The Disease of the Hardness of the Heart & Its Cure

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at hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana huzzah Allah, we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whoever is misguided none can be guided except by Allah subhanho wa taala, a bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Jalla Jalla who, who and I bear witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet, and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran Yeah, you hola Tina. I'm an otaku.

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Allah aka Ducati, whether it's a moto in LA or anti Muslim on dear Muslims. The Quran tells us of one of the most dangerous diseases that afflict mankind. It is as a disease that can be said to be the root of all other diseases. It is a disease that the Quran warns us against. And it is called Password to curb or the hardening of the heart. Allah subhana wa Tada warns us in the Quran, to not be like those whose hearts have hardened in one surah Allah says them yet any levena amanu and Tasha Kuru boom LiveChat Allah hasn't the time come for the believers, that their hearts become soft at the remembrance of Allah, and that they do not follow the path of those who came before them. As

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time went on, their hearts became hard. As time went on, their hearts became hard. Allah says don't be like those before you. They have the book. They have the Torah, they have the Injeel they have this war, but they neglected it, and their hearts became hard. Allah tells us in the Quran of the people of Musa they saw the miracle of the dead of the Red Sea parting. They saw the miracle of being saved from around. Then Allah says thammakaset Kulu boohooman by Daedalic after they saw the miracles, after a short period of time, their hearts became hard. Allah tells us in the Quran regarding the same people for Hiya, can he Jarrah to Asha dukkha, Sua, their hearts became so hard,

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they became like rocks, in fact, even harder than rocks. So what is this concept of the hardening of the heart? What is this disease of the hardening of the heart? What are the symptoms of this disease? What causes this disease? And what are some of the cures of this disease? This will be some of what we're going to be talking about in sha Allah, Allah in today's hotbar. As for the disease of the hardening of the heart, our Prophet saw some reminded us that in our entire bodies, there is one lump of flesh, if that lump is pure, the rest of the body is pure. But if that lump is corrupted, the rest of the body is corrupted. Then he said, that small piece of flesh, it is the bulb, it is

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the heart. So when the heart becomes hard, when the heart ceases to be alive with Allah subhanho wa taala. It is signaling the mother of all other diseases. It is the lowering of the immunity of the heart. Our scholars mentioned, the hardening of the heart is the disease that opens the door to all other diseases, jealousy and arrogance and Kibera and leaving the remembrance of Allah, the hardening of the heart is the foundation of disease. If a person has this disease, all other diseases will come. Contrast this with the one whose heart is soft, the one who's hard to soft, his defense mechanism is at an all time high, the one who's hard to soft, he shall be able to repel all

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other diseases. So if this disease is so dangerous, then it becomes obligatory on all of us to monitor that disease. You know, the one who is afflicted with high blood pressure, he checks his blood pressure every day, the one who has a sugar problem, he checks his sugar constantly. So how

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About one we are told that if you have a heart to heart, it will be the mother of all diseases. Shouldn't we check our heart? Shouldn't we check what the status of our club is? And in fact, our Prophet system told us all believers, this is a Hadith, Allah does not look at your bodies. Allah does not look at your outer shape and form. Allah looks at your earlobe and your deeds Illa

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Allah doesn't look at your outer form. What is Allah look at? Allah looks at your earlobe, Allah looks at your heart and Allah Allah looks at the deeds does the deeds that you are doing. Therefore, the righteous person will constantly monitor one's own heart, the righteous person is going to check what is the state of my heart today? What was my other job in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala What are the symptoms we look for, for the hardening of the heart? Number one, the primary symptom of the hardening of the heart is that we do not enjoy the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada when the worship of Allah becomes a burden, when the rituals when the scilab when the Quran when the vicar is

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no longer bringing a spiritual satisfaction. In fact, it might even become a chore when you are praying not because you enjoy but because you just want to get rid of the obligation of prayer. Allah mentions about the hypocrites, way the combo in Asana, tea, or Musala. When they stand up to pray, they are not energetic, energetic, they're not enthused, they are spraying because they're lazy. They just want to get rid of the obligation to prayer. This is of the symptoms of the hardness of the heart. Number two of the symptoms of the hardening of the heart is to not care about the commandments of Allah, which is how long what is halal to ignore the Sharia to live a carefree life.

