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First night of marriage

Riad Ouarzazi


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Alright, so just you know, this is the sort of the process of when you get married the first thing you do is you come you see the wife, she's, you know, look at me like your wife is

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supposed to be shy, right? Your wife supposed to be shy? So she's shy. So you come the first thing you do, what do you do? You put your hand right 10 on her forehead just like this.

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And then you recite the

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application, aloha mania cerca

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de de

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la. You know this guy. memorize it, man. Very important. You can say it in English or they know of Norwegian or nobody to do. It's in the fortress of the Muslim in the book or the fortress of the Muslim. You can find it there in Charlottetown. Okay, so you say this. And then what do you do after that? Let me show you.

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You gotta a glass of water of milk. Its benefits milk. Right? You drink.

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You drink

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love in the air. Hello.

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Hello, love.

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And then you bring a date. So now I'm telling you, you bring a date. Give a date.

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Then you eat from the date.

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And then you start your life with Taka?

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Taka, you're going up to like I with her. So you go behind me.

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And we

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don't do like this man did somos de la toma de

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there's this guy. He just got married. Just pray as if this is your last prayer.

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You're just starting your life with your wife. Pray this is your last prayer.

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And you don't have to recite the bacala

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or you don't have to restart or aneesa.

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All right. And then after that, you talk. You talk with your wife. That's it. Thank you