Yasir Qadhi – The Life in The Barzakh – Episode 3 – The Angel of Death & The Trial of The Grave

Yasir Qadhi
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Smith hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will saw me one more time about in our last lecture, I had gone over the hadith of who is the narrator? quiz, which edited that go with a whole lecture.

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Marshall at least one person saved the audience. Have you ever been asked why is this idea so important?

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What did our scholars remark about this heady thought? But I've been asked

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why did I spend a whole lecture on one Hadeeth

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it is the primary Hadith we have about the Buddha's right to claim others they mentioned, this hadith is the foundational Hadith about the bizarre foundation. I'm not the only it's not the only Hadith, but it is the foundation that is the main Hadith that we have about the butters of now, because I had to go over the whole Hadith. Obviously, we skimmed over everything to the end, we're not going to go back and break our way down. That was the point of that Hadith is introduced to we're going to now we're going to go back and talk about basically from the beginning, from the soul leaving the body we talked about that and inshallah, what happens, we're going to go all the way back to the beginning, already mentioned about the soul the reality of the soul. And we're going to now get to the phrase the Heidi says, So, the voice comes return the soul to the body, because I created it from the earth and I shall return it to the earth and from the earth shall come back

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again. Now, this phrase, the rule goes back to the just said is exquisite the phrase the rule returns to the justice is explicit. Therefore, it appears that right after the death, when the rule is taken, it does not go straight into the body, what it does, it goes up as we mentioned, from death, it goes up and then it comes back down. If it is a righteous soul, How high does it get all the seven heavens, if it is not a righteous soul, the doors are shut. In both cases the rule leaves the body and goes upwards and then comes back down to the place of burial. Okay. Now, our scholars mentioned by unanimous consensus that in case the body is not there, it is decomposed, it is drowned, it is torn up or what not all of this is irrelevant, it still comes back down to some place somewhere where some remnants of the body are the body does not have to be intact, because that is a different item, a different world altogether. Now, interestingly enough, the great scholar of

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Andalus even has them he denied this headache to be authentic. He said this Hadeeth is not authentic. And he says the ruler does not come back to the just said Why? Why did he say this? One of the reasons he said is the following this is interesting. He said the Quran mentions two lifes and two deaths. This is very clear in the Koran, although robina met 10 ethnobotany what he ate and entertain and the Quran mentions control on Watson for a year come summer you meet to come summer your vehicle right to light to death and to life's and it is understood the first death is before we came to this earth, the first life right now we are here, then there shall be the second death. Then there shall be the second life which is the Yama correct. Now, if no Kalia sorry, not even even hasm says it man hasn't says if the rule goes back to the just said, this is a second life right there,

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then there would have been a third, a second death, then there'd be a third life and a third death. Do you understand what he's saying? If the rule were to return to the just said, this is another life and the Quran mentions two lives and two deaths. So this Hadith, he said cannot be authentic. The response is, if no claim remarks if an item kind of corrects if it has a misunderstanding, it will tell you him says the rule coming back to the just said does not mean that it is becoming alive again.

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It is a relationship that has nothing to do with the life of this world. There is some attachment of the corpse to the ROI, but that attachment has nothing to do with the attachment of this dunya or the attachment of the idea. So it will be considered to be death and not life even if the road returns to the place of the corpse is that clear. So this is the correct position very clearly. Now, today's show

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lozado we'll talk a little bit more detail about the the issue of death itself and in particular, the issue of the sucker art remote at the Karachi remote. And the Quran mentions this issue and the Hadith mentions this issue. And human experience confirms this issue. That's why in English we have the pangs of death. And every society knows there's something called the last rites of death, what happens at the very end of life and the very beginning of death. And the Quran mentions two phrases, the Hadeeth benches, two phrases, sackcloth and camarat. As for soccer, odd, soccer is the opposite of being alert and awake. Soccer is the opposite of being alert and awake and being energetic is the opposite of that. And that's why the word for drunken person and Arabic drunk is from the same root as soccer. Soccer on the one who's drunk in Arabic is called su Quran. Why? Because when you're drunk, you don't have alertness, you don't have energy, right? You are not thinking properly. So the

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same route it gives you any What does soccer mean? So soccer right here means that you are not in a state of full consciousness, but you're not fully unconscious either. This is what stuck out to means. That's why it's called sec dot sec dot means you are going through a phase where you are not fully conscious, and you're not fully unconscious, you're kind of in the middle, and that's why it is called saccharides. And another word that is used in the Quran is camarat. And this is sort of Al anon verse 93. Well, I will tell you the avanti Muna feel Hama Ratan Moti. And if you could only see one davante moon are in the hamanako remotes and the angels have raised their hands to take them and the angels shout to them or say to them get out of the bodies Did you and full circle. So the Quran mentions a number of things that Aditya Birla talks about the angels, the angels of punishment, the angels threatening the angels ready to punish right then and there. And the Koran also mentions

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Amara to remote one oh Tara ivali Muna fie hamara till mode. What does cammarata mean? And what's the difference between saccharides so hombre means to cover up, or hombre means to cover up and so llama rot, similar to sucker rot, their intellect is covered up and some have said alarma rot or stronger than sucker rot Ahmad are harsher than saccharide some I've said this, and some have said they're essentially synonymous second rot and camarat even above said, Osama rots. a moat is the sucker orchard mode so he equated it together and others have said Hamas is a more severe case of sucker rot. And perhaps you can perhaps read in that the Quran mentions camarat for the evil people. Hello Tara ivaldi Muna feel amarante Mota. And if you can only see the wicked people in Hama rot. So if somebody were to say if there's a possibility that camarat are harsher, and therefore the volume on maybe but then others can say there are synonymous and a lot of xojo knows best.

