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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a guest and a chef discussing the meaning behind a label on coffee. The guest expresses regret and hesitation, and the chef explains that regret is a reflection of actions. They also discuss various examples of embarrassment and regret, including a woman with a sad experience. The transcript explores the importance of protecting individuals during a crisis, including the use of military activity and the "we" in Islam.
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Jamie Bishop Bismillah your Walkman you're watching what we're hanging up on a summary for us about how you can label coffee

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for coffee, why he or hawi I don't know

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why I'm Paulo Yalla attorney will shake beer up Robbie had sort of the level of him. So that's basically verse 42, which I have just recited before you, and it speaks about the outcome of the curse that the pious soul had alerted his companion to giving him a warning, a sharp warning things can change suddenly, drastically and tragically, and exactly as he had alerted in verse 42. Allah subhanaw taala spells it out. We're an orphan probably 30 his fruit was and Gulf literal translation Are you heading to a hotter module? It was surrounded it was overpowered what was it overpowered by by a tragedy? The Quran doesn't say exactly what it was but the scholars of the sea say it was first

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burned and which appeared in the verses before means a divine tragedy and that's what this call is say a fire came or a thunderbolt came from above struck eight and reduced a two ruins to smithereens what Oh, hey Tabitha Marie, and his fruit is orchard these acids were struck well and Gulf for us by how you can label cafe he, he began to wring his hands. So in order they talk of cafe of source, it's an expression of where you rotate in your palms. In Tafseer in Savi I read that the barbel epithelia day in Ireland Ohara barbu. Dahlia day in Ireland okra, it's an expression. So even if you don't literally do it, even if you don't literally you know what you say oh, I burned my fingers. I

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burned my fingers okay, but your fingers are looking good. So it's a figurative metaphorical meaning I got involved in something where I suffered a loss even if there isn't physical burns sustained. Likewise, in the third chapter in the fourth dose Allah subhanaw taala speaks about them when I 15. According to one Tafseer which is in my diary could turn zeal that it refers to the hypocrites. Why either Allah po Goncalo men now when they meet you, they say we are believers. What either Holla Holla in como Anna Mila Mina live, and when they meet in seclusion, they by their fingertips out of rage and anger because they cannot see the prosperity that Allah has given you. So in my daddy

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Catonsville, it is written kainai he had done and said that in the Gada boix in lamea, gone Thumma I've done that it's an expression of intense rage, even if it is not literally or physically coupled by biting their fingertips. So yeah, Allah says that he struck the orchard. Now this man began, you know what rotating and wringing his hands in regret in remorse for us behind your kalibo Cafe here allama *a fee ha regretting the money invested in it, where he we are done Allah Rue Sheila a way he assaulted or done, while the entire orchard had collapsed. It had fallen, it had fallen, but the regret of this person was not out of you know what sincere love for Allah. he regretted his material

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loss and this is mentioned interfering with money and as I will expound in the verses going forward. So he realized that this was the consequences of my Cofer and my disbelief. This was the repercussion of my arrogance and my obstinate nature for us but how you can label cafe Allah and for coffee, how are you telling the person? You know what? Stop doing this haram stop cheating. It's going to cost you your marriage. It's going to cost you your Eman. And then he's like, no, it's fine. It's fine. And then you know what his spouse discovers and the marriage is dissolved. And now he regrets Yeah, you know, you were right. So the the guilt is not so much that I disobeyed Allah,

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or the remorse is not so much that I committed or there was a breach in modesty or morality. It's more the regret that my marriage broke and that's why there is an expression of regret, apparently, outwardly superficially, of course, if a person regrets internally sincerely and past

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And ugly and takes active measures, then he can atone and expiate for it as long as he is breathing. And that's exactly what we need to remind ourselves. So this mens rea grant was not that inner sincere regret which translated in action. just sheer regret is not going to buy you anything my brother, it's not going to buy you anything.

