The Dangers of Arrogance & The Blessings of Humility

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad ohana steinhorn Estelle fiddle. Why Naruto Bella Himanshu Rue de unforseen a woman say Lena manga hella who Fela mobile Allah

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Allah hi Haji Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika wash Mohammed Abu humara sudo yeah you hola Xena Amano taco la haka Ducati wallet mo tune in to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan de su taco Rebecca como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhar Xhosa Weber Theremin Houma de Jalan Cathy on one Isa, what topo la habla de Tessa Luna de Waal or ham in no la haka no de Kumara theva. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the very first recorded sin that we have in our history was the sin of a beliefs and what was the sin of a beliefs a lot explicitly mentioned in the Koran, Abba was stuck about our condominial caffeine. He was arrogant, and he refused, and because of this, he

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became of the ungrateful.

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In today's I want to remind ourselves of the dangers of arrogance, and of the importance of humility. arrogance is one of the cardinal Sins of our religion. In fact, even taymiyah mentions that the sin of arrogance is typically more despised to Allah than even the sin of sheer arrogance or Kippur is worse than paganism how why it been Tamia says, at least the pagan at least the mushrik occasionally worships Allah. But the arrogant person never worships Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is what we see in the character of a police where he believes refuse to acknowledge the truth. And it is because of this, that the commandments that have come that the Quranic verses that have come

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censuring arrogance are some of the most strictest in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada links the fire of jahannam with those who are arrogant, Allah says in the Quran, in a Latina yes tech bureau una vida de Soto, Luna, Johanna muda, hitting those who are too arrogant to worship me. Those are the people that feel energetic jahannam humiliated, and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentors in the Quran odorheiu awaba, Johanna mahali Dena v ha further beat semeth one would take a beating, and to the doors of jahannam to dwell forever in it, and what's an evil abode? And who is it for little more take a beating those who are arrogant in this world and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, should I not inform you of every person who will go to jahannam? Do you want me to tell you who that Johanna me is? He said, it is the one who is mystech bitter, arrogant, Jabari obnoxious and egotistical. The Prophet system described the Jehan me the one going to jahannam as the one who is arrogant and obnoxious, the one who thinks himself better than other people. That is the one that is going to jahannam no human being has the right to feel arrogant. No human being has the right to feel superior to another created object. And this is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has sworn that no one with an atom's weight of arrogance shall enter agenda. No one

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who has kibble in their hearts shall ever enter agenda. Jenna is how Tom for the one who feels himself superior for the one who thinks that he is better for the one who is walking around with a speck of arrogance in his or her heart. And that is why it is so crucial that we examine our hearts we're always looking at ourselves. Am I being arrogant? Am I having that sense of Kibler? If so, we need to eliminate and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam illustrated for us he clarified for us what is the essence of arrogance? Once a man came to the Prophet system and said Yasuda Allah, I like to wear good clothes is this arrogance? Is it wrong for me to look good to look dignified? Our

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No, that's not arrogance. arrogance is not to live a comfortable life and to enjoy the blessings of Allah. That's not arrogance. What is arrogance? He said explicitly, arrogance is

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To look down at other people, and to reject the truth when it comes to you, he defines arrogance in two categories. One of them is spiritual arrogance. And one of them is the arrogance of this dunya. One of them is the arrogance of the deen. The other is the arrogance of the dunya. As for the arrogance of the deen, as for the arrogance of the religion, it is to refuse to accept the truth, you have a position you think it is right, and then it is proven wrong. And just because you said it and the other person has proven wrong to you, you refuse to accept and of course, a belief is the share of this arrogance, a belief is the one who began it. He knew that Adam was worthy of such that

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he knew that he should have obeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala. But he refused to accept the truth to the very end. That is the quintessential arrogance of a belief, knowing the truth, recognizing the truth, and then rejecting it. And that is the worst of the two category. us as Muslims. The definition of Islam is humility. The definition of Islam is to accept the truth, wherever it comes from our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I'll take metal ball that will mean wisdom and nuggets of truth. This is something that anywhere you find it the believer of fit picks it from doesn't matter where it comes from. Ball that will mean means wherever you find it with your enemy, with your

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friend with an unknown authority, somebody benefits you with a knowledge somebody teaches you something you will take it and you will thank Allah for it doesn't matter who it comes from. So arrogance, the first category to reject the truth when it is presented to you. And if you find yourself holding a position, and you refuse to ever budge from that position, deep down inside, you know that you're wrong, but you refuse to budge, realize you are following literally in the footsteps of a police. So be careful and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the second category of arrogance is humbleness, to look down at other people to think that you are better than them for any