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You don't care whether the money is haram or halal. You don't care whether the food is haram or halal. You don't care what you're doing is haram or halal. When you find yourself living that life of heedlessness, then realize this is one of the main symptoms of the hardening of the heart. Number three, a symptom of the hardening of the heart is that when sins are committed, then there is no pang of consciousness there is no sense of guilt. Notice, I say when sins are committed, why? Because everybody sins, everybody's sins. But when the believer sins, the believer sins with the heavy hearts, the believer sins and the pang of remorse and the consciousness and the guilt

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overtakes that person. And that is a sign of Eman. It is a sign of a man to feel guilty. It's not good to sin. But if you commit a sin, you had better feel guilty. When the sin becomes habitual, and there is no remorse and there is no guilt, then realize this is one of the major symptoms of a hard heart whether you have to be loved. Point number four of the symptoms of a hard heart is the hard heart ceases to care about other people. You don't care about the poor, about the weak about the situation of the OMA, you have no concern about what's happening. And for those fleeing the Uyghurs, the Burma, Kashmir, all of this becomes far far away. It's only about me, myself, and I Neph see

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enough see, the person who only cares about himself. This is a symptom of a hard heart, the soft heart, cares about everybody. The soft heart is monitoring what's going on, around and in the globe. And the hard heart lives the selfish life. And this is a major symptom of a hardening of the heart. Yet another symptom of a hard heart. And this is perhaps the most dangerous is that the hard heart? Allah says in the Quran, Allah kuruva him akin their hearts are covered and sealed. Allah says that there's a laugh, there's a covering shroud over the heart and therefore Yara surah Allah when you preach to them, it doesn't reach their hearts because their hearts have been sealed Hashem Allahu

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Allah kuruva him. This is the most dangerous, the most dangerous symptom of a hard heart. What is that? Good advice, the Quran, the Sunnah. It falls on deaf ears. Subhanallah How can you cure somebody when he doesn't even want to pay attention to the cure? This is the most dangerous symptom of a heart to heart that the heart heart no longer cares about what the Quran says what the prophet system says. You can preach you can recite the Quran you can tell them the Prophet sesamum said and Allah says about another group they're not Muslims but Allah says that their hearts have been sealed someone Bookman are immune doesn't matter what you say on a scale Allah. So the believer has to be

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careful to not reach that stage. Because if you reach that stage, then the cure the antidote will have no effect when you read

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to that stage the heart has lost any hope of coming back unless Allah was a miracle so we cannot reach that stage we seek Allah's refuge from reaching the stage where the Quran and Sunnah falls on deaf ears. So if these are some of the symptoms and there are more than these, but it is summary today, if these are some of the symptoms of the disease, the question arises, what causes the disease? Okay, you monitor you check, but you also must know what causes it because just like a person has, you know, a problem with sugar with diabetes, the doctor will tell them what causes it, what causes it a lack of exercise, eating bad food you need to monitor before you get to that stage.

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So what causes a hardening of the heart? We'll list a few things today number one, number one that is mentioned in the Quran, that leads to a hard heart. Allah says in the Quran, woman out Olga indicati, for in Allahumma Isha Tom banca whoever turns away from my zikr is going to live a difficult and miserable life. So turning away from the Zika of Allah leads to a hardening of the heart, not doing remembrance, and the highest form of remembrance is the Salah, and of the highest forms of remembrance is the recitation of the Quran. So the one who does not pray, don't be surprised when the heart becomes heart, the one who does not recite the Quran. Don't be surprised

