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AI: Summary © The recent terrorist attack on Canadian citizens has caused confusion and negative consequences, including the "monster" attack. The speakers emphasize the importance of identifying the terrorist and identifying the terrorist in order to prevent future attacks. The speakers also criticize the language used in terrorist attacks and express concern about the uprise of the recent terrorist attack on certain houses. The speakers stress the need for leadership and education to stop future terrorist attacks and use the message of Islam to bring peace to the community. They also warn against terrorist organizations and suggest reaching out to the Canadian government to ban certain outfits.
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The Honourable Member for Burnaby, South,

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Today is a hard day.

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Think about what this means to Muslims and their families across this country.

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We've heard people mention this, but

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so common, all of us have gone for walks with their family and is pandemic, because there's nowhere else to go. There's places that are shut down. So you go for a walk. And to think that a family going for a walk, couldn't make it home. To think that that casual walk around the block in our neighborhood would be ones last, to think that you can't walk safely down your own Street.

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And to think about what that means for a Muslim family. Right now. People are talking to their families and saying, you know what, maybe you shouldn't go for a walk. There are people literally thinking about whether they should walk out their front door in our country.

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We think about what that means.

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Some people have said, This is not our Canada.

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And I think about what that means when people say this is not our Canada. This happened in London, Ontario. I lived in London, Ontario for five years. I loved my time there.

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I think about the fact that my parents chose to be Canada, our home. I love my home. I love this place.

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But the reality is, this is our Canada. This is our Canada.

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Our Canada, is a place where 215 little kids were found dead. In unmarked graves are Canada's a place where you can walk down the streets, if you wear a hijab, because you will be killed. This is our Canada. We can't deny it. We can't reject that because it does no one any help. The reality is our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide of indigenous people. And our county is a place where Muslims aren't safe. They aren't. They aren't safe. Muslims are not safe in this country.

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Muslims wonder I've spoken to people they wonder how many more lives will it take how many more families will be mauled a mile down the street. How many more families will be killed before we do something.

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Innocent people were killed while praying in a place of prayer in a Masjid in a mosque in Quebec, gunned down a man was was a Muslim man in Toronto was knifed and killed. And both of those incidents we know very clearly that it was directly because of hate. It was because of hate. There was so much hate towards someone that they did not know just because of who they were, because of how they prayed because of what they look like. That is a reality. People live with that. Every day he walked the streets, wondering if I will be attacked, just because of the way I look. Not because of an enemy that I have not because of someone who's got a problem with me. Will I be attacked today? Just

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because the way I look? That is a real question people ask.

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Wow, what what a life to live. You've got to wonder about that. When we think about people that left violence, they fled persecution, refugees that come to this country thinking I'm going to be safe here. This is a place of safety

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and they're not safe.

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So this is what we're gonna be talking about and discussing with my next guest, who's an activist, community leader, educator on comparative religion.

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Our brother wassim rosby. How are you, brother? I said only a while ago somebody does Allah have for having me with you on the show? handling?

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Did I leave anything out when I introduce you that you'd like to add? Now that was already too big, I guess 100 in that. So what is your reaction when you saw this is now just to make it clear, this is not a Muslim, many people, they equate someone with a turban like this, or the rapping that the Sikhs have, specifically, their tradition. And they think that's a Muslim. So this is not even a Muslim who's speaking.

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On behalf of this terrorist attack that happened, what's your reaction to what some of the things that he was? I think this was just mixing in in Canadian Parliament. And I think he's, he's, he's a fair voice, who's raising the voice against the hatred that is happening right now, as we speak in Canada, it is a fair voice that we need to appreciate, along with the voice of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. And there are fair voices that are out there, which are speaking, the language that must be spoken in times of dissent in times of depression, in times of anxiety that people are going through. So I believe it is it is a fair voice. But there is a lot of work and

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action to be done along with the woods.

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So what do you think we can we can learn from this? You know, what do you think, from what we're seeing now? What do you what are the things that we want to go ahead and talk about that you think are very the most important points that we should cover? Right? I think see, first of all, just for for all the viewers out there, you know, I'm sure everybody has come across this, this terrible terrorist attack that has taken place in Canada on sixth of June Sunday, just earlier, by the end of last week. But it's just good to give a quick brief to the people what's happening, what has happened. What we're talking about right now is is a terrible terrorist attack. A horrendous one

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that has shaken the entire Kennedy in society, as well. The entire world is watching in shock and agony as to what has happened. How could somebody be so barbaric, so hate filled? So Islamophobic? that they need to go out in a truck and support a family?

