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The test of the dams is designed to test adherence to the Sharia, how we respond to actions of our life conduct, and how we respond to actions of our behavior. The test is designed to be customized for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses, and is unique and individually customized. The test is designed to test whether a student missed an assignment and falls short, and is designed to be a pass rather than a mistake. The goal is to protect everyone from Islam and Islam in the United States, and to make a difference in the world.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah misguides none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows Allah Subhana huzzah either has reminded us in the Koran to be conscious of him when he says yeah, you Hello, Dina Armando tapa la helper to quality. Wala

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thermotoga illa unto Muslim moon. Dear Muslims, Allah subhana wa tada has told us in the Quran, that he has created the creation in order to test us and sort of hood Allah says wahala the Holocaust somewhat he will although he sits at a yummy thermostat,

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that he is the one who created the heavens and earth in six days. What can outdo her alma he Leah the loo welcome a yoke on us. I know I'm Ella to test you Leah Blue acoem who amongst you is best in their deeds? And is Surah Tabarak Allah says a lady holla call Mota

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hayata Leah Beluga comm au mela He has created death and life to test you who amongst you is doing the best of deeds twice in the Quran this phrase occurs Leah Beluga com Au Sano ama testing, examining whose deeds come out to be the best. Allah says he's created the whole creation to test you. Allah says he's created death and life to test you. So in today's brief What's up? Let us examine the parameters of this test, because every test has certain aspects, certain elements and in today's holds above, we will analyze how is Allah subhanho wa Taala testing us? the parameters of a test are many first and foremost, there must be somebody who is giving the test somebody who's

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examining somebody who will grade there is no test without the one who grades who is grading this test. It is none other than Allah Jalla Jalla who Allah Himself will take charge of assessing every single one of us and who is Allah He is the right man. He is a Rahim he is a food he is our how more raw he mean he is on Immortal he was Shahada. So Allah azza wa jal himself, the one from whom no one can hide, and the one who is the Most Merciful of all who have mercy, he is the one who is in charge of our tests. So if you are an authority, the famous scholar of Hadith of the second century, he said, I would rather that Allah examined me on the Day of Judgment, then even my mother or father,

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because Allah will have more mercy upon me than even my mother and father will. So the one who is examining us and the one who will test us that is none other than Allah, they are hammer raw he mean, as well, when it comes to the test. In every test, there is someone that is being tested, there is the object of the test. And of course, in this creation, we the human beings are the ultimate objective test and to a secondary level, the jinn as well. So the men and the jinn are the ones being tested, and tests are given to those who are qualified, what makes us qualified, how did we get to this? Allah azzawajal gave us qualities that none of the other creation has. We have a

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sense of intellect and a sense of alcohol and a sense of faculties and perception that no other species has. And Allah tells us what other Khurana Bani Adam, we have honored the children of Adam, we have given them what no other creation has been given. Even the angels have bowed down to us. So Allah azza wa jal has created us to be qualified for that test. And we have privileges and ranks and blessings and faculties that none of the other creation has what for Bala kumala Kashi, Reman Hakuna, Leela, Allah says I prefer you over many other creatures that I have created. Every test has a syllabus, and it has a teacher, what is our syllabus, and who is our teacher? our syllabus is the

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Quran, and our teacher is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If we study the syllabus, and we read the textbook, and we listen to the teacher, and we obey the teacher, then we shall pass the test without a shadow of a doubt. But if we turn our back on the syllabus, and we don't care about the textbook, and we don't pay attention to the teacher, well then what happens in any class to somebody who does that will be happening to us as well. Our Lord has sent down to us the most beautiful syllabus, the most powerful textbook, the most noble teacher, there is no teacher more noble than our teacher, there is no textbook more blessed than our textbook, and that is the Quran

