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In 100, Allah who want to stay in who want to study who want to stop here ohana ovilla. Himanshu Rai unfussy. nomon sejati Imani Anna Maria de la hufa mobila la mejor para hacer de Allahu wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula shriek Allah, wa shadow, Mohammed Abu Saud Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman kathira vida de la. All praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family's companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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last and final messenger a couple of weeks ago, in autumn mustard when he started our program, but in full flight when it comes to hold on, to teaching foreign to adults into youth. And I want to say that this is not something only seen in this mustard, but it's seen in many massagin around the world. And it's something we are very familiar with the issue of the importance of learning algebra. And I want to recognize in the beginning of my speech today, those who dedicated their life to teach algebra, because sometimes they're really very under appreciated. And we don't care much for the importance of this task in our life, which is teaching us or onto our children, teaching a core unto

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ourselves, teaching Quran to one another. And even no matter the Allahu anhu can cannot also lies on the low audio system your aluminum

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there have been Omar said that the profits are seldom used to teach us Alperon for either Marvel or DC dude instead of those headed in America and whenever passed by a verse of God well mix a dude and we'll make some dude with them and maybe sell or sell them used to care to teach the companion that are on today extent teaching output arm became the base became a base whenever you want to give me an example about how the process lm used to teach him something and care for it so much. He will say he used to teach us this like the way he teach us or on mecanim Fl in your limo

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limo masura terminal Quran he used to teach us that your artistic hada the way and the same manner as he used to teach us the surah and are on your assignment canon w SOS lm fe that Joe had a minute Mohajer in depth in order to really mean Ron. He used to be sometimes busy to teach every single one and you can imagine the number of people increase the Medina so when someone migrate to Medina, the prophets of Salaam will ask one of us to teach that person the new member Al Quran, Lama bath and W salatu salam or add to a lemon and Abu Musab ashari what the first thing that he taught them and the Hadith famous surname

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Amara, Houma and you're alleman NASA Orion. He older both of them to teach people a Koran that's became that common practice of the habit, the companions, the successors, and the scholars generations after generations. We have even books written it's called avacado era books written in documenting that palaeography of the scholars who used to teach Al Quran to people known as alpha era, and one of those scholars a woman Surah Al Hayat al Baghdadi Rahim Allah Tada. He's an amazing scholars. That heavier Rahim Allah said agilus editor an email or Anita Herman hayati, whatever he is, he is spending a very large portion of his life doing nothing but dedicating his life to teach

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our children and nations and oceans of people have studied under him and one unique things about him. Can you look in a woman Sorrell Hurry up, and Emiliano Quran Hector Khalid the heavy kind of further submarine I mean a little mineral m Yan Al Quran Al Karim. He also cared so much to teach that people that might be not

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the one that the society care for the most were the disabled. So he said he told 70 blind persons are on that have become injured and that by saying I know woman look for on a submarine of our era at IBM and others.

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In your piano, no doubt the one who have helped 70 blind people to read and to memorize or to memorize the Quran have done a great deal of deeds that you will be proud of in the Day of Judgment. But ironically, when a man has some annual Rahim Allah wrote about his life and isn't worth is a person's worth to know about more. He said that somebody saw him and dream after his death in a very high ranks and gentlemen, tequila, Melody Irfan maka, maka, Phil Jenna, Carla, Tara Lima, Sudan, Al Fatiha, he said, What raise my level and Jenna that I taught so many kids and Fatiha, which is basically they were able to read the Salah to perfect the Salah, and keep taking the rewards of all

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these children's who have taught through that time, Rahim Allah.

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And I can go on and on and on. It's not only about the amount of free words that you get in the AF era. It's not only about how many adger that you collect, when you read and you memorize and you teach people Quran and Quran so important to be an important element in our life. And unfortunately,

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it's not unfortunately the amount of time and effort that we give our iron is very little.

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Just compare the amount of time and effort that you put in regard to Quran compared to anything in your life.

