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We are hiring full time teacher for hips, God's hips program, please pass on this information to all the community members. And the last announcement is this ID committee is offering Salesforce admin class on Saturday starting July 27. through August 24. Please check online for details. Just like Allaha thank you

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this microphone is best.

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Whatever you guys

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was assaulting me he woman

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is reporting the descendant of a widowed that once an expedition went out in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and one of the people of that expedition he was wounded in the battle. And it was a wound of the skull. And they wrapped him up in a bandage and they were returning back to Medina. And as you know, the wound it requires to be dry and you cannot, you know, make it worse. On the way back this person who had the wound in his head, he had a nocturnal emission. So he woke up and he said, What do I do now? I had a wet dream. Now what do I do? And amongst them they didn't know what to do. So they said, you have to do hospital before you pray. Fudger It was cold. It was

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in the middle of the winter, you have to do hosel we don't find any exception for you. So they forced him to do also. And because he poured water on his head, the wound festered. And he ended up dying before returning to Medina. When the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam heard of this, he said, and he was rarely harsh sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in this he became very irritated. He said, Pata Lu who called Terra Humala, they killed him. May Allah be angry with them. The people who told him this fatwa, they killed him. They murdered him or they killed him. May Allah be angry with them. Allah why didn't they set a low energy Hello? Why didn't they ask somebody if they were Jai Hill?

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In nama shifa, will i Ye a su URL? Indeed, the cure to ignorance is to ask questions. This hadith isn't a Buddha would the cure to ignorance is to ask questions. Why did they just give their own verdicts without learning without asking? And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, first Allah Allah decree and quantum data and among us the people of dhikr and the Dhikr of course, is the Quran and Sunnah if you do not know. And so as a part of our programs that we will be offering and Hamdulillah we have a great team here at Epic. One of the programs that will be starting in sha Allah Allah will be a regular open q&a session every Tuesday after Salatin Orisha every Tuesday I

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know today's Wednesday was the only exception because we're still getting into schedule from next Tuesday will be our first insha Allah Who to Allah and inshallah today I just wanted to go over very briefly my philosophy of trying to answer these questions because I know that there are many questions about even how to answer the question. So insha Allah and today's brief lecture maybe in short, more than not more than 10 minutes Inshallah, by the way, as the ratio Salah comes down, it will be easier for us to remain a little bit longer. I know it's summer months, so obviously it's late. So we want to keep it short, but once he gets to, you know, 830 or something in Sharla, then

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it will be easier to spend half or 45 minutes after salata. Isha doing open q&a. First and foremost, major brothers and sisters realize that

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the diversity of this OMA is something that Alhamdulillah has been demonstrated from the time of the sahaba. And some people presume that every question that they ask has only one correct answer, and that's it. And this presumption is not the presumption of any scholar. No scholar has ever said this. In fact, as we learn more and more, we become more and more humble. And the more a person knows and the more a person learns, the more broad minded and tolerant a person becomes. And this is something that is universal across every spectrum of Islam. Imam Malik was the greatest scholar of his time, and the Abbas Khalifa said, Oh, Imam Malik, you are the Imam of a Khaled Medina, why don't

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I take your madhhab the mathematicae madhhab and make it the official mud hub of the land. Now pause here before I go on, if the Khalifa had gotten his way, there would be no empty laughs There will be one must have in Islam. All the Muslims would be Maliki there

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wouldn't be no isn't enough because he would have made it karate would have made it binding. Everybody must follow the Maliki method.

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But Imam Malik and he had this opportunity to be the one mud hub of the world because the Khalifa there's 135 At the time there buzzer Khalifa one Sandyford the time and he's giving this golden offer. If one of us had been given it with our little mother who would jump for joy, I will be che holy slammed the move didn't know this is Imam Malik. And he said don't do this. Yeah, Amirul Momineen don't do this oh Khalifa, don't do this oh, leader of the believers, for perhaps there is knowledge out there that hasn't come to me. Perhaps I have an opinion. And my opinion is not correct. And you will enforce my opinion on the entire Ummah, no, let there be that diversity. This

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is Mr. Malik speaking how about then me and you? How about anyone else in this regard? And if you look at the history of Islam, we find from the time of the Sahaba, the Sahaba, themselves differed over the rulings of Islam. And that is why we have these various methods, where would these methods come from, unless the Sahaba themselves different. And so I want to insha Allah to Allah simply point out that my philosophy has been initial continue to be to insha Allah Who to other preach tolerance of the accepted positions of this tradition, not to preach intolerance, to try to make us understand and to appreciate the diversity of the OMA, even if I personally might have an opinion.

