Yasir Qadhi – Urgent appeal to Muslims in Memphis – We Belong Here Vigil

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © A woman from Memphis is urging all her Muslim brothers and sisters to attend a march to the Martin Luther King Civil Rights Museum at 5pm. She urges them to pray and bring their families and friends to the event. She also urges them to call the community and tell them to stand behind them.
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So how about ecom Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. This is your brother in Islam, Yasser Kobe. This is a special and urgent appeal to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters from Memphis. Tomorrow, there will be a protest regarding the current ban that's been placed on the seven Muslim countries. And we're getting a hamdulillah a large interest from many of the communities here the Latino community, a number of interfaith alliances and other churches and synagogues. But the fact of the matter, brothers and sisters is that this bad is affecting us more than any other community. And so my special request to each and every one of you is that we show up in large numbers. Tomorrow, that's

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Wednesday, at 5pm Claiborne temple, there is going to be a march from the Claiborne temple to the Martin Luther King Civil Rights Museum at 530. So what we're going to do with the Muslim community, we're gonna pray, Salat al Muslim, they've been very gracious to delay the start of the program for a few minutes until we promote it. So we will pray Margaret, exactly at 5:30pm in front of the Civil Rights Museum, literally outside the doors of the Civil Rights Museum, we will pray Salah till motive in Jamar and then as soon as we finish, they will start their speeches and and the vigil and whatnot. So I encourage each and every one of you to try to get there before that point in time. If

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you want to march from the Clayborn temple at 5pm. Until the Civil Rights Museum, then make sure you're there around 445 at the temple. Otherwise, if you want to meet us directly at the Civil Rights Museum, then show up by five 515 is going to take a while to park the car, we will not be able to delay we're going to have to start exactly at 530 which means we need your presence there. Brothers and sisters, I cannot stress the importance of each and every one of us coming with our families, we need to bring all of our children we need to bring our family and friends and acquaintances and especially our children, our men fian our fellow men fiends need to see that this

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travel ban affects families is breaking up communities, they need to see who we are they need to see us from all of our diverse backgrounds, from all of our, you know ethnicities. And please brothers and sisters. Make some plot cards with some noble and dignified signs, please nothing vulgar, nothing harsh or whatnot. Just you know, signs that, you know, we're American Muslims, we're proud or whatever. Use your sentiments, use your creativity, have your children get involved, as well think about bringing some sweets or some water bottles so that you can distribute to the people over there. But most importantly, we need you each and every one of you. And we and I want you to call

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your friends to call the people that you know in the Muslim community and tell them point blank, we need your help brothers and sisters. The fact of the matter is that this is a democracy. And if we are going to sit back and do nothing, then unfortunately, this is going to get from bad to worse. This is the first step that our President is trying to mess with. If it goes unopposed, if it passes, we don't know what the future is going to hold. We have to stop it right here. And now that Hamdulillah you know as the same goes strike when the iron is hot people that are gathered together we have the Latinos we have the African Americans, we have so many interfaith leaders coming

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together. If we the Muslims don't show up, it's really going to be a very, very sad indictment of our own apathy and laziness. So bottom line, five o'clock, at the Clairborne temple, or 530 at the Civil Rights Museum. Either way, make sure you're there 1015 minutes before that point in time, show up with your family and friends show up with your children show up with plaque cards with signs with banners and shallow data, we will show our fellow Memphis and our fellow citizens of this country that we are an integral part of this land, that we're not going anywhere that we're just as peaceful and as loving and as patriotic as everybody else. And we will not tolerate this bigotry and hatred

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that is being disguised as protection for this country. So I hope to see each and every one of you over there as well. Make sure that you have the size that you bring over there and like I said if you have anything else that you can share, whether it's water bottles, whether it's anything in shallow to how to do that last point we're going to be praying Sultan Muslim so if you can bring us agenda Jana was whatever that would also be helpful because we're going to be praying outside on the streets. Inshallah I'll be speaking other people who will be speaking as well. So we need your to us and we need your presence. I'll see all of you there. Sena Malik Mark Missoula, yo Barakatuh

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