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The segment discusses the degrade actions of a Romanian lawyer charged with 180 days of house arrest and released into house arrest. The importance of testing one's faith and finding one's faith to see if it brings the right results is emphasized. The segment also touches on the difficulties of facing a situation where one of the speakers was thrown out by their employer and faced negative comments on social media. The segment discusses the history of Islam and the potential political agenda of the Trump administration. The segment also touches on the benefits of reading the Quran and gifting it to individuals to increase their faith in Islam.

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About the matrix you know capture captain and the fact that he was released on the same day that the matrix is released of Satan Israel general that gel Israel in general actively working to undermine humanity. The Quran is very clear about that, you know, there is preparation for the gel happening and you know what the biggest problem is? So how would you translate a the matric the satanic forces, I would say the global satanic force, and here's the Asiatic force. This is the problem and I'm glad we're talking about this on the deen show right now.

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Allah, Allah

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him? This is our religion, Islam, Islam. This is the day

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I was ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum walked into the show media hosts we had a lot to talk about. Last time I saw you we were in Florida. Yes sir. Chicago now I'm in my office nowhere near Yes. Shibley from Shivling Shipley's, have you?

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Are or yeah, how you doing? How you been? Well, blessed and grateful him the lens of beautiful month of Ramadan, and just grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for his countless blessings upon us. Yes, 100. I have a lot of me. We made it here to Ramadan. And there's so much to talk about. We got the Trump situation happening we got last time we spoke we had we were talking about Andrew Tate. And now we got to have this emergency meeting. Also, he's been released, how not official he's released went to jail, right. But he's still in house in house arrest, right? Yeah, I was gonna play this video. I'm gonna play this video and get your reaction to that, before we jump into Trump. And before we jump

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into some of the other things, we're going to talk about how that sounds great. So this is a Romanian lawyer, who is talking about now bringing us up to speed on what actually is happening is an interesting point, because you would think that he's already spent four months in jail. And I think they can only hope for 180 days. And you would think okay, that was counted as that but as his lawyer is going to go ahead and reveal is not quite the case, the law states very clearly that even though house arrest is a form of arrest on itself, the total number of days that they can be kept under house arrest is equal to 100 days. And here's the thing, it does not count to the maximum

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number of days that they can be kept under arrest during the investigation phase. That being said, based on the Renea law from this moment, they can still keep them under house arrest or the next 180 days, which is crazy if you think about it. So now comes the question. Is this a move made by the prosecutor in order to keep them detained for a longer period of time? Because just think about it for a second. And as your profession for those who haven't seen you on the show, before you're an attorney have going on? What is it? About 12 years as your attorney at 12 years, you've handled many cases, even international cases, right? You talked about that in the last episode. Now, what are

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your feelings on this? Now, again, the principles of justice are something that people literally sacrifice their blood for, you know, to stand up against tyranny, persecution and injustice. And one of the essential principles is the presumption of innocence, and that the government the state, shall not have the power to impede on people's liberty, absent the adequate cause, absent evidence, and absent due process of law. And you know, it's really insane their their system of law allows the government to restrict people's freedom and liberty without pressing charges, almost as if they want to capture someone, and then fully investigate their life to find a reason to charge them and to

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imprison them. And that seems to be what's happening in the Tate's, not long after, and rotate publicly announced his conversion to Islam. We find that he's being

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arrested, without any charges now held for months on end and now released into house arrest. What was inspiring though, was once upon seeing his release, when he said, when he was asked, What are you going to do when you're back home? And he said, listen, when I was in a prison cell, I was doing push ups and reading my Quran and when I go home, I wouldn't be doing push ups and reading my Quran. I want you to pay attention here as soon as he gets out. This is interesting, you know, if you'd read somebody's body language, what do you see him doing here? He gets out and he's looking at the heavens and it looks like it's a dark night. So there's nothing physically to see there. You know,

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but it's almost an ODE, a moment of appreciation to like we're guessing here, obviously, but obviously, the one who's up above is the Creator of the heavens and earth God Almighty Allah. So I would say maybe Tate's looking up and say look, I'm going to keep my oath now to you exactly as I'm reading

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with them I mean, you know, like brother Tang Clan who's been standing with Brother Andrew from

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The beginning Yes, and just spoke with him after his release and just, you know talked about the positive transformations he saw, because these trials and tribulations can make you or break you. I mean, it's very easy. And we know people who go through tribulations. And when they're going through the tribulations, they give up on their faith, it's very easy for someone in his situation to see say, you know, I just became Muslim, and now I'm in jail, where's God's help, and they turn away from the faith. But that's not what a true believer does a true believer when they are facing tribulation, they recognize that as human beings, our elevation is through our tribulation, that God

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puts us in these situations to purify us, to refine us, to elevate us, to train us to teach us to help us abandon our attachment to this material world, to help us focus on him and re establish our connection with him. So we actually see it as a blessing. And that's the difference between believers and hypocrites is believers actually recognize that the trials and tribulations of life are opportunities for us to get closer to Allah, because the trials and tribulations of life are opportunities for us to do acts of worship that the angels can't do, which is to have sacrifice for Allah to have patience for Allah to show our pure trust. And Allah angels can't do that, because