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when this will lead to a hardening of the heart. Allah subhana wa Tada mentions in the Quran. Listen to this verse, For where you live. rcit oluwo boohooman decorilla Woe to those whose hearts have become so hard, they don't even remember Allah Subhanallah woe to those whose hearts have become so hard they do not remember Allah. So if you remember ALLAH, the hearts will not go heart. So one of the main causes that leads to a hardening of the heart is to abandon the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I caution you from talking too much all the time, because talking too much without doing zikr of Allah makes the heart hard. And the furthest

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person from Allah is the One whose heart is hard. Talking too much means wasting too much time. And we're going to come back to this point later on. Point number two, what leads to the hardening of the heart. Point number two, what leads to the hardening of the heart is to turn away from the Shetty of Allah to not be concerned about your lifestyle and whether it is in accordance with halal and haram. Obviously, if you don't pay attention to Allah's commandments, then your heart is gonna go further away from Allah. Allah mentions explicitly in the Quran that abandoning the Sharia leads to a hardening of the heart. Allah says about the Bani Israel, Furby man not holding him Mitaka

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home, Lana Hamada Casia because they broke our covenant. They were cursed, and their hearts became hard because they broke our covenant. What does it mean? break our covenant, they did not live up to the Sharia. They didn't care about the Sharia. Fatima and not only him Meath Alka home, we gave them a metok live up to the shut er, they broke that mythique they didn't live up to it. Allah says We cursed to them. And we made their hearts hard. Our scholars commented, notice how Allah is linking between his Lana and between the hardening of the heart. If this were the only verse that disparaged the hard heart, it would be sufficient because Allah linked it with his Lana, Lana, whom, what your

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costs here. So how did that come about? They abandon the Sharia. When you abandon the Sharia, you don't care about your lifestyle, well, then obviously it's going to lead to a hardening of the heart. Point number three of the ways that the heart becomes hard, is Allah says in the Quran, colourable Araunah. Allah kuruva him macandrew Yuxi Boone, their hearts have become murky, darkened because of what they do. Their hearts have become not pure. They are murky, they are dark because of what they do. What is what they do, what is the dust, what is the rust of the heart, what is the darkness of the heart, it is the sins that a person does. So the one who constantly habitually does

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sins without any remorse. You're leading yourself to become of those whose hearts are hard, and of the things that makes the heart hard is to give in to every single bodily desire to open up the door for every pleasure, and to not concern yourself with the hereafter. Too much entertainment, too much laughing too much giving it to the Haram pleasures, the pleasures of the body, the pleasures of all of these pleasures. Well

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When you open this door, and if you satisfy the bodily desires, you're neglecting the souls desires, you're neglecting the bulb. So the person who immerses himself in this dunya, the person who's only worried about his wealth and his physical desires, and the food that he eats, and the pleasures that he enjoys what is going to happen? When you only concentrate on the body, the soul will slowly become corrupt. So all of these are factors that lead to the hardening of the heart. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a year comarca throttle Basik for in Catarratto bahagi to me, too, although I warn you against too much laughing too much. He didn't say laughing is out on too much

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laughing. What does it mean too much laughing. I warn you that you make your Days and Night into nothing but entertainment. This is not the way of the believer because too much laughing. What did he say to me to collude causes the cult to die, your cult becomes dead when all you're worried about is entertainment will lie. This is common sense. If you only take care of the body, don't be surprised when the soul is going to die. If you only feed the body, don't be surprised the soul is going to wither away. So all of these are causes that lead to the hardening of the heart. Okay, if these are some of the causes, well then what are the cures? What is the solution? Obviously, every

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one of these causes the opposite is the solution. So if the cause of the hardening of Dart is to leave the care of Allah, then the solution is to increase vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This is the main mechanisms to soften the heart constantly doing vicar of Allah, and vicar is not just with the tongue, Salah is dhikr Joakim is Salah, tele decree Quran is dhikr every remembrance of Allah is a vicar, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, Allah busy Karela he talked to my angel Kulu verily through the Dhikr of Allah do hearts find tranquility. So one of the main mechanisms to cure the hardening of the heart is to increase the vicar number to curing the hardening of the hearts