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how is the test performed? In the tests of this world? We sit down typically, and we do an examination, there's multiple choice, or there's essays or something of this nature. How about the tests of this dunya the exams of this world are tested in two different ways. The exams that Allah azza wa jal gives us there are two primary categories of tests. The first of them is our adherence to the Sharia. And the second of them is how we respond to the calamities and the tribulations of this world, our life conduct in this dunya is also a test. So these are the two genres of tests, teachers give different types, some give project some give

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multiple choice, some give this and that the tests of this world that Allah has assigned upon us are two primary categories. Number one, our adherence to the Sharia. Do we do what is wajib? Do we follow the waje bug? Do we abstain from that, which is how long? What is our level of adherence to the Sharia? That is one category of tests the other category of tests, how do we respond to what happens to us? How do we respond to the good and the bad to the positive and the negative? Allah tells us in the Quran, whenever lucam be Sherry will hide if it's enough, we're going to test you with good and we

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With evil, both of them are a trial for you. So when good happens, it is a test when bad happens, it is a test when we get a lot of money, it is a test when we are poor, it is a test everything that happens to us, our response is measured, and it comes under the test. So these are the two primary categories of tests. Number one, our adherence to the Sharia, how much do we follow the syllabus? How much do we adhere to the laws of Allah? subhana wa Taala? And number two, how do we react to what is happening around us? Are we patient? Are we thankful? Do we accept Allah other? How is our attitude towards the daily events that happen around us? Now the other question that arises,

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generally speaking the tests of this world when the examiners come, generally speaking, everybody in the same room gets the same examination, and people of different levels get different exams. So the test of grade one is not that of grade two, the test of the undergraduate is not out of the graduate, but everybody at the undergraduate level gets the same test. How about us in this world? It is an amazing phenomenon of our tests that no two tests are exactly the same. No, no two tests of this world are exactly the same. On the contrary, Allah Subhana which Allah has given every one of us a custom designed test, every one of us is going to be given a test that is most suited for us.

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Can you imagine a professor will write different exams for different students so that he facilitates every student getting the maximum result if a professor knows which students weaknesses this which students strength is that and he then tests based upon the weakness and strength in order to make it easier for the student to pass? Can you imagine a professor like this? It doesn't exist in this world, but Allah subhana wa to Allah, Allah azza wa jal, the creator, the holodeck the body, the more so where Allah azza wa jal has tested all of us with the unique with an individual with a custom made test no two human beings are given the same test Why? Because Allah knows our strengths

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and weaknesses. And Allah knows what test to put on what people and what test to avert from other people and every test that Allah has put upon us, he knows we can pass it he knows we can score an A in it. He knows we have the capability to get the highest results if we choose to do so because Allah azza wa jal reminds us law you can live Allahu Neff sent in with sha Allah is not going to burden you with more than what you can bear. We are all doing custom made tests. Allah tells us in the Quran, Leah Balu accom fee FEMA, ta calm he will test you in accordance with what you have been given. Not everybody has the same test what you have been given you will be tested in accordance

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with that Leah binu a comfy ma calm so the one who has certain powers certain talents, certain wealth is tested in a different way. The one who does not have those things is not tested in that way. every person's test is unique and individually catered and custom made. How much easier Do you want it to be when your Lord and creator and my Lord and creator has chosen for us the questions knowing that these questions are the best for us to answer. This is the test that Allah azza wa jal has placed us in how was the test recorded every test has Proctor's has monitors for us we have kahraman ka TB and yellow monitor following we have two Proctor's The one on the right, the one on

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the left now y'all fubon Colin Illa de hiraki bonati we have two angels writing down every single matter and every single response throughout the day or night, we have the angels writing the test down and the test results are being compiled in a book that is our unique book, our Kitab your karate Tarbuck, read your own Kitab This is what you used to do. On the day of judgment, we will see the test results in our own book that we have written with the help of the killer, Armin Khatibi, how is success defined in the test? How do we score an A or a B? This is the only test in the entire existence where the results are not dependent upon the effort or are not dependent upon the actual

