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Christmas in A Corporate Setting & Gift Exchanges-

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Next question, we have brother Nadeem, asking that, and this is actually rather than an email, but we have at least three or four questions. So I'm going to combine them all together, that in his workplace, there is a gift exchange that takes place around this timeframe. And even though the word Christmas is not mentioned, still it happens around this season. And everybody is supposed to give an anonymous gift, they put it into the pool, and then somebody gets get this person and gives the person in an anonymous manner. So basically, you're participating. So he is saying, If I don't participate, it looks very bad. And if I do, am I committing any sin? as well? We'll add on we'll

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tack this on as well, that what should I do? If my colleague passes by me and says Merry Christmas to me? What should I do if they greet me with Merry Christmas?

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the name

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so this is now the corporate setting. Okay, we are now talking about you in your office place. And you have these various things taking place in your office. Once again, we need to look at in demand, Mr. Lubin yet and what is going on? What is going on with this gift exchange? Is there any hint of worshipping other than Allah Subhana? wa Taala? Are people giving their servitude to another god in this corporate environment? Or is it being done for camaraderie for a pleasant environment of the corporation? I think it is very clear that given the circumstances that we live in now, given especially the secular nature of the Western world, that these gifts are not being done to worship

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other than Allah subhana wa Tada, you are not presenting it to a God of false god, you're not presenting a platter to an idol. This is a mutual gift exchange that is done for camaraderie for building some office rapport. And in fact, we have authentic narrations from the Sahaba in this regard, of accepting gifts. In fact, this is much more the the Wyatt I'm going to report to you is much more than what this brother is asking about. This brothers is asking about secular corporate generic festivals in the America that we live in. This is not in the church, the Sahaba the I thought, I'm quoting you, they were gifted from the religious communities because of the religious

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has festival, not just some generic stuff, and realize that the Sahaba they conquered lands that were majority non Muslim, and in particular, Iraq when they conquered it, and of course, Syria, but iraq when they conquered it was a land that predominantly was the restaurant. Zoroastrian, right they were what we now call an our lands policies. We call them in our Indian parks and policies, right? They were called policies because they came from Persia forest policy, so we call them policies. So this Zoroastrians, they came because the Muslims conquered, that's when they came to India. So these illustrators were the predominant people of those regions. And there are multiple

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narrations from the Sahaba regarding the gifts that happen on their festival days, the festival day of no loose for example. So of them, for example, Ali rhodiola, who and when he was the halifa of Kufa, and of course, he was surrounded by Zoroastrians, on the day of no rules. He was gifted with many gifts from the religious leaders from the people. He's the leader now, and these are minorities so they want to now basically give so he was gifted many gifts, and he accepted all of them. No problem. Another narration I love this narration you'll see why

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he was gifted something called falu the edge This is in the Hadith, by the way, okay. They see people falooda isn't Pakistani Don't worry. It goes back ancient forests, ancient Persia, you did not invent follow that you don't worry, it goes back. Okay. But the term is exactly the same. Now there falooda it wasn't mango and coffee and ice cream there. falou there was honey and milk and other things, but the US was, you know what we have? It's been, of course, we have now version 3275 I think but there are certain falou that was a cold drink of milk and honey and other things. Now we have added mango lassi and other things and you know, the weird, weird worms and I don't know what

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you call it or whatever you call it, you know, but what do you call it? Hmm, spaghetti noodles that are there. All of that. I'm pretty sure the ancient Iranians did not have that. Oh, Adams. You don't have photos right out. You have no idea what falooda is, you don't know what you're missing. You don't know what you're missing. So I leave it alone.

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One and you will see why I love this narration and my respect for audio to the Lot went up 10 notches after this narration when I first came across it, audio, the last one was gifted for Luther edge.

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He ate it and he loved it my Chatelet about a month after my heart. He said What is this? They sent it as follows. I said what what's this? Why are you gifting What is going on? So they said today is no rules. No rules. Of course, by the way, what is notice? narrows still in our Sanskrit and origin arrows, new day, no rules. Today is no rules. It's the Festival of the New Year's, the holy day, the holiest day for the Zoroastrians, and still to this day, Iran celebrates no rules, even the Muslim population celebrating orders, it has become a different thing. But anyway, back then it was a religious festival, akin to Christianity of sorry, akin to Christmas or Hanukkah, whatever. Today is

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the day of no rules. No rules is a religious festival. They gifted it to the law. Why in Fallujah, what did my man say when he was gifted? falooda may every day be anonymous for you?