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Comparing to anything as as silly as even things of entertainment nature.

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You will find that there is no comparison

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on the one that Allah subhanho wa Taala said in

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the letter one while you shoot me Nina Levine Ayana uno song had the

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cabbie Oh, it is the Koran the one that guide to the most stable path. Make your life stable. He guide you to the most clear path

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organica ohana eco

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Marina. makan de Melo. Kita boo.

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We have sent to you, Roche and Nokia Rahim Allah said operon was cold roof because it's like a soul. Without it you're dead.

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By Ninja

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wakita boom Oh, baby. Yeah, baby.

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Whoo bonus.

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in seeing this verse. And so with that in mind, the loss of hanadama telling us that this book is a light without a jar in darkness. It's a guidance without a jar misguided. It's a guidance to the way that pleases Allah the Most. Without on you will not be able to achieve such thing. It takes you from darknesses to light

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that's what the bronze role in the person's life umani lemina man

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Shiva to healing

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heals you

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will be helping and

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helping as

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it was sent down with the truth and it is the ultimate truth. That's why the one who has on on his site he is and she is upon the truth. Why in lakita mozzies Leia de

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Haan fi 10 zero min hacking hammy Itzhak keytab as easy as it means powerful. It's apparently those who have or an underside left by the Quran. The verses of the Quran right there, and their mind and their heart, the meanings of the Quran. They are very powerful in their speech. They're very powerful in their hedger in their debate when they make a point. It gives you that strength, it as he's also dignity, it makes you a dignified persons. It's elevate your level. That's why the half of the Koran is basically feels that his honor he's above many things that other people might do for me as a person who live by the Quran and memorize the Quran and care for the Quran and study the Quran.

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Elevate me.

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Yes, the heavies is weak, but the meaning of each and every sentence of it is correct. And it has been reported as a statement from the ambassador the allowance.

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And the Hadith in the tournament even handed earlier the alarm and he said, there will be a chaos. There will be a basically a disturbing and a situation where you're so confused, a confusion. And I said to Kunal fitna, they said you're a solo How can a person save himself from something? Kinda Kitab terrible Ah, what save you from such delusion and chaos? Is the book of Allah. Fie number Omen, kana. publikum. Well, hamara Nava come in it, then use of what happened before you and the information about what will come after you or he'll come over in America. And it's a judgment between you that any dispute that you have among yourself, who will first slowly Serbian has

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to very clear

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without, it is not a a foolish tone, talk. Men taraka, whom in Japan Kasama Hola, woman

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abala Hola. Whoever leaves what's in the Koran because of the fear of a tyrant or a dictator, a person or an entity or whatever, you leave the forum because you're afraid of someone alone will humiliate such person.

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And whoever seek guidance from other than the Koran. He basically will be misguided.

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If I will forget something in Houston.

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You usually I forget the bad things very quickly. But I will never forget about Doom after 911

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in our city, by someone who came right after 911 and said, I think we should take two sources out of the mythos.

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Surah tober and Sora tell I'm foul,

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because it talks about jihad, because it's not the right time.

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at how much fear

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that you're willing to leave out one such person today doesn't give hope of a person Allah.

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Allah humiliates people who leave the Quran because of fear of someone that does he will be in our wallet and sinner, lash borromean hula, while Allah tala did, it will never be too old to never be too boring. The scholars will always find things to learn from it. And it is something that when you read it a lot, it will guide you a lot and COVID Agia Ebo who are living in London tell me I too had to follow in submit an app or on an agenda. Yeah.

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It is what the jinn said when they heard the Quran. The dissent. They didn't hate hesitant to sign. Verily we have heard a wonderful or citation, a wonderful book and a guidance to the right path. And we have believed there in mankind to be his sadhak woman Ameobi oder woman, how can I be here as a

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woman that he died in a houden wasapi muster team? Whoever speaks according to me to according to it, then he has said the truth, whoever act according to it, he has rewarded he is rewarded, and whoever judge by by he has judged justly, and whoever invites to it, then he guides to the right to the straight path.