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And of course, I have my personal opinions. Insha Allah when I answered the questions that you asked me, I will not be negating the other valid opinions, I will not be dismissive of other valid opinions. On the contrary, I will be very supportive of them. And this applies not just to the legal rulings of Islam, but even in sha Allah, who to Allah to the various understandings of the theology that we all hold dear and sacred, advanced questions of theology, sometimes they bring about awkward answers. And in my humble experience, and this is what I will be going forward with. Our tradition has seen so many great rouda Ma, from the likes of Abdulkadir, Giovanni and even Tamia and others,

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early and unknown we and all of these greater ADAMA, why should I dismiss any one of them, they all had their interpretations and their contributions. I personally might have my inclination towards one of these no problem. But the others also contributed much to this OMA, so in sha Allah, even when it comes to issues of theology, you will find me to be inshallah tolerant. Now I understand. Some people will not like this, and some people will want a black and white answer. Why didn't you say those people are bad? Why did he say that's evil? That's my position in the lands that we live in Wallahi? My dear brothers and sisters, do you think we have the luxury of teaching our children

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to hate other Muslims? Do you think we have the wisdom This is wise to teach my child to hate the child of my Muslim neighbor simply because they have a slightly different understanding of their interpretation of Islam, even if we disagree, it must be done with other and respect and this is what you will find me insha Allah to Allah, I am very much opposed to sectarianism. I'm very much opposed to teaching people to hate other Muslims to look down at other Muslims, we have enough baggage and problems of our own. Why should we add to that? My dear brothers and sisters, even if we disagree, and of course, I will disagree with some interpretations of Islam, it must be done with

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others and respect. So in sha Allah, you will find me to be very, very accepting and tolerant of the diversity of the traditional understandings of Sunni Islam. No doubt there are red lines if somebody comes in denies other we say, well, no, we affirm Qatar and we don't you know, and even when we you know, reject alternative opinions, we do so with other Why should I incite hatred and a stop for Allah violence, even if we disagree, it will be done in a proper manner people disrespect the Companions, we do not tolerate this, we are irritated at this, but still, that is their position, Allah will deal with them, we should not take the law into our own hands, we will not and I will not

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be teaching violence or hatred of other people. Even if we disagree. As I say it will be done the manner of proper disagreements. This is with regards to even the bigger issues of theology, the mainstream Sunni interpretations, we will all Alhamdulillah preach and teach them other interpretations. Even if they're pointed out and incorrectness has demonstrated, it will be done in a manner that insha Allah will not make our children hate other Muslims. We're not going to solve 12 centuries of sectarianism in one masjid, whether you like it or not, the other groups exist five minutes from our Masjid. There are other groups that exist, what are you going to do about it? Your

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hatred, my hatred, their hatred will not benefit anybody. What are you going to do? We have to preach a version of tolerance and even build bridges with other communities even as we learn to disagree and agree to disagree. There are

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things we're going to disagree about, even in our disagreements, you know, you see what's happening in the political spectrum, we need every single person we can to counter this Islamophobia. So I understand this will not make everybody happy. So be it we will have to learn to disagree when it comes to fifth My dear brothers and sisters, obviously even more so not only must we be quote unquote tolerant, we must be accepting of this diversity, our tradition is ritual hamdulillah de muda Hib have flourished for the last 12 and a half centuries, who am I or who are you to go into gate other mud hubs out there? And inshallah I will try my best for every fifth question to give you

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as many opinions and then I might say, I personally prefer this one. And by the way, FYI, for your information generally, I personally follow the humbly madhhab simply because it was the school that I was affiliated with, I was studying Islam and I know that madhhab better than the other three mud hubs, but every month hub is good and every med have attempted to get to the correct and if you look at the scholars of the med hubs and the students of the med hubs, and you look at even the founders, they had the utmost respect for one another. They were not intolerant of one another one of the main students of Abu Hanifa Mohammed a che Barney he traveled to Medina to study with Imam Malik and Imam

