Islam Needs No Reform

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Someone remarks to a Rabbi He remarked dermatomal hakab. He said that all Amirul Momineen if we the Jews had such a verse in our books, we would have taken the day of its revelation as a day of festivities. Or Omar said, What verse are you talking about? He then quoted this verse of Surah Alma ADA Aloma Akbar Tula. Come, Dina, come today I have perfected your religion for you. Today I have completed my favorites upon you and I have approved of and chosen Islam as your religion as your way of life. So this verse was revealed. During the Farewell Pilgrimage it is said in the books of, of Tafseer of history, that when this verse came down, our Prophet system was on a camel, it was so

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heavy that the camel which can take so many so many people, three, four or five people can go on a camel, the camel had to sit down because of the weight of the revelation of this verse. So this verse was an auspicious verse. It was a magnificent verse and a Jewish person remarked to Omar, how fortunate you are that you have this verse in your book today I have perfected your religion for you. We have a perfect religion. That which is perfect does not need to be tinkered with that which is perfect. We don't tamper with it. There is no you know, a lot of people outside the faith they say when will Islam undergo its reformation? As if we have to undergo the waves of others? No, there

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is no need for a radical reformation. Yes, it is true the Shediac comes with internal fine tuning mechanisms and I've spoken about this in many lectures, but overall a yo a commode Tula convenor calm the religion is calm in the religion is full and it is absolutely complete and it is perfect and that which is perfect, does not need to be updated and changed through the interpretations of scholars a lot of times needs to be updated and change but not the religion itself. And so this is a very clear verse in that regard.

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