Yasir Qadhi – Wisdoms in the Quran #11 Reconciling

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of finding peace between cultures and finding a partner is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving peace. The speaker also emphasizes the need to actively work out relationships and find a partner to achieve this. The goal is to bring together two people to see if they can bring about a good cause, and the goal is to bring people together by showing them the importance of cooperation. The speaker emphasizes the need to actively work out relationships and find a partner to achieve this goal.
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Today is wisdom from the Quran surah Nisa, verse 128. Towards very simple memorize it was so higher peace and reconciliation is best was so high for two people that are in a fight for a husband and wife that aren't getting along for two nations and tribes that are at war. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us a maxim, a rule was Sulu higher, coming together on a peace treaty having a reconciliation. It is always the best Subhanallah our opponents say Islam is war, Islam is violence. And the Quranic message and the Sierra message is exactly the opposite. Allah subhanho wa Taala always encourages Salah and peace. In fact, even with regards to the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in

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Jannah, who does sell me Virginia hella waterworks, Allah, if they lean towards peace, then you as well lean towards peace, and put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was negotiating with the Treaty of Arabia, he said, I swear any condition they put on me, as long as it is halal, as long as the religion is respected, I will agree and submit to it. And the condition they put on me, as long as we can reach a Salah and the Shah or the religion of Allah is respected, I'm willing to do that. And that is why the treaty or the BIA was enacted, and it was in fact a success. So what is

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this maxim, what is this wisdom was so let us look at it first in the context of this verse. And then as we usually we brought in and we bring other benefits from this verse from this phrase, the verse itself comes in the context of Believe it or not, husband and wife on the verge of divorce. So Allah subhana wa Tada says, if the two of them are fighting, this is in the Quran, if they think the marriage is going to end, then let each one of them find an arbitrator. Let each one of them find a person, a judge you and your cousin or relative, a friend that knows the situation. And they can bring in let each one find one person more sympathetic to that side. So let the husband find a

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family friend, a cousin or brother, let the wife find a family friend, a cousin and Brother, let them all come together and let them try to work it out. Then Allah says was solid. And Allah is saying, if you can work it out, it is always going to be for the best. Allah wants you to work out this type of situation. If Allah wants even two people that are about to get divorced, to come back together again, how much more so for two nations that war? How much more so for tribes that are having a fight between them, our religion commands, our religion encourages to find peace as much as possible. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged the Muslims to actively

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get involved in bringing about peace between their family and their friends. Once he stood up in a gathering, he said, Do you want me to tell you something more blessings and pleasing to Allah than Salah and sadaqa and so on? They said, Yeah, rasool Allah what is more blessing and pleasing to Allah than Salah and sadaqa And Psalm, what can be better than fasting and praying and charity. He said, I'll soon that will be in a slide with that in vain, bringing two people that are fighting, bringing them back together, actively being involved in society and Wallahi. Brothers and sisters, I say to you bluntly, this is something unfortunately is lost in our society. We have this mentality

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of minding your own business, and no doubt if you're not involved in to people's lives, you mind your own business, but your own friends are fighting your own cousins are not talking. If you are in the people involved in the people then it is your business. You're not a stranger. If two of your friends have had a fight, if two of your relatives are no longer talking, you are not a stranger. This is not minding your own business. If you are a senior who is respected if you're a neutral party that the both of them know and respect and like then it is a type of photography fire. It is one of the highest types of sadaqa that you can give. Yes, it is sadaqa it is charity. You give your

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time and you give you a result and you give your attention and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying Allah will reward you more than your Salah more than you'll see I'm more than your sadaqa. In fact, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala explicitly and the prophets are some explicitly encourage tactics that are otherwise not encouraged. Even tactics that are not encouraged. They become encouraged when the goal is to bring people together. For example, the Quran says La Jolla Rafi cathedra Midna to our home. It is not good to have secret guys

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gatherings, you know, when people gather secretly, hey, we're meeting here don't tell anybody 99% of the time. Evil is afoot, right. Anytime you have a secret gathering 99% of the time, bad things are gonna happen. Hey, we're having a secret key. Make sure you don't tell so and so make sure those people don't come we're gonna have something behind those people's backs. You know, trouble is afoot, but Allah says there are some exceptions. One of those exceptions are some of them. Illamasqua LM and Amara sadhaka 10 Oh, ma roofing Oh is La henbane Innes. One of the times secret gatherings becomes encouraged is when you bring together various parties to figure out a tactic of

