Mohammad Elshinawy – Eid-ul-Adha Khutbah 2020

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of honoring Allah's teachings and showing one's willingness to sacrifice for one's own happiness is emphasized. It is also important to recognize one's greatness and do a five-minute study on it. The speaker emphasizes the need to show faith in Allah's teachings and show faith in his teachings to avoid damaging their reputation. The importance of forgiveness is also emphasized, along with the need to celebrate success and receive healing for emotions. Everyone has a reason to pursue their dreams and use the last few days to pursue it.
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Salam O Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah who Abdi while Allah he was having him in the shadow Allah either illallah wa hola Sheree calahonda Donna Mohammed Abu Abu hora solo. All praise and glory belongs to Allah in a manner befitting his greatness and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammed His Messenger in his servant, and upon his family and his companions and all those who adhere to his guidance after him we testify that no one is worthy of worship of Allah, and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme Almighty King, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger, whom I lost those incentives a mercy to

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all the worlds. This is a middle of the day of sacrifice. And this is the culmination of the first 10 of the hedger. The days were in those who are on route to hedge perform their hedge, and those who are not are still celebrating the greatness of Allah in light of the story and the ritual and the history of hedge. Because this is the day of the day of sacrifice. When we remember that Ibrahima Alayhi Salam recognized the greatness of Allah. And so he saw that any command was worthy of the sacrifice of it came from Allah, that obedience was deserved by the most great so panna cotta Allah and that since Allah has the most great It is him it is he alone, who ultimately determines

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right from wrong, because He is the Most Great. This will have the Allahu anhu in these days of the hedger. And this continues where I'm about to say should and must continue until the fourth day of read until after on Monday, or until Medvedev on Monday after every prayer and then between the prayers to chant with you know, to Chen, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater Allah is greater Allah is greater and any variation of that, that you know

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that Allah is greater in his bounty and greater in his mercy and greater in his mind, in light of bring to the purview in light of the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And when Ibraheem alehissalaam recognize that Allah was the most great and was willing to sacrifice his own son. Allah's mercy is also befitting of his greatness, he stopped him from doing it, because there was no point in doing it. The point was to show your willingness to do it. The willingness to sacrifice once Ibrahim alayhis salaam showed that showed that he recognized Allah was greater than himself and what he loved and what he considered right and wrong. That is the test. And that's why a lot has been said

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to him. Luckily, for Dr. Roja, you have fulfilled the vision, you have reached the objective, that is the objective, to recognize the greatness of Allah Above all, until your entire life becomes aligned with him. And this is not the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam alone. This is our life story in every facet. When you recognize that a lot though a gel is the greatest. And we do that if you pray, you're fine. You're already doing that you're studying Allah to begin your five, you're stopping your day on a dime to pray your five on time you're doing that every time you obey Allah, you are recognizing his greatness in practice, which is even more meaningful than what would be by

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itself considered lip service. When you do that.

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You don't need to make huge sacrifices. You will spend a few short years How is it not a huge sacrifice on my entire life that's supposed to be for Allah. It's gonna be a few short years in exchange for what for endless bliss. And you will so at that point, you will realize, yeah, this wasn't a sacrifice. It was a trade off. And what an excellent trade off. It is said that on the day of judgment when the people of Paradise May Allah make us and you of them. May Allah carry us all agenda by virtue of recognizing that he is the most great. May Allah show us our flaws that may be an obstacle between us and Jenna, before we die. When you do get to Jenna, the angel say chem lab is

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tuned for the art of the other than seen in How many years did you spend on Earth. So then the people of gentleness a Yeoman overwhelm It was a day half a day you'll feel like it's not a sacrifice. It was half a day a day max.

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And then they will be told funnier a message out to be how excellent a trade off you did. It was you will realize then and you'll be told then this is not a sacrifice. It's a trade off and how excellent a trade off a few short years What are 70 or 100 years compared to endless, unending, perfect world comfort.

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And so this is of what you bring to mind the story of it.