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Malik would ask him questions about the fifth of Abu Hanifa. And he would sometimes counter and sometimes agree with Imam Malik, this is the student of Abu Hanifa. The same with the students of Shaffir did the same with the students of every great Imam they took from each other, why should we not take from each other And subhanAllah My dear brothers and sisters one day insha Allah will have an intensive class about why there are differences of opinion. And that is a topic known as a pseudo field. Why there are differences of opinion, and had been Tamia, by the way with a very, very good book called raising up the century, meaning stop blaming the great Imams for their differences,

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raising up the center, we don't criticize centering is to criticize, you're not criticizing the great Imams for their differences of opinion. And he listed over a dozen legitimate reasons why great scholars might differ. And this This is something we find even in the lifetime of the prophets of Allah whoreson him himself look at the famous Hadith of the Buddha Corrado, when the prophets Assam said none of you should pray also, until they reach the tribal bundle corridor, and inshallah one day we'll go over it in detail, the Sahaba they differed, how do you interpret this hadith because it was almost time for a Muslim and they hadn't prayed also, and one group was literal, and

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they said, Okay, we're gonna make ourselves called off, and we're gonna not pray us out on time. And we'll pray us at after sunset. So they did not pray us or on time because they heard the Prophet solicit and say, do not pray ask them until they get to Bonnaroo Colorado and the sun was setting they were delayed. They said How was the process and said, We will pray us after Muslim so they prayed. I said after the most of the time. And then they prayed Muslim, another group of Sahaba said no, but that wasn't what he meant. So they looked at the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law. They looked at the goal of the law, and not the actual letters of the law. And they said oh,

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but he meant be hurry, be hateful, and we were not hateful. We're now late, it's time for Muslim we can't delay also, or else also will be called off. So half of the Sahaba prayed arsenal, and half of them delayed it till after Muslim and the Prophet system heard of both of their plights. And he did not criticize either of them. He did not criticize either. In his own lifetime, the same Hadith was interpreted in two different ways. And he understood that okay, both of them tried their best and they're both good and what they did so if this happened in his lifetime, how much more so you know, in our lifetimes, when you don't when we don't have recourse to the prophets of Allah why they he

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was setting them how much more so when there are issues that there are not explicit ayat and a hadith for and we have to extrapolate from the Quran and Sunnah the Quran and Sunnah did not tell us about organ transplant. It didn't tell us about 401k should be gives a Catherine not it didn't tell us about cryptocurrencies, these are fatawa we have to extract from and the fifth Council North America which and Hamdulillah I am one of the lowest of their members but I'm on their council, the field Council North America is discussing these very issues, organ transplants and 401 k's and cryptocurrencies. You're not going to find a Quranic IRA or a hadith that explicitly says, All

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Muslims give zakat on 401k You won't find it like that. So how then should we not tolerate the diversity of opinion so this leads me my dear brothers and sisters to stress and I will continue to stress whatever I say to you in the end of the day, it is but the human attempt of one person and that is yours truly and I could be wrong. No problem if you like it and hamdulillah if you don't like it, no problem. I am just giving you an opinion out there and I will try my best to give you to the best of my ability and insha Allah to Allah this community and of course the global world has many rules. We haven't hamdulillah we'll start by June we have Imam Nadeem. We have a brother Yasha

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is going to be an active person in the Dawa. All of them will have their opinions and I'm telling you from now, the four of us inevitably we will

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will disagree and Alhamdulillah there is mercy in that disagreement good don't expect to there to be only one position about every question that is asked in the end of the day Alhamdulillah this diversity is good and there is a Hadith our scholars differ is that authentic or not, even if it's not authentic, the self and this classical scholar said it enough Almighty Rama, the afterlife of my ummah, it is a mercy from Allah subhana wa tala, tala for Almighty Rama, this act of love within my ummah, so there's something called legitimate if the love and you will inshallah see in my answers, I will respect all legitimate now there are something called illegitimate if the law somebody comes