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So Bobby when he killed a hobby, and Allah speaks about this year in the six jewels of the Quran, that after killing his brother as a homina demon, he regretted and he was walking around with the corpse of his brother because he didn't know how to dispose of the body. And then Allah sent a CRO forbartha Allahu wa Yamaha to fill our daily urea okay for your worry. So at the LP, that Allah didn't send a CRO digging into the earth to show him gain for you worry how he must conceal What are you worry how he can conceal so after the private area, meaning the corpse of his brother for us by homina nadie mean he regretted, but this regret did not translate into any action, hence, there was

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no positive outcome of it in the manobo in the Magneto in the matoba to another moon in the matoba to Nadia moon, Jaco Nobunaga, who on earth wrote well in KSR, dama de Mamata Daro, the scholars say, the regret, which constitutes Toba is that regret which is followed by sincere apology number two

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Well, in case our humility, you know, alumnus forgive me I need to apologize I need to atone. What a thermometer dharug and to adopt every means to expiate and atone you're wrong. Whoa, hey, Tabitha, marry this man's acids were engulfed with eight divine torment for us, but how you can label cafe he got up in the morning or he began the word as baja can convey both those meanings, where he began to wring his hands rotate his palms in regret. Regarding say dinner earlier, the Allahu anhu. It also comes that amongst these gesture, and amongst his expressions, Garner, you can label cafo, where you have the boon of Soho, and I just have a flash of this year. A companion rhodiola man who described

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in saving it says often, Ali would sit in seclusion and isolation, you can label Kapha who and then rotate his palm when you have to go nafsa. And then he will ask himself some tough questions, you will ask himself some tough questions. So it will take a moment of silence, he will take a moment of isolation and seclusion, and then ask himself tough questions. And honestly, we need to do this. Yeah. I remember once we were in Lombok Island, doing some relief work after a quake. And we went to a particular place where as far as I could rotate my gaze, there was nothing but debris and ruins and homes had been shattered and dropped and destroyed. And I looked around and I said, You know

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what? A picture says 100 words or 1000 words. This picture says a million words when you look around and you see the crisis. And I just sat there and I rotated my palm and tears just trickled down my eyes. And of course, we made an appeal to respond to the crisis. So say now near the Atlantic, Canada, you can label cafa who he would rotate his bomb. Anyway, coming back to the discussion and that is verse 42, verse 42, what are the summary? The assets the farm the plantation the orchard was around a summer literally means fruit of course, for us, Ohio kalibo Cafe in Alabama and for camino allameh and for coffee ha regretting lamenting all what he had spent there in one year, how are we

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doing either ruchika way or colo Yalla eternium O'Shea Kabira be a Haida he seen the whole thing had collapsed and had fallen and was reduced to ruins and is like, Oh, I wish You're late. And it you know, this is a topic of its own. I had one staff one of my students while teaching them Quran that gather for me in the Quran, all the places Yeah, late any late any, how I wish, how I wish, how I wish, how I wish and just so that it stimulates the student's mind as well. And he gathered it and he presented it to me and then I impressed upon the other students to understand the message that has been communicated in different places of the Quran. Allah speaks of different times where people

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will, I wish I wish, your lady attorney Limoges rugby rugby in this verse that we are discussing now verse number 42. I wish I had never ascribed partners with a lot in the 19 Jews in the first page and sort of for God, Allah speaks about the one who had evil company in this world, your way lotta Litani lamb fula none Holly law. I wish I had never made so and so my friend

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In this world era Danny contoura

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A disbelieve on the day of the Yama will wish that he can be reduced to sand he can be reduced to sand. So different expressions, the spren different expressions of people your way later yeah later it. So what did he say? Yeah Litani lamb. Oh Shrek be rabid. You know my brother in terms of our family and I came across this year that when people will be brought to Hellfire when they will be brought to hellfire. May Allah protect us. And that refers to people from the oma of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam who would have to spend a period of time in hell due to the wrong end device and May Allah protect us from that as well and grant us the initial entry into Jana amin,

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yorubaland, amin, and then they will say to Malik, like allow us to cry, we want to cry, we really want to cry. We just want to regret we want to vent. We want to show how hurt we are. So they will cry. They will cry, they will cry. So Malik will say this amazing statement, ma afsaneh del Boca loca and have it dunya the tears are great. The venue is wrong.