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they're not tested, like we're tested. So through our trials and tribulations we can get closer to Allah than even the angels. And I think it does speak volumes to see how he reacted to that. Because there are people who, when they face lesser tribulation, give up hope and faith. I mean, me as a lawyer, I deal with Muslims, often going through business disputes, or, or divorces, I was speaking with a brother and he said, listen, going through my divorce, I gave up my prayer. I said, my brother, you're giving up your prayer as a much greater loss than you losing your family. That's you've lost everything. When you miss it. You have to come back. Don't let Shavon defeat you don't

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give up into hopelessness. So these tribulations can make us or break us. That shows a lot right now. What you're just saying like he didn't give up. Exactly, exactly. And it's easy again, imagine somebody just becoming Muslim and then seeing the full force of a state government coming against him. And then getting into the why, why me why why is that happening? I just accepted. So why is it so many people do that and they lose their faith. But again, Allah promises that He will test us and we need to take that as an example. Look, I don't care if you agree or disagree with him or love him or hate him. The fact is, you have to ask yourself, when you face a tribulation in your life, do you

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use that to draw closer to Allah or turn away? If you turn away, then you weren't worshipping Allah, you're worshiping the dunya. And when you lose the dunya, then you get fall into hopelessness. But if you're worshiping the Lord of the dunya, you know, it comes and goes, and you know, its whole purpose is to test us. This is the abode of tribulation. You know, I'm reminded of a beautiful thing by Claudia Muhammad Ali. He said that when Satan saw Adam Alehissalaam descend from the heavens to the earth, he rejoiced. He was happy because of his jealousy. That's what destroys people jealousy and arrogance, the satanic qualities Subhanallah how many times Muslims fall into arrogance and

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jealousy, forgetting those who are the diseases, diseases of bliss? Anyway, he rejoiced, but what am says is, he didn't recognize Satan didn't know that when the diver descends to the bottom of the ocean, only then can he get the rear pearls that have value. Likewise, when Allah allowed us to descend in this dunya, it was so we can get the pearls that are only found in this dunya what are those pearls? It is faith in Allah when we don't see him. It is patience in the face of hardship, it is steadfastness. It is fasting, sacrificing, right going through thirst and fatigue for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. It is steadfastness through tribulation, gratitude and putting trust in Him.

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These are unique acts of worship that only we can do in this dunya that even the angels can't do that allows the closer Allah than even the angels. So when we look at the example of Andrew teeth, somebody who, again, it's very clear, he used to live a very sinful life and nobody's denying that right. And he may have said some problematic things and some things which may have been taken out of context. But regardless, despite all of that, when he faced the tribulation as a fresh Muslim, he stuck by the book of Allah subhanaw taala. He stuck by his graduate to Allah, what excuse do we especially those of us that have been born Muslim, have to turn away from Allah when we face some

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hardship, we need to take a lesson. This is a lesson for all humanity, because Allah showed the world that the most popular man the most searched man, became Muslim, then was thrown in jail and still remain grateful to him. what excuse do we have? Yeah, let's get into this.

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And I was in jail. I focused on doing pushups and reading the Koran.

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No, you didn't have to do that. I mean, he's just now he's not totally free yet. He's free on house arrest, right? He's still coming out. You know, he can be very nervous and really shy but we're scared not to even mention the Koran. I mean, I think this is clear proof against anyone who may Allah purify our hearts want to claim that his connection to Islam is about any material gain. There was nothing material to be gained by him announcing his Islam and then it frankly getting attacked from many members of the Muslim community and then facing jail time. You know, yet when he was released, even on house arrest the first words out of his mouth, push up some Quran, which is I

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think what it's all about, right Allah loves the strong believer

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More than the weak believer, let us be kings in this dunya and the accolades be the strongest we can be in this life and use our success in this life to be successful in the next life. And that's one of the beautiful things actually saw when I was hanging out with some of the brothers who notate or friends with 800 I was just in Saudi Arabia, we were with Mike Tyson. We were with the bad New Jack, Devin Haney some other mashallah incredible champions in this dunya but what I loved about them is you would see that before their victory and after their victory, they kept praising Allah subhanaw taala they put Allah first I was with Brother badly when he won He's the first person to win

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championships at the three belts that he won first person in history. He's the oldest person to win the the most recent championship belt that he wants Apollo and the first Wilson to win that belt in Saudi Arabia. The first thing he did you know, we went back into the room after his championship he bowed down by the jack daddy Jack and thank Allah subhanaw taala we were in the room before he went out and we're making dua together, you know, then the next thing Subhanallah no partying no alcohol. No after it was the after party was us going to the lobby where brother Napper you can see the video of a well known fitness expert Mashallah. MashAllah very muscular, strong brother sat with us and

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bad who had been given him Dawa, and he took his shahada, and actually on that trip about three or four brothers, mashallah who are excelling in the physical sports fields mashallah ended up embracing Islam to the efforts of our brother battle, it was a beautiful thing to see. And then one of the organizers of that fight, you know, and again Alhamdulillah it's just beautiful to see that people don't know this because he wasn't public about it. Right after the fight donated $41,000 to build a Koran school in Africa, Subhan Allah and to enter take care of orphans. So it's a beautiful thing to see the fear that can come out of people who keep a love for us. Again, no one is perfect.