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number two, increasing the Nuffield increasing the Sunnah and nothing going above the bare minimum of the five Daviau salawat and just the fast of Ramadan and just the 2.5% No, increase the Nuffield Salah increase the Quran recitation increase, whatever sunnah. And no often you can do, I will prophesy. Some said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said that my servant draws closest to me through the obligatory deeds, and then he continues to draw closer to me through the Nuffield deeds, the way we come closer to Allah after the fourth is through the Nuffield deeds, number three of how we soften the heart. Number three, learning the Sharia and practicing the Sharia. Studying the religion

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and being around people of knowledge and people of Taqwa. You know, those of us who we hang around people whose hearts are hard, how will you judge your own heart being hard, but when you hang around the righteous when you befriend the Olia of Allah, when you're sitting in the company of those who are doing vicar, all of a sudden you feel a sense of hey, these people are different than me, and they seem pure and better than me, you get a sense of longing and desire, I want to be like them. So choose your friends wisely. Because one of the ways to soften your heart is to be in the company of the righteous. One of the ways to rise up in the ranks of Allah is to see who you associate with and

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to attend circles of knowledge. Our prophets as I mentioned, that attending circles of knowledge brings about the angels Rama, Allah the Prophet system said whoever comes to a gathering where they could have Allah is done. Allah Sakina surrounds them. Allah's Rama comes down upon them, the angels pray for them. So dear Muslim, we are so busy in our 24/7 routine. We're working 7080 hours a week we're spending time at home. Surely, we should carve some time out for the Masjid. Surely we should make it a routine to come to gatherings of in gatherings of vicar attend frequently the massages This will soften our heart being in the company of the righteous walking to the masjid praying GEMA

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in these gatherings, it is of the ways to make the heart soft of the ways to make the heart soft. Is dua to Allah subhana wa Tada dua to Allah. We literally ask Allah for Caleb Saleem, we ask Allah for code that is pure and good. Our Prophet system would make dua to Allah yah, mocha Libelle Kulu be a bit kalbi, Allah to Arctic or you who changes the hearts make my heart firm in worshipping you. This is our NABI. SallAllahu Sena making this dua Oh yoo hoo changes hearts. I want my heart to be firm. I want it to be pure. I want it to be coming straight to you. And Ibrahim Ali

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His Salam is praised in the Quran. How? Why is John Allah who Bill talbin Salim Ibrahim came in front of Allah with a pure heart. Notice why Allah praised Ibrahim his heart was sent him his heart was pure. So we ask Allah for a pure heart, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentioned in the Quran that when our trials kit fanola Is John Bass went up to Barbara Willa can Casa Kulu boom, why didn't they make dua to us when trials happen? But instead their hearts became hard? Why didn't they turn to us into up when trials happened to them, but instead of making dua, their hearts became hard. Once again a linkage between DUA and hardening of the heart. So of the ways to achieve a soft heart, we make dua

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to Allah subhana wa to Allah to bless us with a pure heart to bless us with a good heart of the ways to soften our color of the ways to have a soft called a good call is to immerse ourselves in reciting the Quran. And in listening to the Quran. The Quran mentions one of the most effective ways of softening the heart is to listen to the Quran. I repeat, the Quran tells us to soften the curb, listen to the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Who knows Zela Arsenal Hadith Nikita Bimota shabby Hamadani taco shell a Roman who julu to let in extra paham Thumma Tolino Kulu boom, so much Alina julu Doom will Kuru boom United Allah. Allah says the believers are those who when they recite

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the Quran, their hearts tremble, their skin is on an edge, then their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah Tolino their hearts soften. The opposite of passwords will call is lino called and Allah links the Quran to making the heart soft, so you have a hard heart. Stop listening to the music and the news. Stop listening to the entertainment put on some Quran as you go to work. Immerse yourself in the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada make the Quran what you put on the background of the computer when you're doing something put on the Quran. This will help your heart become soft. This is explicitly mentioned in the Quran. of the ways to soften the curb as well. of the ways to soften

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the color is to become involved in noble works that benefit other people. Stop being selfish with your own life, your own bank account your own car, your own houses your own family and get involved with something that is noble. Get involved with it a person's life that has no benefit to you except Allah subhanho wa Taala get involved in the life of a team of a miskeen and help that person out when you do so your heart will become soft. How do we know this beautiful Hadith? I mentioned this hadith so many times one of my favorite Hadith sunnah Timothy, a man comes to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam says Ya rasool Allah, I'm complaining to you he's coming to complain about himself.