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The tears are great, they wonderful, they amazing, but the venue is wrong. You know what my Sunday exams are over the year has lapsed, and now you're studying. I'm not saying it's futile. But you've missed the boat. You've missed the boat. You cry now. Well, good maybe for future it jolts you, you know it changes your moral compass. But for now you've lost a year in US era. You cannot retract and revoke and take a step back. Ma aksana handle buka Logan dunya your tears are amazing if only you had to shut these tears in the world. In fact my brother my sister,

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Roger lon Zakat, Allah Farley and for fall but the aina amongst those that will have shade under the throne of Allah and I'm not saying this about myself, I am the most wicked individual you have can imagine of but sometimes I find this moment and it's an amazing moment and probably you've experienced it and I am optimistic you have and May Allah give it to us all. Sometimes you just alone in your room, and you just going through different thoughts and you're processing things and you go down memory lane and then you see some of these mistakes, sins, vices of yours, that just stay you in your life, right? We all have a dark chapter we don't read out loud in public, we all

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have a dark chapter we don't read out loud in public. And there are skeletons in everyone's closet. And sometimes you think of those dark moments and then it starts on the new like what's going to happen to you in the grave like like how you're going to face your Creator. And then you just see those tears trickling down your eyes Roger alone, Kerala Hardy and for fall but the hyena May Allah bless us with those moments because those are tears that are dear to Allah, our beloved to Allah. And those are tears that will extinguish the flames of hell for us and protect us against Hellfire Armenia, Bella alameen.

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So this man is now regretting the late Anyhow, I wish Limoges rugby rugby Africa that I had not ascribed partners with my Lord, so he realized that this was the consequences of is sharing. However, there was an ad Mamata. dharak you regretting what you said, but you're not taking active means to embrace the truth. So it's not going to change the reality. It's not going to change the reality like listen, I regret my behavior in school and I apologize for you and the next day the next minute you persist you persist on the same thing? An officer stops you a traffic officer sir You know what, you've exceeded the speed limit. Okay, you know what, here's a penalty apologies you

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take the penalty and you take the fine and you speed off from there you speed off from that same point so so then you know what, how genuine Are you in your suppose that apology? Yeah, later in Shrek, the rugby had up. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 43 Well, I'm taco lofi are doing and so Runa hoomin Daniela and he did not have wellum and there was not a goon you know, Lou, he did not enjoy phiaton a group. What am duckula houfy atone Yun ser una hoomin Dune in LA and there was no group or no club or no members are no people around him to help him. So yeah, when when it's happening Well, you know,

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then I was just reading and I was going through one

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YouTube clip the other day, where the six most protected individuals in the world and you can Google it, it's on YouTube.

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And the amount of money that is invested in their security. It is mind boggling what those figures are inconceivable. I don't know how many hundreds of 1000s of humans can survive with those astronomical figures that are invested in the security and the protection and the units around these individuals, etc, etc. So, wow, the car is so amazing of the celebrity of the minister of the president of the prime minister. You know what he has the blood supply. If there needs to be a transfusion, it can be done immediately. It's bullet proof. This is how the area is combed out prior to his presence prior to his arrival, how the food is checked, how everything is scrutinized. Great,

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one press of a button, mobilize the fleet, the naval fleet the Air Force, the army, and then what did Mr. Shafi say mmm Shafi said

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what are the law he was lacking either and as

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you can have the whole world to mobilize around you. But when the Angel of Death comes and knocks your door, then nobody stands with you. Not your doctor, not your physician, not your body God, not your crony, not your associates, not your army. They stand that helpless. Yes, what are Bala he was lacking either NAS Allah Luca da da, da, da da da Wow. When fate and destiny descends buckle FUBAR, then the entire land just narrows upon you just narrows upon you before by the press of a button you know what there was every form of intervention will have n a m unions that will airlift him immediately and and and that will that's a mobile clinic and he will be treated while he is in mid

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air and he will be offered the best of treatment and you will see how far along I literally my brother whoever you are, whatever protection Do you think these people can offer you protection when Malakal mode comes? well hang on aina Matta kulu you direct kumal mode, a nama takuna wherever you may be death world grep you even if you are in 45 places, even if you are in a solid for a verse of the fifth Jews chapter four Surah Surah Nisa in Mr. Delgado, your direct Komal mauto A nama Depo know your direct comorian mouth what our quantum v barragem Moshe yada