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reason for any reason. If you think you're better than them because of the color of your skin, then you're nothing but a racist. If you think you're better than them, because you have more wealth than them, you have more privileged than them, then you are somebody who is obnoxious thinking that just because you have a better bank account, you are better than somebody else. If you think you are better than them because of religion, then you don't have religion. Because if you had religion, you wouldn't have that element of kibber. Never look at other people and say I am better than them. Now, this does not mean that you approve of other people's lifestyles. If somebody has a sin, and you

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don't have that sin, you say thank Allah, I don't have that sin, but never think yourself better than the person. You may thank Allah for not having the sin. That's not thinking you're better. But the person you do not know never forgets that Hadith in Sahih, Muslim of the Prophet system telling us there were two people once upon a time, there were two people, one of them was a drunkard. And the other one used to go to the mosque all the time worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Every time the mosque goer would pass by the drunkard, he would tell him Pharaoh Lago and pray and the drunk crew would ignore him. One day, the drunkard got angry at this man. And he said, Who do you think

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you are? To tell me to always go to the mosque? Go Mind your own business? Did Allah place you as my boss? Did Allah put you as my muraki brother, somebody who's taking care of me now the guy was rude. And it's very wrong for him to say this. But what was the response of this quote, unquote, with Turkey? What was the response of the masjid goer, he became angry, and he felt he is better than this drunkard. And he said, voila, he, Allah will never forgive you. While law he Allah will never forgive you. Now, the first person was a drunkard. He was a sinner is a sinful man. And he said something rude. He was obnoxious, he shouldn't have done that. The second person became the judge,

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jury and executioner. The second person took on the status of a loss of a job and said, you're never going to be forgiven. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a law said to that man, and who are you to speak in my name? Who are you to say who can be forgiven or not? Because of that one statement, Allah, Allah saying in the Hadith, because of that one statement, all of your good deeds have gone to waste. And I have forgiven that man, the man was a sinner. But deep down inside, he knew he was a sinner. He wasn't arrogant guess Allah. He knew he is a sinner. He knew that he's doing something wrong. He became irritated with another human being, and that is a sin. But there's no arrogance

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there. As for the one who's going to the mosque all the time, the one who thought himself better, he suffered from the sin of arrogance. And he said, I'm going to Agenda you're going to jahannam and that attitude was a bigger sin in the eyes of Allah than a lifetime of that drunkards, evil. So we understand what it means to be arrogant here to think you are better than somebody. And again, don't miss

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The two things you may thank Allah for having elements of piety. Yes, you thank Allah you're going to the masjid. Yes. You see somebody who's drunkard you said hamdulillah I'm not doing that sin okay. But do not ever think that you as an individual have a higher status in the eyes of Allah than another person because you do not know your fate and you do not know that person's fate. And that is why the importance of humility is something that the Koran constantly reminds us of because the only antidote to arrogance is humility. Humility is what we are instructed to do. It is what all the prophets of Allah were instructed to do. Allah subhana wa tada mentions the people of gender in the

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little four con there are 15 characteristics and the first characteristic that Allah mentions of the people of gender. What about the Rahman in Latina yam Shona either out of the whole, the number one characteristic 115 are going to be mentioned, by the way 200 comes number five, by the way making do at night comes number six, number one on this verse. What about the Romani lady and I am shown as an elderly owner, the servants of Allah are those who when they're walking around in front of others, they're walking with humility. They don't have arrogance wherever they are. Their hearts are humble. They don't have a speck of arrogance in their hearts and allies. The widget praises the Sahaba by

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saying the Latin meaning they are humble with the believers. Allah praises the Sahaba by saying I should doubt wailuku Pharaoh Hama, obey know whom they are strict with those who oppose a lion as messenger, and they're merciful and tender with those who are believers, their mercy, their humility, their humbleness is in front of all to see and in fact, the Arabic word for humility is also very profound. The Arabic word for humility is the Waldorf, the Waldorf, and it comes from Waldo, and what Bara literally means as every out of here knows, it means to put something down while you put it down on the ground. That's what Waldo means. So to Waldorf, you lower your ego that

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is in the meaning of the word humility. To Waldo it means you're constantly working on your ego to lower it down to the ground. That's the very definition the linguistic definition of humility is you erase your ego, you're always putting your ego down in your own head, and you're not considering yourself to be an arrogant person and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just like he told us they weren't going to jam them is the one who's arrogant, he said, should I not tell you of the one whom jahannam has been made? How long for whom jahannam has been made how long for kulu Hainan legend and everyone who is humble and easygoing. jahannam is how long for him? Everyone who's humble