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The Quran as well mentions this issue of consciousness and unconsciousness towards the end of life as a given fact. The Quran references it as something that is well known and this is in multiple verses in the Quran over them as sort of a sub verse 18 and 19 where Allah says regarding the hypocrites regarding the the monopoly on a she had an eye they come for either journal hopeful or at home young little young Luna in a cartel Do you know whom Kela de Yoshida la he Minal Moti for Ola home. So, the hypocrites Allah says they are being stingy towards you. And when fear approaches them when they see the army when they see death coming, you see them staring at you. Their eyes are going round and round, their eyes are becoming wide. Like someone like someone you'll shy lay him in a mode he is at the end of life, fainting on and off from death. So a lot is describing the hypocrites as being like the one who is about to die when they see the army coming. So remember sutala has up

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when the army was coming, the hypocrites panicked, right? That was the whole point. And Allah is saying rather than be strong rather than have a man, when they heard the news of the army, they were about to fade, they were about to fall down. Their eyes were wide panicking, like the one who's about to die. Color, the OSHA I lay him in a remote. So those who are about to pass away, they're going through states of consciousness and unconsciousness. Their eyes are wide, their eyes are closed. This is what a lesson you will surely that is excused on when I go home

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What excuse Do you have the one who's about to die? That's understood he's about to die. How about you open up your own? How come you acting like that person because you have no eemaan. So once again, Allah is not even. He's just comparing them when I say given it said no one everybody knows when you're about to die, this happens. So Allah uses that as an example for the hypocrites how they are acting. Another verse where this is taken as a given sudo Mohammed verse 20 we have hola Dena armano Lola nuestra tura for either zero surah Tamara Cameroon was look at if you have a doll or a 10 Xena few Ruby him muddled when young Verona aka Navarra, mela, she I lay him in mot for olalla when a surah is revealed, that is explicit and it mentions qatal those people whose hearts have a disease that went off your own, they stare at you like the one who stares, who is at the end of life who is about to pass away and you know, Moshi remote, he is fainting and waking up from death pangs.

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Right. So the one who is about to leave this world, they have the look of panic, they are looking at you wide eyes, they have a premonition, they understand what is going on, but they cannot fully explain to you. So the eyes communicate, and the eyes are telling you and you can see the panic. That's excusable. We will all have it at some point in our lives. But then we're not feeling or having it right now. When they hear the Koran, you see the criticism, the criticism is not to the one about to pass away, that's understood. The criticism is to the hypocrites. There's fear of being exposed their fear of having to fight for the way of a law, their fear of having to be good Muslims is so much in two verses. A love compares their fear of life, as if they're about to die, because they cannot implement the commandments of a lot. The point being in both of these verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this issue of the end of life, this issue of the panic at the end of

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life, this issue of the eyes staring and consciousness and unconsciousness fleeting in and out, it is something that is a given in the Koran. And in fact, the fact of the matter is, this is not even a religious issue Muslim, non Muslim coffered atheist everybody knows that when the end of time comes, you know, then a process begins where the doctors basically say, Okay, well, it has begun. They all know that is the end of life and it is now that the pangs have have begun. And of course, everybody faces the psychological moat. Everyone faces the psychological moat, including the most blessitt creations of a lot, and those are the prophets and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are a shadow the loved one has said that,

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indeed, the Prophet salallahu idea he was seldom in the last days of his life, he was in my room, and he was on my chest, and I would have water next to him. And he would take water in the bucket, and he would wipe it with the cloth that he had, he would wipe his head, it was hot, meaning he felt hot, he felt feverish and whatnot, and he would wipe from his head and he would say, Allah Illallah Allah in idle Moti Sakura Tila in Illa Allah in in Moti sucker rods, and our Isha says, he continued to say this until he went silent for a while. And then I heard him say, philosophical, either philosophical Allah. And that was the last thing that he said. And he passed away. His head was on my chest. He said, so the last phrases that he said before Philadelphia, can Allah What does it mean? up in the highest heavens, right? So he is seeing the angel, and the angel is saying, Where would you like to go? And the process of saying, I don't want to stay here anymore. I want to go up

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Philadelphia. As the last thing he said, and we're going to come to this issue of the prophets being asked permission, but the point is, before he got to that phrase by a few minutes, by a few, maybe even a few days, he was saying this, what was he saying? Allah in a little Moti? sucker rod Allah in in Moti Sakura. He is saying this to us, he knows, but he wants us to know. He's teaching us at the very last minute of his life. He wants us to benefit He wants us to learn what is he teaching us? Allah means pay attention. Other means Verily, Allah means listen to what I'm saying. It's a how to Fulton behead means. I'm telling you something. Listen to me. That's what that means. I know indeed know, verily, death has succot death has sekadar Why is he repeating this? Because the message has to be given to prepare for it. Mr. Muller Casali comments in his famous treatise on death in Mama casati says that even if we were to presume that there is no punishment

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Or terror or examination for the sole, other than the soccer odds, if the only thing that we had was the sucker rod, it would be enough of a reason for us to spend our whole life preparing just for the soccer rot. Of course, it's more than the soccer odds. But Allah has Allah is saying, even if there's nothing other than the sucker art, and it's just the soccer arts, then the soccer art is enough for us to spend a lifetime preparing for it. And the soccer art is enough for us to dump in any pleasure of this world. And it is enough for us for to reflect and to ponder and to prepare long and hard for that day when the SEC ought to begins, and then has that he concludes by saying and no one knows the reality of the sucker art except those that have faced it. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us Allah indolent, Moti saccharides and 70 minute Can I read that?