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LA to call moto

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zety well under the mean, mu yakata Basu, the Angel of Death does not recognize or differentiate between a pauper and a prominent person between a student and a learned person what did the older poet say water I Chai aka mod subdue it here water a chai mod subequal rT hair while Na Ma dar Cata Cabo Verde betta Islam or Gaya jest as well, just as well, that everybody dies. Otherwise the elite were capable of saying because he's poor, the poor guy died excuse the pun, because he's poor, the poor fellow died. Yeah, it's just as well that death does not differentiate between anyone. So while I'm tegula houfy, ottonian sorona hoomin, Daniela, he did not have any army to assess them against

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Allah while I'm good. Oh, man. Now my mind runs to the words of chef Abu Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah intercessor Nabhi Yin,

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where he speaks about the moment when Pharaoh was envelope with the water and how does Allah say, found rashie room mineralium may mawashi home mine wood there's some Tabby rot. There's some expressions I simply cannot translate. I cannot. For lushy womb Mina Liam may mawashi your home and then the water envelope team in the manner it envelope

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Tim had either a darker

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blue when drowning overpowered him. What a balloon. Oh no coma who had And Pharaoh must lead his people and he did not guide them.

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So he had what an army behind him or at every moment, my brother, my sister, reflect over your moment of death my brother before you commit an act of crime and immorality mm Schaeffler, he said one metal tonberry tune tones see later Laura say the first squeeze of the grave will make you forget every romantic hug you had in this world will make you oblivious of your first night of excitement what balm material Tom berry don't see a lotta laurels

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so yeah, federal had this army he had this people are so arrogant that when he decided to put chase behind musala salaam and his people, he said in Ola ala Shira, the Matan Tali Lord, others is a small group are these are weak people. This is a small number. The word she revealed Mattoon does it is a verse of the 19 Jews surah Shara the chapter on the poet's because towards the tail end Allah speaks about the poet's was Shara we attributed a woman lavon. So,

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he says that these people referring to Musashi Salaam and Bernie is right, are they a small group of people? I will blow them away? Are they nothing. Shere v my tune in Arabic means if at all kalila you can see the logo and the logo will tell you this. Yeah, it's written there should be Mattoon Shara Lin is the plural right share limited means APA infer totally a small group. And then he brings added emphasis in the hi Ola illa shil. The mitten cologne they are very small, small group they nothing will blow them away for a tobacco home machete. In fact, the bedroom machete in the Quran says he put chase behind them as the sun was rising. He told his people look at them, they

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have fled from us we need to intercept them. So they put Chase. But Allah said you didn't only leave your house, we banished you. We expelled you. We drove you out because you were going to your death.

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And he was deep down in the water. And that's when Allah ordered the water to close on him. And what the chef Abu Hassan Ali nadwi right. I wish again, you could appreciate this in Arabic. Ma de maliko Miss rajbari done on Archie berry done on Sol Barney he loved Bobby Bhanu we here while as Sadiq Khan, you see what? I don't DeBakey my word, the king of Egypt, the Pharaoh of Egypt dies far from his throne. Ma de maliko Mr. Berry than an Irish he loves to be born you die We here there is no physician or doctor to treat him. Well as Sadiq Khan you are see here, there is no friend to comfort him while I known DeBakey he that there is no IE to tear over him, which Allah says in the 25th jos

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in Surah to Doohan the chapter on smoke, firmer back at the highly most sama Overlord, why mecanim body needed the killer the sky wail over him, nor did the earth cry over him, nor was he given any grace concession or despite Well, we come back to verse number 43 year while I'm takala who fear toniann sorona who mean do they love? He had no army to help him against Allah. What did what did I have in the flesh of another verse surah in Surah Allah right the first chapter of the Quran era that was revealed. What did the arrogant Abuja, hell say familia de una dia who familia de Luna dia who I'm calling my group I'm calling my cronies I'm calling my friends. I'm calling my my my tribe.

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I'm calling my tribe. So Allah said, you can call familia de Luna dia familia de Runa. Call your club call your members, Santa Rosa Barnea, we are releasing the angels of hell. Yeah. Good.

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He was so out against the Buddha when the verse was there.