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and who's easy going to get along with them. They don't have an ego. They don't have a pride issue. That person jahannam has been made how long for him and of course, this is complimentary. If jahannam is meant for them with a kabillion phobia, SMS phone with a kabillion with Hulu, Ababa, Johanna Marina fee ha Allah literally says jahannam is for the arrogant people. So then Who do you think jahannam is how ROM for everybody who has humility, everybody who doesn't have arrogance, that person will never enter Jannah and in fact, look at the stories of humility in the Quran. And again, as always one hood but how much can we save, but look at the stories of humility in the Quran, Allah

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Subhana which Allah mentions to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to walk field agenda Hakka, meaning lower your wings Yasuda LA to the believers. This is a metaphor, it's a parable, lower your wings to the believers don't even be arrogant amongst them. And that is why when people visited Medina, they entered into the masjid. They could not tell who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was, and who I would walk around or would they couldn't tell because everybody acted the same around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We know that nscd Malik said that when the profitsystem entered the room, we would not even stand up for him because we knew he didn't like being shown that outer

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respect. He didn't like that people stand up when he's walking in their presence. We know from the Quran as well, that musala his Salaam, the sort of Telegraph, when he said to the people, I am the most knowledgeable amongst you. Allah azza wa jal sent Djibouti down to chastise Moosa and God said to Musa Musa, how could you say something that you have no right to say? Very clearly there is a servant Allah has given knowledge you do not have and then the story of Heather begins. It doesn't say Buhari, and we also have in the story of Solomon alayhis salaam, that when Solomon saw all the blessings that he had, our scholars mentioned that perhaps something about Wes was that came into

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his heart, and he might have felt something and so Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent a small Sparrow, a small bird, and the bird said to him, that I have come from a land you have no knowledge of, and I'm going to bring you news that you do not know before, and I'm telling you from the king or the Queen of Sheba, and the story goes on, that little bird was sent to send a man to him.

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Jim, also a man you might have control over the wind, also a man you can control the jinn oh sorry man, you have the kingdom like no one else has, but this should not give you the right to feel anything superior. So Allah sent the smallest creature which is that bird and Allah azza wa jal also demonstrated that the ant has some hikma and wisdom that caused Suleiman to laugh. The scholars mentioned these stories are told to us to remind us that even Suleiman despite all that he had, he did not earn or he did not have that of himself. He had no right to feel anything. Allah azza wa jal is teaching us humility through all of this. And of course, in the era of our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, we see the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a humble person. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would give salaams to the young and to the old, to the men and the women. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would teach the younger children, there are many instances playing with them picking them up in the air, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do his own chores as he said he would milk his own sheep, camels and goats, he would mend his own clothes called codes, he would even fix his own shoe, can you imagine rasulillah sauce and picking up issue and mending and putting it himself as our mother our issue said, and he, as we know

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as well that he would take care of his own needs and not command our issue around the house, our Prophet sallallahu wasallam as well intervene to solve a marital dispute between a slave woman and a slave man he intervened and he tried to reconcile them, our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was Sunnah would be the first to greet somebody, and the first to put his hand out, and the last to put his hand back our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, wherever he went, whoever he interacted with, the one whom he spoke with thought that he was the most beloved of the Sahaba every Sahabi thought he was the center of attention, every Sahabi thought nobody is more beloved than I am. And this is one note

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in instinet anomalism that I asked when he asked the profitsystem, who's your favorites or hobby thinking he was on that list. And of course, he wasn't even on that whole list until he became quiet. But the point is, that I assumed he was the favorite Sahabi Why? Because of the humility and the love that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had when he interacted with them, and our prophets Allah sent him would visit the sick and he would go out of his way, even non Muslim, the Jewish neighbor that he had, he visited the Jewish child when the child was sick, and our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was setting them would attend the funerals of the Sahaba. And he would go to the cemetery and

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make dua for them. And he made a special offer that slave lady who passed away and they didn't even wake him up. But he in the next morning said, No, take me to her grave, and he made a point to make dua for her. And our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was seldom would not be embarrassed to wear the regular clothing of his people, and he would ride on a donkey, even though donkeys were not what you what you wrote when you are a rich person, or when you're the king, yet that was his main method of transport and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam forbade the Sahaba from excessively praising him or from standing up in his presence, all of this to show us what it means to be humble and all of this

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so that we understand that he was a role model in every single issue. In fact, in one Hadith it is mentioned that he was giving a whole tuba and he told the Sahaba this beautiful Hadith is a very powerful Hadith, and he used his hands to demonstrate and he said mentor Waldo de la hirasawa, Allahu Azerbaijan, he used his left hand and his right hand, whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, he used his left hand to lower himself whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah. Then with the right hand, he raised it up, Allah will raise him up, whoever has the Walder, Allah subhana wa, tada will raise him up. And this is one of the beautiful ironies of humility. Think about it.