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Brothers and sisters, when I read all these description of the Quran, I know why they cared so much about a Koran for themselves and for the children for the generations to come for our community. sadaqa Allah Hill Hasson Hina mattarella. Rajan Hafiz Khurana is a kind of very unhappy like

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he was said to have celibacy, somebody heavy on me I memorize have also memorize and you protect protected from being for God.

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Then he said no son, Quran is the one who protecting you.

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That's why it became part of that practice of symmetry on Islam. Even Khaldoon Rahim Allah when he talked about the Muslim society, and he's an amazing book and sociology in Makkah. dimity karnavati

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will Danielle's Mohammed Shah in the militant Islam, it became one of the sign

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of this ummah that became

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about teaching the children

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why do we care to send our kids to stem schools? Why do we care to to make and Sunday schools? Why do we care to teach and having hit up the Koran, and Tafseer classes and so on? It's because all the above that I just saw, that's what basically a call on will do to your life. It is our responsibility as parents, as leaders in the community, to make sure to protect our children from the Hellfire, our family from the hellfire. Yeah, you have Nadine Coco, full circle

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aliy at the boom, while the moon

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protect your children from the Hellfire by teaching them by teaching them the knowledge and by teaching them the proper etiquette. That's why Abizaid alpay Romani. The great Tunisian scholars Rahim Allah said, Well, I will I will Mr. Rooney Avi no soon. What are mfe Ravi boon esaral clarity in Abu Dhabi I would I mean, what can be him and him and him and Deanna to do the Sharia? One of the most rewarding thing is to care to teach the new generations and Islam to teach them or an and maybe some allow to send them as reported by hacking be Snowden saw him in a bizarre in the Lofoten, Masuda. tillbaka Robbie I attain upon him in kenzi led the title of Fatah Allah moon when the moon

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and Isa accom or Abner accom for in hoonah Sala. What do I work on?

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When he told them the last two verses of the Quran is to make sure that you teach you go back, teach your wives, teach your family, teach your children

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and be yourself allow them when a one from Benny Abdulmutallab became a Muslim or a child reached to the level where he can read? Can you aluminium and Benny Abdulmutallab either of color light down our pineal hamdulillah Isla de la mia wha when I'm your cola who Sheree comfortable

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that you will teach them this verse as long as the children start basically reading and be able to recite in your omarama an told a man yeah how the ice in adeptness for in nakoma school and and well who am a school and make sure that you take care of your children because you will be asked about them. As they will ask about they will be asked about you when they grow up old. when they are young you will be asked about them. And when they grow old they will be asked about us as parents it's the opposite.

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My brothers and sisters It is important to note that this is the responsibility for all of us fathers and mothers is to care for teaching our children up for an enema Mohammed Rahim Allah said couldn't enter into feedback that we can only do a two fee but couldn't do me a favor Can

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I cover me oh me was a sonically alma mater.

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What can Emory Anna doc ash Racine Remember that? He said I was an orphaned my mom. My dad was dead. My mom before fudger she will wake me up before fudger making sure that I have a warm water to make with all from and she will wake me up and make sure that I'm praying. And we see we used to say pray together well couldn't no suddenly had a Vinod fetch. We pray together until fudger comes then she will send me to the masjid and sometimes she will walk with him to the masjid until she reached to the door or the men enter and she will let him go

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early. You see back? Well hello I'm sorry. He said I'm worried about him because it's such as the distance that he might be attacked by a wild dog or an animal or get bothered.

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And even Mohamed Rahim Allah, the one who's personally

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spend most of my life studying his opinions and

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in his amazing Achmed Rahim Allah is very rare to say Ahmed, he always known as an Imam. Yeah, and if you notice, we all say a Shafi Abu hanifa Malik but always have the style before his name and email. Yeah, no fairman has been said heavy the load Deena big buck. kuriyama with de

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They're also going to protect the religion by this Imam Rahim Allah to Allah at one point in the history of Islam, and all of them are great imams. But Rahim Allah, He is just everything he did that he would have a chaired by his mother who taught him.