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Yara surah Allah a schooI lake I want to complain to I want your help y'all to see what Allah my heart is hard. What should I do? He's coming literally laying it out. Yeah. Rasulillah My heart is art. What should I do? Do you know the response the Prophet system gave to him? What an amazing response. He said, Go find him his skin and feed him and go find your team and wipe his hair meaning hug him. Go find them his skin and feed them his skin and go find an orphan and hug the orphan be a part of that orphans, life Subhanallah what is the question? My heart, his heart? What was the solution? Do something noble? Find that your team find the miskeen get involved in their life? Why?

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What is the relationship between a hard heart and between noble deeds? Dear Brothers and Sisters, when you get involved in the life of somebody who's deprived in the life of an orphan, and the life of a poor person in the life of somebody struggling, when you see the reality of their lives, all of a sudden, your life becomes so privileged, and you understand the blessings Allah has given you. And you feel a sense of remorse and responsibility. You cannot be the same person. If you get out of your bubble of elitism. You get out of your super rich bubble and you walk into somebody who doesn't have a roof over their head, you walk to a refugee camp, you find an orphan that doesn't have

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parents and you get involved in that child's life. You cannot be the same person. You cannot be the same person. And that's why when the man said I have a heart to heart, the prophets have said go do something noble. Get involved in feeding hungry people get involved in helping orphans. And notice the physical aspect. One Sahara Selia team go wipe the head of an orphan, meaning show some love. So show some love to an orphan, your heart will become soft. So this is one of the ways that our hearts become soft. We stop being selfish and we get involved in the lives of other people. And one final point again much can be said as always, time is limited.

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One final point for today's quote, of the ways to soften the heart of the ways to soften the heart is to frequently remind ourselves of the inevitable ending of life and that is death.

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You constantly remind yourself this life is but temporary and all of us have to go. Why am I Jana? The Bashar in the public will hold. We never gave any human immortality. Alpha emitter for whom will Holly dune if you are going to die out of soul Allah do they think they're going to live forever? Alpha emitter for humans Holly Dawn, if anybody were to be given immortality, it would be our Nebby. Our Habib our Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah says yeah rasool Allah even you are going to pass away if you're going to pass away do they think they're going to live forever? Our Prophet system said to us he reminded us a kyrou Min Vickery, Hardiman let that frequently think of

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that which will destroy all of your pleasures frequently think of death, it will cause you to reorient your life, we are told to think of death, not to become morbid, not to live depressing lives, but so that we can maximize the efficiency of our lives when we think of death. As a Muslim, we should live more productive lives we have but one life to live, we want to maximize that benefit. When we remind ourselves that this world is temporary, all the pleasures will go away. That should give us an incentive to maximize the good that we do and live a productive life. Brothers and sisters, our Prophet sallallahu I do send them said that nobody is further away from Allah than the

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one whose heart is hard. We don't want to be that person. We don't want to be that person. Monitor your old monitor the the symptoms of a hard heart. If you find some of these symptoms, see what is causing them see the factors that lead there and then actively work to make sure our hearts are soft. That is the goal we want to have been Salim Allah says in the Quran yo Mala and for our mountain wala Bona at Allah has been studying on the Day of Judgment, all your wealth and all your children will be of no benefit to you. The only thing that will be a benefit who comes to Allah with a heart that is pure May Allah azza wa jal blessed me and you with and through the Quran, and may