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And so the first idea is for my Asian is she's narrating the eyewitness. And as soon as Malik narrates that when the Prophet Scylla Larson was unable to walk, and he was on his basically last, and he was on his lying down. He began to flutter in and out of consciousness. So this is Sakura. That's what Scott means, right? He's conscious and unconscious, conscious and unconscious. That's a saccharide right there. And Fatima was next to him. So Anis was the Hardiman remember he's you know, young child, he's a kid he's in the room at the time because he's not valid at the stage he's in the room, and he is in the back is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Fatima, the daughter of the processor is is here. So unus is narrating to us Fatima. He narrated what she said and did. And Fatima is in a different scenario, probably a few hours before this and analysis in the room. So honestly saying that Fatima was in the room next to the bed of the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah. He

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was sending him and she was saying, Wow, Kuru bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. This is very advanced in Arabic. It's but Allah wa kotoba is no translation basically means Whoa, to the pains of my father. There's no English equivalent is just like, what can I do? Dear Father, you're in pain. That's what it is. What can I do? I wish I could do something. What can I do? you're in pain. So this is a mechanism. Modern Arabs no longer use this was something it's gone. It's called this another way of doing it is completely gone from from vernacular, but in a classical Arabic it indicated distress. It indicated grief and sorrow. I am hurt my dear father because of your pains. Your pains My dear father are causing me distress and grief. That's what using was kotoba about. And the Prophet system was unconscious. He woke up and he heard me say this. And he said, Yeah, Altima Lee siloviki, corbon back then. Yum. Oh, Fatima. After today, there are no pains for your father. This is this. This is

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it. This is the final bit of Altima after today. That's it. So for the righteous, the soccer art are the end of any pain. That's it. So Pamela, there's the good news. Amongst the bad news. The bad news is we're all gonna face a carrot. But the good news for the righteous person, the soccer art, or the final final final pain that person will ever feel for all of eternity, because after the Colossus has gone so the Profit System says to Fatima Fatima, Lisa Allah Viki Kudo boon, pardon yom who Fatima. Don't feel sad. Oh, Fatima, you don't have to cry. Oh, Fatima, don't worry. After today, there is no more pain. So he is telling us the sucker rod or the final pain. Then the profitsystem passed away and Fatima visited the body that was there and under said, Fatima began to say, yeah, bah, bah bah bah abunda. Yeah. abeta min genoten. Fellow Sima. Wha Yeah, abeta EDA, gvd Lin Anna. And again, these are all very classical mechanisms in the Arabic language to indicate distress. This

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is not willing. This is not willing. This is indicating distress, a big difference. You can be sad. You can cry. You can just we just heard you know, our chef say the process of lasagna Brian. What did he say? Our heart is grieved. Our eyes are crying. This is permissible wailing is to raise your voice with shrill noises and to yell and scream and save phrases that are phrases of Cofer. How can we live again, we will not be able to survive. Oh, who will take care of us. The one who took care of you when your father was alive will take care of you when your father is dead. The one who took care of you when your husband is alive will take care of you when your husband is dead. That's a lot. Not the human being in front of you. That is whaling. And that is how I'm in our shediac this is not willing. She is simply expressing her grief and it translates as yeah abeta My dear father in genda 230

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dos is his place. My dear father, we give news of your death to none other than Djibouti. Djibouti is the one we will inform of your death. My dear father, my dear father, you have responded to the call of your Lord. Yeah, but Jabara Banda your Lord has called you and you have responded to him. And so unless then said and we buried the Prophet salallahu it he was telling them when I returned back to the house, and of course Yanni Fatima is hurt Fatima is grieving. Right And she says, a statement that is very, very, very stark. She says to us, oh, and us. Were you able to live with yourselves? after throwing dust on the body of the Prophet? salallahu alayhi wasallam Did you find it Okay, Annie, she's hurt, obviously not what else has to be done? I mean, she just saying I thought about the flu. So come, Yanni, warrior souls and communists? Who did you just bury? Do you understand? whose soul Did you whose body did you put? Did you put sand over? Do you understand?

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Yeah, unless your souls are at peace, that you have now thrown dust on the body of the Prophet system. She's hurt, she's grieving. And it's understandable that she says something very sharp, which is true in its own way. But you have to do what you have to do. And that's what the Sahaba did. Now, the issue of sacrificial motives of course, understood, there is a hadith in Sudan, a Timothy, as soon as Timothy Timothy reports from the famous chef, his teacher protaper, from late from biblical heart from moose abney serologist from an ostomy. Bin Mohamed from his entourage issue of cost him a bin Mohammed nearly Bucher. So this is the grandson of a worker. And one of the main narratives from our issue is a possum, even Mohammed even abubaker because who would visit other than Manhattan? So very few people directly narrative from our issue, meaning one on one very few people, everybody else narrated from I should behind the curtain of the people who could narrate

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directly from our Isha or webinars obey that is one nephew, and they'll cost him even Mohammed is another nephew, and also named Mohammed, this is your actual nephew, because Mohammed is the son of Abu Bakar. So this is awesome. Even Mohammed narrates from our issue that our Isha said that I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was passing away while he was dying, and what were your mood while he is passing away, and he would put the water on his forehead, then he would say, a long home, in the soccer or till

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now this hadith is into the middie. And it is different than the first one. The first one is in behati and Muslim when I she was saying he would wipe it away and he would say, Allah in the naughty saccharides This one is a What is it? alone by me? It said,

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it said.

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Now there's only one issue. We said our customer Mohammed terrorism is anti Asia, the one who narrated from him Mohammed, even savages, this person is completely unknown. We don't know anything about him that the only the the ever narrated. So he's called what the technical term is called mystore. Nobody knows anything about him. And this hadith is reported in Timothy and in my mind was Muslim that have been hibben and undecided, later other books as well. But all of them go through the same chain of Mohammed Minnesota, just from a possible homage from I'm sure all of them go through this person who we don't know anything about. Therefore, from a technical perspective, this hadith clearly is weak because when you have an unknown narrator, the Hadith is weak. And that's why Timothy himself says had the Hadith and heard even when he says it remains weak. However, however, I gave a lecture a few days ago in this message about the concept of life headed, and it is

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permissible to use life Hadeeth when it has generalities, and this is a generality should we make do out when we're in pain? Yes or no? Yes. So there's nothing wrong with taking this Hadeeth even if it is slightly weak, and applying it, we should memorize this to our and whenever our turn comes, may Allah allow us to say it. And if we are in the presence of other people who are about to pass away, we can tell them say this to her. What is the draw guys?

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alone or any other soccer article moved over la helped me overcome the soccer ultimo told me, I need right I need help me is gonna happen all of us are facing sucker rod, but all along with your help, it can be made easier, right? So we ask Allah to make the sucker a lot easier. This is an explicit da with a slight weakness but no big deal as we said we do as can be used especially in this regard. Now.