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outcome, but rather on the effort that is put in every test in this world. You are judged on the outcome in the test of Allah. It's not the outcome. It's the input. It's the effort. It's the sincerity. Allah does not care about the output. He cares about your input. He cares about how many hours you studied, how much you put in, that's how you're going to be rewarded. Even if the results didn't turn out the way that you thought they would turn out in

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the yard. We're in NEMA liquid liberty in Manoa. Everybody will get what they intended for and every one their deeds are in accordance with their intentions. If you try

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If you try your best, and you still fail, Allah xojo knows you put in your 110% and you will get the full result and the full deed what examiner will do this, there are people who study the whole semester, and for whatever reason, on the day of the exam, they don't feel well and they score poorly because the outcome wasn't good. And there are those who didn't study at all, but they just happened to know the exams answers on that date and they got full results not so in the test of a law, the tests of a law is the sincerity it is the loss, it is the effort is how much you put in, even if for whatever reason you failed in the output, Allah is Forgiving and he will see you had the

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input and this is of the mercy of Allah subhana wa Taala. The test success of the test is dependent upon the input and the sincerity and not necessarily the outer output that others might see. How about if we miss a quiz? How about if we missed an assignment? Is there something we can do to make up yes while law he there is, in fact, not just one thing? No in the test of life in the test of this religion in the test that Allah has placed upon us, he has given us not one not dozens, not hundreds 1000s of mechanisms to make up shortcomings to make up a missing assignment to make up a past grade that wasn't that good. If we failed in one phase of our life. If we fell short in a

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previous test of last year or yesterday or when we were young, no problem. The way to get extra points. The way to get extra assignments is unlimited. We can go on and on and on. And Subhanallah all you need to do is to say I am sorry, please give me some grades your ob I committed a sin Forgive me that in and of itself is making up for a test that in and of itself will get you good grades. What professor is there that if you go to him and say I am sorry, please forgive me. He's going to give you an A on the spot what Professor is there that is worthy of being a professor that simply because the student says I am sorry, forgive me he will get an A not so in this world, but

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Allah subhana wa Tada. You turn to him, You show remorse, you're showing your Toba you're showing you're in the Dhamma You'll regret you raise your hands you say you're wrong, you are the fool I have fallen short. I want your forgiveness. You're simply acknowledging this will get you positive will get your grades and you will pass the test if that is your constant attitude, so many things can be done that can give you extra credit sitting in the must you doing thicker will give you credit got reading Quran will give you credit going for Hajj makes you back to zero as if you have an A from the beginning, there are things you can do that the entire lifetime of your D's and F's

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will be wiped away just because of one deed. Allah has given so many opportunities for us to get extra credit every single day, we have the opportunity to get bonus points, even those that are scoring an eighth in the test of life, they can get a plus plus plus they can get to the highest level by doing extra credit. The doors of extra credit are unlimited, because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to pass the test, he doesn't want us to fail. How about the exam, when does the test finish every exam has to have a finishing point. The exam finishes for every one of us when we see the angel of death, that is when the books are shut and depends are lifted. When we see the angel of

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death, our test comes to an end. We don't know when that is going to be those that are prepared for the exam. Those that have studied the syllabus, those that know this is an exam and they're passing every single day when they see the Angel of Death they will rejoice and they will leave with happiness and those that wasted their life did not study or act upon the syllabus did not listen to the teacher when they see the proctor come when they see the Angel of Death come What will they say they will say what every student says when the proctor in the exam comes give me some more time. I'm not ready right now. Give me another 1020 minutes. All that'll build you Rooney

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FEMA talk, He will say to the angel tried to negotiate. Let me go back, give me some more time, I promise I will pass the test color. That's not going to happen when the time comes. The time comes. And every single one of us Our time has been pre determined and a lot of xojo will not change that. When will the results be given one of the results shown of the test? Well, the results are shown on the day of examination on the day of tests on the day of Yeoman hisab and your images. It is called the day of hisab It is called the day of Joseph It is called the day of your mid Dean because on that day the results are going to be announced on that date. Everybody will know the results of this