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Rahim Allah salam, once you recognize that Allah was the most great the sacrifice was

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removed, and he was given a replacement. Likewise, when you recognize his greatness and you sacrifice for Allah, you will soon realize that it wasn't a sacrifice at all, you have fulfilled the objective, which is to show a lot that you are willing with your intention to recognize his greatness for however long that takes because that's not too long, however long it takes. And this year in particular, I only have three, four minutes left. The hedge that took place this year is also very uniquely, wonderfully similar to the story of Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, and the story of our life story of us just needing to intend to be resolute about recognizing a lot of greatness in

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our days. You see, because the * this year was very different. Due to the COVID circumstances. We had 3 million people perform Hajj this year. You may think I'm crazy or I wasn't watching the livestream. I was watching an old video. No, there was at least 3 million people performing hajj this year.

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People that intended to make hedge have gotten their awards for hedge who had the firm knee and that's all I wanted from you to say I am going to pay money and stop my schedule and travel and these people were as if they were on offer.

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Do you know what that means? That means 48 hours ago, there was among those millions only Allah knows how many that had they died 48 hours ago would have very possibly entered the hellfire. And last night at the conclusion of arafa. They were told proceed. You have been forgiven. Even though they're sitting here in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They're sitting here in Sacramento, California, they're sitting here in Gujarat or in a place in Mauritania or anywhere else. They are told go forth, because that is what they had intended. And that is why the scholars used to always say understand the reality of Islam, the Alemany yetta in the abluminal aman learn the concept the

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science of an intention. That's what Allah wants from you first, to recognize his greatness and to intend to prioritize him whatever that means that every junction of your life that will reach you far reaching so much farther than your action.

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And so these people were forgiven as if they made Hajj.

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These people were given exactly what I had what a * is given.

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And so realize that Allah wants to forgive. And that is why he does Subhana Allah, so intend to recognize Allah in your days more than ever before. And use these last three, four days these days have to remember that my brothers and sisters celebrate Alan's greatness, his greatness in his mind, his greatness in His power, His greatness in his mercy, his greatness in his bounty

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not just the judge so many other reasons. You know, when people say you're looking for a reason to have an excuse, because you know, there's a an ulterior motive a conflict of interest a lot though agenda with having no interest whatsoever in it, meaning no benefit from it whatsoever. He looks for reason to forgive you. So panda Hola, Carla. Do you know for not just out of, you know, the well known Hadith, and I'll close with it, the well known Hadith of the woman whose job was to sell her dignity her honor, she worked as a an in decent job as a prostitute. And then she stopped that too well, and when she drank from it, she found a dog licking the sand around the well just so parched,

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she went down into the world, and removed one of her shoes and stuck it in her mouth after filling it so that she could climb she couldn't carry it. She got to the top of the wall and gave the dog some water. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said was for Shakur, Allahu Allah, for Allah for Allah. Allah appreciated her act, that little act, that momentary act, and so he forgave her she intended but she must have intended by it, to repent to Allah intended by it to turn a new leaf. Or else how could How could someone whose whole life is spent corrupting so many hearts and breaking so many homes with her occupation? Get forgiven for a little act like this? It was something in here

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that was recognized by the most great who loves to forgive. Have you ever thought about who sent that dog is that moment, as some of our scholars said, someone who wants to forgive her so Panda hautala and so as the this is what these days are about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said these days of narrow these days of the shriek these days of RI these four these are actually what should have been the creme de la heeta.

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Allah, our record of these days work is Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. So Allah wants you to celebrate his greatness in these days. He wants you to feel festive that he has guided you to this path. He made it hard on you too fast these days, he wants you to celebrate his greatness, not because of anything he gets, but because you get so much out of that and he loves to see you prosper.

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So may we celebrate the greatness of a lion these days, and live with a heightened recognition of his greatness in them and after them alone. I mean, may Allah accept from us and you and gather us all on the plains of autofac together next year, in the Hajj in person physically, I love them. I mean, may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us and you And may Allah elevates our rank and yours And may Allah grant us financial security for all those that are worried about it, and grant healing for all those that are sick and grant patience and solace for all those that are emotionally wounded. May Allah though did bring peace to our peace to our homes and peace to our minds and filled with

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faith to the brim our heart until the day that we've read our last alarm. I mean, a Mubarak to us and you or something Allahu Allah, Allah kind of Vienna, Muhammad Ali Ali was vegetarian said, I want eco

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