have a cloth on me that has a lot of life in it. And when it's worn out, I'll get another piece of wool. And my soles or shoes aren't worn out yet. And when they do, okay, another pair. And I have four Durham's like $4, that I haven't spent yet. And I milk my goat and drink from that. Well, prints of believers, what have I to do with your wealth? I can't be like a waste. And you're not expected to be Like always guys, I mean, this guy is just unbelievable. But the least we

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can do is at least to lighten up a little bit from this world. Just at least even during Ramadan. What's the lesson learned here? What do you want from us? Why are you telling us the story? Let's try not to indulge in this word. At least in Ramadan. I'm not after this life. It's not my main concern. Let's walk light on this earth. No dunya in our hearts. This is a wise, you don't have to be like him. You can remain where you are. I'm not asking you to change your whole life. But try not to have this world filling your heart. Remove it a bit from your heart. It's Ramadan in your fasting. Keep like get it out of your heart a bit. I don't want you to say oh well let me be and be

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simple. I don't want fame I want I'm sorry. I don't want like the world just to be filling me. I don't want fame. Let me worship Allah subhanaw taala let me be let me go. That's what I always said. When I said that, I'm a replied. remain with me always. If karma you're always you're from here, let like be beside me. Omer kept saying that always but always said you were from here, and I am from there.

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Hamid wept when he saw this temperance resort.

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And he said I wish the mother former never gave birth to armor. I wish I never existed. The waist replied No prints of the believers. What I am in. This is a very important part here guys. Listen. What I am in is good for me. And what you are in is good for you and for all the Muslims. This sentence is good.

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Olden man to man if he hohai only woman on TV, hydrocodone Muslimeen. Do you see the priorities? No, Hamid, if you imitated me, the Muslims would collapse you have to be famous. And I can't be like you. Each one remains in his positions. But we both can remove love for dunya or live from our hearts while you remain rich and famous. And while I remain as I am is in my shadows, what I am in is good for me. And what you are in from being famous and ruling the lands and leading the Muslims is good for you and for the Muslims.

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Do you understand now why the Prophet chose a Hummer specifically and told him when you meet and have him pray for you? Why honorable hottap specifically, because there are total opposites. Extreme fame, a homerun totally unknown, always extreme power on extreme poverty always almost has the wealth of the lands even had the treasure of Joseph's Kustra always owns nothing, two extremes opposites. But two summits, two peaks contain their two peaks, both of them in their own way. But the two are gathered by one thing, this world doesn't control me and I have no need for it almost has it in his hands, and always doesn't. But neither one of them care about it. Subhan Allah that's

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why the Prophet peace be upon him towards the home or specifically, you have to meet him so that we can see the example of the two peaks, extreme opposites, each one in the total opposite direction from the other, and what gathers them. I don't care for this dunya I don't care about this life. And as if the prophet peace be upon him is trying to tell you don't change your position. If you are rich. And if you be and if you're poor be no one is saying I'm going to be like always, but all this dunya doesn't matter with me. All I have to say is this dunya doesn't matter. It just no big thing to me is not a big thing. Do you see the idea here or the concept? You see why waste and Holman

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these two peaks are standing in front of one another.

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This is a waste of story, and he leaves for Kufa and 100 keeps trying to follow his news. And every time someone would come from an Coover, he would ask how is always the reply. We don't know who he is. Always join the Muslim army and participate in the conquering of Azerbaijan. Imagine where and he died there. He died two years after Ramadan and hot tubs that he died around 35 or 36 years old. He died a young man. But at the end of the story, try to imagine always on the Day of Judgment. Imagine the Prophet peace be upon him hugging him. Imagine when he meets the home of the beloved and Helene. Imagine the kind of COVID of us Hannah Diana will bestow him with imagine him standing on

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the Day of Judgment interceding for the people. I wonder, will he intercede for you? Hi, Charlotte. I wonder will he remember me that I spoke to you about him and introduced you to him? Imagine his mother and he's telling her you were the reason for what I'm in now. I wonder are we righteous or mothers? I wonder is our hearts light not filled with dunya? I wonder on the Day of Judgment. Are we going to be among the 200,000? Who will pass? What's this? Don't ya?

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Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment says, oh son of Adam, I made for you a lineage. And you made for yourself a lineage.

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What are Tolkienesque over the awesomeness love sickness. I told you the best of you are the most righteous. And you said so and so the son of so and so the son of so and so. Today I put your lineage down and raise mine. And yo Madonna sobre como alpha and sav

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Subhanak Yapi where are the righteous ain't talkin?

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That was always a story. But what are the lessons learned from it? I beg you be righteous to your mother. Run to her tonight. befriend her. The second thing lighten up from the studio. Please try even one day what's the Estonia Don't be just indulgent. Everything that has to do with this life. The third thing set your priorities. Don't change your place or your position. But set your priorities straight. Don't let the dunya control you. You control it let let it be in your hands. Don't let it fill your heart. The fourth thing be humble like oh my goodness.

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May Allah subhanaw taala benefit us from these worlds words. And in short, a lawyer up I'll see you tomorrow with a new episode and a nofollowed follower and no ideas. May Allah protect you. And I beg you be righteous to your mom tonight. It's not hard. And we Allah subhanaw taala is peace and blessings be upon you. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah your brigades.

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