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and drive over them more than under the the tires of your truck? How? How barbaric would you be to do that? Exactly. Just imagine three generations of a family, three generations, the grandparent, the parents, the father and the mother, and the sister, the sibling of the of the injured child, a nine year old child, five members of a family were mowed down under a truck by a terrorist in, in Canada, in broad daylight on a quiet Sunday. Okay, are we not talking about somewhere in Iraq or in Afghanistan? As as the media tries to portray from time to time, we're not talking about Palestine right now, we are talking about the Safe Streets of Canada. This is what has exactly happened just a

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couple of days ago, in in, in Canada, and this is the City of London.

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In Canada, which we are talking about the state of Ontario. Now, tonight. Now what we want to go further from there is, who is this terrorist? What are we? What do we know about him? This is something that we may explore further into.

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Yeah, that's, that's very important, because some of the points that are very important, we're seeing one it just interesting.

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And it's always when something like this happens, you know, you start to as a Muslim, you start to see many of the double standards. Because the majority of time, if this was someone who had the name, Ahmed, or Mohammed, or just some person who was, you know, literally just mentally deranged, you just got out of a mental house, whatever the case, you know, he's not establishing Islam in his life, but because he's somehow maybe newer Muslim or comes from a Muslim family, but is not implementing any of the tenants of Islam. Right away, his whole life will be put on display. Very true, very true that I think it is very important that you have pointed out the double standards of

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media, and I would extend it to the politicians, the opportunistic politicians, as well. When we see the name, you know, it's not that the moment the name sounds Islamic sounds Muslim. That's it. That's where the media stops.

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It's true. That's where they start their charging they, they start to do their own judgments. On the face of it, they put out the face of the of the culprit, they put out the entire family out there, they will put out all the possible horrible things of this person. You know, he had this in his family, he had this in his lifetime, bringing out the most evil possible aspects of that person and blame the entire community, rather the entirety of the faith. And they start to question every single teaching of Islam, they will, they will, you know,

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start to ponder on every single verse of the Quran which talks about fighting, which talks about dealing with the politics, which talks about responding or reacting or taking revenge, they will bisect every single aspect of Islam. But now, the moment you see that the perpetrator doesn't sound Muslim, or maybe you can even call doesn't look like a Muslim. You see, the the softness of the language of the media, and appropriate language of the politicians are very cautious, very careful language. You know, although we appreciate what we just saw from the Canadian politicians, we really appreciate that. So I'm not really questioning their their intentions there. However, I believe the

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discourse needs to change the language needs to change. We cannot make generic statements that these are hate filled attacks. Yes, it is hateful attack. But this hateful attack is Islamophobic. In its nature, what are the what are the ideologies behind these attacks? These are not happening in vacuum. When a Muslim doesn't attack, you try find out which school he went, which college, which University, his friends, his suburb, his locality, his teacher, who he used to watch on the television, on his laptop, which Islamic speakers used to watch. Everyone is blamed in that attack in that criminality. But now when there is a terrorist who doesn't happen to be Muslim, and happens

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to be from another faith, and will come that come to that, there is no, there is no inquisitiveness, there is no query of his whereabouts. There is no query of his associations. He's like a good guy. He has always been a very nice guy. He's out there. We just don't know why he did that. So the police charges him, but shuts the case. You let me let me just bring out the case of the New Zealand. Christchurch terrorist attack. Yes, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, we appreciate her for standing firm, and rounding up the culprit, putting terror laws against him and charging him great. But just one person, just one criminal. That's all. Where are his associates? Were on the

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terror raids on on 50 houses? Where are the 500 Intelligence Bureau officers who are going to be raiding the houses of those people who radicalize this terrorist? Where are the houses being raided of those people who who gave who did the propaganda to make him an extremist? You can't just wake up one night, and in the morning, go out to do a terror attack. That is not how it works. Where is the entire upbringing of this terrorist? Which church used to go which priests he used to listen to? Where is the entire interrogation of this person? And this is my concern. As much we appreciate the government the prime minister and and and, and the leaders of the community who are taking the

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discourse, a language to condemn this. Yes, condemning is a step one. But the matter doesn't end there. We need to see concrete actions. We need to lobby in order to make changes to curb these incidents from happening. Otherwise, it's a continuous practice or regular practice. We will have to wait for another similar terrorist attack

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another day, condemn it. Go back to work. Wait for another terrorist attack. You're seeing that the majority reports are not calling it a terrorist attack. You have one here. Actually that is saying legit Christian terrorists who mowed down Muslim family was laughing as he got out of his blood covered truck. You also you don't see many pictures of him floating around. You don't see you don't see.