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I think as it's easy for children to get us to focus on people's mistakes, shortcomings, or things that they're doing that are wrong, and frankly, every human being does things that they shouldn't be doing. But as believers, I think we need to focus on the positive and amplify that and I saw that over there. And I think we need to strive to be strong in this life and the next and it's great to have examples of that mashallah, it was nice seeing Mike Tyson This was his like, second or third trip and within a couple of months, and he was very serious about the, the, the armored truck very serious. And, you know, may Allah give us a clause I know, there's difference of opinion on it, even

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I worry about my intention. That's why we need to do our own personal is to fall into ha. But you know, I wanted the world to see this because I think it's very powerful to see one of the most famous boxers, you know, bowing himself before the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Being a proud Muslim. I think there's benefit, I think the youth need to see that. So of course, we documented it on social media, we took videos, we took pictures, but I tell you, Mike was not having and um, he was very frustrated with that. Subhanallah he went in without a phone in his hand. He wanted to worship focus on Allah the whole time. But Mike Tyson was frustrated with oh, he was definitely

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frustrated with the pictures on social media, we got to see it and, and actually, I respect that about him tremendously. He did not have a phone with him. He didn't want people taking photos. He and he literally said, he's like, look, people are giving me attention. But I'm no better than anyone else here. And I think that was a powerful reminder again, may Allah forgive us for the extent that we did share on social media? I do think there's a benefit in that, but but I really respect Mike's approach on it. Isn't that the beauty of Hudson? That's the beauty of Hodge. Now, it doesn't matter if you're Mike Tyson, or if you're a king, or we're all wearing the same suit, or all

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white cloth, white cloth sheets, we're all equal. We all pray together. We're all in the same sections. There's no VIP section, none of that. We're all equal. Standing before Allah was a beautiful experience.

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No person to go ahead and foretell the future. But I can kind of make a prediction. I'm in Shell. I'm hoping I think that and I was talking to actually to agitate about this before. This is like I think right before he accepted Islam, we were trying to arrange because he talked about and I told him, as I said, in our correspondence that since he likes being in the most holiest place of holiest places, right? Because he liked being in Romania because at that time, it was a Muslim. And it was a Christian, Orthodox Christian place and he liked being as according to his statements, I said, Why don't we get you over to to Mecca? You know, we got some people trying to set up we could set up for

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you to go to Hajj. He said, I'll consider it you know, so obviously this is there's an open invitation to brother and I think after he gets out, let's do it. I think after he gets out, I think I can predict him going to one of the first things to do in sha Allah Allah we will have to see that I think beautiful sight to see and we will have to join him and help and help guide them on the journey. I know there's a lot of good brothers that would love that inshallah we're in touch with some people from from the various health agencies over there. So we'd love to make it happen in sha Allah. Yeah, this would be amazing to see him also when he gets exonerated from all of this and sha

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Allah. Absolutely. That he can be there just like my Tyson was with you, fella. He can be there. So tell me now, what lessons what are the this is a lot of lessons can be learned. Obviously, this is there's a big test going on for him right now. You also you posted something regarding Trump. Right? sort of wrap this up and then jumping to the next issue. I think the biggest lesson as I reflect because this is actually the most I've reflected on this recently

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about what tape being

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ested after become Muslim, and then him coming out and talking about reading the Quran means and I frankly think that is sufficient of a lesson for humanity, just to show Allah showing the world that listen even a person who just became Muslim, and lived an openly very sinful life. He didn't give up hope and faith when he went through difficult times, and neither should you. Yeah, that's I think the takeaway lesson for us that we can take away it just reminds me since we were talking about this, I had a friend of mine. This is a story that I was part of I went to visit. This was years ago, someone from DJI Lea. So I went to go and give him Dawa. And he was in a federal penitentiary.

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And I went there to see him. And as I'm talking to him, I was really surprised because this was someone who his parents were Muslim. And then he was like, well, he pretty much solidified his. He went towards atheism, denying a lie and I don't believe anybody is truly atheists. But now he went away from the deal even more, you would think he would because he said I was making where's God? Why don't get me out of here. So he did the crime. And he was thinking like a I'm just gonna make a prayer and these these these gates now magically gonna, just absurd, right? So Now contrast that with another individual who was in jail. This is another person a friend of my father's from a long

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time ago. So someone from jail Lea, my father is giving him data and he was talking to him narrating his story. And I connected these two and I want to get your feedback on this. So So you have one scenario here, this person, he goes in jail, he does a crime instead of now, you know, turning his life around, he's makes a prayer and he's, he's expecting doors to open this other person is in the jail. Now this another individual, he's praying to God he's talking about, he's earnestly praying next thing, you know, he knows he's got to do to time. But he ends up meeting someone from Bosnia, who's working in the prison facility, who met who pretty much is from a town that his father was

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from, and this person, they get acquainted, so he's bringing them extra food, he's helping them out. So it pretty much helped his stay there. So Allah was helping him in this means you follow me? So you got two different ways perspectives, you can look at things absolutely would take now being released during Ramadan. Well, that released in Ramadan, and for those that follow the whole matrix thing, which is interesting. Okay, I was gonna ask, that's good. You brought that up? We'll get to that. But go ahead. Well, I was just gonna say it was interesting for the matrix fans, because he always talks about the matrix, which is the idea that we're in this manufactured construct, not

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necessarily know, what do you think before you get into the matrix this? I want to get into that deeper, but what do you think about these scenarios? Now you hear this now my prayer is not answered. So there's no point I want to jump in. Because I want to contrast that with an example an experience that I had in Florida, right? So you have this example of somebody going through great tribulation, and using that to draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Whereas you have many people who, unfortunately react in the opposite direction. And I saw that in Florida and Florida.

