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AI: Summary © A man discusses the benefits of the winter season, including a warmer climate and the ability to pray during the night. He also talks about the psychological benefits of living in a warmer climate, including the ability to enjoy the beauty of the world and the ability to pray during the winter season. The man encourages individuals to enjoy the warmer climate and to pray during the winter season.
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So then why they Kumara to LA who bought a cat two brothers and sisters, the brother Muslim con here for us Muslim, it's the winter season. And the winter season is not just about throwing snowballs at each other. But the winter season for a Muslim is actually a great blessing. It's something I've chose to, to discuss with you guys in sha Allah today. The scholars they've mentioned a very beautiful statement, Imam Ahmed and other scholars as well, as mentioned a very beautiful statement about the winter season. And they've said that when the winter season comes, for the believer, it's a blessing, because the days are shorter. And the reason why that's a blessing when the days become

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shorter for you. It's because you can fast and fasting becomes easier, and less hours that you can do that. And then the evenings is also longer. It's a blessing as well. Why? Because it's in the evenings during the winter season where you can sit down and you can pray to Allah, you can make your door and you can do the tahajjud you can do all the beautiful things that you want, and spend long, long hours during the night in prayer. The winter season brothers and sisters is a blessing from Allah. However, I do understand that it's cold, you can get to go outside you can enjoy the greenery and things like that. It's important brothers and sisters to know one Hadith of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said, Let suburi Don't curse the wind scholars they took this had these to show that this hadith also entails that we should never curse the weather in general. Can you imagine that? There's actually a hadith that teaches us not to curse the weather. So it's actually fundamentally wrong for a person or Muslim especially to wake up one day and be like, Oh my god, I can't believe it's raining again. Oh my god, I can't believe it's so cold. Why does it have to snow today? These are questions that are detrimental to our faith and to our airmen. So we have to be extremely careful of how we how we deal with these issues and how we accept the habit of

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Allah. It's by Allah's wisdom that we have a winter season. If Allah wanted, he would create the entire world to be just one kind of temperature, one weather in one season. But Allah chose it to be different. And there's also like these beautiful psychological benefits that you can get behind is just for us to basically be content and enjoy the blessings of the beauty in this world. Allah even encourages us in the end to enjoy this world. That's why you always have a yet in the Koran talking about the mountains and the trees and the weather and things like that. Why do we have verses like this is because living in this world is a beautiful place to be it is a blessing to be here as well.

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And as you guys can see behind me here, the snow itself is absolutely a beautiful thing to enjoy as well. So having said that, may Allah subhanho wa Taala put Baraka in your winter as well and also make the winter season easy for those who might be struggling through it especially our brothers and sisters around the world who may not have the comfort of warm clothing and heat and things like that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make this time easy for them. And guys, enjoy the winter salamati Kumara tola he will work at