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Another interesting point, another interesting narration, which is in the famous book, tub of hot tub inside.

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These are books by the way, I'm introducing them to you, you should all be aware of these books as a part of our culture and heritage.

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One of the most classical books ever written in our tradition is called the art of inside inside died 240 Digital very early on before a moment Bahati by almost a generation, and even sad, wrote top of art, it is the first bubble odd means the levels, the sahaabah, tab, your own tab a tab your own. So it is a book of history of famous people written 200 years after the prophets. This was the earliest books ever written. So it's a very classical book, double hotbin side. And in this he has the biographies of the Sahaba and Tabby ronette famous dilemma of the early times, and he has in the biography of Amitabh now as a very interesting narration that is relevant to our talk. I'm leaving the house whose house Does everybody know I'm living in a house is the father of

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outdoor living I live in a house and who is going to house

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first governor of Egypt, okay.

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The Conqueror of Egypt, our Egyptian brother knows who it is. Half of Egypt is called mo Mashallah to botica love because of their house. And the most famous mystery there's a Masjid of Ahmed ebenen house so I'm living in a house was the one who led the campaign in Egypt. And he was of course eventually the right hand of Mali as what are the other one? Now I'm gonna have another house, very famous hobby, the last of the Sahaba to get the honor of digital right he was the last three who enter was Amityville house was amongst them. Now, how many of us has a very interesting career because he is one of the politicians of the Sahaba. And me, I mean that in a positive manner. And this is something that even Omar will hop on when others remark that this is a man who was born for politics. yassa he knows and by politics means he knows how to control and govern. And while we are the Aloha and used him fully to be his his potential, how many of us

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was about to pass away, he's on his deathbed. And his son, who is his son, Abdullah, and the two of them are as different as the night from the day Abdullah and if you know who he is, and Ahmed and if you know who he is, and I mean this in a positive manner, after all, be careful, because some people just waiting for that 10 second clip and read something and as you know, I believe and I'm going to mouse over the last one was a za hit the bid. Yeah. And he just ascetic cut off from the world. He just wants to worship has nothing to do with CS money, nothing. And um, but if nothing else, was very involved in the affairs of this dunya. Let's just put it that way in a very positive manner. Gee, the tour very different. Abdullah visits amber on his deathbed. Listen to this. Abdullah says, Yeah, Betty, my dear father, don't you remember? You used to say to me,

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I joven luminesce ballymote. I always wonder at the one who's about to die. And he's still conscious. Why doesn't he describe it to those around him?

00:27:56 --> 00:28:00

So dear father, can you describe death to us?

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You guys follow is happening.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:18

Abdullah says to his father. Oh, Father, I remember you telling me once upon a time, you used to say this to us that why don't the people who are about to die. Tell us what they're feeling

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if they're able to, and if they have Aachen, and my dear father, you have right now consciousness. And it's at that time, so why don't you tell us? Isn't this an interesting narration? Right. So I'm with him the last response. And he says, Yeah, booni

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and mode to agenne lumen and use of my dear son, death is too big of a deal to be able to describe to you now I can't describe it. So he is now Sakura twin mode. He is in the last phases of this dunya. And he knows it, and he's conscious. And his son is saying Tell me and the father says it's a gel. And a gel means it's much larger, much more bigger than what I can describe to you what I can but let me describe a little bit of how I'm feeling. I find myself as if my chest is under the mountain of roadwatch. The mountain the road wha is a large range of mountains between Medina and Jamboard. It's one of the largest range of mountains bigger than or hood. So he says, I feel that my chest, the mountain of roadway is on top of it.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:40

And I feel that in my throats, there are choke, there are

00:29:43 --> 00:29:58

pins putting pushing outside. So from external there's pressure from internal there's pressure, and I feel that my soul is being told to go through the eye of a needle.

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

This is how

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

All of it is coming together. Externally, I feel the pressure internally I feel a sense, and I the what the sense I have the the impossibility of the task ahead of me, my soul has to go through the eye of the needle. So this is one of the last things that I would have said before he passed away describing how he feels during this time. Now, the question arises does all do all souls feel the Saqqara to mode? Or are there some exceptions?

00:30:35 --> 00:30:38

The response a law only knows but

00:30:40 --> 00:30:46

it does appear that the default amongst mankind is that there shall be sucker rot.

00:30:47 --> 00:31:29

And we know this for a number of things. First and foremost, the generality of the Quran and the Sunnah. The Hummer auto mode, the sakurada mode that occurs, these phrases occur, they're always linked together sakurako mode occurs together. So it is as if mode always has Sakura, and our Profit System said, in a little Moti Sakura, verily, along with modes there are Sakura, so the generality of the Quran and Sunnah indicates that everybody Muslim and Kaffir, righteous and unrighteous, the mother and the father, all of them have sucker rod, this is the first evidence, the second evidence,

00:31:30 --> 00:31:41

very few exceptions explicitly exist that this person does not have Sakura, the fact that the Prophet system would say this person does not have Sakura indicates the rest

00:31:42 --> 00:31:50

will. So from this, we can derive that even if we do not see the soccer odds.

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For example, a person passes away and sleep and we do not see the soccer match, or a person passes away instantaneously. Yeah, an accident happens, you know, whatever from our perspective, millisecond from our perspective, you know, the ship drowned and the person whatever falling off or an accident. So from the human perspective, we think one millisecond, but we will say in the item will barossa this pangs are going to occur in their timeframe, not in our timeframe. Regardless of whether we can sense it or not. The default appears to be every soul will have second rod. And as I already explained, the timeframe of the soul is not our clock timeframe, this is a different timeframe. And they will have to bear their second thoughts in my mind to be says emammal quote to be says, in his famous book, on the bizarre and the idle mode, and the author, he has a three volume book. And some of this material is also from there. And as you know, if you're not aware of my I