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in disrespects the sahaba. This is not a legitimate Act, the law we will say, we don't agree this is wrong, and I will correct this. But within Islam and within the diversity of filth, especially, there are so many opinions. So you will insha Allah to either find me to be respectful of all of them, even if I, you know will say perhaps in my humble opinion, this one seems to be the stronger but in the end of the day, those of you who are following a particular method, but hamdulillah great and you will hear from me in sha Allah as much as possible, while the Hanafi madhhab says the Shafi says this and what not and if you follow one of these methods, feel free to stick with your method

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and there is no problem with that. So this is going to be every Tuesday inshallah open q&a, I will try my best to do around four or five questions or the bare minimum. One of them I'll try my best on theology, one of them on law and fit or maybe two, one of them on air tickets, and one of them on a miscellaneous topics so that we have some diversity every Tuesday. Now, how will you submit these questions? The board is currently figuring out how but most likely there will be an email address, that's the easiest thing. There will be an email address and that will be sent out on email. Okay, ironically, so you must be subscribing to the epics announcements, so you will get the email address

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and then every week I will then select and choose the questions that I think are the most relevant because at the end of the day, not every question must be answered publicly. Some questions are better answered in private, but I will try my best to choose the questions that are the most relevant to the community and then come every single Tuesday and then answer those questions. Insha Allah hooter Allah as well, I will have other programs and the community will be updated Wednesdays will be my regular hour longer hour and a half long between Malcolm and Aisha, so we're going to be starting a series of classes, a Silsila. Before Hajj, I'll be doing two miscellaneous but then after

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Hajj Inshallah, we'll be doing theater of a particular suit, I'm still deciding which one but after hygiene immediately, everyone's day from negative tarisha, or maybe from nine to 10 o'clock, we'll see the timing will be every single day we're doing a whole series when that series finishes, we'll begin another one. So it's going to be a public series, Saturday's one Saturday of the month will be a public, a public lecture, just family night, inshallah I'm going to call it and families will come and you know, it's going to be something Insha Allah, and anybody above the age of 13 will understand the general Islamic lecture. And then one Saturday of the month, I'll have something a

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little bit more academic where, you know, it's going to be something different. And I'm gonna call these the Ibn Taymiyyah series. Okay, so every month we'll have an Ibn Taymiyyah series, lecture one lecture to lecture three, and this is going to be something a little bit more academic, a little bit more, maybe cutting edge, you know, one day one one month we'll do LGBT issues one month we'll do atheism, stuff like this a little bit more controversial a little bit more, you know, academic so keep that in mind that maybe it's not going to be the best for maybe very young minds, but you will know the topic in advance and you can decide you know, what age group or not you can do and other

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than this Inshallah, other programs will be done and hamdulillah I'm very happy that we have a great team here at Epic all four of us insha Allah, Allah along with Hafiz Sajad, and others hamdulillah there's an amazing team. I don't know of any other Masjid in North America that has these many voices, and inshallah we will be stronger together. One final point, the Tuesday is a public q&a. As I have said, I am here for the community. Anytime you see me, feel free to walk up and ask me any question. If it's a very long one, and I'm short for time, I will tell you politely you know, Brother, can you come tomorrow at this time and we will arrange but otherwise, feel free to approach

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me at any time for any question of fifth it that theology to see if there is only one area I refuse to answer, and I don't get involved with and that is counseling, I do not do counseling. Why? Because counseling is a speciality. And it is a mistake to assume that a person who has studied field is qualified to counsel, psychiatric help, marital counseling, these are areas of expertise. And it is not befitting that you know, somebody who's not an expert then gets involved in this. So any issue of that nature, you should go to a licensed therapist or somebody who has experience and has, you know, a knowledge in this. This is not something that they teach you in madrasa you know,

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how to counsel the teenager who's going through the period, this is not something my area of expertise and generally speaking scholars are not you know, trained to do this. So go to those people who are trained marital issues and whatnot, go to licensed people. That's what

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The default is if you come to me with that, I will say brothers Sorry, sister, sorry, that's not an area that you know we can, you know, do that's not something that we just do on this site other than that Inshallah, together we will inshallah raise the bar for this community, and we hope inshallah we'll make this epic community a truly epic community, which is Aqua Mala who played on Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato.