Dua to Overcome Feeling Helpless

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You need to have a higher number to be able to heal higher voila Cody Shea in Korea, or shadow under Mohammed Abu basura wasafi Yoo hoo Hello, Amanda toda la Brea salat wa salam ala Akasha what's How can I edit my edited by one ladle How can I hurry holla is Ivana Illa Holic Fattah he have little slower to attend with tasneem while he was lucky to be here womanist tend to be similar to Medina Medina I mean home Amina Latina Amman why middle Sati how to to also be happy with awesome sub i mean i mean what we'll see come when FCB tap Allah

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wa colorata you hola Dena Amira tapa la haka Ducati he will auto tune in on Tuesday morning. Yeah, you are not suitable Rob Bakula. De Sala hakama nursing wahida well holla comin has o jaha webadmin hamari john and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up a lot of the Tessa I don't know b1 on ham in the La kennady cumbre FIBA un Latina armineh taco la Hulu colon sadita useless Roku, Roku lacandon Obi Wan Illa Rasulullah who Fokker defassa fosun alima from my bed. We begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger We ask

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Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in their blesseth path until the day of judgment, we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah, I mean, their brothers and sisters, we've spent the last few weeks talking about faustin. And what we see in Palestine and what we see in the world, in terms of those that are oppressed, the ones that we mentioned frequently, like our brothers and sisters and Philistine, the ones that in the backgrounds like our brothers and sisters, Neverland is done in Iraq and Siri on the list goes on, things continue to unfold for them

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in a horrible way. And as we see these things, a lot of times there can be a shut off inside of you.

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And I want us to talk about this idea of ads, of being unable feeling helpless. It's actually a very interesting word. And it's one that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us in several of his eyes and several of his supplications and realize there is allowed in both our personal and our social contexts, both those things that affect us at the family level, and those things that affect us at a global level at a community level. an adage is if you're seeing someone that you love, and a lot of pain, and you can't do anything to help them. Some of us have been in that situation, right? You see someone, a child, a parent, a spouse, a friend, someone that you love, and you wish you could do

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something, but you can't do anything. And so you feel a sense of inability, you feel a sense of helplessness, and it could indeed be that you see the injustice of the world and you say Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah forgive us for our inability, when we see our brothers and sisters in Philistine when we see people that are oppressed at this level. And you know, this becomes a repeated thing where it's video after video, the trauma of seeing police brutality in the United States, if you are a black parent in this country, and you have to worry about that being your child, the trauma of seeing people back home, if you have migrated to this country, and you realize that you are in a place of goodness and welfare, they're in a place of hardship. All of these things shut us off, and they could make us feel a great sense of agis of inability. And there's this fear

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that we say morning and evening. It is not a new app for people to learn. I think for the most part, you have all heard this. But I want to elaborate on these few concepts and shout lots out as they relate to us at a deeply personal level. Because if we are in a place where we're asking Allah subhana wa tada to help us overcome certain things that hold us back and if we are able to gain certain qualities, then that will make us more productive in all of our affairs. And this is a Hadeeth that is authentic across the board. The incident behind it is disputed however the dura is undisputed in terms of how authentic it is. Almost anything at all the Allahu anhu says that once

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered the messages and he saw a man from the unsolved named Abu Manama. So he said, mama Yeah, battle mama Marley urraca Julissa, some famous GDP lady walk the slaughter. Oh mama, why is it that I see you sitting in this messages at a time that is outside of the prayer time for you lady walk the salon. Of course there were people that would sit and do to Dumbo and tobacco there are people that would that would do reflection and contemplation there are people that would engage themselves in remembrance, but Amanda looked like he had a lot on his mind a lot on his heart. He was out there at the salon at a time around

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message at a time where he typically was not at the messages before. And our Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who had enough on his plate, adds more to his plate by going and asking people how they're doing. Now that's something by the way that should not be missed in this study. It was a little less on the law. It was seldom you can imagine when he came to the mustard, how much he's carrying, when he leaves the mustard, how much he's carrying. And sometimes you don't ask someone how they're doing because you know, you're gonna get into a long conversation, you know that this is going to prolong itself. I might regret getting involved because I don't have time to deal with this right now. But

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our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would ask people about them, he would he would ask about people that were missing and he would ask people that were there, but they seem to be in a different place that were physically present but emotionally, mentally looked like they were somewhere else. So why is it obama i see you in the situation. So he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Paula Holloman Lizzy Matheny. What do you know on jasola he said, Jada sola I'm just overcome with a lot of anxiety. And I'm buried in debt too. So I'm, I have a lot going on in my life. Right now. I'm grieving I have a lot of anxiety. And at the same time, I'm buried in this debt