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You know, I started keeping in touch with one of the leaders of the biggest anti Muslim hate groups. And he was a devout Christian. And he ran one of the most nasty anti Muslim hate groups, but Subhanallah when you when you're a person of honor, and you treat others honorably, you know, Allah instills respect in people's hearts. Yes. So Subhanallah took my number. He was always respectful towards me, he kept in touch, very cordial. And he invited me to visit his home. So I visited him in his house, and he's around nine years old now. And I was shocked to see 90 years old, 90 years old. And this is one of the lead leaders and he's now he was no longer when I knew him. He was like, when

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I first when he was like, 80. And he was leading one of the biggest anti Muslim hate groups. Now he's 90 leading Islamophobe, almost in Florida, or in the country, in Florida, in Florida, in Florida. And when I, when I visited him now, you know, after knowing him for about almost 10 years, I was shut up, I think, Why are you keeping in touch with Mr. islamophobe? Because this is our job when you know, a login and send the messengers to Muslims. He sent them to those who disbelieved yes to those who fought against, and it is our character through a loss Tofik it's actually a law but using good character that will turn our worst enemies or our best friends. I mean, I had that I

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remember attending an anti Muslim protest against Islamic Relief by you know, Magga hat wearers pro Trump supporters who were protesting Islam, I went out spoke to them, we became friends, I got a selfie reel to get together at the end. And then one of them actually ended up becoming Muslim afterwards, somehow and took her Shabbat at my office. So this is our job. We, you know, I hate this idea. We take Oh, it's Listen, we are oppressed, and we shouldn't have to educate our oppressors like get get out of here with that nonsense. It is our job to proudly stand for our faith and by all humanity to do it, and wish goodness for them. I mean, these are the creation of Allah. Allah made

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this person he made his soul he made his body. We don't want anyone to go through torment. We don't want anyone to be miserable in the hereafter. We want goodness for all humanity. That is what

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Hamilton Alameda mercy to Humana to all creation, the prophesy send them wished for guidance for his worst enemies and, and this is a miracle, a pathetic miracle that the same person you remember when they were doing the Treaty of labia one of the policies at the time, was doing a treaty against the Muslims and erase that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah from the treaty. And then he's like, if you're a messenger, I want to fight you. You know, you find just years later, that same person sitting under the prophets, camel and the spirit of the prophets, camels falling on this guy's face because he's sitting right under him. And he's just listening with love to the words of the prophesy

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son of the Prophet Muhammad's. I said him through his character through His mercy, turned his worst enemies into his greatest supporters. So what happens now biggest islamophobe in Florida, Florida, keeping in touch? Well, he was invited to his house and I said, You know what? This story you told me yesterday, I told you, let me accept his invitation. Let me go and I went to his home. And he was so happy to see me and we're talking but I was shocked at what I saw.

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He was no longer not only he no longer ran the anti Muslim hate group, he was no longer a Christian. Unfortunately, he fell into complete atheism.

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And I asked him, I said, you know, my friend, you were a Christian for 50 years and look, you know, at least still you are a person of the book like you believed in Jesus peace be upon him, although you believe in a corrupted version of his teachings, you know, the pagan Roman beliefs that got mixed in but you were still a step closer to the to the truth? How did you end up just completely denying God's existence altogether. And he told me that his wife of 50 years, passed away after a severe about with Alzheimer's, losing her memory, losing her identity, and then passing away and he said, the software and he saw her go through over the last year or two of her life, pushed him into

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atheism. And I said, subhanAllah that is the definition of Cofer of disbelief of ingratitude, that instead of thanking Allah, for giving you 50 Healthy years with this woman, you disbelieved in him, because he took her back as as the natural ruler of this life. We're only here as temporary visitors anyway. Yeah. So that is in gratitude. Instead of thanking Allah for the 50 years you had you rejected Allah because he took her soul back. But here's where it got really interesting. He said, You know, you should meet my son. I said, why? I said, he's, he's Muslim. Now this Islam is islamophobe leaving the biggest he leaves Christianity he leaves Shen he becomes atheists, but his

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son left Christianity to become Muslim. Wow. And so how the year he did that he Subhanallah he did really well financially. So Allah test people different ways. Sometimes you're doing well you become Muslim Allah test you like and rotate, and you keep your faith. In this case, the brother became Muslim, but Allah actually opened up more doors of risk for him. So I spoke to him. I said, Can I meet your son? He said, No, I said, why? He said, You'll corrupt him. You'll make his Deen stronger. So alhamdulillah where I was when I left his son as a lawyer, I looked up his son. And I actually reached out to him and he happened. It happened to be the only day in two years he was in town. So