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Like this picture here. And a few of the others. Here's another picture of him. Yep. So that's interesting. And then we have this uh, this report here that we can go ahead and get your reaction to show up that is I think one of the only can we go for the report yet? Okay.

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He tails around the suspects life remains shrouded in mystery. I spoke to a number of his friends who live in this community who will say they are in shock. But also in disbelief. They say they never had any inkling that they're friends.

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Could allegedly be capable of carrying out such an atrocity? I would never believe that he could have done something like this at all. Anyone else I would have believed could do this but Nate Not at all. Yeah. Why do you say that? This is not his personality

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at all, is quite a shock. Armand Morin poria and has known the suspect Nathaniel veltman for several years and last saw him just three weeks ago. They work together in the shipping department at this egg farm in the nearby community of strathroy. London police visited the plant Tuesday afternoon. More at pourrions family is from Iran, and he was raised to be a Muslim but says the suspect never appeared to take issue with that, like he never, ever thought twice about. Like Me and him are great friends. He helped me out a lot when I was going through a lot of rough stuff.

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No one answered the door at his parents home friends say he'd had a fight with his family and moved out a few years ago. His grandmother passed away on Friday. More important says the suspect had been arrested before for public intoxication. But otherwise was a devout Christian who mostly stayed out of trouble. Quiet friendly, homeschooled Christian kid literally.

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And that is now a question for police investigators to answer how does a so called quiet friendly Christian kid become an alleged mass murderer. We have scoured his social media accounts online and turned up very little the accounts didn't have much in the way of content at all. Police say he had no criminal record no known ties to any hate group. And at this point, Donner they believe he was working alone.

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So it's in sample which

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one is that that we don't take this opportunity to look at like it's not like you know, game Oh, now he's Christian, we're gonna claim claim there's no is this 2.1? A the hypocrisy because it's clearly you know, something that was laid out, but he is he's a Christian. And now what's the Christian community and the just the world the world at large you.

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Like you were saying, perhaps the person perpetrator is somehow linked to being a Muslim, even though you're mixing Islam and going against the teachings of Islam, it's exploiting that Mac. So we can them groups, chairs day show, you know, sane state, you know, and all these other fringe elements, but they look them up as if they represent mainstream Islam. So where are the communities now to crowd out and to do like you were saying, to call call these individuals out or within

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some of the extension communities, they're in there, right? These some of these games implements? Like, I'll give you example, you have it's not a small group. You have like, for instance, in former Yugoslavia, you have the chetniks. You know, the one of the biggest genocides after World War Two. And this is where the preppers, who gunned down in New Zealand he was actually someone who was a fan of courage and means what war knows these tears? So listen, something

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they base their philosophy or theology, it's acted here. So what do you think when? When these double doubles news are so blatant? Are you there? Yep. We lost your camera.

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Yes. Are you there? Any your camera? We can you can hear we can't see you. Yeah. Are you able to see me now?

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No, we lost your camera. Okay, just give me a sec.

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Are you able to see me now? No, not yet. No.

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There you go. You're back. You're back with us? Yes. Yeah. Yes. So I think I think very important aspects that you just pointed out that, you know, one of the articles that you just showed is from Independent newspaper. And it refers to the, to the attacker to the Qataris as a Christian terrorist.

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Now, we're not saying that this is the right label. However, it is important to show this without any offense to our Christian friends.

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Because this is exactly what the media has been doing. with anyone sounding Muslims. They have always made sure that they call them Muslims terrorists. But now,

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when it comes to a non Muslim,

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they may not refer to him as Christian terrorist. We don't agree with the label. However,

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if it was about labeling every terrorist by

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They're fit, then this would have been the right title to call this terrorist as Christian terrorist. Let me bring out his name to you, which is Nathaniel, wealth man. That's the terrorist. That's the truck driver who mowed down the three generations of observed family.

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In this attack, four people died and lost their lives. And the fifth person, a child, of nine years old, is battling with serious injuries in the hospital in Canada.

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the second video that you showed, interestingly, the video portrays the interviews with one of his workmates, one of his colleagues, and one of his friends. And they all seem to portray that this was a peaceful person.