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parlez sallallahu wasallam effa fly lemo kalama either enter culture who have Allah azza wa jal, the hammock wakaba Anka dainik the Prophet slice them said let me teach you some words that if you save them on a daily basis in the morning and the evening, Allah subhanho wa Taala will do away with your anxiety and Allah subhanaw taala will do away with your debts. God according to Bella Yasuda, Allah He said I said to the Messenger of Allah yes a messenger of Allah I thought that either way either I'm Sita Allah on the in the arrows will be coming at me well hasn't become enlarged it will castle will be coming eligible

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to become an Hala betadine worker every job so this is a draft of course that we say often and has different variations of it. But the Prophet sallallahu it was said I'm sad to say a lot many are becoming in harmony one has an ally seek refuge in You from anxiety and grief over the weekend in large z while castle and I seek refuge in You from inability and from laziness. Wherever the vicap mina jugni well book I seek refuge in You from stinginess and cowardice. vicat Minh holida Dany Wakata region and I seek refuge in You from the burden of debt and from being subjugated to men from being at the mercy of someone else other than you Oh Allah. Now, Amanda continues kind of a fan to

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that he can have Allah azza wa jal honey macabre neediness that I did with the Prophet slicin told me so Allah indeed removed my anxiety at a loss of habitat did away with my debts, but I want to talk about this inshallah Tata particularly from the first two sentences, the difference between these words and what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is actually giving to us, Allah in the arrows will be kept me that hum meet what hasn't? Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from an him which is anxiety and it hasn't, which is grief. And him the scholars say it refers to anxiety over the future. I'm worried about what's going to come next. I'm worried about tomorrow. I'm uncertain about

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this situation. I don't know how this is going to unfold and that's causing me a great sense of paralysis and him

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and the Prophet sallallahu it was said I mentioned when asked, What dunya acabado hammer whoever wakes up and has jr has the world the life of this world as their greatest him their greatest concern that which causes them great anxiety down Allah Falco beignet. He has poverty between his two eyes. All he sees is poverty at all times. And so the hem here is not a positive. It's not worried about something that is good. But it's rather the anxiety that comes with being uncertain about the future and him and hasn his grief and it refers to the past. It refers to a great sense of loss, I can't get out of the pain that I am feeling in the past. And so basically Subhanallah you're

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asking Allah subhanaw taala to remove the concern of the future and the burden of the past so that you can be more productive in the present. Because at the end of the day, both of these things paralyze you, they both stop you from being able to move forward. And sometimes we might think that we should feel a sense of guilt for moving on from something. You know, by the way, it's always important to recognize that the shavonne leads you to either unproductive action or to no action at all by giving you good words. Right? And so how can you move on from the past, you should feel guilty, you should hold yourself to the past and you should not do anything. That is something that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala does not praise about a person. You might think that it's a sin that I committed in the past and I can't get over it and that matoba regret is repentance, but at the same time hustla which is remorse, where a person just sits around and a person says, Yeah, I messed up, I messed up, I messed up, that's not a praiseworthy quality. And so a person is either stuck in the past, or they're way too concerned about the future. And the scholars mentioned here, that when it comes to the past, because you're not just saying these doodads without understanding the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala behind them. Allah subhanho wa Taala will not hold you to the sins that

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you have committed in the past if you repented from them. So if it's a sin that's causing you grief, Allah subhana wa tada will not hold you to that. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to move forward. And this is something that I want you to think if you were the Sahaba. We talked about hamazon all the time. I knew a few nights ago. Imagine being washy, right? And you cause that grief to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by killing someone so beloved to him, but still you have the motivation to move on Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want you to be frozen or paralyzed by your past. So if it's sin are something that you've done that you need to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the

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one that's most forgiving, his pain that you feel over something that indeed happened to you than it is Allah subhanho wa Taala that compensates for that pain in the hereafter the compensation awaits around the corner. It is regret that you did not do something differently. You know, sometimes we think I could have done this differently and this wouldn't have happened. So we beat ourselves up over you know, not having done enough for someone or not having intervened at a certain point or not having done this or not having done that, then know that Allah subhana wa tada had a plan for that person as Allah subhana wa tada has a plan for you. The point is, is that you're not supposed to be

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frozen by your past paralyzed by your past, but instead use it grow out of it. And think about that, which comes afterwards Bitna nahi Tada. And remember that when it comes to the future as a person is so afraid, anxious, uncertain about that which comes next, that Allah subhanho wa Taala indeed is upon all things in control,

