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First question brother is smart he from Malaysia emails and he asks a very standard question which a lot of us have. And that is that if I do a full reversal, he says, but don't perform will do, do I automatically get a will do or must I perform a will do either during the whole sorter after the whole sort of so the question is that does doing a listen automatically give you the verdict of doing will do as well? Or do you have to do another will do during or after the whole? So that is the question

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107 I mean, Kobe league in Illa de Jalan, no Hey, la him first.

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Now, firstly, before I answer this question, from a technical standpoint, let me say that the sooner procedure for doing Listen, the sooner procedure for taking a ritual bath, is that you actually do a will do within the hostel. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would start his lesson by doing a full Voodoo except for the feet, and he will do the full book, and he will be sitting down sallallahu wasallam, then he would take some water, and he would pour it on his shoulders and rub and scrub. And then he would pour a little bit on his head sometimes as well. And then the very last thing he would do once he had scrubbed his whole body rubbed his whole body, then he would walk one

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two paces, and then wash his feet on a separate area, because again, back then they wouldn't stand and take a shower, they would sit down and pour water on top of themselves. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would begin doing a hosel would will do it, we'll do a full we'll do. Now our brother is saying, What if you don't do it, because it's not a really good to know, scholar says that you must do the will do rituals within the hosel. No scholar says that it is soon it's good. And we these days, we're taking a shower, so the shower is coming on us and we're just you know, scrubbing ourselves and then we exit the shower. And that is also there's no doubt that is also now

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the question arises, our brother is asking that will a full vessel without doing the will do ritual because again, if we did the will do within the hosel We're fine. If we did the will do after the also we're fine. But what if we didn't? What if we just took a shower? And then we walked out? And we wanted to pray? Does the Wilson allow us automatically to have the status of Moodle? So to answer this question, I actually wanted to give a disclaimer that you know this question sounds very innocent and simple. And yet behind it, there's a lot of complex methodology. And in fact, it is quite a detailed response that you get lost in the hermeneutics of how to get to this answer. And

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many times a questioner himself or herself does not realize that why is there such a variety of responses? And so, in answering this question, I hope that inshallah you will understand just a little bit about some of the technicalities of answering even what is considered to be relatively basic fifth question. And this also leads us to another area of commentary, and that is this overly simplistic notion that a lot of people have that I don't want to follow the schools of Islamic law. I'm just going to open up the Quran or open up the books of Hadith and what does the deli say? What is the evidence from the Quran and Sunnah? Well, the reality is that this is a question that out of

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1000s and 1000s of questions that demonstrates why such a simplistic answer will never such a simplistic paradigm, excuse me will never give you an answer. The Quran and Sunnah does not explicitly tell us if you do a wholesale you automatically get it will do or not. That is something that is not found in the

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very in the in the explicit understandings of the Koran or Suna in the authentic so nice to say there's nothing of this nature, there's a slightly weak Hadith, but there is nothing of this nature and that is why we go back to derived epistemology or what is called or soil or how we derive Fiq from the evidences of field the methodology of reaching a verdict based upon the evidence is because here's the point we need to extrapolate, we need to figure out the overall methodology what is to be done when we are doing two actions not exactly the same. And they are coinciding with one another. The technical term is to da da da da da hola Larry Baghdad or merging one act into another over

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another doing one thing and you wanting to get another thing out of it. This is called Getting it making one into another and included in this concept for example is you know if you enter the masjid for selected fudger and you want to pray to rock out for frigid and you also want to pray let's say the Torah of Tahiti to the masjid, right, can you combine those two

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by praying one, one set of tulika. Can you combine both? Or for example, if you haven't fasted the month of Ramadan, fully, and you want to make the sixth show while, can you combine the need of the making of the cover of Ramadan with the sixth of chawan? Or if you have the six of Shawwal? Can you choose Monday and Thursday and combine the knee of six of chawan? With the double blessing of Monday Thursday? I'm not going to ask you those other questions here. But if you've ever listened to my q&a, or anybody's q&a, you will see there's a spectrum of opinion on pretty much all of these issues, because the concept of merging two new years or to actions into one and then seeing Can we

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do this or not, it is not something that is that straightforward, and it requires a much lengthier discussion, what action can be subsumed into another such that if you do it automatically, the first action or the other action will be considered to have been done? So to get to an hour? The answer to your question. So let's begin by stating that once again, we are discussing the scenario where you have not done we'll do within the hosel. Because if you do, we'll do within the hosel then clearly you have done will do and also we are discussing if you do hosel without doing whoodle. And of course we're all aware that in normal or regular circumstances doing a will do will never give you

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also lucid is higher, right. Also it is the entire body. So doing a will do if you, for example, are in the state of Genova you've engaged in intimacy with your spouse, or the sister has finished her menses she has to take the full hosel obviously, in normal circumstances, if you're healthy and everything is normal, and you have water simply doing will do will never give you the hosel but the opposite doing listen will give you will do this is what we are discussing. So first and foremost, let us begin the discussion by stating what if you take a quick shower with the intention of cooling down, it's a hot day you just want to cool down or with the intention of just rinsing yourself off

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like it's your daily routine. soon as you wake up before you go to work, you take a quick shower and then you go out your knee was not the ritual allsole unior was just look, I want to take a shower in your heart, there was no action of taboo or a bother to Allah subhanho wa Taala you didn't have the intention of of also, the intention was Hey, I just want to put shampoo in my hair. I just want to clean my body feel fresh before I go to work. This scenario, the vast majority of scholars, there's a small dissenting position within the Hanafi school. Otherwise, the vast majority of scholars would say that there's there's just no question you haven't done will do you have not done will do because