00:32:51 --> 00:33:38

always take my sources from the original I go back to the original sources, I don't only have just one book, there's always whenever I give a talk on Sharla, you will always hear various sources. Remember, we said that if the MBR and the solid home undergoes soccer arts, then how can anybody assume we will be safe from it? If the NBA and the righteous will be undergoing soccer.no, one should live under the false assumption that they will not be undergoing the second shot, then quote to be says, Now, if somebody were to say, what is the wisdom behind the sucker art for the righteous? What is the wisdom behind the saccharide for the Prophet system and the righteous for to be says, we respond with two things. Number one,

00:33:39 --> 00:34:24

so that the rest of the creation can see the reality of death, even through those whom Allah loves. And this is a very terrifying phrase, even those whom Allah loves, Allah wants to show us that there's not easy, they will be stuck a lot. And so no one should assume hope to be says that if somebody dies quietly, that death is easy. This is basically what I'm saying. What I said before I quote unquote, said the same thing. And that is that just because we think the guy died quietly, we shouldn't assume that it was an easy death in the other world. barza death is always an awkward process, even for the righteous, there are saccharides even for the righteous. The second reason, he said

00:34:26 --> 00:34:26

is that

00:34:28 --> 00:34:59

we have to understand these pains in light of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that those who are tested the most in this world are the prophets and then closest to them. Meaning this authentic hadith we all know, meaning any pain, or suffering or irritation or nuisance for the righteous is only meant to increase his macom in the eyes of a law before the accurate comes. So Allah subhana wa tada ones to max out our hessonite

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

He wants to give us the highest place and he does. So, with as the person said even a pin that will afflict you a lot will raise your ranks one daraja. So, if Allah wants to raise somebody higher and higher and higher, there will be nuisances, there will be pain there will be suffering and the goal will be to raise that person up higher and higher. So, this is something that is very clear that even the righteous are going to face Sokoloff Now, does every single person face this echo.it appears that perhaps the Shaheed does not face to soccer not

00:35:38 --> 00:35:41

nothing explicit explicit but we can derive it.

00:35:43 --> 00:35:45

The Hadith mentions had it is intimately.

00:35:46 --> 00:35:54

The Shaheed only feels his death to the same extent as one of you feels the bite of an act

00:35:55 --> 00:35:57

which means the Shaheed does not feel

00:35:59 --> 00:36:58

sucker rot. So it does seem that perhaps there are some exceptions to the sucker rod and if there is that it is going to be the the Shaheed is explicitly mentioned. So this is the issue of the sucker auction mode. The editor bra already mentioned the role of going up and coming back down. And then we mentioned that the row goes back to the place where the body is, then we get to the next issue, which is the issue of the fitna of the cover. And I'll start today, and then I'll continue to fit in the next because there's more to be said than in just one day. I'll just mention a few points about the fitna of the cover. And then we'll continue this next week in sha Allah tala, we have to differentiate a lot of Muslims get confused between fitna to cover and as I will cover, and they consider them to be the same thing. And this is a big mistake, because the two are totally separate, completely separate. The pfitzner is something that everybody is going to undergo. The Muslim and

00:36:58 --> 00:38:02

the Catholic, except for a small group of exceptions are going to as we're going to talk about, there are there is something that the righteous will not have. They will have the name will cover. The pfitzner is the precursor to the name or the either the pfitzner is the first step when the roar comes back in. That is the fitna and after the fitna will either be the blessing or the punishment the name or the either so now we'll cover versus as I will cover this is after before that is the pfitzner we can say the fitna is the examination that's what fitna means the fitna is the examination and the default everybody will undergo that examination. In the Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, this Hudson Valley unnecessarily Malik said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us when the servant is put in his upper so once again the RO has going back to the cover the fitna takes place in the upper where the copper is physically that is where the fitna is. Now,

00:38:02 --> 00:38:47

as we said, This color is all mentioned in case there is no physical color that you know of, there is a copper somewhere in the world that Allah is aware of. So, even if there is no body, if the body incinerates of the body, something happens somewhere there is going to be some relationship of the ashes or the drowned body or the corpse or something and whatever that is the role will be over there. Okay, so the rule will be attached to the remnants of the body. When the fitna takes place, the fitna will take place in this world at the hub, the Hadith is explicit when the servant is put in his upper and his his family and friends turn away and leave and indeed he shall hear their footsteps as they walk away.

00:38:48 --> 00:39:30

two angels will come to him and sit him up and they will ask him and now you know the three questions we went over it last time the editor but also mentions it what do you say about you know this man it says so you know all of these things. As for the believer, he will say I testify he is Abdullah what a solo. And as for the monopolist and he will say ah da dee, and he will be hit with something that everyone will hear other than the mahalo caught. Okay, this hadith is in Bosnian Muslim narrated by us. Does it mention the names of the angels? No. It says to angels. Yet the names of the angels we all know where do we get them from? It is not in Bukhari and Muslim it is

00:39:31 --> 00:40:00

in sunon activity and the chain is of contested quality. So some of our more strict more had the thing, say that the Hadith is not authentic. And the majority of scholars including mama tell me they say the Hadith is authentic and insha. Allah in my humble opinion, it is authentic. And this is now different from the from the issue of the DA because when it comes to theology, we need a site Hadith. We cannot do

00:40:00 --> 00:40:33

Arrived theology from a weak ID. Okay, so if the Hadees that mentions the names of the angels were weak we should clarify that the names of the angels are not known to us. But if the Hadith is authentic and inshallah it is authentic, then we can say yes the names of the angels are known to us. And the names of the angels occur in a hadith in Timothy reported by Abu hurayrah, not the hadith of undersea demonic. And Abu hurayrah says that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, when the when the may yet is put in the harbor, so once again it is in the upper

00:40:34 --> 00:41:38

two angels come who are bluish and darkish, bluish and darkish. That's a typical, it's a terrifying sight, bluish and darkish one of them is called, what is it called? Moncure and the other is called Nicki. Aha, where do we get the names from? Hadeeth isn't it with the narrative from a warrior, you already had the hammer and Moon car was in a hurry and nicaea and they will say and then the questions come and then the righteous will say, Oh Allah cause the day of judgment to come quickly because he sees his place agenda and the unrighteous will say oh law delay the Judgment Day. So the issue of Moncure and nickeil is something that is explicit in the hadith of Timothy. Now, we'll so what is the fitna to cover the fitna to cover is the three questions the fitna to cover is Moncure and Nicki are coming and question you that is the fitna and the righteous will pass the fitna, but they still undergo the fitna, correct you see the point right. So don't get confused between fitna

00:41:38 --> 00:42:00

to copper and between a double copper or double copper is the punishment that will happen to the unrighteous afterwards and the fitna is that examination before that now, will everybody undergo the fitna? No, a low will save categories of people. Let's quickly mentioned these categories and then we'll ask q&a and then we're done for today, number one,

00:42:01 --> 00:42:06

number one, who do you think will be number one expressly mentioned in the Hadith?