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He went up for respect much anyway, that was just he deserving of our respect, whether we like it or not, but if you like for losers then Mashallah. But here's the point and so pantalon, again,

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to be gentle, some strands, they interpret Islam in a manner that life becomes so difficult and unreasonable. And they claim to follow the self. And the set of themselves had very different lives from those who claim to follow them in our times.

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Harley rhodiola one is the Who is he? I mean this, I mean, do I need to give you the full bottle of it? Is anybody going to accuse him of not being following the cellophane if he is the self, or the rhodiola? One is being gifted follow that on the day of no rules.

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Like imagine a Christian gifting you because it is Christmas. I'm gifting you this. And he smirks he smiles he goes great. Everyday should be notice give me this everyday. I don't mind. You are not worshiping other than Allah when you eat falou there are no rules and hamdulillah for that. You're not worshiping other than Allah. If your Christian neighbor gives you something on Christmas, he's being happy on his date. He gives you a Now there are some conditions and I mentioned them a Chateau de la Juana

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eyeshadow the Allahu Ana was asked by one of the Sahaba we have some Zoroastrian neighbors. So some of the Sahaba back in Medina now. Okay, I should never went over there to that place just to live there. Somebody is in the Medina. And she asks Arusha we have some Zoroastrian neighbors, they gift us on there no rules fee to him, which is their notice. They give us what do we do? Can we accept or not? What does our mother say about the law? Why now? Listen, whatever was sacrificed on that day, do not eat. But whatever comes to you from fruits and plants, meaning vegetables and non meat eat, so on that day, they're going to sacrifice to the false gods.

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They're going to mention the name of other than allies. So witches don't eat that meat. There are strains because they're Australian meat is different than any Kitab you should notice. The restaurant meat is not adequate. So the meat don't eat. But the fruits and vegetables and fruit ages basically, non non meat umbrella, okay. The fruits and vegetables is that eat from the sweets eat from it, no problem. This is our Chateau de la Juana, as well, we have our Buddha who settled also in Iraq, and he would tell his family, his wife and his children, that on the day of no rules, anything that comes to you from the meat, don't eat, but anything else that comes go ahead and

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accept it and eat from it. So what was how long was there sacrifice because the Zoroastrians are not allocator. So if they give you some meat, do not take their meat. But if they give you anything else, sweets, halwa Lord do anything, no problem, except it. These are the Sahaba and their day was the holy day. So in the corporate world that we live in, this isn't even Christmas. What they're asking us to do. There is no deification done. Nobody is worshiping a baby God, nothing like this is happening. It's just a generic. Now obviously, if we're in a Muslim land, and you're a corporate owner, why would you do this on the 25th of December for you I will say fear Eliza widget we have

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our rituals, you have a festival. But when you are going to work and the corporate over here has announced that okay on the what days you

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15 20th what days usually the 20th or so? Right? Anybody? When is it usually done was before Christmas or after Christmas? Before Christmas? The 20th or so. Right? And the week before? Yeah, so yeah, the 15th whatever. On this day, everybody bring the $20 gift, we'll pull our names from a bag, and we'll just swap over gifts. Okay? Where is the worship being done to other than Allah? Nothing? How can it be made? How long? I agree, if you are in charge of the company and you're in a Muslim, then why would you bring in on the 25th of December, but that's not the case here. So, hospital only hides them above there is nothing wrong whatsoever in participating in this exchange of gifts. In

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fact, even more than this, if they actually gift you on the day for the day, because of the day, we have the thought of the Sahaba here, you can accept and then when your turn comes, you give them back when it's the day of read. I actually encourage all of you on the day of read to bring something special for your colleagues to bring something extra This is a means of Dawa nobody can say no to some baklava. Okay, nobody can say no to some nice, you know, good gentlemen or bring falooda Mashallah because we have adopted Fallujah, we took it from them we up the bar we raised Mashallah because now falooda has Mashallah the mother of all which is ice cream. Now you have ice

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cream, Mashallah Tabata Cola, Ben and Jerry's vanilla by the way that works good on photo there. So just FYI. So, if you give to your colleagues falou that will be difficult, but if you managed to do that, or anything good on the day of eat, and then they give to you back on their Christmas or holy days. There's nothing wrong with this. As long as what they're gifting you is hella obviously.

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Enough in dounia Solomon

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