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Who do you really respect? Do you respect the one who is arrogant? Or do you respect the one who is humble? Isn't it so profoundly ironic? Manta Waldo de la Rafa Hola, if you are truly humble, guess what? You will be beloved and respected by mankind. Isn't it so amazing? If you truly have to Waldorf, you eliminate Kippur from your heart, you think yourself worthy of nothing? What will happen? Allah will write the love of the people and the people will respect you because you didn't do it for them. You did it for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the one who wants the people's respect, and the one who is pompous, and the one who spends money so that he thinks that people will respect

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him and the one who acts like an obnoxious person. Does anybody actually respect him? No, even the people that surround these types of personalities, they do so because of the worldly perks that they get. And as soon as the money disappears, and as soon as the power disappears, those friends disappear as well. And this is the sooner that Allah if you hold the the reality of all of the creatures

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around us. Therefore you truly want to be beloved by Allah, beloved by the angels, beloved by the people. Be humble. Allah will love you, the angels will love you, the people will love you. And if you aim for the people's pleasure, and if you aim for the people's respect, not only will you not get it, you will also lose out on the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Taala, some of our scholars of the past was asked, what exactly is humility? How do we define humility, one of them said, humility is that you do not consider yourself worthy of the blessings you have. So the blessings that you have you feel, I don't deserve this now. don't deserve this doesn't mean you don't take advantage of

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it. You thank Allah and you live the life that Allah has given you. This does not mean that you don't live the life Allah has given you our Prophet system, whatever he was gifted, he wore, good food came, he ate, he loved meat he loved Hello, we know this. So humility does not mean you give up the dunya humility means if you have it, you don't consider yourself worthy of it. You thank Allah, Allah has given me You never say this is because of me. Like qarun said, this is because of me, I have all of this wealth, that is what it is. But if you say Alhamdulillah, and then you benefit from what Allah has given you, that is not arrogance. Also, others have defined arrogance or humility to

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mean that we'll use either the pastrami the famous chef of the past, and the famous gnostic, or we use either the SWAMI said that humility, is to think of yourself as the most sinful human being on Earth. You think of yourself, you're the most ungrateful despite all that Allah has given you, you haven't thanked Allah the way that he deserves. So this is another element of humility, that you think of yourself as a sinful person, and perhaps even the most sinful, or I should say, the most ungrateful person on earth, of the love. No, Mubarak was asked, What is humility, and he said, the height of humility, is that the one and this is a very profound, it's a bit long, so pay attention.

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The height of humility, is that the one who has less than you in terms of wealth and dunya, should never feel that because you have more you are better, and that the one who has more than you should realize in your presence, that he is not better than you, because he has more than you. In other words, when you're interacting with the people, your dignity speaks for your humility, those that have less, don't feel that they have less than your presence, and those that have more, they appreciate you have something they do not have. That is the essence of humility, and therefore the brothers and sisters, one of the goals of this book, but one of the purposes with Hooda, we begin to

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analyze our heart, we began to check do we truly have humility or not? And we began to monitor it. And of course, to conclude the first hold about I have to briefly list what are some of the blessings of humility? Why should we aim to be humble? First and foremost of the blessings of humility is that it forces us to count the blessings of Allah, and it forces us to count our sins. You cannot be humble without recognizing Allah's blessings on you, and without recognizing that you haven't repaid Allah the way he deserves to be repaid. And that is a big blessing to know a lot of blessings and to recognize how short you have fallen in repaying them. Secondly, of the blessings of

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humility is that humility leads us to be patient and content. When you're humble, you're content. You're happy with what you have. When you're humble, then you are, relatively speaking, satisfied with the life that you live. And when you're arrogant, you're always looking to the higher ladder. The next rung, also of the blessings of humility is that humility leads us to have good manners and humility allows us to control our tongue. The one who is humble, doesn't speak obnoxious words, the one who is humble, doesn't throw his weight around. Humility leads us to a clock and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the best of all things on the skills and judgment day will be good luck and

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of the blessings of humility iwakura so the accent is, is attained through to Waldorf alone honors you when you're humble. We're already quoted the Hadith you truly want to be honored by Allah by the angels by mankind, eliminate your ego and Allah azza wa jal will write humility for you. And the final point in our first footbaww and of course, the most important ones, humility opens the door to Jenna and shuts the door of jahannam the one who is humble can never enter jahannam look at the remember the one of the sinner who was a drunkard versus the one who was arrogant. The drunkard eventually enters genda and that arrogant worshiper was denied gender humility opens the doors to

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Jenna, that prostitute who lived her life doing evil, she was a humble lady. She asked the last forgiveness. You did one good deed and Allah forgave her because of what she had done because she was humble. She was not arrogant. This is not a justification due to sin. It is an encouragement to be humble humility.