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we actually went, I turned around, I was going home to tamp, I turn around, I met him for dinner. And he just had a beautiful story. He himself was a lawyer. And you know, he had recently gotten divorced. And he was going through, you know, some difficult times and a client came into his office said, What are you living for? Like you okay? You're a wealthy successful lawyer is life just about money, alcohol, girls, like what are you doing with your life? Come, let me show you the purpose of your life. And subhanAllah. So he actually listened to him studied under him. He became Muslim. His ex wife became Muslim. And then they got remarried. Now they've been happily married for 15. So this

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is a Muslim giving them Dawa Muslim giving them Dawa fearlessly and courageously wow, I remember you telling me you were so excited. You share a story with me. I said, Man, this is. This is amazing story. It's a beautiful story. It's Islamophobic, Florida. He ends up his son accent accepts Islam. Exactly. It's amazing. And look, when you sit with a son of his son looks as American as apple pie. You know what I'm saying? And but he's just a beautiful soul. You sent me that picture, isn't you? Yes. We I don't know if he wants us to talk. I'll ask him permission. We'll see if we can show you sent me the picture. Yeah, I mean, I was just so happy. It was, you know, the amazing it was just an

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amazing thing. How I ended up there, how Allah connected us. And it was just a reminder, you know, Truth will reach every household, but it's up to us to put our effort to be used for that or level replace us with others. Now, what do you think is happening here? Agitate gets released.

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And then you have people now connecting the dates, the dates are showing matrix is released at this date, same date he's released, I mean, the power or the or the power is to be on earth here. The ones it was quite interesting. I mean, I don't look I don't know if there's anything as a coincidence. But ultimately, the real power is Allah subhanaw taala. The real power is Allah and you know, what's clear, and Andrew tape has been talking about the matrix, this idea of a global movement, which frankly, I think is consistent with our beliefs. You know, there is preparation for the gel happening and you know what they call it so how would you translate a the matric the satanic

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forces? I would say the ugly

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It was satanic force. And here's the issue. This is the problem. And I'm glad we're talking about this on the deen show right now because it's something that many Muslims, myself included, often forget that there is active preparation amongst the jinn amongst the shayateen for the digital to come to misguide humanity. This is a fact. And there's a hadith to indicate the Jamia had been around from the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So and there are other forces at play that were alive at the Prophet Sam that are waiting to come out. So we cannot forget the engine are actively working to undermine humanity. The Quran is very clear about this. You know, enough we

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are alcohol chameleon. And later on, Allah speaks about the shape on him and his people seeing you from airs they don't see. So Satan is real general that gel is real. And they're doing their efforts. So maybe maybe I'm not saying this is what it is. But I don't believe in coincidence, everything is fate. And I also don't believe in, in ultimate power of these forces, like they have power but it's very little, you know, Allah is the most powerful last one to allah God Almighty Allah talks about they plot and plan a love lives and plans. So so it could be an old I mean, maybe the brother was talking about about about the matrix, you know, capture capturing and the fact that

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he was released on the same day that the matrix was released. Just maybe there's truth to it again, the issue is this. It's consistent with Islamic theology. Islamic theology absolutely believes that our forces that are working for evil around the world, the Quran talks about absolute over and over you see, morality and decency, secularism, atheism all forms of misguidance you know the destruction of the family the destruction so if you want to learn about the so called matrix I mean read we've read the book of God Almighty Allah the Quran has it. That's how can you be protected from the Matrix get with Islam get with Islam, and

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that's it. That's it. Yeah. Never fall into despair. See, sometimes we use the evil forces like the conspiracy theory mind as, oh, everything's against us. And we get into a defeatist mentality that was all this horrible. I mean, the Sahaba recognize their act of forces against them, whether they were spiritual, demonic forces, or military forces, but they said, You know what, Allahu Akbar. That's what we cannot forget Allahu Akbar. And the crisis of many Muslims in our time is forgetting Allahu Akbar. So when we shave our beard, when we remove our hijab, when we hide our Muslim identity, it's because we're thinking there's forces greater than Allah that we have to please or

00:27:20--> 00:27:53

that we're scared of. But if you recognize Allah is greater than all of them, then we will hold strong toward the hold strong to our sunnah and be fearless as proud Muslims, even myself growing up as an American Muslim attorney. Do you know how many people told me I should shave my beard to be successful that have to hide my identity? Lie Allah, but rather, when you hold strong to your deen, you will face attacks Trust me, I face my fear. Sure, well, hamdulillah but it's only made me stronger. Allah promises that that when you're attacked, and you stay true to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you don't oppress others. Allah will make your enemy's attacks a means of your elevation.

00:27:53--> 00:28:19

This is a sunnah. So yes, there's evil forces out there and we have to protect against and prepare against, but they got nothing on us when Allah subhanaw taala is with us. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. So the matrix, that's another term now that you can as we just broke, you broke down, that it can be qualified as the satanic evil forces that are out there plotting and planning to get protected with your Creator with so he told he

00:28:20--> 00:28:25

and everything He's greater than the unity of the Muslim Brotherhood, as long as Muslim stand united.