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This was a nice guy. And this was a person who had no ties to any terrorist groups, or right wing extremist groups, or any process of radicalization.

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So in short, they're going to soon call him a lone wolf. Meaning, you know, look at this picture, a very fun loving, simple person, you know, going fishing right at the corner of the river, at the edges of the river. What what are they trying to portray, where, where is the image of this * terrorist wearing the army dress, wearing RV helmet. That is how he attacked this family. There were people who pictured him, according to this article in Independent newspaper, it says that, Nick natanael, who after attacking and killing, he went to a car park and stop there, behind the taxi, as the taxi driver to ring the police, and call them because he has murdered some people. And the taxi

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driver does say that he saw blood on the tires and the front of the of the car of the truck. When the police came to take him out of the car, he was laughing. This terrorist was laughing when he was taken out. As the as the newspapers have reported, this was a premeditated,

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well planned terrorist attack.

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Now, I'm not going to be accepting that this was a lone wolf, who just woke up one fine morning and went out to kill somebody. This is not how it works in the field of terrorism. Let me quote you, one of the terror experts, Professor Robert Pape, terrorism expert from University of Chicago. In his study of 25 years of terrorist attacks, he says that terrorists do attack

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and their attacks may be linked to overseas insulates military interventions, and geopolitical scenarios that may impact a person to do a terrorist attack. Now, I'm not linking this terrorist attack directly to one particular incident. But let's just see what has happened in the last couple of weeks and last couple of months globally.

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One of the things that has happened is the Palestine Israel conflict that you may call or the genocide that the Israel has been inflicting on the innocent indigenious Palestinians living in Palestine, we just saw that all of this i'm not saying this has got a direct link to that. But my point is, as Professor Robert Pape points out,

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terrorists do attacks, for reasons that may well be beyond our borders.

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The thing is, this person is a Christian terrorist. What made him do this attack? They're going to call him a lone wolf, which we should disagree with. And we must raise our concerns and voice to find out his associates who radicalized him, he must definitely be watching somebody online. He must be talking to somebody online. He is listening to search and propaganda commentaries out there. So it begs the question, Where is this ideology coming from? Let me point out a few things. The white supremacist ideology, the right wing extremism, the nationalism, the religious fanatics, these are some ideologies to be named, which are directly responsible for many of the terrorist attacks

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against Muslims.

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What are the reasons for this? If you look at the reasons if you point out the reasons The reasons are

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Constant Islamophobic language by the opportunistic politicians, by the tabloid media outlets by propagandists, such as journalists, and media commentators, they are fueling this hatred, instigating violence. I refuse to call this terrorist Nathaniel veltman, a lone wolf. Rather, I'd call him a foot soldier.

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But the masterminds and the think tanks behind him are the real culprits. And they need to be accountable for being responsible for the radicalization of this person. We have a few comments, and several, many comments coming in. Here's one of them. How would you respond to this? Yep, well, we put a stiff in here who says just convert to Christianity ism, then you will not have a problem in Canada. And do not forget, we're across a visible cross. So Canadians will see you are Christian? Well, to stiffen, I say, you know, appreciate his comments here, however, just to bring the truth, and the facts to him, is this very person. Nathaniel weltman, was a devout Christian. According to

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his close, close circle friends, he was a Christian, he was a man associated to God. And he was a young 20 year old person. So being Christian is not going to defy him, or anyone from committing a terrorist attack. Rather, I got to say, rather, it might be the very reason for him attacking Muslims, because there is a lot of hate spewed within the Christian circles, by the apologists, by the politicians, and by the Christian preachers. All of this does have an impact on a Christian who is listening to all of this. We got another comment by Mohamed el Mamrie. He says Christianity has nothing to do with individual behaviors, media and political lobbies are the ones to blame for sure.