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how to bring two people back together again. You invite the extended family and friends, two cousins are not talking invite the rest of the cousins. And the goal is explicit. Hey guys, we're having a secret event. Those two are not coming because the goal is we want to work together to bring about a good cause. We want to work together to see how we can bring these two people back together again, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, lay several Katib is not considered lying. It's not considered lying. If you say something that is causing Salah between two people even saying something that is factually untrue at this point it becomes rewarding now use your wisdom you don't

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want to make make a fool of yourself but our scholars give examples and these examples are not meant for copy and pasting they're meant for you to use your intelligence and apply in that situation suppose you are witness and the two friends the two brothers the two cousins got into a nasty fight some days go by some weeks go by you go to the one of them say you know I was with so and so and he regretted he weren't he used to harsh words are really well look and then you go to the other guy you know I was with so and so you know he regretted maybe he was a bit too harsh. He got angry quickly. So both hearts soften then you follow up you have that plan with the rest of the cousins

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right? So each cousin will say something here and there. This is halal strategizing, and it is halal to say something that is factually not exactly true. But at the same time you're not you know creating a blatant lie you're trying to use some wisdom here. The goal is to what bring people back together again. And you know from the Sierra we learned our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself would get involved between Solon Ohio, getting involved at every level, you know, between I gave a wholehearted a few months ago about two you know, people in Medina, one of them one of them was an indentured servant, the other was the slave. They were having a divorce and the prophets have

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some got involved and wanted to bring select between Medina and her husband. I mentioned the whole story here. And in fact, his own daughter fought him and Oliver the Allahu Anhu. They had a issue it happens between husband and wife and he got involved as a neutral party. I gave a talk here as well. And I showed how even though his daughter was involved, he didn't get involved in the nitty gritty and actually deconstruct the argument rather, he facilitated the two of them coming back together as a good father in law is supposed to do and in the whole Medina that he was 10 years in Medina, only one time did he actually remain in Medina and did not lead the salah. Otherwise, if he was not not

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in Medina, somebody will lead the salah if he's in Medina, he is going to lead the Salah, only one time it happened that he was in Medina and he was not able to lead salatu salam Thalassa, or Salado and that is that two tribes had a physical fight outside of Koba, they literally started saying things, one of them hit the other one and threw the stone at the other and they had a physical fight literally in the time of the sahaba. Even though human beings they had a physical fight, two people were wounded. The prophets have said Abu Bakr Come let us go and make solar between those two tribes. They left maybe around 910 o'clock they left and the goal was to come back by salatu salam

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ala vorher came and he's nowhere to be seen. You know, it takes a while to bring people back together again and the time is going to time is going It's almost time for outside and of course there's no cell phones Nobody said so they waited waited waited until finally they said okay, we have to press a little lower because he's not here and so they put up their mouth to lead the salah and the Prophet system came at the very end the last Rakhi he came it caused a bit of a scene that he was walking in and now what are they going to do somebody else is leading so there's an interesting story point is even salata, Volker was delayed. One time in the whole Sierra. Why is

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life that we'll be bringing two warring tribes together and making sure there's peace and reconciliation. And in the famous incident, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam picked up his grandson al Hassan while he was crying in the hotbar he interrupted the hook but he came down, picked him up, he brought him back to the member and he pointed to his son, his grandson and he said this son of mine min grandson, one day is going to be a great leader. Why? Because he

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will bring two warring tribes of Muslims together again, he will bring solar between the Ummah and that's what happened in the time of it has another Allahu and he brought the solar hub between he became a leader by giving up his leadership the Prophet system called him a leader he sacrificed his leadership because bloodshed is not good warring is not good so he said to the other party halls you take it I'm not gonna cause any more bloodshed for my sake so he reconcile by giving up his own Khilafah and our prophets have said this is the real leader that is the Savior and it shows you what it means when you bring people together again so the bottom line I encourage myself in all of you

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don't be a neutral bystander when your close friends when your close family is having an issue then try your best to be a party that facilitates was solid okay bring about soda and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will make our hearts Saudi Saudi means from so that by the way, the same route here you will be comfortable on your hand when you're mixing between people may Allah subhana wa Tada make us amongst them worship was sent on why the Kabbalah Allahu Baraka

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