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test and our law xojo will say yeah everybody, all my servants in here illa lucam. The test results are your own efforts. If you find good then thank Allah and if you find other than that, then blame none other than yourselves. This is also the time when like everybody when their exam results come they check over the test. They see what they have done. We too are going

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To see that book on that day, we are going to see that book and the people who got write exams and correct answers. What happens when you get your exam back and you scored the correct result. You go on, you say to your friend, hey, look, I got the score. Allah says in the Quran, how omokoroa kitabi. Come look at this is my Kitab look at the score that I got. He's going to be happy. He's going to be rejoicing. He's going to be walking amongst his family and friends, because he's scored the perfect score. He was prepared for the exam, and he had the right results. So he will be happy. Like every single person is happy when they pass a test. And when the person who failed the test

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gets the test results back, what do they do? They slither away, they slink away they're not with the crowd. They're not happy and rejoicing. No, the one who fails on that day, he will put his results behind his back. What avahi he's going to hide it. He's going to want to pretend he's not there, he will wish you are late and he can to taraba he will be he never existed but that wish will not get him anywhere and his existence will not be wiped out simply because he wanted it to do so. What are the results of failing the test? What happens when you fail this test? Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, woman hoffa was you know who for like alladhina hasura and foster home, those whose

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scales are light, they are the ones who have failed themselves hustle and foster home. They failed themselves. Allah says in the Quran, vatika who Allah has been that is the worst failure. Allah says in the Quran. They are the one hustler and fusa where he Miyamoto Yama, they lost themselves and they lost their families on the day of retirement. There is no worse loss than that loss. vatika who will who's been there is no loss and there is no failure worse than the failure of failing the exam of this world and the exam of our existence. How about passing? What happens when we pass? Allah xojo says in the Quran femen Zhu Zhi had in Belgian, netofa, codifies whoever saves himself from the

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fire of hell and enters Jannah that is the one who has won he has passed He is the one who is successful. Allah says in the Quran, the vatika who will foes will move in that is the manifest passing the manifest victory radica who will foes will have him that is the biggest passing vatika who will foes will kerrville that is the massive victory there is no victory bigger than the victory of passing this test. Because once we pass this test, we will enter not to not aim we will enter a garden that will never finish its delights we will enter into the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala What did one omit Allah He talked about the Zika who will foes will have him to get the

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pleasure of Allah is better than getting Jenna and that is the ultimate pass and the ultimate test. Those who pass this test shall enter everlasting Jenna and Allah His pleasure will be upon them and they will get to see Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no exam more important than the exam of this world. There is no exam whose consequences of failing are more significant and detrimental than this exam. And there is no exam whose passing is more important for us and for our families than the exam of this world. So do your brothers and sisters pay attention to this exam, you are being tested right now and I am being tested right now. The test is right now in place, every one of us we are

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now being tested. And we will be tested every minute and every hour and every day and every week and every month and every year that we are breathing and every single minute we have the opportunity to gain extra points and to get his hand up and to wipe away any mistakes that we have. So the one who's conscious of this test will ensure a low to either pass it Why? Because Allah azzawajal wants us to pass you read a law who and you're too but Allah wants to accept your tober Allah wants to guide you, Allah wants to give you blessings but we are the ones who are not wanting to pass so many amongst us turn to Allah be interested in passing show that you care about the test and insha Allah

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to Allah if you do so then you will pass the test because it is custom made just for you. And Allah knows the test that you and only you can pass May Allah azza wa jal bless me and you within through the Quran, and may make us of those two verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness you as well ask him for his or her food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique here is that we worship entities his blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and answers the call of the week. Dear Muslims on an unrelated note, whenever we engage in dialogue, in Dawa in preaching and teaching, there are three essential characteristics for a successful dialogue. Number one is internal that's a class between you and Allah being sincere. Number two is to have eloquence of the tongue like Moosa may do our to Allah all the rubbish Raisa.