00:28:26--> 00:29:02

They got nothing on us and the officer said, Talk to us about this. I mean, he said your nation will not be destroyed from outside enemies. He will not be destroyed by famine, it will not be destroyed by illness or COVID or anything like that. But the downfall if it happens will happen through internal fight. This is usually mentioned brotherhood that unity between Brothers Sisters in Islam that we come together as a true OMO the family this is one thing that many people they love, they love that this you land you just had this boxer come into boxing one of the big time boxing promoters and if you saw him, Eddie Hernan, he's talking about how he's considering he's looking he

00:29:02--> 00:29:32

wants to learn more about Islam you don't as boxing? I think I've seen it and it's just it's happening a lot out there because they're seeing a beautiful brother the minute you see let you know Hello Honduras hula the minute you declare there's only one God Muhammad is his messenger. You feel the love you see? I mean I remember what they're taking shahada at the University of the day there were lines long people hugging him and it's a sincere beautiful love that people are lacking nowadays. Reminds me of the either in human fat what I eat and yet Hulu and watch is

00:29:34--> 00:29:46

no solo he will put a lot or a ton alone in here for the first bit behind the vehicle was

00:29:47--> 00:29:48


00:29:51--> 00:30:00

are we saying now if you try to see the victory in the help of Allah calm run towards his forgiveness, mercy I mean, that's everything

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

You are entering a lot is happening. The question is, are we going to be part of it? Or are we going to be those that cryptic against from it? Are we going to be those that welcome people into Islam and provide them beautiful examples and support them and elevate them and hold strong to our faith? Or are we going to be those that sell out and change our deen and try to compromise trying to please others and forgetting Allahu Akbar? Maliki was steadfast. Amin, amin. Yeah, so this is a very I mean, very, very interesting topic with the matrix, right? These dates coinciding and now, but he's scared now. I don't say he's scared. No, no. He had, he had talked about the next what would you say

00:30:37--> 00:31:12

the next thing is for them to try to take them out? Well, there's three things right, they talk to you, the first thing is them, trying to cancel you or destroy your reputation. Subhanallah I've been there. We know what that's like. You know, it ain't easy, but Subhanallah when you stay true to Allah, Allah will make that as a means of greatness for you. Number two is imprisonment. And we've seen that happen a lot. We've seen that happen against leaders within the Muslim community throughout the US for the last two decades. So number two, is that number three is assassination. We asked Allah subhanaw But again, they can plot and Allah says this in the Quran. I mean, in what was

00:31:12--> 00:31:40

the problem once I set them, where the uncle Rubicon levena Cafaro, when those who disbelieved plot against you, to exile you or to imprison you, or to kill you, and the plot and allow plots and Allah is the best of planners. So ultimately, that that is a real threat. But an every soul will taste death, but only at our appointed time. The it's not a question of if we will die, we will all die. The question is, will we die on our principles and on our feet? Or will we die having sold out?

00:31:41--> 00:32:19

There was another friend of agitates had him on a program I interviewed him. He's looking into Islam. What would you say to and this is the kind of moneybags, okay, Masha, Allah Dylan. So he's, he's really considering Islam and like many people from the Christian background. Now they're stuck on Jesus. What do you like to tell Christians, and now they feel they have this real deep love of Jesus. And now they're stuck in between right? He's gonna love Jesus Islam as the way to follow Jesus. Jesus was a Muslim Muslims, one who surrenders to God, He taught Islam Islam means peace through surrender to God. Jesus was a beautiful, modest, humble man. He never told the soul to

00:32:19--> 00:32:55

worship him. He always told people to worship the God of the heavens in the earth. That was the path of Jesus. That was the path of Moses of Abraham. Islam is the universal monotheistic, pure religion. And frankly, if Islam isn't true, there is no True Religion and we know that religion is true, because the Holy Quran remains the only book that claims to be from God that was never changed, never corrupted doesn't have different versions. Every other book we know for a fact has been changed. So is the Quran is the only book claiming to be from God that's ever been changed? And what it what is its message by the fruits, you shall know it right? The message of the Quran is God is

00:32:55--> 00:33:26

one, honor your Creator. Love all of his messengers. don't distinguish between them, love Abraham, love Moses, love Jesus, love Muhammad, peace be upon them, we follow Mohammed, he was the last one. And his message was never changed. And frankly, it just re emphasize the message of the previous prophets, but love them all. Honor them all. follow Prophet Muhammad. So I sent him and honor the Creator, by respecting his creation by being a source of mercy for His creation. It's the Pure Natural, universal faith. I can't tell you how many times I speak to both men and women, and they tell me they feel like they've been Muslim their whole life because it's so purely natural. It's not

00:33:26--> 00:34:00

complicated. You can almost come to a conclusion of Islam just just living alone and on a desert island, you know, that all of this the heavens and the earth had to have a creator doesn't make sense that the Creator is more than one God is one. That's what Islam is. Simple. How do you think people said because okay, you hear Andrew talking about push ups and Koran. How should people approach maybe someone has gotten a hold of a crowd is one of these cross translate about Orientalist. Right? How should they approach when they come to the Quran? Should it maybe read a little bit before that? So here's the deal. The beautiful thing about Islam is that the Quran has

00:34:00--> 00:34:36

been preserved purely in Arabic. And it's been preserved with knowledge from an unbroken chain of teachers that have studied from student to student back to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam peace be upon him. So my advice to everyone is don't try to learn Islam by studying some someone's translation of it, because you're just studying a human beings translation. And you don't have the whole history and the context behind the text. The best way study from qualified teachers study from great resources. There's great websites out there. I mean, why is a great resource, the Dean show, a brief Illustrated Guide to stamp there's a lot that's the book that I recommend, yes,