00:42:09 --> 00:42:13

Shaheed Shahid This is excellency mentioned in the Hadith.

00:42:15 --> 00:43:14

A person asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda law why is it that the Shaheed does not have to have the fitna to cover this is an explicit question here rasulillah Why is it that the Shaheed doesn't have fitna to cover this means that the notion of the Shaheed being saved for fitness cover was known to all of the Sahaba that's why you have a Sahabi coming up saying Yasuda law How come the Shaheed doesn't have the financial problem? You see the question? They already know it. Now he wants to know why. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kapha Baba to Sufi Allah see he fitna. Hello wahoo Nyssa It is enough the shining blade of light striking his his neck. That is enough of a fitna that he doesn't have to pass them on calendar kill the fact that the Shahid did what he did. It is enough of a fitna he has passed the test, there is no need to pass the test. And you know the there are a number of you know, like if you're in the some classes, the

00:43:14 --> 00:43:15

professor knows you so well.

00:43:16 --> 00:43:30

They'll say Look, you're the such a student, you don't even need to take the exam. You don't even take the exam. I just know what you're you know, more than anyone else by a stretch what not. This is essentially the same thing. The profitsystem is saying it is enough

00:43:32 --> 00:43:44

of a fit enough for the Shaheed that the sharpness and the whiteness of the sword strikes his neck. Why does he have to undergo Moncada Nikita has already tested and proved himself there? There's heavy there's a certain ethnicity. So Nana Timothy,

00:43:46 --> 00:43:51

Timothy has a chapter called the blessings of the shoe that has many beautiful teeth in it and one of them.

00:43:52 --> 00:44:56

The Shahid has six blessings with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number one, he is forgiven with the first batch of those who are forgiven. Number two, he will continually see his place in genda. Number three, he will be protected from the fifth in a total cover. Number four, he will be protected from the fuzzle Akbar or the big terror what is the big terror we'll talk about that inshallah in the series on the buzzer. And number five that he will get a Taj a crown from your port that we put on his head and number six, he will get Yanni 72 of the hood and an added blessing he will be able to intercede for 70 of his close relatives. So one of the blessings of the Shaheed is what he shall not have pfitzner to cover. So there is no fitna and there is not even obviously in an either for the Shaheed and there are other evidences as well. of them had Ethan was the demo I made which insha Allah inshallah we can read something positive into and that is that when the process is said

00:44:56 --> 00:45:00

Shaheed he doesn't just mean the Shaheed of the battle.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:52

Insha Allah He means the Shaheed that is in the broader category, because our prophets have said whoever dies by drowning as a Shaheed whoever dies in a fire is a Shaheed whoever dies because of the button. And the button here means any disease some some of them are say some of them say the button doesn't just mean stomach, it means any internal disease, and inshallah This is we read in positive and we think good thoughts This is a positive in Islam, you're allowed to have what is called good omens, you're allowed to read in positive things as a part of our study. So insha Allah, anybody who dies because of an internal disease because botlane actually means what is internal It doesn't just mean stomach, the Boulton will avoid what about and so anybody who dies because of cancer because of anything insha Allah insha Allah we say this is a type of Shahada as well based on the Hadith of the button. Now, what was I saying? So the Hadith here in the Muslim environment, so

00:45:52 --> 00:46:49

to Sahaba those names are not known to the the miners so have a harder demeanor odor photostudio might have no soul. And they were both of the miners. So how about a person died? And he died because of the button. He died because of the stomach? What does it mean, he died because of the button. In the classical times, if somebody had a disease of the stomach, such that there's constant, you know, via bile coming out, or vomiting or like, you know, diarrhea, and just the stomach always is giving issues. It was very common in the in the old days, especially before they had you know, modern methods of hygiene or whatnot, they would call this button. Now, I don't know the doctors here can tell us I'm sure there's at least 20 different diseases that come under this right, but the heads just mentioned the button. So a person died because of button. Two of the Sahaba heard of his death. And they said Oh, how I wish we could have prayed janazah over him. Don't

00:46:49 --> 00:47:18

you remember what the prophets have said? This is the heady man catella who bought know who lamb you either fear kabiri he, whoever dies because of the issues of the button. He should not be punished in the grave. Now this hadith doesn't mention Shaheed it mentions button. So we hope inshallah insha Allah we positive that if somebody dies because of an internal issue, that insha Allah insha Allah, he doesn't have to do what

00:47:19 --> 00:48:26

the fitna of the cover okay. So number one is fitna and insha. Allah not fit the number one is Shaheed and inshallah de Shaheed is in the broadsheet. Number two, who else is saved from Mancha and Akira some Roma have read into a hadith even though it doesn't say fitna it says either but then they say the fitna is a type of either and since the Hey Muslim, that the prophets have said whoever dies while protecting the borders of Islam shall continually be rewarded until judgment date. And in sorry, this hadith is explicit, sorry, scrap what I said this this other section, and he shall be protected from the to tan, what I mean, alpha tanning. And who are the two photons? One killer nickeil who is this category, the one who is protecting now, once upon a time, and even in our times in modern nation states when they're at war, you have armies that are protecting the borders, even in a state of peace, but you're protecting the borders in case of a surprise attack. This is called

00:48:26 --> 00:49:01

revolt. That's what the meaning of revolt is okay. That's what the revolt is. And revolt is a type of legitimate Jihad right? So our president said whoever dies in revolt far away from the family all along revolt is not easy. revolt is very difficult because you are living in the wilderness you are just doing what nobody really wants to do you know you're just protecting the fortress and what not whoever dies in that states. The process of said he is going to be protected from the two angels that are going to come so there's number two, number three

00:49:02 --> 00:49:04

and this is inshallah also good news.