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We're silly Emily, Emily, Sally have only you have to have other points. And the more eloquent you are, the more powerful your dog will, will be. And number three is to have a knowledge of what you're talking about to have in about what you are saying. As for the first one, this is between you and Allah, no one can interfere. You have to have your floss asked for the second part of eloquence you are born with and part of it you acquire through through trial and through constant repetition and by engaging with other people and ask for the third, nobody is born with knowledge. It is fully acquired. You have to acquire it in order to engage in the famous incident of the syrup when the

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kurush wrote a very, very satire a mockery of our prophets of Allah who I sent him a poem when they wrote a poem that was very vulgar, very nasty, and they spread it around Arabia. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to respond, he said to his son, Eva tarbet, or his son, go and write a poem that will respond to this poem, The satire that the police have done, his son had the eloquence his son had the tongue his son had the knowledge of rhetoric of Bulava, but his son did not have knowledge about the koresh and about what exactly to say he didn't know the histories of the races and Ansari, he's from Medina, he said, y'all rasulillah I don't know I don't have the

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knowledge of their history. So the profitsystem said, aboubaker go with his son, you teach him the knowledge and his son, you versified that knowledge into poetry. This is how we learn to respond and defend our religion. We are now facing a crises, multiple crises, but these days we have the crises of the Palestinian cause and of the hegemonic lies that are being said by the outsiders and by designers, many of us, many of us, inshallah, all of us we have the applause. Our eloquence varies, and that's a never ending process. But many of us don't have the knowledge. We don't have the boubakeur so they know the law and they came and taught us what we need to know. So because of that,

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insha Allah Allah tomorrow we're having a conference where we're going to teach us what do we need to know about this conflict? How do I how am I going to defend this cause this xR, which is dear near and dear to us, I need to have the knowledge to defend eloquence will come across is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala in any aspect that you want to do with our you want to defend this faith, this is the first thing you need to do purify your intention, and then learn what you're trying to defend. That's the goal of tomorrow's conference. I pray that insha Allah huhtala all of you do come and attend so that insha Allah, every one of us can do what we can, in our small

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networks. We're not expecting you to change the entire globe. But we do expect every Muslim to influence his or her own sphere of influence your colleagues, your friends, the people you interact with. you interact with them, not to me, not anybody else you do, you must be their guide. You must be their source, you must be their Hasani tabet even if you don't have the eloquence of His Son, you have enough eloquence to talk with your friend to dialogue with your colleagues to take them out for lunch and bring up this awkward conversation. Now that you are armed with facts That's the goal. If every one of us became a mini activist, then slowly but surely the tide is going to change and

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that's the goal put in the effort and leave the rest to Allah subhanahu wa to either Allah who might need to and for me no allama letter if you have to me then Ben ilaha

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illa faraja wala Dana de la called later when Mr. De La Ilaha feta whether I see it on ilaya sorta Allah filler now what a one in a linear sub akuna bill Eman Wanaka, a few alumina Hila Lila Dena amanu robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam and muslimeen Allah homam and Aradhana arada Islam and Muslim inna de su and vigilant who have been upset which outed mirro fetus via e Yo yo yo z is Roberta law in the law to Allah America marimba bbfc within NaVi Malacca the akuto say with LSB comma u Hellman engineer he will insert for call the semicolon idema in nulla hamanaka to your soluna nebby you enter the amanu sallu either he was

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suddenly motus Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the course will become Mohammed. He was severely marine by the law in the law to either use mobile adley with Sony, what is it all about? Well, you will moon kariobangi ureteral comilla consider Corona or the Corolla haleema comm which Guru has come What did they call it? Optimus

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