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

actually sent this to agitate to Dylan. This is free online. You can get it it's the brief illustrated guide. This is the one that turned that actually did it for me LoJack but it's a frustrated guide because it gets into all of the signs in the Quran, the proofs and evidences very powerful. I just gifted it up to someone and I always keep copies with me in the car. Give me a copy right there so people can see we're talking about these. The other book I will

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

highly highly recommend is a book that really increased my faith is divine reality. The divine reality by Hamzat sort of it speaks about the mind reality by our brother Hamza Zora says is behind this behind Yeah, I would I would recommend that to everyone Muslim and non Muslim alike so you know we can put up a picture people can see what a brief Illustrated Guide to Islam looks like, but also get the divine reality read. I mean this is the first command from Allah to humanity and that's the beautiful thing about Islam. Islam is a religion that is not afraid of philosophy of logic of science of knowledge. The first command from the Lord of the heavens and the earth is to read to

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

reflect you know, it's behind the Koran through that we can inshallah all Gropius Nila can get the PDF online for free the one you can order a copy for a couple dollars I recommend listen brothers sisters we got work to do I want everybody to go ahead find a credible source of order dozens of these keep them in your car wherever you go give a copy out let people benefit from the knowledge and show I read this when I first started practicing and I went through it and I said okay of one coincidence maybe problem Muhammad he guessed is then I went to the next one so he was very smart man third fourth fifth I said is no way there's no way that he could have came up with all of this

00:36:16--> 00:36:20

is impossible. Yeah. Alright, so before we come to a

00:36:21--> 00:36:58

conclusion here we wrap things up. Okay, so we got the Quran. This was the Quran that agitate also gifted to the our brother here and humanity hopefully soon our brother in the dean, our brother moneybags, Dylan, so he was asking about where should he start? He posted a story this is a good translation. And this was he looked at it as a sign because we ended up getting in touch with him and right after he ended up asking people he posted a picture of Andrew tea give this as he shared that entertain gave him this one. He said Where should you start to read? And then he talked about when we when I interviewed him how he thought that this might possibly be a sign from Allah. Then he

00:36:58--> 00:37:32

got invited to the deen show about the Dean was incredible. You're doing that to you in terms of reaching out and Dawa and educating Melamine is a platform, a platform for guidance, Brahim Amin, Amin, amin. Alright, so hamdulillah was really nice to have you here, especially on such a crazy day when when the first arraignment of a current or former president of the United States touch upon that, yes, it's it's any hours are seen as as a political witch hunt. You know, here's my opinion on on the whole thing. And look, I'm someone who, who's been very critical of Trump as Muslims. We got to be fair,

00:37:33--> 00:37:56

and nonpartisan. We're about justice. So again, as somebody I've been critical of Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, you name them, I've probably sued them. I have sued President Trump over his visa, you President Trump's Muslim ban. I mean, it was clear he said he wants a total complete shutdown of Muslims from entering the country. And then he banned a number of Muslim majority countries from from being able to send people here the last time we gave a shout out to actually his boy, Tara

00:37:57--> 00:38:29

took her son. Oh, yeah, they started having Trump have a change now to well, there's a lot of background to that. Look, I think Trump was susceptible, some bad influences like Steve Bannon and others that tried to hijack him for his agenda. And I think absent that maybe things could have gone a much better direction. But that's neither here nor there. The point is that the reason I'm mentioning this is people know, I'm certainly no fanboy. In fact, I've sued the guy, but I'm deeply disturbed, but I see unfolding. The reason is this. I mean, ultimately, I think there's two questions that are relevant for all of us. Number one, is did Trump break the law? Number two is, is

00:38:29--> 00:39:02

the prosecution politically driven? And frankly, I think the answer to both of those is yes. And and both of those is alarming. See, when it comes to the first to Trump break the law. The fact is, there's over 50,000 federal laws. A Harvard study has shown that the average American commits three felonies a felony is a crime punishable by over a year in jail. The average American they say commits three felonies a day, wow, three a day three there, because there's over 50,000, and how do you you're not committing it if you don't know them? And how the heck are you going to 50,000 laws. And that's why as a lawyer, I always say never speak to the FBI without a lawyer, I stand by it, you

00:39:02--> 00:39:32

know, if they ever contact you contact care, contact my law, firm care, we'll do it for free, I'll charge you but but we'll give you good legal representation, but reach out, you know, and never speak to them without a lawyer. Because it's easy to get yourself in trouble. You don't know the law. The point is there's over 50,000 federal laws, the average American is breaks about three laws a year, a day. Why do I say this, because of the full force and power of the government wants to come after you. They can pretty much come after anyone. You know, imagine if they did work what to do in the States, they just lock you up until they find something that if they're bound to find

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

something and someone even if it's inadvertent. So the point is, there's too many federal laws out there. America has some of the highest incarceration rates in the world. It's a problem. And and so yeah, I think he broke the law. But frankly, I think just about all of those politicians have broken the law, but they're selectively prosecuting him for political reasons. And I think that's disturbing. I also think it's a reflection of the of how both the left and the right have used anti Muslim hate