00:49:06 --> 00:49:08

Whoever dies on a Friday

00:49:10 --> 00:49:19

or the eighth is reported and soon enough Timothy and Muslim Mohammed, ma'am and Muslim in your mortar Yo, Mo Giamatti. Illa, waka hola who fitna telecabine

00:49:20 --> 00:49:44

no Muslim dies on yo mo jamara, except that a law shall protect him from fitna to recover. So to die on a Friday is insha Allah a positive sign now? Does this mean that everybody who dies on other than Friday is a bad sign? No. Do your brothers and sisters know what data are processed them die?

00:49:45 --> 00:49:59

Monday, so we don't read in the opposite. Don't This is not our religion. We only read positive. That's the religion we didn't good news. Other than that, we don't read an opposite. Even our processing did not fit. No, no, it's not something you read into, but if somebody dies on a Friday

00:50:00 --> 00:50:19

We say inshallah it's a good sign in Sharla it's a good sign that the fit natural rubber will be protected from these are the three main categories of explicit protecting for fit that will cover final point and then we are done I apologize you weren't late today because of the the the fundraiser that took place or the announcements what is the final point inshallah

00:50:20 --> 00:50:28

it is authentically narrated, that our Prophet system would regularly seek refuge from the fitna to lava.

00:50:29 --> 00:50:54

So we should seek refuge from the fitna to our it should be a part of our regular routine, to ask a lot to protect us. And to be able to pass that exam has a panel of dear brothers and sisters and I'm guilty of this as well. How sincerely we make you out to a love because of an exam of this dunya while I was guilty, I no longer have exams for many, many years at home that are law but we all used to make

00:50:55 --> 00:51:20

the day before the exam. Oh, well let me get an A on this exam. Oh, let me pass this exam all sincere? How about the exam of the Hubbard? When's the last time we do offer that? Think about it. When's the last time we made for the copper to pass that exam, our processor would regularly make do to pass that exam. And these are many many a hadith and I'll just mentioned one or two. And then we'll resume from this next week of these Hadith

00:51:21 --> 00:52:17

he narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would regularly say Can a TA was regularly drop a lahoma in the URL to become in fitness. We'll cover why there have been now what fitness Sorry, sorry, allow me to the big my fitness center. Why that been not what fitness cover was. will cover. Okay, so fitness to now and as abouna we'll talk about that later on. We were talking about this. The whole issue is about as we're going to get to the afterbirth as well. And I seek refuge from fitna to copper and from other bukoba. Notice two different things fit natural copper. And so there's something called fitna to now we'll talk about that there is something called fitted to now there's something called Addabbo, Na, then there's something called fitna to cover and this is Monica and Nikki. And then there's something called as double cover, which is the punishment of the cover. And then he went on and he said, and I Sucre Phrygian you from the evil of the fitna of being

00:52:17 --> 00:53:20

rich and the evil of the fitna of being poor. This is very profound By the way, the prophet system did not want the evils of being filthy rich, and the evils of being dirt poor. Both of them are a fitna he didn't want it. He wanted Believe it or not middle class he did not want that type of wealth that it's almost impossible to live righteously and he did not want that type of dirt poverty where life becomes very difficult. And I seek refuge in You from the mercy had the jell O Allah forgive my sins with ice and with water. Allah forgive cleanse me of my evil deeds like the white film is cleansed from any marking or law make between me and my sins like you have made between the East and the West of Allah I seek refuge jr from laziness, and from a decrepit, senile old age and from committing sins and from being in debt. This is a very long Heidi. I just quickly went over it. But he began the Hadith with what I seek refuge for fitter to not another burnout and fit that to

00:53:20 --> 00:53:28

cover another book cover. That's how the headache begins. And this idea is in most ethical hacking so long Heidi Heidi 10 behati.

00:53:29 --> 00:54:23

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would regularly seek refuge from fitna to not and either burnout and fitness to recover and a double copper This is in body that bit. The longer one that Allah by Benny Obinna hotwire, comma but it been a machine for a while I'm not kidding even is robocopy we this is why we say when we die or when not when we die when somebody dies we make the drop it is found in this headed in Masada and hacking. So to conclude in today's lecture, today we talked about the issue of Sakura and Hamas mode, and we talked about the realities of these things being firmed from the Quran and Sunnah. And even from human experience, everybody knows this. It's something that is there, and that the Oran takes that as a given that is something that will take place, we mentioned that even the righteous generally will go through the sacrificial mode. Even the Prophet system went through the sacrificial mode. After the saccharides the soul goes up. And now

00:54:23 --> 00:54:40

that was last week's lecture we did that. So I'm skipping over that because that was last week. When the soul comes back then we have the fitna to cover and the fifth note we'll cover is not universal. There are people that are saved from it. If the Shaheed is safe from it, we can assume the prophets will also be saved from it.

00:54:42 --> 00:54:59

We can assume the prophets have no need for the fitna their whole lives, they don't need to be tested by Moncure and nicaea. And we can assume that other people, for example, the revolt issue, it kind of sort of opens the door, somebody who was ultra pious and his whole life he is doing piety and he dies in that state.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:21

piety insha Allah, even though it doesn't mention that, but what is it about? It is a very good deed and the person who dies while doing it, the process of saying he will not have to face fitna so insha Allah we hope it's not an Akita don't misquote me. It's not theology, we hope that somebody who dies in a good state,

00:55:22 --> 00:56:19

in sha Allah in 200 such data and there are people we see them on YouTube once in a while, you know, and most you the number is something I saw somebody who's paying 200 and in the masjid, you know, in the cabin, the machine he just and insulin 200 passes away, and they'll just leave it in the body slumps over insha Allah, we hope this is Shahada, he's done the Shall we can hope only Allah knows in the end of the day, but this had the opens a window for us that so category one is Shahid, category, do the robot and insha Allah, anybody who is doing something very, very righteous, and they die in that state, we hope the best for them. And then category three was what timeframe, somebody who dies, especially on Friday, and insha Allah we hope any good timeframe the last 10 days are all gone. Let's say now again, don't misquote me I'm not propagating theology. I'm simply having good thoughts of a law as we should have that if we know in one timeframe is a bless it. That How

00:56:19 --> 00:56:38

about if somebody dies in another blessing timeframe? We hope from a lot the best that insha Allah it is something good and we leave it at that and it is Helen and not just halaal it is good to have good thoughts have a look and to read in positive without in Charlotte, we open the floor for some questions. And I do apologize for going late today. I've tried to not go too late in Charlotte as Bismillah.