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that everything is going to unfold in the way that is going to unfold, whether you concern yourself with it or not. But by acting in a way that is praiseworthy bidding in

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the future will hold a positive fate for you. So and Hamlet has and this is also When the angels come to us when we are dying. And that's a harmful when I

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do not be, do not be afraid and less harmful about the future. When a person is leaving this world, the angel save a lot of hassle. Don't worry about that, which comes next one to have. And don't grieve over that what you are leaving behind? What's going to happen with their kids, what's going to happen with their spouse, what's going to happen with this person and that person, what's going to happen with all of this, not to know what's going to happen next, where am I going what's the next stage here at this point, there is no there is no actions latter half, don't be afraid Allah subhana wa tada is going to take care of you at this point. So me and him meet one has and then I'll

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just talk about the second one mineral adze. While castle This is very powerful, because lives in a castle often get translated as the same thing. A large, which is inability is either on playground, in the shade, it is when you don't have the ability to do something. So things are truly out of your, your control. You're in a situation where you are helpless and you can't do anything about it. And you're asking Allah subhana wa tada Oh, Allah protect me from that. And castle, is when you have a podra Allah Shay, you have the ability to do something, but you have a tough output, you have a burden, something that's holding you back, you're able but you're not willing.

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You can, but you're not. And a lot of times we resign things to an absence that are really just accustomed. Many of us put things in the domain of we're not able to do it, where the reality is, we're not willing to do it. So finding the motivation, finding the willpower to be able to do something. And this is something that we have to remind ourselves that we push ourselves as much as we can. And sometimes the things that Allah subhanaw taala opens up for us as a result of his blessing that evening, Allah insha Allah by his will, by his permission, are things that we would have never thought we are capable of. Now the last thing I'll say here, you know, Gibney, what a

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book called cowardice and stinginess. We've talked about that before. In the past, this idea of not being able to do something when I should do something cowardice is I restrained myself when I should say something when I should do something. Elbow is when I don't spend when I could spend I'm not generous. I'm paralyzed by sense of fear of poverty. And then you find the Hello but the daily walk comfortably. JOHN tonight.

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be burdened by debt or to be at the mercy of another person to be subjugated by man. Well the prophets lie some wasn't thought of and the prophets lie Some said EDA mentor kirani Who are you leaving me to? Oh Allah. Are you leaving me to a family member? Are you leaving me to a stranger? Who are you leaving me to? Because no one likes to be at the mercy of another human being in any way whatsoever. What I want us to leave with and Chatelet Tyler today though,

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what is the psychological effect of repeating this every morning and evening and understanding what it means

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an adze will cast him me What hasn't reminding yourself that Allah subhanaw taala is in control of the future so I should not lose I should not lose myself and uncertainty about it. reminding yourself that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has forgiven what you have done in the past and Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow that past to lead to future growth, reminding yourself not to grieve over it. reminding yourself that you get yourself out of it, that there are certain things that I cannot control but Allah Allah, forgive me when I can't control the situation helped me overcome those situations, Oh Allah open up those doors for me. And then when it comes to laziness, when a person just does not find the willpower to do anything anymore when a person shuts down, all of these are deeply complex topics but the effect of reading this on a morning and evening basis, where you're understanding the attributes of Allah

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subhana wa tada and you understand the deep wisdom of these words are things that can truly transform our lives and more importantly, can lead to elevation the hereafter We ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect us from a Hemi will hasn't narrowed to becoming an HMI when hasn't when arrows will be kept in an adze will castle when arrows will be kept jugni will briefly went through the becoming holla back to Janie wakatobi john Allah I mean, I

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mean, first off, hold off all right.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allahi wa sahbihi woman Lola La Nina Nina with muslimeen all Muslim Allah here

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in the casimiro terawatts Allah filled in our wonderful I know that's why I did not first an hour in I'm tougher

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than a corner minahasa in alarm in the Capital One Kadima to him, but if I find a lot of fun, do it Nina Robert McNamara bonus Ihara as well as you know the vrt Takata aerial vagina Safina imama a woman sort of one nostril dafina femur sciatica other mahavihara Allah is that is someone muslimeen whether there should have been with them there are the deen Allah ethical demeanor with a lot I mean wanted to know with one and invading him Saudi mean rebelled a lot in the law here a little bit idly with a subtle

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way in her in a fashion fascia you will win kalevala belly caribou, Camilla come to the Coronavirus Corolla is Coco mascaro Valentina is like one of the Quran Allah Akbar, Allah gosnold. Welcome, Salam