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Another great scholars was no one but a chef. elohiym Allah also was raised by his mother. She raised him she will make sure that you memorize the Quran, memorize mapa Malik. Then she supported him financially to go to study under him Amharic Rahim Allah tala Shafi said, I memorize the Quran when I was seven years old, and I memorized and Martha when I was 10 years old,

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Sophia Anna 30 said I was raised by a single mom working, making money and spending her money on my education.

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kind of tells him be mother's anyhow a terrible job now, she sent them to collect the Hadith from all over the Muslim world, a working mother

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Don't you think? That they achieve all this just by their in their own?

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Or it is because of a dedicated mother and father.

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A biohack

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think of perhaps a musician. He used to teach the children a Quran

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until the whole entire mustard was occupied. So we extend the hillock. The circles of teaching are outside the must for Kenya pavilion BMR.

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Majumdar. Yes, makhura Coppola. He will be in a donkey because there is a such distance and a great number of people

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been canopy Hill puffy helper T cell alpha two alpha sub

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3000 children. He used to teach them

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what can I do and I am and he he never charged them a penny, a single one of them.

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Even Bishop Ninh hackin, one of the great scholars of Hadith, his father took good care of him. And he basically traveled with him over the world to learn the hobbies and took a look at the hobby until his son became one of the unique scholars of his time because he lived a very long life. For him alone, dad.

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And even Malik his daughter was an excellent memorizer of the Quran and the Hadith roadwatch. He studied under his aren't sure of the law and how Alva

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and I can go on and on and on. And many examples like this. So I think this is something I hope to inspire each and every one of us to reevaluate our relationship with our family and children. That this is something we should care for and find ways and hopefully this will be a next talk about to talk about some ways that it will. We can use these tools to help us to make our children more interested in learning the Koran. And I hope that there will be my next topic in shallow data soon. I asked a last part ellonija no Yakumo.

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I'm gonna start with this on end with it. Start with it as the first point I believe.

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It is so important for us to think about it. If we really care about our generation generation, and about our community to be in relationship in good relationship with God.

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I'm not expecting every kid of us will be happy.

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That's not realistic. But what's realistic that each and every one of us do his and her best to increase the relationship with the Quran every month, every week, constant increasing. And if this became your goal, that I'm constantly increasing my relationship with the Quran

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I can promise you

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that if your children see you care for the Quran, they will care for the Quran.

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I promise you

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if you like Abdullah bin Idris when he was about to die, his son was crying next to him. And he told his son Don't worry about your dad. You see that spot right there? said yes. He said

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movie or bata

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Don't worry about me, son. You see that spot. I made 4000 tomorrow

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I'm ready to go.

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If your son sees you that way, knows about you that

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I can't do that this one step toward the right direction and more points shallow will share in the future. But I hope this was something just to make the conversation serious and take advantage of the opportunities that is available in the massage in the schools and community leaders. were blessed with many fatherless community and in whatever you pray,

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but let's make this as a goal for us to increase as a family as a community, our relationship with that thing that it will protect us and will guide us because we needed the most alum and you know why devina law minister kudos to our alpha for Lena at info Santa

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Rosa ca. Antonio Hamada Highlander SUV Hakuna manabadi mi La MaMa Mohammed Idina en la montagna en la my filling it with an mo de

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lado de la la la la mina silica

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alumina with a have a woman Oh

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law minister can tell anybody Dena on top

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of it Mr. Amina home upon what until a Muslim you know Muslim woman you know, may not even know what I'm what overly Montana overtly Montana. I mean, you have a general issue marijuana yamawaki main issue marijuana

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and another generic from what we'll talk about tonight. Mr. Obama, or faculty, Latino solomo sallim ala Nabina, Muhammad Ali Asami