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Definitely for the moment, appreciate your comment. That is exactly what we are saying as well. However, we are trying to point out the dual the double standards, the hypocrisy of media outlets and politicians. When they see a terrorist who happens to be Muslim. They immediately labeled it as Muslim terrorism. But look at the honesty and sincerity of the Muslims. As brother Muhammad just pointed out, we don't blame Christianity. Rather we blame the language of hate. We'll blame the racism. We blame the politicians and the media is language. We've got mocchi Khan, who is saying mass murderer, unfortunately sounds less dangerous than terrorism these days. They are carefully

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structuring their words for propaganda. I definitely agree with you mockery Khan, for for pointing this out. This is exactly what we are trying to raise right now that the language needs to really be very specific. We can't get away by saying this is a hateful attack. This is a racist attack. This is an Islamophobic attack. Yes, it is all of this. But it is important to call it a terrorist attack committed by an anti muslim Christian, who may be influenced by the events and attacks taking place overseas, such as the attacks committed by the Zionist against the Palestinians, such as the attacks committed by the systemic racism, by the by the states by the governments bombing Iraq and

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Afghanistan for years and saying that they are the enemies of Christians. This is what is bringing these terrorists and and that violence to the streets of Western countries.

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Imani says these terrorists, racist people are planted and to start a war between the community well that could very well be the case. However, I would say that these are possibly foot soldiers. These are people who are impacted by the by the anti immigration rhetoric. These are the people who are impacted by the slamming, the can constant Islamophobic stemming and through this, these people are provoked, instigated motivated to attack Muslims. This is how the hate takes place. This is how discrimination takes place in the society. This is how people go after innocent people and murder them because they think or they are programmed and brainwashed to believe that someone's going to

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attack them.

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So in concluding, again, we don't blame Christianity for the action of some Christians.

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might do some evil acts. And just like in this case, one who did in the same way, you shouldn't go ahead and often repeat, try to blame Islam for the actions of some lunatic who does something totally against Islam. So this is very, very clear. Where are we moving forward from this? Yes, sir. I think this is this is a very, very important for all of us to see where do we go forward from here? As much Our hearts are in pain as much we are saddened by this horrendous attack. Let us make sure that we know our steps

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to stop something similar from happening. You know, let me bring it bring to you. This is not the first terrorist attack against a Muslim on Canadian soil. Let me just mention a couple. You know, one of the biggest terrorist attacks that took place against Muslims in Canada was in January 2017. In cubit city mosque, which is popular as cubic city mosque massacre, a gunman gunned down six people to death, and another 19 people were injured by firing inside the mosque. While people were praying. This was one of the biggest terrorist attacks against Muslims in Canada, followed by another one in in September 2020. In IMO mosque, where the caretaker was murdered brutally with a

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knife attack in the carpark of the mosque. Then, earlier this year, just earlier this year, in March 2021, black Muslim woman were attacked in the middle of the street, in Edmonton in in in Alberta. And now we hear about this attack. My point here is, this is a series of attacks. This is not a one attack. This is not a not a lone wolf thing. This is not a one off incident. There. This is in the making for IRS. And with all that the Canadian government is doing, why are they not able to stop such terrorist attacks? I'll tell you the reason. The reason is they are going after individual criminal, the individual terrorist, and they're charging him great, but they are not holding the

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people who are responsible, who should be accountable for using the language, for instigating for provoking these foot soldiers. And I call these people as masterminds of the terrorist attacks. They are the ones who are spewing hatred, in the discourse in the society, in the language that they speak the opportunistic politicians and the media moguls, they are continuously speaking this language, which creates an environment of hate, leading to violence. So Islamophobia is not just something that is about discrimination. Islamophobia is terrorism. And Islamophobia kills. So what needs to be done? We need to lobby, we need to raise our voice, that the government, the

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intelligence departments, and the police departments, they should go after those who radicalize these people. Those who still the extremist ideology out there, it is only then they will be able to stop this terrorism, called Islamophobia against Muslims.

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Otherwise seem thank you so much for spending some time with us and discussing this very important issue.

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Well, let me just one point, I would like to add, especially for our Muslim viewers, you know, events such incidents take place. Yes, on one hand, we become very depressed. And on the other hand, we do want to do something. But wait, what is our individual action? What do I do as an individual? How do I comprehend this whole scenario, when a Muslim is murdered or killed, we have the glad tidings for Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran, that if a person is killed, in this for the sake of Allah on the in the path of Allah, then they are considered as Marty's as Shahada. And Allah says in the Quran, do not call them dead, they are living for you do not know how the living

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is. So we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala, that this Muslim family, which has faced the brutality that he will face of humanity, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, count them amongst the Shahada and raise the ranks in genital filters about those who do these attacks. These terrorists, even if they get away with their crime in this world, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala has judgment. His court is not going to spare them. Allah says in the Quran is