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revealed that Allah subhanaw taala says 19 angels are in charge of hell and for scholars in tafsir Azizi, I had the privilege of reading under this year, the wisdom of why 19 angels Allah has put in charge of hell. Of course Allah says that Allah has made 19 as a test to imaginary data romila fitna, because the disbelievers objected, and they said why 19 angels are in charge of Al Quran to just make it 20 What's the need for 90 like Couldn't you round it up? Well, that's not for you to know, for you to my job and your duty is to obey Allah.

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So Allah said, there are 19 angels in charge interference as easy. There's the whole detail account and wisdom and you know, deeper science and explanation to all of this year.

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So, Abuja have said, or 19 angels are all 17 and block them, and then you can hold one two and then we'll let everyone go to Paradise. This is the marketing and the scuffing he made so Allah subhanho wa Taala said, warmer jaren as Habana de la mala acres madico Tansy, we are read this year. These are not 19 humans These are 19 angels one is enough to wipe the whole earth out. We'll hold 19 and drop them and apprehend them and then let everyone go through you know, hold him hostage right okay, take over. Hold Allah Allah. Allah in Surah. To to him in the 28 Jews Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal dolla dolla dolla wall Allah aka angels Lila don't who are

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stern stern in the actions strong in their words.

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So, Abu jahl advances to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam suddenly he he takes a step back people ask him what happened You said you're going he said I seen flames I seen flames between me and him. People said there's no flames What are you talking? The messenger sallallahu wasallam said benei verbania who hondata minnaar they were flames if he had to come any close the angels would they have you know what cut up is all anatomy in pieces failure their own idea you think you got friends you think you got contact you think you got you can press a button you think you know this one you know that one you can mobilize mobilize how long mobilize tell my Allah allows you to live in my Allah

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allows me to breathe so I got a contact I can phone my friend and he's you know what he's a top surgeon is one one of its kind in the country to have in the country two of its kind in the continent four of them in the world. Wow wow wow. So what you're not going to die now when the Angel of Death comes it's done.

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In Toby Bobby to be whatever He is studying or defer. I'm not to do real Kava. Verily, the doctor despite his medical skills, cannot prolonging the life of any person. Man it Toby be your mood to be done in the public arena. You Bri mithila who FEMA mother. What has happened the very Doctor Who gave deliverance to hundreds of people from a medical condition succumbs to that very same medical condition. The man who founded heart transplant dies with a heart attack. The man who founded the research of a heart transplant dies with a heart attack. mallet BB a mood to be de nada para ganar you bro mithila houfy ma ma. Hola como dawie Well, Mo da La da da da ba da ba or who woman is start

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up? Let me ended quickly. While I'm talking to Ian sorona. Whom in doing well Makana winter, Sarah, there was no one to help him and neither could he take revenge himself. Who nearly Cal wanna Yeah, to Linda he'll hug. First number 44. Who nearly killed voila, you're a winner. Lika olema. And voila, at that time you realize that sovereignity belongs to Allah help comes from Allah. So if there's a camera on the wall alajuela then it will be Sol Pon power might and Allah will refer to help and assistance. At that time you realize help only comes from Allah. All along. You thought you thought you know what they say there was this little dog running beneath the train. And it thought

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foolishly that I was pulling the train that he decided to move aside and realize No, no, I wasn't pulling the train. Allah allows things to happen. So you thought it foolishly happened because you planned it. And one day you plan and Allah blocked your plan, and your health didn't allow and circumstances didn't allow and nothing materialized. And then you realize it never happened because you plan. You think your first three kids were great because of your discipline and your upbringing. And then came the black sheep in the family and then came the delinquent in the family. And you tried the same approach, but it backfired. And then Allah made you understand that the first three

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were reformed, not because of your discipline, but because of our

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Last kindness, because the same methodology was used on the fourth and it didn't work, and you went in the market and you sold something and it was prosperous, and then you tried it with something else and it didn't work, who nanika at that time you realize when things fall back, and voila, here to Lila Hill, Huck and Willa Chula Hill have come from Allah. power comes from Allah who are higher on Sahaba naukova the reward of Allah is the best and he is the best in the end, the best in reward at the best in requital. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us that reliance and that trust in Him and May Allah bless us with a good death, an easy death, a bless a death and an enviable death.

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I mean jambalaya alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen