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So now we can work with somebody who want to cancer. This is your brother in Islam yes of poverty. I'm excited to announce that I'll be going for Omar on behalf of the East Plano Islamic center the EPIC Center in the Thanksgiving break of 2019 from the 22nd of November to the 30th of November is an ideal time for families especially here in the Dallas area to join us and we're going to be doing an overlap three days McCarthy's Medina Charlotte every single day they'll be religious lectures and of course I'll be there to be of any help and we'll together in shallow data we'll do one of the greatest actions of worship which is the minor head which is the home rock for the sake of Allah

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subhanho data for further details you can log on to the epic centers message which is on your screen below. And I will hope to see you in shall vote there it is akmola Hit Saramonic Mark bottom line or barakato