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you didn't have the intention of actual Listen, you simply had the intention of cooling your body down the intention of taking a shower, you didn't do the ritual of whistle. So the default if you take a shower or a bath, or you just jump into your swimming pool, and you don't have the intention to do Olson, well then as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Mr. Lubin, the yard actions are judged by intentions and you had no intention to even do hosel. So then how could you get the intention for will do so that much inshallah it should be very clear, let's flip it around. Let's go to the exact opposite. Let's suppose that you did have the intention for a horseman and

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that also was obligatory on you. So after intimacy, or after menses for our sisters, also, it is obligatory on you, okay, you must do hosel before you pray, in this case, if you were to do hosel with the intention of also the majority of the amount, and this is the default position. In the all of the schools of law, they say that you automatically get to the status of Hulu, if you do a hustle that is wajib on you. Okay, so doing a wajib also, the majority of scholars a pine that you automatically have will end their evidence for this is the verse of Surah tilma that talks about the Voodoo that Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, how to do will do. And then Allah azza wa jal

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says that what in quantum Judo been *a Harun if you are in the state of Geneva, then cleanse yourself totally. So Allah is saying do we'll do this is how you do will do. Then Allah says, if you're in the state of Geneva, then do aussehen which means the verse implies if you do hosel you have also done so based upon this, our scholar state, that if you're doing the hustle that is obligatory to do which is after intimacy, which is after ejaculation which is after the menses, if you're doing that hustle, and you have the need of also then yes, automatically you get will do so after you finish the hosel even if you haven't washed your hands and done the model model and the

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wiping of the hair which is done

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Do you don't need to wipe the hair Your hair is going to be wet anyway, the point is that there's a ton of tea been ordered that is done in will do right so you wipe you wash the hands and the face you wipe the hair you wipe with you wash the the feet, that order is not going to be done. If you take a shower, if you just take a shower you just the water just pouring down on you. But if you have done the hosel that is why we said automatically you get the upgrade and you have will do so as soon as you finish that hosel you can walk out of the shower dry yourself out put on your clothes and automatically tray whatever you need to pray that also will give you the although the main

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controversy comes and we're not going to go into all of the finer details just summarize it and move on. The main controversy comes is that what if you do a lawsuit that is not wajib and now there was just a shower to warm up or to cool down or to wash yourself? You do a holster that is you know the Nia is I want to do but it's not wajib on you right now. In other words, suppose you wake up in the morning and you did your you know you want to just take a shower and in your heart you're like okay, let me just do the knee of also as workers you know, you can do holster that is you know, muster hub, or MOBA, you can do most of that as soon for example, taking also on the day of Friday, it is

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soon it's not wajib right? Doing a wholesale before entering a home It is sooner it is not wajib. Okay, so these types of voices are soon. And if you were to just take a hustle at any time of the day or night and your Nia is also it's allowed nothing wrong, I can take a wholesale as soon as I wake up and I don't need to take also. So what if you do that type of also not wajib and you had any abortion? This is where we get some, you know, controversy, I would say maybe 5050 you know, you get that that that contest over here? Because the the contention is that doing the woowoo for Salah is obligatory. However your hustle that you have done that is not obligatory. It's so nice. It's most

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the habits MOBA. So in this case, they said because they will do is obligatory, you must follow the procedure for will do otherwise, one group of scholars says your whistle that was Suna will not get you the upgrade of the Voodoo that was wajib. If you get my point here, okay, this is a large position, I'm not going to say majority of minority, we can say that 50 50% of the scholars are like this and the default of the humble you might have and the Maliki method. And the position of many of my own teachers it was a bit irritating and others is that such a hustle does not give you

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a hustle that you do for the sake of whatever other reason that you are not in the state of job, and you do not perform will do within that hustle asuna hustle. Or MOBA hustle will not give you the father will do. So if you do such a hustle. And then you walk out of the shower, and you want to pray and you realize, Oh, I did have the Nia for hustle. But I didn't do the order. Because we'll do has an order, right? We'll do has a specific order. Yes, the limbs are wet. But just like if you stood in front of the sink, and you start started with your feet, and then you washed your hands and then you did your your hair wiped your hair and then you know you did the face, that's not a little

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you messed up the entire order. So to this group would say that if you're doing a Suna reversal, then you don't get the fourth of the will do unless you're doing the fourth of the hosel in which case because that is a blessing ritual because that's an obligatory ritual. And because Allah says in the Koran, if you are in the state of Geneva, then do listen which is Allah is indicating that listen will give you will do. So this group of scholars says and the other also will not give you though, you should be aware that other Medina had the Hanafi school generally speaking on the shafr it's one and again there's dissenting voices and all of them. This is an issue where you will find

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dissenting voices even within the schools that the Shafi school says even asuna or mooster have Danielson it will give you will do no problem and the charter school is generally the most tolerant of combining any type of muscle in order to give you will do so the bottom line my advice to you is to get out of the controversy. If you are doing the listserv, that is obligatory, no problem you have. However, if you're doing a shower ulcer for any other reason, then I encourage you to follow the sooner which is that even while you're standing in the shower, take it'll take 10 seconds or less just quickly do a symbolic will do symbolic because the water showering on you anyway right you

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have to do it much just do a symbolic Kudu you just wipe yourself in the order of the limbs of Voodoo and then you would have done the will do and so you're out of the controversy and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best

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