00:57:03 --> 00:57:51

Okay, so our brothers says that there are some people whom a lot of zoa Jin mentions they came back from death, such as the one who may have resurrected and such as ocula de Moura Korea to know how we turn our other urrutia and how do we understand this in light of all European American death, anyway, hate and ethnicity and the responses for every rule there are generally exceptions. So if 99.999999999% of mankind will not come back to this world, and in all of human history, two or three or four did this is not negating the rule that allows origin has put and that rule is that once you leave, you're not going to come back number one. Number two.

00:57:53 --> 00:58:13

The Koran says that those who are about to die they beg all our bill Jerome lolly Amira saga him attacked, can Allah says never will you come back? Color never, never will a person come back because they beg to come back.

00:58:14 --> 00:58:27

In all of these scenarios, they came back because Allah chose them to come back. Did Lazarus know he was going to come back when he leser is the one who resurrected No, the one color the Morocco.

00:58:28 --> 00:58:50

So the one who Amato Lumia time and from abasa, the one who will lock cost to pass away 100 years. Did he come back? Because he demanded a lot to come back. Nope. So Cal in California called Aloha. It is no exception to this rule. Because Allah says this is a decree that I have said that no one will come back just because you want to come back.

00:58:52 --> 00:59:04

Are there any narrations about them describing death? Not according to the best of my knowledge? No, I don't think so. Did he? And alone knows best sister is a new question. Oh my god for Michelle. Okay. Let's begin just good.

00:59:14 --> 00:59:36

Excellent. Our sister points out another verse that Pamela was wondering Should I add it or not? Then I said enough with these three verses that I quoted. So I left this one out. But it was on my agenda to propose that there's no time to put this and also because it's not as explicit as the other verses about psychedelics and mode. And this is the verse

00:59:38 --> 01:00:00

Well, then, well, then unknown ferok will defer the self without Arabic human yourself. So this verse also describes the last portion of life while the lemon rock and people say where is the rocky where is the doctor who can come and and cure him. So it doesn't explicitly mentioned soccer, not that much. Was

01:00:00 --> 01:00:29

One unknown Iraq, it does mention one thing, the person knows the time is up. And this is a type of soccer because soccer rot you know that your time is up you kind of are aware of it but you're not aware of it. That's the point. And Allah mentions in this first not the actual soccer art, but this semi consciousness while one unknown iraq This is what is mentioned. So, that is another verse we can add to the category of psychological physical of it. Your question with

01:00:34 --> 01:01:02

our brother asks when we visit our power do the people know we are there and the responses to be continued you shall have much more evidences in junior renew existed and I will give you maybe even an entire lecture about this one issue insha Allah about the relationship between the dead and the living and the issue of what can the dead do for the living and working and living do for the dead? And the real issue all of this to be discussed? You're sitting in the right place inshallah. Sister good.

01:01:19 --> 01:01:56

So our sister says, will we remember the answers to these questions in the grave? And the responses and I mentioned this briefly last week as well. The remembrance of that exam is not like the remembrance of the exams of this dunya when we study for our exams of this dunya when we study for the MCAT, you're studying for the MCAT you're ready to get when we studying for organic chemistry or for whatever you know thermodynamics, three are something that is a knowledge of the brain has a knowledge of memorization, is the knowledge that is superficial,

01:01:57 --> 01:02:18

that knowledge is irrelevant in the power in the harbor, it is the knowledge of the Amal and not the realm of the brain. It is his knowledge of what you have done. It is the knowledge of real eemaan in the heart because this is a very deep topic actually. And maybe one day we'll talk about this. Eamon

01:02:20 --> 01:02:22

necessitates aman.

01:02:23 --> 01:02:35

Eamon the technical definition of a man is not just theoretical knowledge. And that's why in the Koran and almost 100 verses, Allah says in the levina

01:02:36 --> 01:02:44

and all what I mean they are they go hand in hand. Can you quote me any verse where Allah says in the Latina amande and then just stops there?

01:02:45 --> 01:03:55

There's some that says Subaru, Subaru, but Subaru is the type of woman the whole Quran in the Latina ama No. Why would Why? Because Allah is indicating there is no such thing as a man without Harmon. So in the cover there ylim that will benefit you. Is there anything that you acted upon? Ie the Eman that was in your heart? You live your lifestyle. Ma D Enoch Dini al Islam because I lived it mandra book club bullcrap be a law because I worshiped him and him alone. See, this is the knowledge that will be over there. And that's why but the Mona Phil, what does it say? We talked about we here last week. So we did this last week in the munafo when Monica and Akira say, What do you say about this man? What is and when I say? I don't know. I heard the people say something. So I said it. This is the knowledge of the brain, not the knowledge of the heart. I heard the people say something means if this exam were to take place in this dunya, the monastic would pass it.

01:03:57 --> 01:04:24

I cheated. This was basically saying I know the answer because I cheated. He's saying this literally in the cover. The people said it I know the answer. But in the cupboard What is he gonna say? I heard the people say something, but now Ah, la de means I didn't live in accordance with that lifestyle. Right. So the emaan that will benefit on that action on that empty hand will be the amount that is acted upon and not just theoretically.

01:04:26 --> 01:04:28

law that's funny.

01:04:31 --> 01:04:33

Enough nafi dunia Santa

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