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make us of those whose verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. As scholars forgiveness, He was will ask him for his death before and the Rahman.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. He it is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and he hears the prayer of the week, as to what follows dear Muslims, one of the primary causes of the hardening of the heart and our times, and it is unique to our times, is the proliferation of social media, and internet and entertainment. I just quoted you a number of a hadith of our Prophet CISM. warning us don't talk too much all the time. Don't get involved in too much laughter don't get involved in a too much entertainment. And the fact of the matter, we in this generation have perfected the art of entertainment like no other

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generation, look at our youth, they can hardly pay attention for a few minutes, they need something in front of them. They need a tick tock video or Twitter or Facebook, they need to see some video or something to trigger them. They can't even sit and pay attention. You don't think this is going to cause a hardening of the heart before we criticize our youth? How about me and you? What do we do when we're tired? When we have a long day at work? We pull up in front of the sofa and start going through the television channels. I'm not saying some entertainment is not helpful. Of course I'm entertainment. Yes, you need that. But if your only goal or your primary function, or the ultimate

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time that you spend is in front of a TV screen in front of a telephone screen in front of a computer screen, then something is wrong. Well Allah has something is wrong. And that's why one of the mechanisms of our scholars way before there was internet and social media. One of the mechanisms they advise to soften the heart is kalua. Cut off from everybody else. Sit alone in the masjid or in your room and just do the vicar read some Quran. Turn your phone off, shut the TV off, turn everything off around you. And just you and Allah that's it. Just you and Allah, sit there and read some Quran. Sit there after the Salah when everybody's rushing back and just do your God. These

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small things go a long ways in making the heart soft don't trivialize the small deeds brothers and sisters, because what causes the hardening of the heart is we're always busy in the dunya as soon as somebody says Salaam in the Salah we rush back to work as soon as we're finished. We go home watch the TV as soon as TV

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connections we go and sleep we wake up work the cycle begins and that cycle is a hardening of the heart. We need to break away from that routine, we need to find private time alone time. By alone time I mean time between you and Allah and nobody else and this is why the Nuffield Salah and especially to her Josiah is one of the most effective ways of softening the heart. Cut off from everything around you. Even if it is just for 510 minutes a day and sit there think about yourself, your life, what you've done, what you've accomplished, where you're going, think about Jana and jahannam. Think about Qiyamah and answering on the Day of Judgment, these small deeds is what is

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called Halawa. And Roberts will call this is what we want to do. And when we do So brothers and sisters you will find automatically your heart will become soft because this is the essence of the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah be the Karela he does my inner Kuru May Allah subhana wa Allah make us of those whose hearts are soft and turned to him Allah how many Dynafit aminu Allah Allah that IV Hello me them and Illa Fatah wa Hammond Illa for Raja what are they in? Illa Kadota What am I do you don't Illa Shia feta whether I see Ron Illa your sorta Allahumma fildena What is one in the readiness of Hakuna bin Iman what a treasure I feel Peruvian Alhamdulillah Latina Amanu

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Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Huma is that Islam I will Muslim in Allah whom is Islam I will Muslim and Allah Muhammad Allah Jenna are the Islam I will misdemeanor be so individual who may not say what you outed me wrong feet at bat here but we are disease about Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Amerind better BBFC within the Medaka the Kudo se was hailed as a become a you know naman Genie he was in say, for call as an accordion oedema in Allah Houma la casa Luna, Allah Nebby Yeah, you were living in Amman or Solu la he was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma salli wa salim robotic or an abductor Sudha Mohamed while he was a big marine everybody's Allah in Allah to Allah

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yeah Murrayville Adley what exactly what is it the orba wion Highland fracture it will Moon curry will belty your Edo Camilla Allah come to the Quran. The Quran Allah has already made the Quran which guru who yesterday? What are the Corolla heater Allah? We're

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be Ms. Dahiya doll Seanie one tells

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me what to feed

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Sunday. What

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feels cool to me.

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Journey Tansa down

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