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Before there was the Muslim community getting the brunt of this extreme prosecution, extreme hate now it's being thrown against each other. And the other thing is, alright, you want to prosecute Trump for paying $100,000? In hush money payments or whatever stupid nonsense. All of these hypocrites are engaged in Washington DC, what are you going to prosecute other presidents that have killed hundreds of 1000s of innocent civilians made illegal wars destroyed nations. So please spare me with your your cries about justice. So frankly, I think as an attorney, you know, again, as somebody who hasn't been a fan of Trump, I think, yeah, he's broken the law. But so as every other

00:40:37--> 00:41:14

American because America's over criminalizes its people. And I think that kind of prosecution, therefore, is political. I think there was increased focus on him. And I think there was ignoring others that have done worse things like crimes against humanity, war crimes, illegal wars. And it's disturbing, to see to see that the people who literally have blood on their hands get off. I mean, as far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know if Trump has invaded any Muslim lands, or has caused any new wars while in office. And, you know, a lot of people would argue against me, because I was, you know, maybe too critical of Trump. But that was one thing they always

00:41:14--> 00:41:48

had on me, you know, you know, they would always say, well, listen, at least he didn't start any new bloodshed against Muslim nations, or any nation, for that matter, Allahu Allah. So this is the problem. It's overly criminalized. And I think the the, we're just seeing what's been happening in the Muslim community for a long time, and for a very long time, the Muslim community was being selectively prosecuted. And now that those same tactics are just being used against each other. But it's it sets quite a interesting precedent, I don't think, as the President or former president, you get a free pass to break the law. And maybe there are other things, perhaps related to the election

00:41:48--> 00:42:21

in Georgia, perhaps related to the riots, that that maybe are more appropriate to pursue. But the current charges out in New York do seem to be deeply politically driven. And it's a stretch of the law at best. And it appears to be selectively selective prosecution, which again, I think, just opens the door, and just shows how in this country, they can really be there's so many federal laws, they can come against anyone. I'm a lawyer, but I'm not a big fan of our justice system. I do think our justice system is better than most other nations. That being said, it's it's still got a long way to go. And I think Trump

00:42:22--> 00:42:49

he needs Islam also. Amen. I think I don't think he's to really involved here I think, I don't know correct me if I'm wrong, that he plays this car to go ahead and vent when a certain side, but only Allah knows what's in his heart. As far as because he comes out he's a Christian. Correct? I definitely think Trump is just, you know, catering to some bad influences, you know, you see how he gets along by the way in Saudi Arabia and the parties they have for him I don't think

00:42:50--> 00:43:20

you know, I I think he's equally ignorant to a lot of different cultures and a lot different sensitivities. It just how he is and he's very transparent, honest about it. You know, but you know, on the other hand, you have others on the Democratic side will metal piece will hold him back, but what their soul hides is worse. So some people may pretend to be our friends. But what is hidden within their whole hearts is a lot of animosity with Trump. You know what you're getting into, you know, what you're getting. And this let's close with this sincerity. I don't think any human being who's sincere and asked the creator the heavens and earth, for guidance, be a Trump and anybody,

00:43:21--> 00:43:57

that God Almighty Allah will not guide them. So I think if someone as intelligent as can be as any politician, Donald Trump or whatnot, he's made a mess, a lot of money. He's he's one of the most influential human beings now on the planet. He's running for president again, if he was to look, and to read this book, objectively, with a sincere, open heart, open mind, can you imagine him accepting Islam? May Allah guide him that nothing is difficult for Allah subhanaw taala. And look, I've compared him to call rune, sometimes somebody who was wealthy and arrogant and misguided. But the fact is, no one is beyond the Mercy of Allah, if they sincerely seek us, so we hope guidance for

00:43:57--> 00:44:31

him, we will guidance really, for all humanity. Like, go ahead. Now, you know, I like what you said, the last time we met, that Allah is mercy is encompassing, we cannot restrict it now. That's it. That's it. And ultimately, that's what matters. Look, when you die, doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican, doesn't matter how much we got in the bank matters is Do you know your Lord. And that's what our purpose is, is to call people to that above all else to know who they are. And they cannot know who they are. They don't know where they came from. And they cannot know where they came from. They don't know where they're going, death is inevitable. Our meeting with our Lord is

00:44:31--> 00:45:00

inevitable. Let us know and meet our know our Lord, before we meet our Lord, remember death. All that money, everything that you're going to accumulate in this life is going to stay behind Well, and that's why we see many wealthy, you know, whether they're athletes, celebrities, or, you know, men, women who lives like party lifestyles in the US, drinking clubs, all of that, but you find them leaving that for Ramadan, for fasting for wearing hijab for a conservative Islamic

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

lifestyle because the see that following and worshiping your desires doesn't bring peace, it brings misery but knowing your Lord is what brings peace in this life and in the next and that's why SNAM continues to be the fastest growing religion. It's to liberate humanity from being enslaved. And that's what modern capitalistic society sort of dusty man he makes you slave to your desire sleep to your opinion of others. Islam liberates you that you should only be asleep to your Lord and your Lord only once good for you. Beautiful, beautiful jungle. Hi, thank you my brother. I will send people here to the website you can get a free copy of the Quran of this Quran actually at the deen

00:45:32--> 00:45:49 Go and visit us there and we'll send this out to you as a gift. And if you have any other questions you can call us at one 800 662 Islam and we'll be there to help you along your way to answer the questions that you might have. We'll see you next time here on the D show until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum.

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