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opens the doors to gender and shuts the door to jahannam May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with and through the Koran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and who implement it head on and hold on throughout our lifespan. I asked us forgiveness you as well asked he is the food man

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilda hadn't had a summit, la de la miel it when a mule at wollombi akula hoko. Phone ahead Roberto, what are some of the practical steps that we can use to attain a sense of humility? A few points number one, knowledge. Anything you do you begin with knowledge, knowledge of the blessings of humility, knowledge of the dangers of arrogance, knowledge of what happens when you're humble knowledge of the verses and the ahaadeeth in which Allah has criticized arrogance, you begin every journey in this dunya and even of the next every journey, you begin with him. So learn the blessings of humility, learn the signs of humility, learn the dangers of

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arrogance, and learn the signs of arrogance. Number two, according to the book, self reflection, no one can cure the spiritual diseases other than you. You cannot go to a doctor for your own spiritual diseases. You are the doctor of your own heart. You have to monitor the symptoms, you have to self assess. Am I being arrogant here? Is there a sense of ego getting involved here so that to the board and self reflection, being vigilant in monitoring your heart at the first signs of arrogance, making sure that you ask a lot of xojo for to all do it for humility. Number three of the ways to guarantee or to bring about humility is to participate in activities that others might think is beneath you.

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Others might think it is not suitable for you. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did his own chores, and he didn't have to do that. He had NSM nomadic all of his mothers, our wives, all of his wives, our mothers, all of them would have loved to do anything he wanted, but he wouldn't command them around, he would stand up and get his own water, he would stand up and milk his own animal he would stand up and fix his own shoe. Of these the reasons our scholars mentioned to be a role model of humility, as well. Our Prophet sallallahu I said I participated in building the masjid himself and he didn't need to build the masjid, but he stood in line and he passed big brick by brick just

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like the other Sahaba were doing. He passed brick by brick, and Jabari says, I swear by Allah, I saw his whole job, his whole garment dirty with the dust of those bricks. That's what he was doing in the Battle of the trench. He jumped down in the trenches, and he was digging along with everybody else in the incident of tabuk when they were when they were going to the journey, and they had to share one Campbell for three people. And he had with him in a bus and I didn't know the law one. The two of them said Yasuda law, you stay on the camel we will walk with Don't worry about us you stay on the camel. And he smiled and he said, neither am I any older than the both of you even though he

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was older, but he's cracking a joke here. I'm not some old person that you're telling me not to walk, nor am I somebody who doesn't need that reward, we will share the camel and he insisted to walk his turn and they ride their turns walk and ride, walk and ride. All three of them took turns he insisted to do that, even though of course they offered as they should have offered but he refused to do that. These are some of the ways that we can bring about humility as well of the ways to bring about humility. And this is the final point for our second hold of the ways we're bringing about humility dear brothers and sisters, we ask Allah for humility. If we don't ask Allah if we

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don't make dua. Then how will anything happened for us? We ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us the Waldo We seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from Cuba. This is of the ways that we get what we want by making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are some of the mechanisms that we can use to try to bring about humility. We ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us in this world and the next I'm going to make do is to say I mean, Allah, we ask that you do not allow any of our sins to remain except that you have forgiven them and all of our worries except that you have dispersed them and are sick Oh Allah, we ask that you cure them and our debt so Allah we ask that you repay them and our

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difficulties are will law we ask that you ease them and every need of ours in this world are the next that you are pleased with and brings us benefit? We ask that you give it to us and fulfill it with your Yurok Maja or hammer Rahim in our law we asked you that you bring glory to Islam and its people and the omo Allah make it bless it and peaceful and protected from those who desire for it evil with your power Jaco Yuya as his servants of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada has commanded you within a matter that he began with himself and he followed it up by asking the angels themselves and then he followed it through by commanding us ourselves to do for he says in the Quran in knowledge

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Wha wha equatorial soluna nebby yo yo Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik wa and an avocado Sudan Mohammed Ali he was a big man in a battle law in the law tada mobile oddly when it's sunny Cordoba, Vienna and in fact she will moon Carnival belly your competitor Corona Kuru la Vimeo comm watch Guru what are the crew law he talks about?

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In a feed

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