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Anissa surah number four, number 93. And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his aboard is Hellfire forever, and Allah curses him and the Wrath of Allah will be upon him. And Allah is preparing a severe punishment for such terrorists, criminals and murderers. Lastly, what do I do as an individual? Where do I go from here? What do I in you do in order to contribute to the peace of the society? Allah subhanaw taala commands is in the Quran to convey the message of Islam. My dear brothers and sisters, Islamophobia, one of the ways to tackle it is to spread the teachings of Islam. Let me give you the warning that Allah gave in the Quran in Surah Surah number five and

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number 67, Allah subhanho wa Taala advises, and once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you heard Rasul Allah, or prophet or messenger

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can weigh whatever has been revealed to you. If you do not convey, then you have not fulfilled the responsibility of conveying the message. If Allah subhanaw taala, is advising the Prophet, to make sure that he conveys the message of Islam, that is does Tao of Islam, then my dear brothers and sisters I in you are also responsible for conveying the message of Islam, to our fellow Canadians, to our fellow Americans, to our fellow Australians, to our neighbors, to our work colleagues, to our friends, who are not yet Muslims, it is absolutely necessary, that we utilize this opportunity and turn it into an opportunity for Dawa for talking and teaching about Islam to one another.

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I think that's brilliant, taking that away for the community leaders in Canada, in America and the UK all over the world. What we've seen is that some of the most effective ways of connecting with the communities out there and dispelling many of the misconceptions, connecting people with Muslims helping them understand Islam or is education, open houses, open the mustards and invite the peoples because you see a lot of this.

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A lot of these people are capitalizing, you know, in spreading misinformation, and it's poisons the hearts and minds and people have all these false images in their head and false information about Islam which can cause them to react, you know, in a way very least, leads to this. Yeah, I think the Christchurch attack in New Zealand after that they were mosque open days, they were people who came to mosque. And so hello, there been reports of hundreds of New Zealanders embracing Islam. That is that is something that could be the consequence, that could be the result. That could be what is happening next, after such terrorist attacks. If we Muslims could open the doors of mosques, and our

00:38:08 --> 00:38:52

hearts for our fellow non Muslim friends in Korea increased the budget of Tao. It's also a shame that you have in Masjid, it's like one 2% and, and this is something that is PR is public relations. So it's very, very important. Would you say to the community leaders, the board members of mustards, you know, every Masjid should have a Dowell committee and so much funds allocated to help educate people share this message. What do you think about that? I think very, very important, brother Eddie for for raising that and I think obviously, you know, we we are all individuals, but I think as much we can communicate and convey to our leaders to the most boards that you know, they should assign a

00:38:52 --> 00:39:40

specific committee and budget in order to do dour in each and every mosque, you know, the most a place of sujood is an open door. Remember the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had three Christian scholars visit him in Masuda Nabil and stay there to talk about Islam. Imagine must be that level, we and he opens the door for the Christians to come and sit down and stay and stay overnight to discuss about Islam. That is the zeal of the hour that we should be having. One other point I just remembered. It is just to mention that in Canada right now, there are more than 300 attacks Islamophobic attacks that happened against Muslims between 2015 to 2019. According to one of

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

the researchers, and 30 of those attacks were physical attacks against Muslims. There are more than 250 far right extremist organizations operating on Canadian soil. When we talk about lobbying these needs to be challenged. These needs to be banned. Yes Canadian government

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

banned the proud boys after America did it. But is that the only organization that speaks or spews hatred? Not really. So we need to do two things. We need to do that on one hand. And on the other hand, we need to look into the legality of the system and raise our voice for the leaders for the politicians to ban these outfits, these terrorist organizations from radicalizing more, or many of them Nathaniel weldments. elsewhere.

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Thank you so much. Thank you for being with us here on the deen show our brother just had a love, hate. I don't want thank you all for tuning in here to the deen show. And do your part. Go ahead and share with your neighbor, share with your friends. Share the deen show with everybody that you know, because that's what we're dedicated to helping to clear the many misconceptions delivering the truth to the people and talk to your community members to open the mustards. You know, help to start to implement some of these things that we're talking about. And if you are a not yet Muslim, if you're somebody who's tuning into the deen show, continue to tune in, pick up a free car, we actually we're

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going to have it on our website where you can go there to D show calm, and we'll have a mail to you for free so you can see for yourself and learn for yourself what Islam Muslims are all about. We'll see you next time. Until then, subscribe if you haven't already, hit that notification bell spores on our Patreon page. We'll see you next time. Till then Peace be with you as salaam

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